The War Of Opposite

Human body was created from earth (clay-molded mud).The essence, the origin of all the things in nature, which are the signs of Jalal and Jamal (beauty and might, wrath) attributes exists in this earth. Because of this, God said:

"I created man from mixed water, We try him." (Al-Insan, 2) He means to say: Which characteristics will be the winner in him? His beautiful characteristics or the wrathful ones?

Dialectic or opposition starts here because opposites are always fighting against each other. An opposite wants to become dominant over the other opposite. If they reach the same, equal powers, they do not suit each other, the war continues and this causes anarchy. If one side increases its power, it becomes dominant and the weak side has to obey the powerful. The opposites become united or combined and enable the peace. If divine attributes are dominant in a person, he becomes "good", if his wrathful attributes rule over him, he becomes a bad person. This dialectic fact or dualism is the same for nature and a society. If the majority of a society consists of good-natured people, goodness is dominant; if morally bad people are in majority, wickedness dominates the society.

They are ruled by either a good or a bad leader. The administrators are either just or cruel. God makes the head in accordance with the body. The body is the majority of society and the head is the government officials. In fact, Hegel (1), who mentioned dialectic in his books, tried to explain the same thing. Hegel said: "when a class dominates the other class, anarchy is prevented, so an order is established and public security becomes possible then" but he did not mean that capital absolutely dominates labor, he tried to explain dialectic reality in nature. If a unity is formed, laborers become powerful and labor becomes dominant over capital. Otherwise, opposites do not suit each other; the same poles repel each other. It is an unchangeable fact.


(1) Hegel, Friedrich (1770-1831): He is a famous German Philosopher and the founder of "Dialectic Reasoning".

Labor and capital can never be in agreement with each other according to the dialectic in nature.

In spite of all the sayings, the dominant power in the West is capital but not labor. The Westerns apply a Law Order using their technological power they created by exploiting other nations and they detain their own laborers paying them excessive wages. They call it "humanity" or "the Country of Happiness and Comfort". Although they content their laborers and their own families, they make billions of people cry in poverty. Their own citizens deserve justice but other people deserve cruelty and exploitation.

They start to cut down the wages of their laborers or in other words, they start to exploit their own workers, when they are unable to exploit other nations. Their Law and humanity Systems will have to be in great failure because if there is exploitation in a place, there is cruelty and sorrow instead of law and justice because capitalism depends on exploitation and develops with it. This exploitation means the labor of* human beings and the natural and national wealth of the nation.

Why can developed nations not get rid of exploitation? Why are they unable to discharge their cruel dictators or rulers? What is the reason of it?

It is a fact that no force or no dictator is able to endure against a strong, determined, social resistance of a nation, even though they have atomic weapons in their hands. They collapse because none of the cruel administrators and their officials can dare the collective massacre of the nation. If he dares, he will be put into the position of Chavushesku, who used to be the dictator of Romania.


The reasons of overwhelmed nations’ not resisting against overwhelming powers can be explained as follows:

God established a hierarchy based on economical differences and wanted people to do different works for each other because people need many things but it is impossible to do them alone or without help. He can succeed one or two jobs by himself so he should have one or two jobs. (2)

There are various jobs or crafts that a society requires such as: people are in need of clothes, shoes, food, agricultural products etc. In addition, the intelligence level and the capacity of work differ from one person to another.

God does not want anybody to be in the position that he is not deserved. (3) He does not accept or approve theft, exploitation, violence or overwhelming. He also refuses swindling, cheating, bribery, corruption, dishonesty and collecting precious materials or goods like gold or silver.

He accepts neither the exact equality nor the keen discrimination. (4)

He agrees with the equivalence and approves the return to be taken in accordance with the capacity in labor and thought. This also causes a slight difference among people. Human beings are in need of each other, so they work for each other. A hierarchy is inevitable due to it. This hierarchy turns into a state system in crowded nations. State system requires the system of Justice and it is called the state system, which is based on Justice. Justice is for everybody and it is the main principle of "Law.

(2) "Two water-melons cannot be carried with one hand." (Turkish proverb)

(3) "God judges everybody with his own labor." (Al-Najm, 39)

(4) A-The likes do not suit each other so, the absolute equality is impossible but equivalence is possible.

B- "Let this capital (property) not be the property of the rich!" (Al-Hashr, 7)

(It means it should not be monopolized)

What God wishes is the Just State System based on the Law.

We will not explain the economical system of Islam in details as we have already explained it in our book called"Insanda Yükselme (Ascension in Man)". Our subject is to examine man spiritually and physically. On account of this, we want to clarify the reasons why people are overwhelmed and why they seem quite resigned to be overwhelmed.

Man who consists of a body and spirit needs to know his body, his spirit, his God, who is the essence of nature and Spirit. He wants to learn himself and nature as well as he wants to love His God and His Works. He likes to respect, to please and to serve his God in order to get His consent. (All of them are called "worship")

"I created mankind and genies that they might worship Me." (Al-Dhariyat, 56) True worship is to love God. What else do we expect from this life? How much benefit can we have from it? (5)

(5) Ascension in Man by Kazım Yardımcı


What must man obey?; Must he obey his Divine Spirit and common sense, which is the attribute of Intellect and His Spirit, or his carnal and instinctive desires and passions of his physical side?

Common sense orders the following:

a) One should have a spouse (wife or husband) in order not to commit adultery.

b) He should have a house or a flat in order to protect his wife and bring up his children.

c) He should have a job in order to have a family and a residence.

Your labor is your capacity to think and your energy *in your arms. You should work and earn money as a return and product of your labor. You should not be greedy because if you get the full return of your labor, you can have a decent residence and a suitable job.

If you obey them, you can live at a subsistence level without begging others and look after your family easily. This is the biggest happiness for a conscious person.


You will neither consent to your labor to be exploited nor desire more than your labor. You should get the return of your labor according to your working capacity. The more you support production, the more you benefit from the consumption. You should not be greedy.

Unfortunately, today, millions of laborers and workers do not want to get the return of their labors but they want to live without working and they obey their carnal desires, greediness, laziness, or other instinctive passions. They long for the luxurious life styles of the rich whereas they should be against it. Some poor workers want to have not only one house but also more than one apartment or high-rise flats. They want the negative. Millions of laborers want to be a "master", a boss or a manager but not a worker or a servant. (6)


(6) To be the slave (servant) of God



They are looking for the courteous behavior or nobility in the position of an employer not in the working class and they live hoping to be an employer one day. It is impossible for all the people of a society to be rich. They can be workers as well. The difference is in the capacity or suitability.

To be excessively rich is possible by using force or by cheating and exploiting. (7) For this reason, an individual that does not obey his spirit and common sense, but obeys his carnal desires of his body and millions of people that are like him are unable to resist their administrators, who overwhelm them by exploiting because they expect and hope to live like them (like bourgeois) and they are in a dream world. They keep on waiting for years and years. One of them sometimes happens to be rich once in a ten or fifteen years and this encourages the others to wait longer.

Those who want a life-style beyond their labors are continuously overwhelmed and exploited because of not showing consent to human rights and to the return of their labor given to them.

God does not help the community that consists of the people who have unfair and injustice desires. He cannot be blamed for this.

"In no way does God wrong mankind, but men wrong themselves." (Al-Yunus, 44)

No force can endure against a conscious, right, legal and social resistance of the people who only earn with hard work and want to get the full return of his labor. The demand of these right people is accepted. God helps those who seek the Truth and his rights in this way.


(7) The Most High Prophet Muhammad said: "Surely, the merchants are dissolute and sinning. Then they asked: "O the Prophet, did Allah not accept the trade legitimate?" He answered: "Yes, but they swear, commit sin and tell lies while speaking."

(From Ahmed b. Hanbel and Hakim, Ihya-i Ulumud Din, Ghazzali, Vol. 3, p.292-300

God does not help greedy people and the society, which consists of them. When humanity comes to the point of refusing his negative and unfair desires of his body, and obeying the Spirit and the common sense and intellect aspects of the Spirit, he deserves the System of Justice and the Laws and finds true humanity. Unless they have these qualities, they live under the influence of carnal desires until they come to this point. Those that have fleshly and carnal pleasures are ruled by cruel dictators.

These are the scientific and natural facts about human beings. These opinions are the principles and theories. In today's world, the Western democracy is the only solution to protect freedom and it is the nearest system to Islamic system. We have already explained our views about democracy in our other books called "Existence, Religious Sects in Islam, the Sinless and Ascension in Man.”

The best system for our country is the Pluralistic Democracy based on the system of Republic and Parliamentary, which consists of multi-parties.


The Law System in Europe has already been explained before. It is a kind of trick but not humanity. They make their nations happy by exploiting and overwhelming other nations. They demonstrate a false justice, humanity and politeness in their countries. They torture and overwhelm hundreds of nations, make millions of people cry depending on their technological power and call this "humanity". "Justice" must be for everybody not for only themselves. They are just like the wolves in sheepskin.

The Westerns are imperialists and Imperialism is a great oppression. Those who say that justice, freedom and humanity are in the West are the servants of them. Slavery is not suitable for human beings. It is a greater oppression to defend cruel people and their unreal law and justice systems as well as their unreal and temporary democracy because it means to hide the reality from oppressed and exploited nations.

We request from our intellectuals and educated people, who support the West and their system, to explain the reality in the name of humanity and oppressed nations. We are looking forward to it and we live hopefully.