Who Is Authorisied (permitted) To Intercede?

“The Gods to whom they pray besides Him have not the power to intercede for them. None can intercede for them, save him who knows the truth and testifies to it.” (Al-Zukhruf, 86)

Those who saw the truth-Allah are the ones who have testified to God. They are the wise and scholar people. They are the ones who know the Truth (Haq), the Lord and “Men A’raf- to know one’s self”. They had known themselves-Man (Human) and their Lord. The people who testify to God are not the scientists.

     Those who have seen Allah (testified to Him) are the people who know Spiritual Knowledge (Ledünni - Divinely Bestowed Knowledge). They are the only people who are able to intercede.

     The idols- the false gods besides Allah are not able to intercede because the concept: “the gods to whom they pray besides Him”, which is written in the Koran, refers to the stone statues, idols and false gods and goddesses. This is accepted by all the scholars.

     “Besides God-Mindunihi” refers to the stone idols. Allah says for them: “They neither benefit nor harm you”, it means that they are not alive. It is foolish, ignorance and unawareness to fear them, to worship them, to be friends with them and to expect intercession from them.

Polytheism is actually the result of ignorance. “It is He (Allah) who is God on earth and in Heaven. The god is One and He is “ALLAH”. The real god is Allah. There is no God but Allah. The God is Allah.” (Al- Zukruf, 84)

He is the God of Hazrat Muhammad and of his descendants Abraham and Ishmael. Their god Allah is one and He is also our God. “We serve other idols only that they may bring us nearer to God.” (Zumar, 3)

According to the above verse, we learn that polytheists worship idols. Whereas, none of the Muslims neither worship nor declare that they worship their Prophets, Apostles and Saints, who are their teachers. They neither serve them nor accept them as a god. They love and respect for their divine Spirit of Allah, who is Wise and the All-Knowing. They know them as their divine apostles, guardians who are near Allah.

The prostration, respect, love and the exaltation of the Muslims and the adherents of the Tariqat of Muhammad before the Apostles, Saints and the Guardians are for their “Divine Spirit” which is “near Allah” and “has the complete knowledge of Allah” that “knows Allah” but not for their physical bodies. Spirit is the Word of Allah. The Command, the Word of Allah is not a second physical being but it is the Divine Attribute of Speech and the Command of Allah the Most High.

Spirit is not a piece or a fragment of Allah. Spirit is not a physical being. Spirit is the command of Allah. Allah says: “The unbelievers do not prostrate before the Koran.” (Inshikak, 21)

Again, Allah declares, “Satan has not prostrated before Adam”. (Al-Baqarah, 34) “Adam” here means the Divine Spirit of Allah who knows all the names and who is Wise and the All-Knowing. (Al-Baqarah, 31) As the Spirit is the word and decree of Allah, it is like the Koran; it means it is not created or mortal and it is not a second being besides Allah either, same as the Koran because it is the Decree, the word of Allah. The Koran is not Allah but it is the attribute of Allah. Spirit is also an attribute of Allah.

Prostrating before the Attribute of Allah is for the Person of Allah. If somebody inclines to the light of Sun, he is not considered to have inclined towards a second being besides the Sun. The Sun cannot be seen and known without its light and the Person of Allah is not known and seen without His attribution. Respect, love and admiration for the attribute of Allah are for the Pure Person of Allah. Here the intermediary is not an ordinary or immature person but a wise, scholar and a Perfect Human who bears the Divine Spirit of Allah. The physical bodies of the Prophets and Saints are just like the bodies of other people and Adam. The physical body of Adam is earth.

It is polytheism to prostrate before the dead bodies or physical bodies. So is to make connection with dead bodies. Prostration and connection is made to the Divine Spirit of Allah because none of the people’s Spirits are theirs. Spirit belongs to Allah. The verses: “I breathed My Spirit to humans” and “Spirit is at Allah’s command” are the proofs of this.

Moreover; the false gods and stone idols mentioned in the above verses and invented by the polytheists have no relation with the attributes and the Person of Allah so that those who prostrate before false, stone idols and statues cannot be near to Allah the Most High who is the infinite, pure, Divine Light. It is confirmed with the Koran that the Apostles, Prophets and Saints are already close to Allah. They are righteous, devout and the friends of Allah whom He loves. Allah has a relation with the Apostles, Prophets and Saints. Allah knows them and exalts them.

“Vessabikunes Sabikun ülaike’l mukarrebun-The righteous are the nearest ones to Allah.” (Al-Vaqia, 11)

The nearest people to Allah are the Apostles and Saints of Allah. He who is near to the Friends of Allah is drawn near Allah by means of this, and he becomes a blessed, pious and righteous believer.

None of the Muslims claims that Apostles and Saints do not have a connection with Allah and they do not bear a Holy Spirit, they are not devout and scholars and their love and respect to them are not for Allah. They have no incontrovertible proofs in their hands; that is to say, they are not able to show any Islamic proofs.

False, made-up gods the polytheists worship have no connection or relation with the Person of Allah, the Most High because there is no other god besides Allah, who is the real god of Hz. Muhammad, Hz. Abraham and of Muslims. Allah is Sole.

Therefore, the Muslims’ love, respect and swearing fealty to the Prophets, Walis and the Perfect Men cannot be resembled the polytheists’ situation mentioned in the above verse. Prostration does not mean worship either. The meaning of prostration is to exalt and respect the Apostles and Saints whom Allah exalted. Allah is the greatest. “Allahu Ekber-Allah is the Most Great.”

“Refiüdderacat- The highest of the degrees.” (Al Mümin, 15) is the proof of it. Allah said that there were ranks or degrees and added that He was the highest of all degrees.

He also mentions about the high ranks and superior, exalted and high beings. Allah is both high and exalted. He is the most high of all the beings.

If it is closely searched, it is seen that those who have chosen the path of Satan but not prostrated before Adam, who do not love human-beings and always consider the Person of Allah free from defect but regard the Apostles and Saints unimportant are called as “Mutazila” in Islamic Literature and they deny the Attributions of Allah. In fact, those who try to disregard Adam, Apostles, and Saints, who are the Perfect Men, are the people who deny the Holy Attributions of Allah. Denying the Attributes of Allah means denying the Pure Person of Allah.

None of the followers of Maturidy and Ashary deny the Attributes of Allah. The People of Sunnat believes the Speech Attribution of Allah. The spirit breathed into Adam is the Word, the Holy Command of Allah. The people of Sunnat do not deny the Speech, the Command Attribution of Allah. The speech is the “Speech” (Kelam) Attribution of Allah.

Ashary and Maturidy believe both the Person and the Attributions of Allah. They also say that Sanctity (Sainthood) of Muhammad will last until the Resurrection. They accept the miraculous powers and the blessings of Saints. They agree that remembering Allah often is an obligatory duty and the beautiful face of the Prophet should always be remembered and loved.“Hilye-i Resulullah- the external appearance and the description of the personal virtues and qualities of Prophet” is true. Thinking about Hilye-i Resulullah means: forming a spiritual connection with him. (Rabıta) (1). It is also said that the Sanctity of the Prophet will continue in his Ahla’l- Bait, in his pious companions and in Muslims. And the Sanctity of Muhammad is the Sanctity of Allah.

Hz. Ali bears the whole Sanctity of the Prophet but Hz. Abu Baqr has taken a great share of the Sanctity of Muhammad. The History of Sufism and Tariqat testifies to this.

These two holy doors of Sainthood, opened from the Prophet Muhammad, the most exalted teaching of Hazrat Ali and Hz. Abu Baqr continue in other saints and spiritual teachers.

What we have written so far is approved, declared and suggested to the Muslims by the praised personalities of Sufism and by the real scholars of the People of Sunnat such as Ghazzali. (2)

The other exceptionable sayings aimed to disregard the Prophets, the Saints, shortly (Adam) human, who are Gnostics, Wise, Perfect Men, and their denials of them by praising Allah only and as well as their explanations on this very subject can never be the statements of the Scholars of the People of Sunnat and of the followers of Maturidy, Ashary and the predecessors of the righteous.


(1) Hilye: It is the description of the face and external appearance of the Prophet (S.A.W.) reported by Hazrat Ali.

(2) See the works of Ghazzali as well as the writings and speeches of all the Religious teachers of Alawi and Baqri Tariqats and 1001 Hadis by Shemseddin Yeşil.

The Supporters of the Person of God (Zat), who claim supposedly that they are the supporters of Unity-Tawhid and of Absolving-Tanzih are the people who pretend to be defending Allah, but, in fact, they try to disregard the great personalities (Apostles and Saints) whom Allah exalted. Those are the people that deny the great personalities through clinging to Allah the Most Great. They attempt to deny the Moon and Stars by defending the Sun. (3)

Hz. Ali and Hz. Abu Baqr are the great, divine, spiritual doors of Hz. Muhammad. Metaphysics is reached through these two ways. Those who try to close them are the people who try to blow out the Divine Light of Allah. These paths are spiritual and divine. Who can put an end to Spirituality?

Allah completes His Divine Light.

May Allah be pleased with the people who help the completion of this Divine Light, and make these doors continue.

“Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with Him.” (Al-Maidah, 119)

“Vesselamün alel mürselin-Peace be on Apostles.” (Al-Saffat, 181)

“And Praise be to Allah.” (Al-Fatiha, 1) (Al-Saffat, 182)


(3) But, there is a reality-truth: Those who do not like a little light can never love the great light. Those who do not accept the Apostles and the Saints never accept the Lord. They are in the position of Satan then.