The Qudsi Hadiths (traditions) Written In Rufai Külli̇yati (the System And The Complete Works Of Rufai Order) And In The Inspirations Of The Existence*

The QUDSI HADITHS (TRADITIONS) WRITTEN IN RUFAI KÜLLİYATI (THE SYSTEM AND THE COMPLETE WORKS OF RUFAI ORDER) AND IN THE INSPIRATIONS OF THE EXISTENCE* 1- "Divest and meet - embrace!" 2-“When I love My servant I become his ears to hear, and eyes to see and his hands to grasp and his feet to walk.” According to another tradition: “I become his heart he thinks with, and his tongue he speaks with.” 3--“Allah the Almighty says: He who claims that he loves Me but goes to bed to sleep when it gets dark is accepted to have told a lie. For, the sign of the lover is not to see anything else besides Him as a spiritual state but not as knowledge.” 4-“My compassion surpasses My anger.” 5-“Whoever shows enmity to someone devoted to Me, I shall be at war with him.” My servant draws near to Me with supererogatory worships that I shall love him. My servant continues to advance towards Me through optional prayers, then I began to love him. When I love My servant I become his ears to hear, and eyes to see and his hands to grasp and his feet to walk. Were he to ask something of Me, I would surely give it to him, and were he to ask Me for refuge, I would surely grant him it, I do not hesitate about anything as much as I hesitate about (seizing) the soul of My faithful servant: he hates death and I hate hurting him.” 6-“Levlake levlake lema halaktü’l eflak- Were it not for you, O Muhammad, I would not have brought creatures into being.” 7-“El veledü sirri ebi- A child is the secret of his father.” 8-“Küntü kenzen mahfiyyen feahbehtu li yuref –I was a hidden treasure and I desired to be known, so that I created the Universe of plurality (I made the Creature that I might be known).” 9-“I am an enemy of three people: The first one: he promises in the name of Me, but he breaks his promise, the second one: he sells a free person as a slave and spends the money he earns over him and the third one: he does not pay the wage of workers completely.” 10-“God Most High said: “When I decree a calamity in the body of My servant, in his property or in his children, if he meets it patiently, I feel ashamed to call him to account on the Day of Resurrection.” 11-“Neither My earth nor My sky has encompassed Me but the heart of My pious, innocent servant who fears Me has encompassed Me.”( I neither fit into the Earth nor the Heavens but I am in the heart of the believer.”) 12-“If you hang down a piece of rope to the Earth, it would touch God." 13- “Qualify yourself with the qualities of Allah.” 14- “El insane Sırri ve ene Sırrihi-Man is My secret and I am his secret too.” 15- "Gabriel came to me and said: Allah sends His greetings to you and says: I have forbidden the Hell for the Family who inseminated you, the womb which carried you and the breast which embraced you". 16-“Once an angel came up to me and said: If you want, you can either be a king -like Prophet or a slave-like Prophet, be as you wish! I said I would like to be a slave -like Prophet. For this reason, I have meals as the slaves and sit as the slaves do.” 17-"My Lord offered me to change the remnants of flood into gold if I wanted. I told Him not to. For I would like to be hungry one day and well fed the next day because I would pray and take shelter in Allah when I was hungry and I would thank and praise Allah on the day when I was not hungry." 18-“ This reality was revealed to me: 'I will be taken away among you for a short while then, you will come after me to the next world in groups who have fought with each other and killed each other.” 19-"Gabriel descended the Earth and greeted me saying: 'Greetings to you O the First, the Last, the Seen and the Unseen!' I blamed him for this behavior of him and said:' O Gabriel! How can these qualities be applied to the person who is created? They are the attributes of the Creator and they only belong to Him' Gabriel said: 'O the Prophet! Know that I was ordered by Allah to greet you in this way, because the Creator honored you with these qualities and exalted you to the highest rank of all the Prophets. He gave you a name from His names; an attribute from His own attributes. He called you as "the First" because you are the first Prophet according to the Creation. He called you "the Last" because you are the last Prophet of all the Prophets, the last Apostle of all the Apostles, of all the people, of all the societies till the last group of people. He called you "the Unseen", because He wrote your name together with His name in the Throne in Red Divine Light at least two thousand years earlier than He created your father "Adam". He had ordered me to greet you even then so I saluted and greeted you. O Muhammad! A thousand years later, a thousand more years later, at least two thousand years later He sent you to the Earth as a bearer of good news and warning and by His leave, as an invitation to the path of God and as a lamp to illuminate humanity. Allah also called you "the Seen" because He made you known in the time you lived. He helped you with the religious matters and made you the sole Leader of the Religion. He presented your superiority with your orders, which you conveyed, to the people of the Earth and to the beings in the Heavens very well. There are some among these beings that they have been created only to pray and to greet you. Allah also greets and salutes you. O the Prophet! Your Lord is Mahmud-lauded, you are also lauded; Your Lord is the First and the Last the Seen and the Unseen. You are also the First, the Last, the Seen and the Unseen." 20-"Spiritual Knowledge is one of My secrets; I place it into the hearts of My slaves, nobody knows that state except Me." 21-"I am to a servant of mine according to his imagination. I am with him when he looks for Me. I f he remembers Me in himself I remember Him in My person; if he remembers Me in crowd, I remember him in a better crowd." 22-"My friends are under My domes. Nobody knows them except Me." 23-“My slave! If you want to be included to My harem, do not desire this world or the Heavens of Melekut or Ceberut." 24-“I created Muhammad from the Divine Light of My face.” 25-“Innellahe halakel Ademe ala suretihi - God created man in His own image." 26- “They are such a gathering that whoever sits with them cannot be a rebel (he cannot be deprived of mercy).” 27- “Allah the Most High says: “Whoever shows enmity to someone devoted to Me, I shall be at war with him. My servant draws near to Me with supererogatory worships that I shall love him. My servant continues to advance towards Me through optional prayers, then I began to love him. When I love My servant I become his ears to hear, and eyes to see and his hands to grasp and his feet to walk. Were he to ask something of Me, I would surely give it to him, and were he to ask Me for refuge, I would surely grant him it.” 28-“The Prophet of Allah (s.a.v.) called Hz. Ali (k.v.) on the day of Taif and he talked to him in private. The people who saw this said: “The conversation of the Prophet of Allah (a.s.v.) with Hz. Ali, the son of his uncle, lasted long!” Then, the Prophet (a.s.v.) said: “The person who spoke with him secretly is not me but Allah has spoken to him secretly.” 29-“I am to a servant of Mine according to his remembrance. I am with him when He remembers Me. If My servant remembers Me in his mind and secretly, I remember Him in My person and secretly; if he remembers Me in a crowd, among people, I remember him in a better crowd. When a servant of Mine proceeds towards Me a hand spread, I rush towards him an arm. If he proceeds Me an arm, I approach him by length of his arms spread out. When he comes to Me walking, I advance to him running.” 30-“La ilahe illallah is My fortress. Whoever enters My fortress is secure from My torment. ” 31-“O Moses! If all the things on the earth and in the Heavens and the beings that existed from them were put in one of the scales of balance and the glorious “La ilahe illallah” were put in the other scale and when they were weighed, “There is no god but Allah” would weigh heavily.” 32-“Moses (a.s.) said addressing Allah: ‘O Lord’ I would like to know who You love among Your servants so that I would love him.’ Allah said: ‘When you see one of My servants remembering Me, know that I love him, when you see the one who does not make remembrance of Me, know that I hate him.’ ” 33-“I am as My servant thinks. I am with him where he makes remembrance of Me.” 34-“Allah orders one of His servants to be put into the Hell. The servant stands near the Hell and looks around: ‘O Lord! I had good opinions of You and I expected that You would forgive me.’ Then Allah the Most High said to the Angels: ‘Return him back because I behave with My servant as he conceives Me to be.’ ” 35-“O! The son of Adam! If you make remembrance of Me secretly, I make remembrance of you like that. If you make remembrance of Me in an assembly, I remember you in a better assembly.” 36-‘I only accept the ritual prayer of those who respect Me and who obeys Me, who do not behave arrogantly to My creatures and who pass their days with My remembrance, who do not insist on committing sins, who feed the hungry, who shelter the poor, who are merciful towards the young people and respectful towards the elders. They ask whatever they need from Me and I accept their prayers. They ask for My help cordially and I mercy them with My exalted munificence. The sample of this at My sight is the Firdaws paradise whose fruit are never shortened and whose favors are everlasting.” 37- “I remember the person who makes remembrance of Me, with My grace and forgiveness, when he is angry and when I will torture him. I do not perish him with those whom I have perished.” 38- “When a person gives alms, it reaches the hand of Allah before it reaches the hand of the beggar. The Prophet (a.s.v.) recited this verse afterwards: “Allah surely accepts the repentance of His servants and takes their alms.” (Al-Tawbah, 104) 39- “A public crier (a person who calls) calls on the Day of Resurrection: ‘O the People of Unity! Forgive each other! Giving the reward of it belongs to Me!’ 40-“God the Most High revealed one of His Prophets in this way: ‘Tell My faithful servants not to be proud with Me. I surely apply My justice on them, I torture them and I do not become a cruel for this. Tell My sinful servants not to lose their hope from My mercy. No sin I will forgive is a burden for Me.’ ” 41-“This religion (Islam) is the religion that I like it for Myself. Only munificence and good moral qualities suit it. Therefore, as long as you associate with it, offer it and make it perfect with these two virtues.” 42-“In the Heaven, I have prepared for My virtuous servants some blessings that which no eye seen, no ear has not heard and no human mind has ever thought of. ” 43-“I love those who love each other for My sake, who visit each other for My sake and who help each other for My sake.” 44-“A young believer, who believes in My commandment and judgment, who obeys the Book (the Koran), who is contented with what I give him and who abandons his carnal passion for My sake is at the rank of some Angels.” 45-“Allah said to Jesus (a.s), the son of Mary: “O Jesus! First of all, give advice to your own self, if you get benefit of that advice, give advice others or else get ashamed from Me.” 46- “Allah created the beings in darkness, then He spread upon them from His Divine Light. Whoever this divine light strikes is rightly guided, whoever this divine light does not strike stays in dark.” 47- “One who does a good deed shall be rewarded ten times or more. One who does an evil deed will be punished for only one sin or I may forgive him. If a person comes to Me by a hand’s breadth, I shall approach him an arm’s and one who advances towards Me by an arm’s length, I approach the length of two arms and one who comes to Me walking, I shall go to him running. And one who meets Me with an earthful of sins, provided that he has not associated anybody with Me, I shall meet him with an equal amount of pardon.” 48-“O the world! Serve him who serves Me, use in your service the one who serves you.” 49-“I do not amass two fears and two mercies on My servant: I frighten in the Hereafter the one who does not fear Me and I do not torture in the next world the one who fears Me in this world.” 50-“Allah the Most High said: ‘For those who love one another for My sake, there will be high seats of light that will be envy of prophets and martyrs’ ”. 51- “Ali! Gabriel believes that he loves you.” Hz. Ali said: “Has Gabriel reached the rank to love me?” Hz. Prophet (a.s.v.) said: “Yes, Allah (May He be honored and glorified), who is more favorable than Gabriel, love you.” 52-“We were near the Prophet (a.s.v.) and there was a group of people standing around him. Hz. Ali entered the room. When he came in, they left and started to criticize him, they said: “We must not leave when he comes in.” Then they entered the room again. Thereupon he said: “It is not me but it is Allah that made him come in and made you leave.” 53- “The Holy Prophet (a.s.v.) said: “When I was ascended to Heaven, I was taken to a palace made of pearls. Its bed was made of shining gold. My Lord revealed me three good attributes about Ali: 1. He is the Gentleman (Master) of Muslims, 2. He is the (Imam) leader of the pious, 3. He is the commander of those whose foreheads and arms were marked white (the elected).” 54-“The Prophet said: “Allah the Almighty ordered me to love four persons and He also loved them”. They asked the Prophet to tell them their names. The Prophet said: “Ali is among them -he said it thrice-, and they are also Ebu Zer, Mikdad and Selman.” 55- “Gabriel descended and told me that Allah the Most High loved four persons from my Companions. They are: Ali, Selman, Abu Zer and Mikdad.” 56- “The Prophet (a.s.v.) ascended the pulpit and made a long speech. Then he asked where the son of Abu Talib Ali was. Ali came up and said: “I am here, the Prophet of Allah!” The Prophet hugged and kissed him on the point between his eyes and said with a lofty voice: “O the Muslims! He is my brother, my cousin and my son-in-low. He is my flesh, my blood and my hair. He is the father of my two grandsons Hasan and Husayn that are the exalted people of the young dwellers of Paradise. He is the person who drives away the troubles from me. He is the lion of Allah, he is the sword of Allah to His enemies in the world. May the curse of Allah and the curses of those who curse be upon those who feel enmity towards (Hz.) Ali! Whoever is far from Ali is far from Allah and me, whoever wants to be far from Allah and me, let him be far from Ali. Let this make public by you to those who are not present here.” Then he said: “O Ali! Sit down. It is Allah who told and introduced all these about you.” *The same HADITHS written in THE EXISTENCE, RELIGIOUS SECTS IN ISLAM AND ASCENDING, THE SINLESS, ASCENSION IN MAN, MUHAMMAD-JESUS-ADAM, SHARIAT AND TARIQAT IN ISLAM and ISLAMIC ECONOMY are taken in order and generally one by one… The sources of the Hadiths are written in “Rufai Külliyatı and Varlıktan Veriler- the system and the complete works of Rufai Order and in the Inspirations of the Existence”. There is no hadith whose source is not written.)