The World And Spirituality

According to Islam, a traveler of God should pay all the importance to divine values; he will not concern about the world very much.

Our great Prophet (a.s.v.) said: “The mother of all the wickedness is the love for the world”. (1)

The world is not very important, as it is transitory. Man is also transitory but God and the World of spirituality is eternal. Yet, there is something lovely in the world although it is very common and low because Allah created the world for the sake of our Prophet (a.s.v.), whom He loved very much, who is His first manifestation and the First Spirit. Therefore, the world is permitted to be loved a little, again for the sake, for the love of the Prophet (a.s.v.). It should never be loved heartily, but only with a glance.

“Levlake levlake lema halaktü’l eflak- Were it not for you, O Muhammad, I would not have brought creatures into being.” (2)

This can be exemplified as: If the Sun did not exist, the other beings need not be existed.

The Spirit of our Prophet (a.s.v.) is like the sun in the 18 thousands worlds and the earth is like a star. If the earth is beautiful, this is due to the sun. God says:

“Know that the life of this world is but a sport and a pastime, a show and an empty vaunt among you, a quest for greater riches and more children. The life of this world is but a vain provision.” (Al-Hadid, 20)

These qualities of the earth are reported to us obviously in our Holy Book, the Koran. (6)

Pride is an attribution of Satan. Therefore, man especially a traveler of God should be very careful not to let himself attach the world as it causes to forget God and to act heedlessly.

Islam religion enjoins to work hard and to earn one’s own living to look after his family and not to attach the world very much and not to be a burden on others.

Islam refuses laziness!

Islam commands Muslims to work hard in order to make their country more powerful to maintain the religion after they earn their own subsistence and to make Islam more superior and stronger compared to other non-Muslim countries because if the state gets weaker, enemies invade the Islamic country and change the religion of Muslims by force. They may change our mosques to a church or a nightclub, which is the destruction of religion, honor and faith. Our national culture will be annihilated then.

The aim of a Muslim should be to exalt his country higher than other countries. He should help his country with his life and wealth and spend all of them for his country if it is necessary. If this is not his aim, he has no place in the sight of God and the Prophet (a.s.v.) even if he goes to the Kaaba for a thousand of times, fasts everyday and worships until morning. He is in disgrace.

If there is no country, there will be no religion! There are many enemies of the religion and the power to protect it is the government. As for the state; the state must concern the health of his citizens and give them a good education. If a nation’s people are unhealthy and ignorant, it lacks the power of fighting. If a nation does not help his country with his life and his wealth, he puts his government, his presence and his religion into danger.Therefore, a nation should help their country by overworking after they earn their own living. The state will increase their war power by educating citizens and providing them the conditions to be healthy. An ignorant and unhealthy nation can never make war. Peace can be made by deterrent war power.

In this situation, we say that the government should take the responsibility to educate the children of his country from primary school until university. Education must be compulsory and the government should pay all the educational expenses until they complete their schools. The government should also pay for the health and medicine expenses and all kinds of health and education spending must be nationalized.

If this matter is solved with the cooperation of nation and government, other problems can be settled down easily.

What we understand from Islam religion is; the life and the property of a Muslim that is left from his urgent needs belong to his government, which protects his religion, his nation and his country.

The rule is: If there is no state (country), there will be no religion. Religion is protected by government. If a government weakens, the enemies invade the country and they destroy our religion and culture, so we should try to make our established republic and democrat country stronger if we are Muslims, if we like our religion and if we really insist on Islam. This is the reality.

The country is protected with the unity and cooperation of Muslims and nation. The concept that Islam opposes most is separatism (disunity). “The believers are a band of brothers. Make peace among your brothers! (Make peace and do not spoil your unity and your cooperation)” (Al- Hujurat, 10)

May Allah protect our nation from the invasion of enemy and enable Muslims to be happy and united with His grace and His mercy for the sake of our Prophet, his Family, his Children and his Companions!

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(3) See the Koran: Baqarah-212, Al-Imran-14 and other verses. Our Most High Prophet (a.s.v.) states: “The slaves of the gold and silver were perished, they did not stumble but they were completely destroyed.” (From Enes b. Malik r.a; Thirmizi, Ibn Mace, from Hakim