Why Do I Say I Am A Muslim Socialist?

Is there such a rule that a believer can be in favor of capitalism, (capital, liberalism) but he cannot support socialism, (socialist economy, labor, laborers and the oppressed)? Or is there a prohibitive rule or law for this? There are legal parties that support labor and laborers in our country. Social democrats are also for labor and laborers. They are also Muslims.

A religious person or an atheist may support capitalism, bourgeois class, individual economy and again a religious person or an atheist may support socialism (social economy, labor and poor working people).

Socialism is not invented by Marx and atheists. Social thought or idea existed long time before them in the history of humanity. Our cultured, intellectual rightist and leftist brothers that read our following article about Islamic Economy can understand and evaluate what we mean.

I think that they think about, examine and evaluate the saying why I am a socialist Muslim (I support socialist economy and our oppressed, exploited working people). It is not a rule to be a believer or an atheist in order to be for capitalists or socialists. It is never obligatory especially for supporting socialism, socialist economy and labor.

Our Prophet and Allah are absolutely on the side of socialist economy, of the oppressed and exploited people. This has been a fact of socialism (communism) since Plato in human history.

(1) “Ve enleyse li’l insani illa masea-Each man will be judged by his own labor.” (Al-Najm, 39)

(2) “Key la yekunu duleten beyne eğniyai minkum- Let this property not become the property of the rich among you!” (Hashr, 7)

(3) “The person who sleeps with a full stomach while his neighbor is hungry is not from us.” (Sacred Hadith)

I present the reality that these two verses and Sacred Hadith indicate whether we are close to capitalism or socialism (socialist economy) to the justice and conscience of the readers.

Or does the true religion of Hz. Muhammad consist of only turban, Imam Hatip Lisesi (The High School for Imams and Preachers) and going to Friday Prayer once a week?

Do they reduce the Religion of Allah to only these three things? And do they focus Muslims to only these three things? Does our Holy Book Koran mention only these three things? Be fair! Can there be a greater insult to the Religion of Allah than this? Is this Religion of Hz. Muhammad (S.A.V.) that much simple? Does it consist of only three things? Let them answer this!


Man should be contented but this should not recall meanness. Contentment is richness. A content person is happy but a greedy person is always unhappy because numbers have no end. He struggles in vain. Nobody has earned this world. You must thank for what God gives you because it is the same whether it is less or more.

There cannot be a better life than the life and meal earned by effort and hard work.

There is a very high meaning and delicate pleasure in the saying: “I’d better have peace than a house.”

However, you should not obey the cunning recommendations of the bad people who are greedy and mean because they tell you not to help the unemployed poor people and not to give any food to your family while telling to be contented.

Contentment means to be contented with what you have and not to use any illegal ways to earn money in order to be rich. The real meaning of contentment is hidden in the following proverb:

“Stretch out your feet according to the length of the cover!”

God loves contented people because he consents to his right. If everyone consents to his right, social justice comes true in that society and people live peacefully.

All the disorders are due to the disobedience to the rule of God’s consent.

Those who recommend and incite to be greedy and to earn a lot of money are not the people who suggest working. They use the word “working” in the meaning of being rich and they try to gain power by exciting people’s feelings on the radio, in newspapers and on the stage and even at the pulpit of the Prophet. God and His Prophet (a.s.v.) command people to work and lead his life on his labor and not to be a burden for others. They do not tell people to be rich and to hoard goods and to enjoy yourself at parties like a king.

We, the descendants of Adam, are not sent to this world to entertain ourselves and to have fun. We are sent to know our reality and our Lord and after becoming mature to meet our Lord again.

Not all people can be rich. But, if everybody works and gets his pay as a return of his labor, he can lead a normal life style. He can find time to remember his God, to contemplate on Him and to worship Him.

Then, Islam does not mean to say to be rich with the order to work. God also said in the Koran that He does not like arrogant people. God enjoins man to earn his living through working and not to exploit others. He forbids theft, usury, seizure by violence and living on someone else, buying at a low price and selling at a high price, misusing the measurement and weight. He orders justice and distribution. (*)

“God loves those who exercise justice.” (Al-Hujurat, 9)

“God loves the equitable.” (Mumtahinne, 8)

“God loves those that deal justly.” (Al-Maidah, 42)

God enjoins justice, kindness and charity.” (Al-Nahl, 90)

God wants us to help the unemployed.

In our society, justice is also misunderstood; because when justice is mentioned, most of us recall the courts and the punishments but justice is also an attribute of God. A name of God is “Just -fair-”. God is the God of everyone so the word “justice” contents Socialism in it because justice is for the society and it is the base of the state. Justice is naturally social. The word social is in the word justice. Justice is truth and supports the truth. God says in the Koran:

“O Muhammad, those that deny God’s revelations slew the Prophets unjustly and killed the men who preached fair dealing.” (Imrans, 21)

“O Muhammad, the spoils shall not be the property of the rich among you.” (Al-Hashr, 7)

When this high opinion about social justice in the above verse was declared to mankind by Hz. Muhammad 1400 years ago, where were the false, demagogue socialists like Marks, Engels, Lenin, Mao and Trochki, who did not believe in the unity of the family, sacred values and who did not accept the freedom of thoughts, free expression, free communication and free democratic election? In our opinion, Marx had made a scientific demagoguery under the name socialism by laying stress on some realities.

Engels and Lenin exploited this and established a dictatorship, which turned the world into a hell for millions of people.

There is no social justice, no socialism, no religion and no faith in the place where there is no freedom of individuals because everybody becomes a liar for the fear of his life. If a society becomes a liar altogether then there cannot be any morality and virtue in that community. But, the aim of real socialism is a morally good and virtuous society. Dictatorship makes the society liar and telling lies is the greatest immoral behavior because everybody pretends to like that system of government (regime) although they do not like it. And the flatteries praise the dictators of the government and make the society to be obliged to do it.

The above verse is very clear:

“O Muhammad, the spoils shall not become the property of the rich among you.”

Therefore, God does not want the property-the capital- to be collected by one class and to be turned into a sultanate or state. There are rich people in Islam but they are not too many to establish a state.

The great God, who even cares for His bee, wants the property, the national product to be divided to all His servants in return of their labor and effort and He wants it to be distributed. He wants each of His servants to benefit from this property (today this is named as a cake by the upper class of the society). So God is obviously a socialist, it should be like this because He Himself created everybody and each individual is His slave. God declared openly, without causing any comments, in Chapter Najm, verse 39 that He supports the labor:

“Each man will be judged by his own labor.” (Al- Najm, 39)

Then, the rule is: If the lifestyle of a person is lower than his labour, he is being exploited but if it is higher than his labor, he is exploiting. We should note this very importantly. (Inheritance depending on true measurements and which is not earned as a result of exploitation is exceptional from this).

As it happened for all the Prophets, those who opposed the true struggle of Our dear Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (a.s.v.), who is the only beloved of God, were the capitalists, the upper class of Mecca. Our Prophet fought against these cruel enemies of people constantly and bravely and he could set up Islam religion and made it a universal religion after he had beaten them.

        **The Koran, the Sacred Traditions, the time of the Prophet’s Four Caliphs are the witnesses of it.**  Whoever denies this fact is in the struggle of showing Islam incorrectly. They also want to use the holy Religion of God as a mean for capitalism, liberalism and fascism. They are selfish and monk-spirited fanatic people who support the Kings and Rulers.

In Islamic religion, there is no monastic life. The service of Religion is done for the sake of Allah and it is free. (**) The Prophet (a.s.v.), the four Caliphs, the expounders, Hanafy, Shafii, Maliky, Hanbely Hazretleri and all the scholars of Sufism served the religion without having been paid.

“Kül la es’eleküm aleyhi ecren ille’l meveddete fi’l kurba-O Muhammad! Say: ‘For this religious service I demand of you no recompense. I ask you only to love My kindred (the Family of the Prophet)’! ” (Shura, 23)

Our great poet Ziya Pasha said:

“Damn with that money!

Either religion or chastity is used

while it is being collected.”

The Poet Kaymakam Eshref Bey said:

“Firstly they preach people at the great pulpit

then they collect money from people.

They are just like brokers.”

The Great Sufi Niyazi Misri says about this subject:

“They tell people to leave the world.

But they become the possessor of the world.”

God also said in the Koran:

“İnne ardallah- The earth is God’s” (Al-A’raf: 73, 128)

Islamic state did not leave the possession of the earth to individuals. He left it to families who deal with farming, to their disposal in accordance with the number of the people in that family under the law called “Arazi-i Emiriye” in return to “öşür-aşr” (***) on condition that the right of property will belong to the state. Two great students of Hanafi Hazretleri: Muhammad and Yusuf also said that the earth belonged to the state. (See Kitab ül haraç)

% 10 of the profit which comes from the grain cereals which is given as a tithe (aşr) belongs to the state. Humus means that % 20 of the profit of the products of watered lands such as vineyards, gardens, orchards and of cotton, tobacco, tea and poppy also belongs to the state.

The view of Islam concerning land (earth) is excellent.

Although the right of possession was held by the state and %80-90 of the income belonged to the farmer, as the disposal of it was given to the farmer, he would try to make his income more and would put his own effort to it and this will make the national product to be increased.

However, in the other countries where the state control is dominant, the government both owns the earth and runs it itself. In those countries, villagers are employed on pay. As the income of the land does not belong to him, he will not try to support it personally and he will get out of doing his job.

Another reality is: Earth is a mean of general production. It is a fact that there were not any other means of production except earth at that time. There were not any factories that affected general economic order of the society. There were only small trade and handicraft businesses apart from agriculture and they were regional for that time.

The economical view of Islam is categorized in two aspects as general and regional because it is obvious that Islam did not give the land (earth), which was the only mean of general production and which had an effect on the entire society and influenced the maintenance of the nation and the state, to individuals.

So, it is very clear that Islam did not leave the general means of production, which had an effect on the whole society and had a role on the maintenance of the nation and the state, to individuals.

Islam has severely forbidden hoarding (storing up large quantities of something in order to sell at a high price). (1) This is also another proof that in Islam, the government keeps every matter that will affect the general economical life of society under its control and disposal.

There were not any import and export businesses like today’s which would affect the general life of the society at the Prophet’s time. As it is definite that in Islamic government, everything that affected the life of society was kept under the control and disposal of the state, the government would never leave the general means of production of today and the import and export to individuals.

Since earth belonged to the state in Islam, the subterranean wealth, petrol and mines would belong to the government. Coasts, harbors, forests, lakes, rivers are related to the maintenance of the state and nation so they could not be left to individuals either.

The basic economical doctrine of Islam is confirmed with the above verse:

“O Muhammad! The spoils shall not be the property of the rich among you.” (Hashr, 7)

“İnne ardallah - Earth (as it is the means of general production) is surely the God’s. (It belongs to the state in the name of God.)” (Al-A’raf, 73)

And the other verses like:

“Ve en leyse li’l insani illa masea - Each man will be judged by his own labour.” (Al-Najm, 39) confirm that this is true.

Our Prophet said:

“He who sleeps with a full stomach while his neighbor is hungry is not a Muslim.” (2)

“Pay the wages of the workers while they are working.” (3) Allah says: “Even the unbelievers give aid and comfort to each other. If you (the believers) fail to do likewise, there will be disorder in the land and great corruption.” (Anfal, 73)

In the Koran it is said:

“İnneme’l Mü’minune ihvetün-The believers are a band of brothers.” (Al-Hujurat, 10)

Brotherhood cannot be accomplished with talk. Brothers help each other physically and spiritually and prove their brotherhood by this way.

In Islam, inheritance is a right but the property of the heir, the wealth he left must be based on labor and correct considerations. If it is not like that, it is exploitation then. The money and property which is hoarded as a result of exploitation is falsehood. The transfer of the falsehood is again falsehood.

God ordered to cut off the hand of the thief. A person who exploits people in several ways is also a thief. Thus, the property an exploiter steals should be taken from him and his hands should be cut off. (The way of theft (stealing) should be cut off.)

Islam entitled very strict provisions about heritage. Islam confiscates the property of people who lead a very luxurious life because luxury means to waste the national product uselessly, from the point of view of Islam. Luxury involves all kinds of parties, drinks and entertainment, very expensive receptions, cocktail parties, misbehaviors at dirty nights, living at the castles and villas, and leading a very comfortable life. They are all included in luxury.

Islam Religion accepted all kinds of unnecessary spending as a luxury and prodigality except one’s compulsory subsistence such as food, drinks, clothes…etc.(4)

Islam enjoins not to waste any money even when marrying except Mihir. (5) There is no such a thing in Islam like wasteful spending on wedding ceremony and the money paid by the bridegroom to the bride’s family.

In the Religion of Islam, “alms” does not belong to state but it is the right of the poor and it is obligatory. This is collected by the government itself and distributed to the poor people.

Hz. Omar was a tax collector during the Prophet’s time. Nobody can deny the reality that he would estimate a value while the dates were even green (unripe). (6)

10 or 20 percents of the income of the means of production mentioned above belonged to state and 80 percents of it belonged to the laborers or to those who worked them.

Consequently, in Islam, the possession of the means of general production belonged to the state, by comparison: it is obvious that the disposal and the income of the taxes which are collected as % 10 and % 20 from the factories and agricultural works can be used by laborers, workers and farmers.

It is certain that the national income of the underground and over ground wealth and % 20 of the income of the factories can make the country to prosper.

Both the theory and practice of the economic precept of Islam have been confirmed by the Koran, by the Hadiths and by the era of the Prophet’s Four Great Caliphs and also by the expounders of the great people of Hanafi; Muhammad, Yusuf and Malik. (See Kitabül Haraç by İmam Muhammad)

Let us think that the possession of the means of general production belonged to state and the disposal of it were given to laborers, workers and farmers. The laborers would put their personal contribution (they would use their personal effort and ability) and they would want to work harder and earn more.

This will enable the laborers and farmers to live humanly and to be happy. And the state will gain state power by getting % 20 income from the factories and % 10 from agricultural products. By means of this, the state will have the possibility to take the social services to the farthest corners of the country.

Inside the country, a strong state that has a great power of war and a deterrent force will be established. (The country that wants peace should be ready for war.)

The state will also be respectful for the sacred values and for the freedom of thought and speech. Everybody will think and work freely. It is beneficial to re-read the fourth chapter. I advise it to you.

Hz. Muhammad’s teaching of Evolution

God Most High reported:

“Külle yevmin hüve fi’şan- God is in a glory every instant.” (Al-Rahman, 29)

Our Prophet said:

“A person who lives his two days in the same way is in corruption.”(7)

Thus, Islam is not scholastic (conservative) but on the contrary, Islam always believes the perfection, evolution of the nature and universe every instant. In this case, Islam accepts the infinity of evolution. The first person who reported this infinite evolution and perfection was Hz. Muhammad Mustafa (a.s.v.).

It is confirmed 1400 years ago with the words of God and the great Prophet that Islam is evolutionist.

God said:

“Ve küli’l hakku min Rabbiküm feme’n şae fe’l yü’min ve men şae fe’l yekfür- Say o Muhammad! This is the truth from your Lord. Let him who will believe in it and him who will deny it.” (Al-Kahf, 29)

And again:

“There is no compulsion in religion” (Al-Baqarah, 256)

In another verse:

“You have your own religion and I have mine” (Khafirun, 6)

This is the freedom of opinion and conscience.

(*)See the verses in the Koran: A’raf- 85, An’am-152, Hud- 84-85, Shuara-182, Rahman- 8-9

(**) “There is no priesthood in Islam.” (See the footnote 168)

(***) Öshr: Tithe. One tenth of the agricultural product

(1) Our Exalted Prophet (S.A.V.) said: “If a person stores some food for 40 days and then give it as a charity, it will not be the expiation for his sin of black - marketing.”

(From Hz. Ali (k.v.) Deylemi; From Enes r.a. Hatib.

(2) Suyuti, Camiüssagir, vol.2, p.385 trans. by A. Aydin, Ist-1977

From Enes b. Malik (r.a.) Bezzar and Taberani

(3) From Ibn-i Ömer r.a. Selamet Yollari vol.3, p, 172

And also Ibn Mace, Beyhaki and Taberani

(4) Islam has severely forbidden and refused prodigality and suggested to confiscate the property of the prodigal (spendthrift) because Islam never accepts the national income to be wasted unnecessarily. Prodigality is a forbidden act. (Whatever the religion forbids is prodigality.)

(5) Mihir: the part of the dower agreed to be paid to a wife if divorced.

(6) See the related subject in Islam Tarihi

(7) Mawlana, Masnawi, vol.6, p.432

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