The Doctrine Of The Trinity In Christianity

"Ela innehu bi küll şey'in mühit - Surely God has encompassed all things." (Al-Fussilat, 54)

"Velillahil meşrikü vel mağribu fe eynema tüvellu fesemme vechullah - To God belongs the east and the west. Whichever way you turn, the face of God is there." (Al-Baqarah, 115)

The above verses explain that God, who is the Absolute Presence, encompasses everything, and whichever way we turn, God's face is in that direction. Therefore, all the things are from God just like the foam and bubbles of the sea. They are in Him and encompassed by Him. God told this reality with the verse “Where are you escaping?”, "Fefirru illallah - Go (run) to Allah!" (Al-Dhariyat, 50)

You are from God, in God, encompassed by God and, you will be annihilated in God and you will return to God so, where will you run away? You have to obey the verse above and run to Allah. It is also clearly explained with the verse"Everything will perish except His face." (Kassas, 88) that all things are nothing but temporary manifestations and signs of Him.

We should always remember and keep in mind that the beautiful names of God are His attributes but Huu which means He is the presence of God, not His name or His quality. Huu or He defines the Existence. He is the only true Existence. The other things are the signs and manifestations of that Existence. They come from Him and they return to Him. He is constant. He is sole and the peerless One. The peerless Divine Unity of God has definitely been proved in the first chapter of the book; it should be read and contemplated on again.

"The likes do not suit each other."

"The same poles repel each other."

God said for Himself "Refiüdderacat - The highest of the degrees". (Al - Muminun, 15) He explained the differences between things by saying the highest degree. Everything is at different degrees. God is superior to all the degrees and He is Unique. Things that are equal and in equilibrium repel each other. If there had been another God apart from Allah, they would have repelled each other due to the rule "The likes do not suit each other." This arranged, orderly, proportional and perfect Universe would not have existed then. This proves that the peerless Divine Unity of God is compulsory. God created this principle in order to prove His uniqueness.

Some other facts are based on this reality such as: the relationships and orders between man-woman, son-father, people -state ...etc. When they have the same and the equal powers, they do not suit each other and as a result, anarchy, agitation or intrigue starts.

The reality which God, who Himself is the existence, who has no limits or edges, proves that God is “the Sole One”. The Doctrine of Trinity in Christianity "three-one, one-three" is wrong because it is contrary to the reality of the Divine Unity of God. Existence accepts neither divisibility nor uniting, as He has no limits. When He is divided, He is limited. The units are supposed to have limitations in order to unite. If a limit is accepted, absence is considered then, but absence does not exist. God refuses limitations because He is infinite and the limited beings are the temporary beings or the signs of the Infinite Existence God, and they do not exist actually.

The point that the Christians are wrong is the subject of essence. The absolute essence is the unique one and He is, infinite, limitless and eternal. God defined His Presence as Hu -He and I and they are the subject pronouns. God is subject and He has an entity or essence but Spirit is not an entity, it is the decree or the attribute of God and it is His word and His holy breath. Subject and the attributes of it should not be confused with each other. Rose is a thing that has leaves and a quantity. Its red, yellow or white color is the property or the attribute of it. An adjective does not have a weight or quantity. We can call the spirit as the adjective of God and it is not related with the essence or the entity of God so the spirit is not the subject. If it is not an entity, it will not have a presence because there is only one presence, which is limitless. The other beings are the various manifestations or signs of that presence. Spirit is only one of these manifestations. God is one and sole but He has millions of manifestations.

This sole and infinite Existence accepts neither divisibility nor uniting because more than one infinite being cannot be considered. The existing of the presence depends on His infinity. If He is limited, there must be absence around Him and existence is accepted to exist out of nothing but non-existence does not exist and nothing exists from non-existence so, infinite existence is only one. Existence does not accept duality. If there is no duality, how can triplicity or more be mentioned?

The examples which the Christians put forward to prove the Trinity Doctrine such as fire and folding a rope three times and unfolding it and saying that one forms three and three forms one are all nonsense and made up to deceive the illiterate Christians. If so, people are expected to believe when somebody folds a rope seven or eight times and says that the rope has eight folds, it becomes one when it is unfolded so God is eight, eight forms one and one forms eight.

In the other example, the Christian priests try to prove the Trinity principle by saying that the essence of fire is God Himself, its temperature is Jesus and the color of it is the Holy Spirit. It is again wrong because the mass of fire is an entity that has a weight and a size. The red color and the heat are not an entity because they do not have a weight or dimensions so they do not share the essence or the presence of the fire but they are the characteristics of it. A characteristic means a quality or an attribute of something. Some of the Christian priests confuse the attributions with the subject itself. The infinite Existence does not accept duality, trinity or more…

The Doctrine of Trinity in Christianity is also contrary to the reality-the principle of the eternity of God, who is the existence Himself because the eternal Existence is sole and unique because of His infinity, eternity. For this reason, He can be neither divided, nor united. The existence is He -God and thousands of attributions belong to the Sole Existence. Therefore, He is the Existence and His are all the attributions. He is sole, eternal and infinite. Existence and the attributions of the Existence are different things. If we confuse them, we have to accept thousands of attributes of God as God Himself and we will make one existence thousands of existences, which is also contrary to science and facts. Some bewildered priests tell this nonsense doctrine to the Christian people although they are not able to explain it themselves. They accept it as a reality for not knowing that it is a crazy doctrine and they know God as three beings and become a polytheist.

God is One and He likes His Divine Unity. He does not give His deity to anybody. The creation and all the things are His manifestations. There is nobody except Him. Temporary beings like the foam of the sea cannot be called as God. Some great monks of the Christian priests know the reality of attributes and His presence and refuse duality, trinity or multiplicity in God's person. These monks know that spirits and angels and also all the creation are the temporary attributes or manifestations of God, who is the absolute and infinite existence, in various shapes. They believe in that the peerless and unique presence is the Most High God. However, they cannot reveal this reality to the other ignorant priests and to the conditioned group of the Christian people. For, if they tell the truth, they will be pronounced a blasphemer. God explained in the Koran that the priests who knew the Divine Unity of God did not become proud and He advised Muslims not to struggle with the People of the Book except the cruel ones. The peerless Divine Unity of God has been proved since the beginning of this book.

These scientific facts disprove the Doctrine of Trinity (Triplicity), which belongs to the ignorant and blasphemous priests. If they accept that spirit is the decree attribute of God, they accept the truth and approach Islam because Islam means submitting to Reality. God said in the Koran:

"İnneddine indillahi İslam - The religion in God's sight is Islam." (Al - İmran, 19) Islam is universal and it is for all the humanity.

Not only the spirit of Jesus but also all the spirits are holy and they belong to God. If all the spirits are accepted as God, then God increases in number. However God is one and His attributes are one thousand and one. He has many mysteries in each of His attributions and thousands of signs and manifestations in each of His mysteries. Attributions and Existence should not be confused with each other as He has several attributes. Spirit is not the only attribution of God among thousands of attributions. If we know the attributes as God Himself, then we make God not only two or three but thousands of gods.

The red color and the temperature are not the only properties of fire, it has several other characteristics besides color and heat such as gases, elements. The structure of fire consists of hundreds of other things and characteristics. If we accept each property as the fire itself, then we know God not only as three beings but also as hundreds of entities. This is also a scientific fact that should be considered. God is one, His attributions are thousands of kinds. His existence is eternal and sole.

Jesus is a human being. He has the spirit of God as all the other Prophets and great Saints have. The spirits in everybody belong to God. The spirit of the person who follows the path of God becomes holy when he reaches God. He gave this right to all the people who believe in Him and follow His path because He is fair and just.

The Christians have also been mistaken about the birth of Jesus. The Koran transmitted that the example of Jesus is like the example of Adam-the first man-. (The Imrans, 59) God created the first man without a father and He is Capable-Kadir for everything. He said that those who called Jesus as Allah, the son of Allah, three forms one and one forms three and those who attribute Mary deity were unbelievers, polytheists and blasphemers who cover the reality.

Gabriel was seen Mary in the face of a man and as a human. He breathed the spirit of Jesus into Mary and acted as if he was the father in this event because the creation of a human is based on the duality of father and mother. Gabriel was seen to her in the face of a man because of this mystery. Gabriel, actually, is an angel and has no sex. God breathes-sends the spirits into the other human beings Himself, when they are in their mother's wombs.

"Ve nefehtü fihi min Ruhi - I breathed into man from My own Spirit." (Sad, 72)

The spirit of Jesus was sent to Mary by Gabriel. God wished it in this way. God, who created Gabriel, is Allah the Most High and He is much greater than Gabriel is. The spirits of the other people were breathed to them by Himself and all the spirits belong to God therefore, they are also holy. God's breathing spirits is more superior than Gabriel's is. Gabriel might have been seen as a man in the inner world. Mary got frightened at first, because she was an innocent girl. She became very happy after she had learnt that he was an angel. Mary got excited and felt some pleasure like a man's shaking with delight in his dream because she was also a human. She was a relative of Zachariah and an innocent girl. She used to eat, drink and sleep. Jesus also ate, drank and slept. He used to fast and perform his ritual prayer.

The Disciples, who were the faithful and honest friends of Jesus, had reported that Jesus was a man who had meals, talked to people and led a social life but God, who is infinite divine Light, does not eat, drink or speak with men. He speaks only through revelations and He gave this duty to the Angels and the Prophets.

Jesus was slowly developed in the womb of Mary as the other fetuses do. Mary gave a normal birth to him after nine months. Spirit is the mystery of God. It is His decree and Divine Light. It can be hidden even in an atom. The sayings like "Mary gave birth to him from her mouth" are the nonsense talks of some of the ignorant priests, because Mary and Jesus are both human beings and the stomach of a human is separated from lungs by a diaphragm. In the Koran God said for Jesus:

“Ya İsa bin Meryem - Jesus is the son of Mary.” (Maryam: 34/ Al- Maidah: 46, 75, 110 / Al-Tawbah: 30)

The reason why Jesus was called "The Holy Spirit - Ruhullah" is due to the mystical state he was in. This excessive holy state is seen in some Prophets and in the Friends of God (Walis). The reason why Jesus was very mystical is based on the duality of Mary, who was created from the Jamal attribute of God (divine, merciful and beautiful) and Gabriel, who was again created from the same attribute. God transmitted in the Koran:

"Vema halakez zekara vel ünsa - He created nothing without a female (a negative)." (Al - Leyl, 3)

The science of this age discovered this reality and understood that even an atom consisted of protons and electrons, which are the units of the positive and negative electricity. Everything has a negative. The Jalal (power, might) attribute of God exists in positive -man- very much, for this reason men are powerful, strict and commanding. Women are soft and tender because of the Jamal attribute of God. This tenderness gives them grace and charm and they are pretty, beautiful and hardworking.

Jesus had a very mild, gentle and mystical character because of the relationship of Mary and Gabriel who were both Jamali. He was in half an angel state for the supremacy of grace and spiritual influence he owned. Mawlana Jalaladdin explained that the bodies of some mystics were transformed into spirit as being purified under the influence of the Holy Spirit and said: "God changed my mortal body into Divine -He changed my Nasut to Lahut."

This is a psychological state that looks like the sheet of iron of a burning stove that becomes very hot and turns into fire because of the high temperature. In Sufism, it is called "The exterior became interior". When the inward structure is superior to the outside structure, that person is called "like an angel or like a spirit" because he becomes like an angel and spiritual. Jesus was called “Ruhullah - the Holy Spirit" because of this psychological state mentioned above. The spirits in all the human beings belong to God and they are also holy but the degrees and the holiness of them differ according to the ranks and positions they are in. The spirit of the person that exalted to Lahut is "the Holy Spirit -Ruhul Kudüs."

We (Muslims) know Hazrat Jesus as a great man and as an apostle of God, we like and respect him very much and send him our greetings expecting to get His blessings, help and prayer from his spirit as we do for the other Prophets. We accept the Bible (İnjil, Gospel) as a holy book of God and know it as Divine Light just like the other Holy books; first of all, the Koran, the Pentateuch (Tora) and the Psalms of David. We know Hazrat Mary pure and holy like Hazrat Fatima, the daughter of our Prophet, his mother Amine and his wives Khatija and Aysha. We love and respect her very much and call her "Our Mother Mary. We hope that Hazrat Jesus and Mother Mary are pleased with us because their pure spirits are receiving favor and courtesy from God for us.

Unfortunately, the Jews do not believe in the Bible, they assume it as an invention of the Disciples and (God Forbid!) they say very rude words for Mother Mary and Hazrat Jesus. They accuse mother Mary of being a prostitute. They deny the great Prophet Jesus and accept him as a child of uncertain marriage -illegitimate child (God Forbid!). They slander Hazrat Jesus without hesitation using very bad expressions that Muslims will never use.

Although the Christian world surely knows these realities, they are still helping the Jewish who deny their Prophet; they slander him, call Mother Mary a prostitute and the Bible "a fable of the Disciples”. They support them when they wildly attack the Muslims who know the Prophet Jesus, Mother Mary and the Bible holy and sacred. The Christian world will find the punishment of this very severely in the presence of Jesus, of the other Prophets, of Mother Mary and of the Most High God.

We wonder if the Christians, who prefer the Jewish to the Muslims and help them, will get ashamed of Jesus and Mother Mary or not? The History of Mankind has never been a witness of such inhumanity, unfairness and cruelty. In fact, the days on which the Muslims and the Christians will get united by the arrival of Mahdi are not too far. We leave this matter to the feelings of affection and justice, which should exist in the hearts of the Christian World and to their merciful attribute of the Christianity. We also remind that the merciful attribute of the Christianity does not exist in those who help the cruel and the denial.