Our Spiritual Attachment

Our God is ALLAH (Allah is one)

Our Prophet is Hz. Muhammad (S.A.V)

Our Spiritual Guide is Hz. Ali (K.V.)

Our Book is the Glorious Koran

Our direction is the Kaaba

Our Religion is Islam

Ahl al Bayt are four:

Mother Fatima, Hz. Ali (k.v.), Hz. Hasan and Hz. Husayn

Al-i Aba are:

Hz. Muhammad (S.A.V.), Hz. Ali (K.V.), Hz. Fatima, Hz. Hasan and Hz. Husayn.

The Four Caliphs are, in order:

Hz. Abubaqir: He was famous for his loyalty to our Prophet (S.A.V.). He was from Hashimid Family on her mother’s side (maternally). He was our Mother Aisha’s father. He is a sacred, holy Muslim Saint.

Hz. Omar: He was stern but very just. He made Islam universal by annexing Iran, Egypt and Jerusalem to Islamic lands (The lands from India to Algeria). He is a holy Muslim Saint.

Hz. Osman: He was famous for his generosity having a gentle and good-tempered character. He was a holy Muslim Saint having a luminous face.

Hz. Ali (k.v.): He was from Ahl al Bayt that is mentioned in the Koran. He is the chief of Ahl al Bayt. He is the Gate to Divine Knowledge, the best learned man, the imam of the pious, the master of believers and the spiritual guide who is a Friend of God. His title is Shah-i Walayat (The King of Sainthood). He is our Prophet’s (S.A.V) eldest son-in-law and our greatest, holy, sacred, saintly spiritual guide. Allah the Most High purified Ahl al Bayt specially Himself. “İnnema yüredullahi liyüzhibe ankümürricse Ehl-el Beyt’i veyütehhireküm tethira-Ahl al Bayt are very clean (pure). Allah willed them to be pure.” (Al-Ahzab, 33) “Ahl al Bayt are our Masters Hz. Fatima, Hz. Ali, Hz. Hasan and Hz. Husayn.” Our Mother Ummu Salama and Mother Aisha said that Ahl al Bayt were these personalities.

“The Prophet of Allah said: ‘Ahl al Bayt are Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husayn, O Lord! They are my Ahl al Bayt (Family members).’ From Mother Aisha; Muslim, Sahih, vol 7, p. 130. From Mother Ummu Salama: Thirmizi, Sunen, vol.5, p. 663”

The Twelve Imams are:

Hz. Aliyyül Mürteza (k.v)

Hz. Hasan

Hz. Hüseyin

Hz. Zeynel Abidin Ali

Hz. Muhammad Bakır

Hz. Cafer-i Sadık

Hz. Musa-i Kâzım

Hz. Ali Rıza

Hz. Muhammad Taki

Hz. Ali Naki

Hz. Hasan al Askari

Hz. Muhammad Mehdi, (Mehdii Al-i Resul)

The four Great Gawsullah are:

Hz. Sayyid Abd-al Qadir Gilani (The greatest Gaws)

Hz. Sayyid Ahmed ar Rufai

Hz. Sayyid Ahmed al Bedevi

Hz. Sayyid İbrahim al Dusuki

These four gaws are also called as “AKTAB-I ERBAA-THE FOUR POLES”.

Our mujtahid in practice is the son of Sabit: Numan Hazretleri, in other words: Abu Hanife Hazretleri, who is the aspirant and student of Imam Jafar al Sadıq, the great expert in the canon law of Islam.

Our sheikh and master is Hz. Sayyid Ahmed er Rufai. We are directly attached to the pure spirit and wise books of Rufai Hazretleri. We do not have a sheikh that we are attached in this world.

The spiritual adherence of Sayyid Ahmed ar Rufai is as follows:

Shah-ı Risalet Our Exalted Master Hz. Prophet (S.A.V)

Shah-ı Walayat Hz. Ali (k.v.)

Hz. Hasan

Hz. Husayn (The Martyr of Karbala)

Hz. Hasan al Basri

Hz. Habibi Acemi

Hz. Davudu Tai

Hz. Marufu Kerhi

Hz. Sırri Saqati

Hz. Cunaydi Bağdadi

Hz. Ebubekiri Şibli

Hz. Ali Acemi

Hz. Abu Ali Rudbari

Hz. Abu Fazıl Bini Kamil

Hz. Aliyyül Karriyül Vasiti

Hz. Pir the Great Gaws, the Sultan of the Wise, the Great Expert, Muslim Saint, the Friend of God, Sayyidina and Murshidina Hz. Sayyid Ahmed ar Rufai, the great Husayni (A.S.) is well known for his good morality.


Thank Allah we are the people of the Koran.

We are Muslims, keeping our first word.

We have not become one of the hypocrite Sufyanis.

We are from Muhammadans.

With Ali, Abu Bakr, Omar and Osman, outwardly and inwardly.

Muawiyah and Marwan are two mischief-makers, canonically,

But we are real Alawis, eternally…

Damn Shimir and Yazid!

We are HUSAYNIS, enduring suffering.

We are the adherents of Ali Muhammad,

We are the Jafaries like Abu Hanifa…

We know that Abu Bakr is the Friend of the Prophet.

But we are the servants of the King of the Sanctity.

We do not have a sheikh in the outer world,

We are attached directly to the Person of RUFAI…

28th July 1978


(Kazim Rufai)

There is no real religion and real Islam where there is no freedom and democracy.

Monarchism, which is pestered Islam by the Umayyad and which is based on the personal principles of the Kings, Emperors and Sultans, is an extremely cruel, fascist and a despot system. It is a dictatorship.

The existence of some of the good kings such as Omar b. Abdulaziz and Murat Hudavendigar do not disprove that the monarchic system is the opposite of Islamic system. The favors of the good Kings are their own goodness, but not because of the favor of the Monarchy. These good kings are very rare in History anyway; they are only a few.

The most important thing is the system. The Islamic System is democratic and it is respectful to the human rights and the freedom of people.

The Western Democracy is not Islamic but Social Democracy is the nearest to Islam. Cordial piety does not exist in a place where there is no democracy.

According to the Prophet’s Hadith, “The Caliphate-Shariat will last 30 years after me. Then, a rapacious, cruel Monarchy will start”. Therefore, if a person who is not like Hz. Ali, Hz. Abu Baqr, Hz. Omar, Hz. Osman, I mean (That is to say), not like the Four Caliphs, he is not able to serve as a caliph and Shariat cannot be applied. It is a fascist regime or a dictatorship then. Cruelty and oppression are practiced in the name of Shariat. Every personal order of the King is shown as the order (command) of the Shariat and Ulama approves it because of their fear. The name of cruelty becomes shariat. God Forbid!

The Four Caliphs were very pious, just and democratic great personalities and they were loved by their people very much.

     From Yunus Emre:

“Divine order and divine path is a way

For the one who reaches them,

Divine knowledge and reality are in the heart.”



As it is known, every scholar has interpreted religion according to himself, from his point of view. The problem is to choose the most proper one for the essence of religion. Religious interpretation of the Sufis is the most appropriate for Islam because Sufism is the teaching of the essence of religion. It is not interested in the exterior aspects, rules and canonical laws, shortly in details. Sufism tries to teach Allah, Nature, Man and the realities of them. The beauty, order and wisdom in nature are the reflections of Allah on the nature. Nature is the work of Allah and Man is the greatest work of Him, because he is consisted of a body and Spirit (Mind). He is the most superior of all the worlds because he is the synthesis of the inner and outer worlds. Sufis try to live this knowledge, order, wisdom and beauties in nature and see the physical and spiritual beauties in human and learn the divine realities of them.

“He who knows himself (his essence) knows God.”

Briefly, Sufism is the Knowledge of Allah, Wisdom and Love. Sufis know that Allah is the essence of Man (Human) and nature. This is infinite knowledge and wisdom. To know the Absolute Existence is to fall in love with this Absolute Beauty. Sufism does not deal with the Canonical Law and Jurisprudence. It does not care about the Catechism except enough knowledge for performing the worship. Shariat (Law) and Tariqat (Way) are not his aims or objectives and they are not the essential but only the details, symbols and ways.

“A Sufi looks for Allah, who has encompassed both the Earth and the Heavens and who is the infinite knowledge, beauty and energy, in human and in his heart.”

Again, a Sufi would like to learn wisdom (True Knowledge) and divine reality through deep contemplation and to love the Divine Beauty (the Absolute Beauty) through the beauties of human and nature, that is to say, he tries to acquire real love by metaphorical love.

The result of this is good moral qualities and honesty, which means to consider the benefits of the society more than his own benefits and to be realistic and sincere by abstaining completely from hypocrisy. It is to struggle against his own carnal self and desires but not of the others’, leaving all kinds of fights, arguments, temptations, corruption and intrigue. It is to be merciful, generous and be pleased with the little in this life and also to oppose violence and terror.

A real Sufi is against formal (disguise) Islam. He does not pay any importance to Madrasa, Tekke (convent) and Mascid (places of worship). He finds reality in himself and seeks Allah in his heart. His place of worship is his heart because the real tekke and mascid (mosque) is the Heart. The most important thing for the heart is the Remembrance (Ziqr) and the Love of Allah (the Remembrance of the heart and the love of the heart). This is not an external remembrance or physical love.

It is deep contemplation (thinking), remembrance (to remember Allah and never forget Him) and more importantly, to love God, the Perfect Man (Adam), who is the great and mysterious work of Him, his children and nature.

It is to become mature while being immature and to reach divine perfection. All the Sufis have explained it in this way. This humble servant (fakir) has already explained Sufism in details in the books we have written so far, such as: “Varlık (Existence), İslâm’ da Mezhepler ve Yükseliş (The Religious Sects in Islam and Ascending)”, “Muhammed-İsa-Adem (Muhammad-Jesus-Adam)” and in others. Yunus Emre and Sayyid Ahmed er Rufai Hz. also summarized Sufism, which is a divine sea, as follows:

Yunus: “Shariat and Tariqat is a way for the one who reaches them.

Marifat (Divine Wisdom) and Hakiqat (Divine Reality) are in the heart.”

And Sayyid Ahmed er Rufai Hz. said:

“The heart of a Sufi is lighted with love,

His spiritual heart is broad (comforted).

With the Divine Light of Gnosis”

(His bosom is not depressive)

We believe in these two precepts and try to find them.

See what the Sufi Poet Neyzen Tevfik said about this subject:

“Sufism stands up to ignorance in Islam

Forget about Rafizi, Alawi, Sunni, all of them

Take offence at all of them,

Mecca, Medina, Karbala, Jerusalem

Their meaning in appearance is ornamentation

I do not care for Masjid, Madrasa, Monastery, and Church, Vatican…”

(*) Poet Neyzen Tevfik meant to say that the striking appearance of these rituals is ornamentation. However, he indicates that he is respectful to the real meanings of these places.

March 10th, 2000 Alanya

KAZIM YARDIMCI (1936-Adıyaman)


When the articles called “The Inspirations from the Existence” and the books that were composed in three volumes as“Bütün Yönleri ile Tasavvuf Rufai Külliyatı” that are loaded in Internet are examined closely and sensibly, it will be seen that apart from the degenerated, traditional mentality of tekke in the recent centuries, we are trying to explain that the Koran, Man (Adam, the Perfect Man, in other words: the Prophet or the Friend of God that bear Holy Spirit) and the Universe (cosmos) are the same. That is to say, the content of the three books of God are the same (naturally, if they are read). The reality that the contemporary Technology and Physical Sciences of this age help this will also be seen and that the simple mind is limited will also be understood. It will be seen that Islamic Sufism and Turkish Muslim Sufis had already done the same thing in their times as well.

We do not practice philosophical mysticism and we are against it, and we do not accept it. We are perhaps stressing on the mystical Philosophy (divine contemplation, divine thought) and giving the prime importance to Muhammedi, divine contemplation about Divine Gnosis, Wisdom and the Holy World. We are talking about the contemplation, deep thinking about the Person of Allah, His attributes and metaphysical, spiritual divine world and we suggest that this will be benefited. We are trying to explain the necessity that the Universal Intellect and Universal Mind (The highest or first cosmic intellect) must be benefited. In this matter, we are acting in the direction of the views and thoughts of two great Sufis Sayyid Abdulkadir Geylani and Sayyid Ahmed er Rufai. We consider the Sacred Hadith written in the book called “Sırrül Esrar” by Abdulkadir Geylani Hazretleri : “A moment’s contemplation is equal to a thousand year’s worship.”Sayyid Hazretleri says:

“This contemplation is the contemplation about divine knowledge.” Therefore, reading the works and books of these two great spiritual guides that I mentioned above will be very helpful and useful, certainly for the ones who know well.

The most important book of Sayyid Ahmed Er Rufai Hazretleri is the book called “Onların Alemi”. It was translated into Turkish and it is consisted of the commentaries of the 40 Sacred Hadiths. We are in the opinion that, in this era, Sufism must be held only in divine wisdom and cultural ground beyond the degenerated traditional tekke teaching.

Beyond this is the relation between the Perfect Man (spiritual guide) and his aspirant. It is spiritual, divine love and we respect it very much.

I advise all my brothers mysticism (divine contemplation, divine knowledge and divine love)

I implore my Lord for those who seek the truth to be successful in the path of God. I send my best regards and love and conclude my words with a famous, well- known wise line:


For, Adam is the reflector of God in this world. He is the essence and spirit of the Universe. He is the Sun of Divinity. Adam does not represent the Sun in the sky, the Sun in the sky represent Adam. Great Sufis who acquired this secret wereAMAZED by this. If there is only one, he is enough for Allah because he reflects His Person and His attributes.


1st November 2006