Three Inspirations About The Sayings Ascribed To Hazrat Jesus The Messiah

Karl Marx had definitely not said that religion was opium. The real opinion of Marx about religion and church has been explained and proved in the following article.

KAZIM YARDIMCI (From Adıyaman)

1 - “If somebody slaps your face, show him the other side of your face.” (In other words: Tell him he can slap on the other side.)

2 - “Caesar’s right to Caesar, God’s right to God”

3 – “Bread is my flesh (my body), wine is my blood.”

We will sincerely explain to you the real meanings and the misinterpretation of the above sayings that are told to be belonged to Hz. Jesus the Messiah (A.S) as follows:

1- The real meaning of the above saying “IF SOMEONE SLAPS YOUR FACE, TURN YOUR OTHER CHEEK AS WELL” is: Firstly, the word “someone” in this saying does not refer to all the people, it refers to the Jews who believe in Moses at that time. As it is known, Hz. Messiah (A.S) was also a child of the Children of Israel and Hz. Jesus is a Prophet of the Children of Israel. Hz. Mary was also from the Children of Israel. She was from the Family of the Imrans. The Koran exalts the Family of the Imrans. The verse says:

“Meryem ebnete Imran- Mary is the daughter of Imran”. (Tahrim, 12)

Therefore, the saying of Hz. Jesus is for the people who believe in Monotheism -the Oneness of God- at that time. This saying is mentioned among the Muslims like this:

“If a Muslim brother of yours insults you with his hand and tongue, forgive him! Do not attempt to insult him too, but tell him he has done well. In other words, do not exaggerate it, as you are all Muslims and also brothers and sisters. It is better to forgive your brother.” This saying of Hz. Jesus was told in order to protect peace among believers and it includes the Jews, Christians and Muslims who believe in the Oneness of God.

This saying is not valid for a denier or cruel. Or else, it does not mean: “O Man! Slap as much as you can, you have twisted one of my arms, come and twist the other! You have carved one of my eyes, come and carve my other arm too!” We can give a lot more examples.

God is fair (just). The Prophets are also just. God is forgiving. The Prophets are also forgiving but God has cursed the cruel. He does not forgive them. God does not forgive and love the denier and the cruel that torture people. The Prophets also obey God. God and His Prophets use justice for the cruel and they punish them justly.

Thus, the Koran, the Torah and the Bible declare that the deniers and cruel will be burnt in the fire, in the Hell and they will suffer their punishment. If there is a guilt (a serious crime), there is a punishment for it, but, it is applied justly. If pardon is limitless, an opportunity will be given to hardened criminals, murderers and the cruel and the world will be very difficult to live in then. There is both pardon and punishment and they cannot be separated from each other. If it is a minor crime, it may be forgiven and not punished. Some crimes will be forgiven on condition that they are not serious crimes. Yet, there will be justice. Heavy criminals, murderers and the cruel will certainly be punished or else there will be anarchy and disorder and the life becomes unbearable due to it. God is just and He surely punishes the evildoers, murderers and hardened criminals who torture people. One cannot get away with that! If the evil doer’s evil is remained unpunished, what will happen to the right of man? The people who suffer, who are tortured will cry and mourn all the time but the murderers who treat unjustly will laugh and have fun? How nice!

The correct explanation of the saying of the Messiah (A.S) is: “If your faithful brother slaps on your cheek, treat him kindly! Say: ‘You can slap my other cheek too because you are my religious brother.’ ” It means to continue the brotherhood among the faithful brothers in this way!

It does not mean to attack the weak and to fight with all your might and you are allowed to slap, to hit or to curse.


3rd August 2005


This saying attributed to Hz. Messiah is very important. If we accept this saying as it is, it means the retreat of a man of God from a false, cruel man, which neither suits such a man of God like Hz. Jesus nor is correct because Caesar and Roman Kings were cruel, fascist kings. They were also polytheists. The followers of polytheism are the ones who deny the sole God. Roman Kings even proclaimed themselves a God. When did Hz. Messiah tell this saying? Who did he tell it and in what conditions did he tell it? Is it the correct form of this saying?

As it is known, the lands of today’s Israel, Jerusalem, Lebanon and Syria were under the occupation and tyranny of the Caesars, the Roman Kingdom during Hz. Messiah time. Hz. Jesus the Messiah was sent to awake the children of Israel and to correct the Religion of Moses which was partially degenerated. He was also the son of Mother Mary from the Children of Israel and he did not say that he had brought a new religion. He used to go to synagogues, worship at Mascid-i Aksa together with Jews. He would bow down, prostrate before Allah and pray to Him while standing. That is to say, he was performing selat-the ritual prayer. He used to fast like the Jewish and celebrate the Sabbath (Saturday). He was the person who believed in the sole God of Abraham, Moses and David. He did not open a new place of worship (like a church) against synagogues. He did not have a fight with the Jews. He would only suggest them to obey the real religion of Hz. Moses and the Torah. He knew the Torah as the Book of God. So, he did not have any conflicts with the Jews in theory and in origin. He only wanted to correct the practices which were degenerated by some of the rabbis and wished some of the Jews who went astray to obey the Torah and not to torture anybody and to make them leave their insolence. He wanted them to incline towards the love of God same as Moses and his friends, by leaving the love of world. He desired to teach them and practice that spiritual and mystical life style was more beautiful and more correct. He wanted them to reach a divine pleasure because he, himself, loved the Sole and Peerless Lord -the God- very much like all the divine personalities (Apostles and Saints). He was in contact (in dialogue) with Allah.

How did most of the Jews consider this great man, the great Prophet who tried hard to make the Jews to follow the right path of Moses? At that time, nearly most of the rabbis, except the rabbis from the Families of Hz. John the Baptist and Hz. Zachariah, were denying Hz. Jesus. They did not believe in him and they even set several traps to destroy him. They were complaining him to the cruel administrators of Rome. They were insulting him and denying him. They were slandering him in order to make the Jews not to believe in Hz. Jesus. They were provoking the Jewish people against Hz. Jesus.

They said: “This Jesus from Nazareth whose father is not known certainly is crazy, perhaps a poor, lonely man who is obsessed by the love of God. The Disciples (most of whom were educated at the rank of a rabbi) around him are using this insane man and they want to divide Israel with him. These disciples, who are degenerate rabbis, want to set up a new sect for their own advantages.”

They said for the Bible, the Book of God: “Most of these are written in the Torah. These Disciples have stolen most of them from the Torah, changing some of the expressions, as they know how to write and read. They are the false inventions of the Disciples.”

Thus, according to some Jewish rabbis, the great Jesus was an insane, half-crazy and a poor Israelite child. They said: “There is no such a person called as Jesus in action, whatever is done is done by those selfish, separatist Disciples. The Bible is not a Book of God. There can be no messages of God (Jehovah) except the ones written in the Torah and in the Psalms of David. And the Holy book is only the Torah (Tawrat).”

Hz. Jesus found himself in such a bewildered community. He was surrounded by traps. He was subjected to all kinds of insults and bitter words of some of the Rabbis and the Jews who were influenced by them. Most times, he would not find any food to eat. He had already spent his childhood by eating plants on the skirts of the mountains with his mother. Hz. Mother Mary knew some useful plants so she used to pick up and eat them with her dear, holy son. They turned the world to a hell for them. They even did not have a shelter. They were protected by the people that loved them and by the family of the Prophet Zachariah because the Prophet Zachariah’s wife was Hz. Mary’s aunt and Hz. John was the son of his aunt.

However, Allah, Hz. Muhammad and the Holy Koran say that Mary was a virgin and she was more virtuous, more honest and more exalted than all the women in the world and they suggested that she would be taken as a sample by others.

ALLAH AND HIS GREAT MESSENGER, THE LAST PROPHET HZ. MUHAMMAD (A.S.) AND THE GLORIOUS KORAN DEFINITELY DECLARE THAT Hz. Jesus is one of the great Prophets, who came before him and he was a pure, sacred and great Prophet who had miraculous powers and who believed in the Sole God just like Hz. Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron and David and that the Bible was the Book and the Speech of God just like the Torah and the Koran and the Bible was also divine light like the Koran and the Torah.

He also says that the Disciples were the holy saints who believed in the Sole God of Hz. Jesus and He declares that they were innocent, faithful people who were the Helpers-Ansar- of Allah and Jesus.

The Koran commands Muslims to be the helpers of Allah and Hz. Muhammad same as the Disciples did.


That great man, Hz. Jesus the Messiah, who was the Prophet of Allah, who found himself in a bewildered community under the occupation of Roman tyrants and whose people partially went astray from the path of Hz. Moses and dealt with the worldly affairs, met the biggest trap that was set for him at that time. This trap was as follows:

Some Jewish rabbis and young Jews who were the children of the upper class approached Hz. Jesus and asked him the following question after telling him that they were supporting him:

“We agree that you are the true Prophet whom Allah sent, you are nice, kind and merciful but what do you think about these polytheist Romans and Caesars who have occupied our country, who insult us, who torture us and collect heavy taxes from us, disregard us and who deny God and apply injustice to people? You are a man of justice. Should you not accept the tyranny and cruelty and should you not suggest the Jews to resist against them same as Moses resisted against Pharaoh and fought against the violent, brutal tribe in the city of Canaan and drew them away from the Holy Land?” This was the biggest trap which some of the Jews set for Jesus in order to destroy him.

Hz. Jesus immediately understood that it was a trap laid on him and he became cautious. He felt the infidelity and denial in them. The Glorious Koran also affirms that Jesus felt that they were infidels.

What would Hz. Jesus do in this situation? What could he do? Firstly, the majority of the Jews were under the influence of rabbis and they disbelieved him. There was not even a small gathering of Jews that accepted his prophecy. A few Jewish brothers, who believed in him, were also keeping their faith secret. They were frightened both from the Rabbis who were in majority and from the Jews who were under their influence, especially from the powerful people in upper class who were in cooperation with the Romans and from the cruel Roman commanders, pitiless Roman soldiers and Roman policemen.

In these circumstances, our great master Hz. Jesus the Messiah together with a few young people, who gathered around him secretly, would not object to wild, fascist Caesar because opposing him would be an end of the Jews besides him. They would murder and put an end to the Children of Israel whether or not they were children, women or old people. The atheist and polytheist Romans and Caesars had a great power. Although the Jews were partially degenerated, he would not desire the Children of Israel to be murdered and to be destroyed, who were the only community to believe in theOneness of God at that time. Therefore, he said to the trappers who wanted him to resist against Romans:

“Caesar and Roman Empire is very powerful. It is the biggest, the most powerful, the most pitiless, the most cruel and the most denial country of the world for that time and we are not able to oppose them, so in this case, fighting against Caesar will be our massacre and our collective suicide. It will be a tragedy to resist them until we have suitable conditions.” And he made his judgment: “Do not fight with Caesar! Turn to God and Hz. Moses! Obey the commandments of God! Love God with all your heart! Correct yourselves and believe that I am a Prophet! Then, Allah will save you and Israel.” This was what he told and the message that he gave the Jews as a meaning.

Hz. Jesus did not fall into this trap but he retired into seclusion and stayed awake. He behaved cautiously. In spite of this, some Jews who went astray and who wanted to set this trap for Jesus did not leave Jesus at ease. The rich-upper class of the Jews who were in cooperation with Romans and some rabbis constantly annoyed him, they denounced and informed him against the Roman tyrants. They provoked Romans and made them obliged.

You already know what happened afterwards: They insulted and tortured that great Personality… It gives a lot of pain even to remember that tragedy. While the truth is this, who made the definite judgment as “Caesar’s (the King’s, the Emperor’s) right to Caesar, God’s right to God”

without having interpreted this saying of Hz. Jesus? In what conditions was it turned into a definite judgment?

Firstly, the Holy Prophets and Holy Saints do not acknowledge the deniers and tyrants to be right, but Jesus is Truth and Truth is always the opposite of falsehood like day and night. The just does not accept the cruel, he punishes him if he can and perishes the cruel. A man of God cannot be considered in another way, except in case of necessity. For instance: Hz. Moses did not enter the Holy Land, the city of Canaan and did not fight with the tyrant there till the Children of Israel supported him.

Our dear Prophet did not fight against the polytheists before an armed force was consisted in Medina and around him either, because the Prophets show miracles to those who are near him in order to make them contented, they do not show miracles to big communities but they act with their physical force and methods.

This is confirmed with the methods of Hz. Moses, David, Talut (Saul) and Hz. Muhammad and it is a historical reality. The Prophets, whose names we mentioned above: Moses, David, Saul even Solomon and the last Prophet Hz. Muhammad, were also able to show miracles like Jesus. If Allah and the Prophet had used miracles continuously, there would have been neither a denier nor a cruel on the earth and this would be contrary to divine dialectic. There would be no need for an examination and all the people would be innocent like angels, and justice, hell or punishment would be unnecessary.

Then, who made this saying attributed to Jesus, a law?

As it is known, when the Christians helped the Roman Emperor who supported them and when he became successful and that King proclaimed the Christianity as the official religion, the people in Roman lands became Christian altogether. Owing to this, the Christian priests in Rome and in the world who became a Christian 100-150 years after Hz. Jesus built churches against synagogues by completely separating from the Jews. They applied strict rules and discipline. They regarded the churches in an indisputable status. What they aimed by churches was themselves; the men of Christian religion and the priests. While they were doing this, they were in cooperation with the Roman Emperors who accepted Christianity; and they had their support and they applied a tyrant discipline on the people who became Christian.

They applied the rule: “Be quiet! Do not object to it, do obey it!” very strictly. They had a control over people. They started a co-operation with the Kings who became like a Caesar and fascist Roman Emperors and formed a duality of the King and the Pope. When Popes started cooperation with the Kings, they decided and made the saying attributed to Hz. Jesus a law in order to make Christians to obey the dictator Kings and not to object to Christian Caesars, without interpreting it and disregarding the reasons and conditions explained above.

First, they said “Caesar’s right to Caesar, the God’s right to God” then they declared Jesus God. Thus, Jesus would acknowledge cruel, denial dictators-kings (Caesars) to be right! That is to say: The Truth would give a right to falsehood. Which mind and reason, which person that has a conscience can accept this?

It was a pity that this happened to great Jesus who represents God!

The aim of the church is: to make the Christians be obliged to obey the cruel, fascist and immoral, despot Christian Kings, dictator rulers who sit on the throne of Caesar and to weaken, moreover to ruin their power of resistance depending on Hz. Jesus.

In this way, cruel Christian kings and dictator statesmen (like Mussolini, Hitler and Franco) supported the church and the church (the Fathers of church) also supported cruel Christian kings and dictators. They continued the dual cooperation of king-pope-patriarch. The state supposedly did not interfere with the religion and the men of religion and the religion, the church and the Christian men of religion did not interfere with State.

THIS IS A RUSE! There has always been a cooperation of state and church behind the curtain. They have been supporting each other. They have been compensating each other. Karl Marx objected to this cooperation of church and kings. Marx did not say that religion was opium. He called fascist kings and church that were in cooperation with the upper class as opium. This saying of Marx was also changed. What he called as religion is the church and the fathers of the church. He meant to say that if this system of church which consisted of the cooperation with fascist King, dictator and upper class were religion, then this system would be opium (to make people go to sleep).

Marx did not say any insulting words for Hz. Jesus and the Prophets. He especially did not say any denial and insulting words for Hz. Muhammad. If anybody claims that he said, he should come and prove it. HERE IS THE OPPORTUNITY!

Socialism is not atheism.

Marx may also be a historical materialist but there is no definite, clear document that shows that he is an atheist (philosophical materialist). We have not met it yet, anyway. If anybody has an evident document that proves that he is a philosophical materialist, he should explain and document it. Historical materialism and philosophical materialism are quite distinct from each other. You should recognize differences between them. It is documented that Marx is a Protestant-Christian of Jewish origin.

Socialism does not mean to oppose religion and God. Socialism is against fascism and capitalist bourgeois system. It supports the oppressed, the poor and those who are insulted, which is a great majority. It supports the labor in brief. It certainly refuses living without labor.

Is it not what all the Prophets and the Fathers of Sufism (Holy Friends of God), who follow their path and who are their real representatives, are suggesting?

“Ve en leyse lil insani illa masaa- Each man shall be judged by his own labors.” (The Koran, Chapter Al-Najm, Verse: 39)

“Let this property not become the property of the rich among you.” (The Koran, Chapter Hashr, Verse: 7)

“Len tanalü birre hatta tünfiku mimma tuhibbun- You shall never be truly righteous until you give in alms what you dearly cherish.” (The Koran, Chapter Imrans, Verse: 92)

Hz. Jesus the Messiah (A.S.) has a well-known saying addressing the Children of Israel on this subject: “You cannot see (receive) the help of God unless you give your property”. I came across this saying of Hz. Messiah in the Gospels.

This saying of the Messiah is in accordance with the above verse (the word of God) written in the Koran.

In addition to this, Hz. Muhammad (S.A.V.) said: “The person that sleeps while his neighbor is hungry is not from us (not a Muslim).” This saying of the Prophet is a hadith confirmed by a consensus of reporters. This hadith is known by all the Islamic communities and all the followers of the Religious Sects (Madhabs) accepted this hadith. No scholar was seen to object to this hadith.

It will be sufficient to have a look at the History of Sufism and the works of the Great Sufis (Yunusses) for those who have problems in these matters. By the way, they can also research the books and the speeches of Mr. Atilla İlhan, who is a thinker and has a wide range of cultural information, who is in close contact with socialism and according to us, who has assimilated socialism and has also been accepted as the Pir (Teacher-) of socialism in Turkey.

We should distinguish historical materialism from philosophical materialism. What consist the main aspect of historical materialism is sociology but not philosophy. You can never meet a person who denies God among the Philosophers of Rome, Alexandria, Athens, Europe and Islamic World (Middle East and Andalusia) and of Asia. You may meet some who approach with doubts (like septic philosophers). In addition to this, the atheists in the West do not deny Allah, who is the Creating Power. What the atheists of the Western Christian World call as God is Jesus the Messiah because in the west (in the Christian World) God is JESUS. The atheists of the West refuse this God-Jesus and they do not accept him as a God. According to them, a child, who was born from a woman, who was breast-fed, who grew up like other children, who became a young man, who ate and drank, slept, and who became hungry and thirsty then who was murdered, whose blood was shed, can only be a human being. He can never be a GOD. The eastern atheists also say that IF GOD IS JESUS, HE SHOULD NOT HAVE DIED BECAUSE GOD DOES NOT DIE. In other words, they do not accept the deity of JESUS. Are our ATHEISTS not aware of this fact?

Me? KAZIM YARDIMCI, who is a handful of earth?

Yes, this brother of yours; Thanks to God! I have been a Muslim, a Mohammedan ever since.

And, thanks to God! I am a socialist.

I believe and support the Mystical Religious Creed which is the essence of Religion. I am also the lover of Muhammad Ali Aba. I am the servant, the slave of Ahl al Bait (The Prophet’s Family), of Hz. Ali who is the King of Sainthood and of Ali’s children. I also know that the innovation (Ijtihad) of Hz. Abu Hanifa, who is the follower and aspirant of Our Master Imam Jafar al Sadıq, true (Haq).

I do not want to speak about degenerate, traditional dervish convents (lodges) and the sheikhs of today as a tired and carefree dervish (aspirant), who wandered a lot in the desert of Sufism, which is a limitless mystery. I am contented with presenting you the lines of Yahya Kemal, who is a thinker and who deals with literature and who remarks on this matter:

“I wandered Istanbul visiting dervish convents,

I looked for a vigilant, prudent * spiritual teacher,

There is a course cloak and post, but no brave man in the field,

There is no sign of the divine men of Khorasan…”

By Poet Yahya Kemal Beyatlı

* There is no pir-sheikh whose heart is awakened and who knows God.

After sincerely explaining these realities about Christianity, let us speak about us-the Muslims-; Let us see what happened 30 years after Hz. Muhammad, who revived this holy Religion of Allah, who is the protector of the oppressed and the poor:

Who had taken the place of the Prophet, who lived on a dry rush mat? The cruel of Umayyads, a cruel Family, had taken the place of Holy Prophet just after 30 years after him and they removed the rush mat and lived at the castles of Damascus. They applied the system of Emperors-Caesars-Royalty (being heir to a throne)-. Yet, there is no Law of Heir in Islam. Since there is no heir to throne in Islam, there will be no law of heir. They established family governments (dynasty) instead of Islam. The Government of Umayyads cannot pass to another family from that family. These false systems continued as a line following one after another as family states (dynasty) such as the Abbasids, the Memluks, etc. and the Ottoman Empire, which was again a family government, continued until the declaration of Republic in 1923.

Well, what did these states, their emperors, kings and sultans do?

They formed the sultan-sheikulislam companion just like king and pope-patriarch duality.

They made the Muslim people obey the cruel sultans 30 years after the Prophet, in spite of the great Prophet Muhammad, who said “Consenting to a cruel is cruelty”. They made the Muslim people obey the cruel Sultans, swear allegiance to them and they either murdered or frightened those who did not swear fealty. They suppressed the oppressed people’s resistance of force. Yet, in Islam, each individual has a right to swear fealty to the person at the top or to break his fealty if he does not like him, using his free will. For this reason, we say that although western democracy is not Islamic, social democracy is the nearest to Islamic State System as it supports social justice and acknowledges people the right to choose the administrators or to change them through election.

As the word “Cumhuriyet (Republic)” is derived from the word “cevahir (public, people)”, it is already identical to the system of the Four Caliphs of the Prophet. It is not contrary to Islam but it is especially the Islamic system itself. Yet, democracy is a European system. It has come to Eastern countries from Europe. It is the rule of sultans, kings and emperors (the Throne remains in the same family).

For example: The lands or the state, the property and the goods of the Ottoman Dynasty belong to one Family. This is called as royalty, dynasty or whatever you call… Shah, King, Emperor, Sultan, Hünkar are all sovereignty but Royalty or sovereignty cannot exist in the religion of Islam or in any Religions the Books were sent.

Nobody can take back the right of the individual to swear fealty and to break his allegiance with his free will from the Muslims, Jews and the Christians, shortly from the people who believe in Allah. Whoever takes this right back from believers is cruel. If anybody claims the opposite, he should show where it takes place in the Torah, the Bible and the Koran.


      In our country, the men of religion, sheikulislams and fathers of Madrasa made Muslims obey and swear fealty to Sultans, the cruel rulers who had taken the inevitable rights from them by force until the declaration of the Republic in 1923. The regime of Republic is true and it is not contrary to Islam. I am not interested in beyond this but I always read the following lines of Neyzen Tevfik.

“I can tell this part but I cannot write,

I cannot spoil my philosophy with my pen,

We can see each other tomorrow night,

I was THE DARLING you looked for.”

(By Neyzen Tevfik)

Then the saying Marx said for the fathers of church includes the men of religion of all the religions who are in cooperation with the Kings, Emperors, dictators and the rich class.

Long live Republic!

Long live Freedom!

Long live social democracy!

I send my love to all the Muslims and to all the Christians and Jews who say “ALLAH IS ONE” and I send my regards to all humanity.

Note: There may have been some good personalities such as Omar Ibn-i Abdulaziz, Abu-l Abbas or Murad-ı Hudavendigar (Sultan Murad I) among the Kings-Sultans and Emperors. Their goodness is a quality of themselves. What we want to emphasize is that Sultanate, Kingdom, Royalty, Monarchy, Dynasty- Family Governments- which means the rule of the government is followed by the son after his father - and the heir apparent do not exist in Islamic Law -Muslim Law- and that they are contrary to Islam. Since there is no Heir Apparent (the heir to the Throne) in Islam, there is no Heir Apparent Law either.


3 August 2005

3- “BREAD IS MY FLESH (My Physical Body) and WINE IS MY BLOOD

What can the reality, the meaning and the imagination of this saying which is attributed to Jesus be?

As it is known, the men of God are the perfect, mature, innocent, divine, lovely, virtuous, wise and scholar people who posses a Holy Spirit and who are in dialogue with Allah. They are called as THE PERFECT MAN. They are mature, perfect, honest, nice PERFECT MEN (The Prophets and the Saints) who have overcome their carnal desires (self) and reached good morality. It is a benefaction for a community to have a Prophet or Saint (a Friend of God) living among them. He is the blessing of Allah for that community. They are like the electric bulbs that give light. A shining bulb is more useful and beneficial than a thousand of bulbs which do not give light. As they emit light and illuminate their surrounding, they are the great benefaction and blessing of Allah for His slaves. It should be remembered that a shining bulb and a dark bulb are both made of glass –matter, substance-. But a shining bulb can never be considered same as a dark bulb. They are different like a blind person is different from a person who can see.

Yes, the PERFECT MEN (The Messengers and the Saints) are also mortals- human beings- but they are like electric bulbs that emit the divine light of God and illuminate their surrounding. A person who has a sound heart is different from an ill-hearted person. A good-hearted person is superior to a thousand of ill-hearted people. They cannot even be compared to each-other. The Prophets and the Friends of God are spiritually different from us. Those who did not notice this difference likened the Prophets and Saints to themselves concerning only their physical side. They said: “He is a man like us! How can he speak with Allah?” They did not see the difference and denied them.

As Allah the Most High explained in the verse: “Haza mislina-They said: ‘He is like us, he is a mortal like ourselves’ and they became unbelievers.” (Ibrahim, 10/ Teghabun, 6)

And Allah said for the Prophet: “Say: ‘I am a mortal like you, but I am getting revelations- in other words I am in contact with God-with divine beings-.’ ” (Al-Kahf, 110) This verse shows this superiority very clearly. Therefore, it is said that the PERFECT MAN IS NOT GOD BUT HE BEARS DIVINE QUALITIES.

“Usvetün hasanetün – He is the owner of the most beautiful, divine qualities.” (Al-Ahzab, 110)This verse is about our dear, great Prophet Hz. Muhammad Mustafa (A.S.). He also says: “Muhammad has greater claim on you than yourselves.” (Al-Ahzab, 6)

Therefore, the Perfect Man, the Prophet Jesus is also one of the great Perfect Men, the divine person who bears good, divine qualities. Thus, the existence of a divine person (The Prophet and the Friends of God) in a community is a blessing of Allah for that community in the world.

As it is known, the bread-wheat- is also one of the great blessings or favors of Allah for His servants. Bread is useful for human beings and it maintains their liveliness. As the bodies of the Prophets and Saints are a blessing for a community, they are more beneficial favour of Allah than the bread, which is also a divine benefaction.

The meaning of the saying of Hz. Messiah refers to this. It does not mean that the bread, which is made of wheat, is his body. If it is accepted in that way, we cannot get rid of the blaming of atheists. For instance: Didherot, who was an atheist and materialist said: “Bread is the body of Jesus and it is eaten by rats, animals and atheists as well, if the atheists and those who do not believe in Jesus eat it, they will be blessed.” And so we become the subject of mocking.

Didherot was an atheist, he did not believe in God and Jesus and he even said that Christians were a nation who eats their God. If the real meaning of a saying is not explained, if it is taken or understood as it is, Diderots speak like that, they insult and make fun of them. The saying of Hz. Messiah: “Wine is my blood” bears a deeper meaning. Blood is a substance that enables the body to live and it gives human beings warmness or heat. The warmness and heat exist in wine too. Wine means the love that gives warmness and it attracts and excites people and makes people feel dynamic. It is the wine Allah mentioned in the Koran as: “Şeraben tehura-pure wine” (The Chapter Insan, 21)

Hz. Jesus says that his love is wine for you. It makes you feel a spiritual, divine pleasure. If we do not explain it in this way, if we accept the wine sold at markets and buffets as the blood of Jesus, then it is misunderstood and they say that the atheists who do not believe in Jesus, the Messengers-the Saints, the Bible, the Gospels, the Koran, the Torah and the cruel, the wicked people also drink wine so disbelievers are also blessed people.

I would like to attract the attention of my Christian brothers who say “ALLAH IS ONE” on this matter and I request them to consider this. I invite you to understand the meaning of the lines of a great Muslim Sufi, a wise poet from Malatya:

“The ignorant do not understand,

He who is wise understands us

The people who become drunk

By the beauty of the beloved’s face understand us.

(by Niyazi Misri from Malatya)

This poem belongs to the great Friend of God Niyazi Misri Hazretleri from Malatya. The last two lines are very important:

“Those who become drunk by the wine of the beauty of the beloved’s face understand us. (Here, the wine refers to love, passion, it is not the wine which is sold at buffets.”




3 August 2005