To Love Ahl Al Bayt Is An Obligatory Duty

The aspirant (the follower of God) must love Ahl al Bayt (The Members of the Family of the Prophet)

Our Exalted Lord says:

“İnnema yürüdullahu liyüzhibe ankümürricse Ehl-el Beyt’i ve yütehhireküm tethira- The Household of the Prophet is clean. They are pure. Allah has willed to remove uncleanness from them and to purify them.” (Al-Ahzab-33)

        Every Muslim who is a wayfarer of God must certainly **love the Household of Hz. Prophet (a.s.v.).** Our Exalted Prophet says:

“Love Allah as He feeds you physically and spiritually. Love me as Allah loves me and love my Ahl al Bayt as I love them.” (1)

He who does not love the Household of the Prophet has no faith. To love Ahla-l Bayt is due to faith, for, Ahl al Bayt , in other word: our Masters Hz. Ali, Hz. Fatima, Hz. Hasan and Hz. Husayn (2) are the ones who believe in the Prophet (a.s.v.) completely, who obey him completely, who submit to him completely, who follow him and do his Sunnat (what he did) completely.

Therefore, he who does not love them is considered not to love Hz. Prophet (a.s.v.), his Religion and his path. (3)

        **The person who does not love the Prophet has no religion and he is an enemy of Allah because he who loves Ahl al Bayt loves the Prophet (a.s.v.) and His religion.** There are a lot of hadiths of our Prophet about the superiority and purity of Ahl al Bayt. (4)

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(2) The Prophet of Allah said: “Ahl al Bayt are Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husayn. O Lord they are my household!” From Mother Aisha: Müslim, Sünen, vol.5, p.663

(3) “(O Muhammad!) Say: ‘If you love Allah, follow me. Allah will love you and forgive you your sins.” (The Imrans-31)

(4) See most of the hadith studies, the chapters about the Virtues of Ahl al Bayt (Our Masters Hz. Ali, Hasan, Husayn and our Mother Fatima)

The love of Ahl al Bayt is known by mentioning them a lot, by talking about them on condition that you follow the path of the Prophet (a.s.v.) and the Koran firstly.

However, while pretending to be following the Koran and the Sunnat and mentioning Hz. Ali (k.v.) and his holy sons (May peace be upon them!) but defending Muawiyah, who is their foe-enemy, does not agree with the love of Ah al Bayt.

Our Prophet (a.s.v.) says: “I am going and leaving you two “trusts”: The Koran and my Ahl al Bayt.” (5)

One group seems to be supporting the Koran but does not mention Ahl al Bayt and they do not even know the names of the Ahl al Bayt Imams (May peace be upon them!)…

And another group seem to be supporting Ah lal Bayt but do not obey the orders of the Koran and they attempt to deny the commandments of the Koran (such as the ritual prayer, fasting, total ritual ablution etc…)

They are wrong paths. Both of them went astray.

The reality of this: He who loves the Koran does not separate from Ahl al Bayt and he who loves Ahl al Bayt does not separate from the Koran. He who separates goes astray. A bird can fly with two wings. Flying with one wing is impossible.

        Said-i Nursi Efendi, who wrote **“Hakikat Nurları and Mektubat”** mentions about these matters a great deal in his works. He also wrote very openheartedly that **Our Prophet (a.s.v.) left us two things and they were the Glorious Koran and Ahl al Bayt and we should not confuse the** **Battle of the Camel with the Battle of Siffin.**

(5) From Zayd b. Sabit; Ahmed b. Hanbel, Müsned vol.3, p.17 Thirmizi

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See also Abu Hurayra: Suyuti, Camiussağir vol.2, p. 597 See also Taberani and others

He also proved with a hadith in the pages 12 and 124 of Mektubat that the side that killed Ammar (r.a.) was rebellious. (6)

Hz. Ammar bin Yasir (r.a.) was killed by the supporters of Muawiyah. They also killed Veysel Karani and Hz. Abubakir’s son Muhammad (r.a.) at Siffin. (7)

In spite of all the mullahs, Said-i Nursi Efendi explained very courageously and scientifically that the Battle of Camel was a war of ijtihad. He added saying that Hz. Ali ibni Ebi talib (k.v.) made a war of Religion and Caliphate, but Muawiyah İbni Ebi Sufyan and his supporters made a war of Sultanate and Politics and that Siffin was not a battle of ijtihat.

This person even said that the Kings of Umayyad aimed to abolish Islam Religion but it was prevented by our Master Hz. Ali (k.v.). Hz. Ali was the fourth caliph although he was the King of Sainthood due to this because Hz. Abubaqir, Hz. Omar and Hz. Osman (May Allah be pleased with them) would not cope with Muawiyah and that is why Hz. Ali became the fourth caliph.

May Allah be pleased with him and with such scholars of Islam who write the truth openly without fear! His works are really worth reading. I advise them.

        **He who loves Hz. Ali (k.v.) cannot love Muawiyah; he who does not love Hz. Ali (k.v.) does not have faith.** (8)

(6) Our Prophet (a.s.v.) says: “Ammar will certainly be killed by the rebels.” (Buhari, Kitabus-salat; Müslim, Kitabü’l fiten; Thirmizi, Menakib; Müsned, Tabakat etc.)

(7)These matters are written in the Histories of Islam with all the details.

(8) Our great Prophet (a.s.v.) says: “Ali’yyün minni ve ene minhü- Ali is from me and I am from Ali.” From Bera b. Azib (r.a.), Thirmizi, Tac trans. Bekir Sadak, vol.3, p.620

“Whoever I am the Master of Ali is also his Master.” From Zayd b. Erkam (r.a.); Thirmizi, Tac Trans. vol. 3, p.619 Ahmed b. Hanbel, Musned, vol.4, p.281

We have already studied these matters in details under the lights of the verses of the Glorious Koran and Sacred Traditions of our dear Prophet (a.s.v.) and with the explanations of Islam Histories. We examined them and submitted to our respectable readers in our second Book “İslam’da Mezhepler ve Yükseliş (Religious Sects in Islam and Ascending)” and “Günahsızlar (The Sinless)”. I advise them.

O Lord! Do not separate us from the sons of Ali!

We are His slaves ever since, from eternity!