Two Troublemakers Of The Present Time

Their faces were deep black

And they were very terrifying

They supported deep darkness

Although they were from so-called illuminators

I always stayed away from them.

I was utterly disgusted by them and I loathed them

All the time.

I was nauseated from the People of Madrasa

That educated rabbis and priests for Islam.

I vomited and threw up every instant.

They are as if inevitable misfortune that pestered Islam.

To fight against these two GREAT troublemakers

Scientifically and resolutely is a JIHAD. (*)

It is even the GREATEST JIHAD,

This was taught to me in this way

By the greatest Sufi Masters.

I learnt it like this,

I still know it as such.


19TH September 2006

(*) Jihad means to strive or to struggle. In other words, it is a scientific battle. Jihad is not an armed battle, you do not use guns in jihad. The armed battle is called as “harp (war)”. The word “harp” is written in the Koran. Jihad does not mean “war”. Guns or weapons are used in a war but jihad is made with science. Some groups of people confuse the word “jihad” with “harp (war)” and cause a confusion of concepts. Jihad is never a war. Jihad is a scientific battle. The words “ijtihad” and “mujtehid” are derived from the infinitive “cehd”. These words are derived from the same verb which means to strive or struggle.