The Perfect Man (prophet - The Friend Of God (wali̇))


Allah created human from earth and He breathed into him His Holy SPIRIT. Allah’s breathing into man from His spirit that He called “My Spirit” is very important.

“I breathed into man from My spirit.” (Sad, 72)

If anything is breathed into man from Allah, it is divine light and the essence. All things that come from Allah are divine light. Allah is the divine light of the divine lights. He is an endless, borderless sea of divine light.

Therefore, Man (Human) is a person who is consisted of flesh (physical body) and spirit.

Allah has not breathed His Spirit to anything else except human beings. Thus, there is reason (understanding) and thought (idea) in human beings. Man learns science and divine knowledge through reason and thought. Science is an attribute- quality- that belongs to Allah. Reason and thought are the attributes or qualities of spirit. Therefore, man reaches divine knowledge that belongs to Allah and he learns himself, His Lord and the Universe by means of spirit.

(The meaning of all these expressions such as divine revelation, exhaled breath and inspiration is transmitting or conveying. Divine revelation, exhaled breath, inspiration are the powers of God that convey or transmit the word-divine verses- of Allah. Mobile phones are a good example of it. The electricity or the power in telephones conveys or transmits the word -the voice-, sentences and the words to the other mobile phones.)

What makes human a human and what enables him to have a personality is this divine Spirit of Allah that belongs to Allah and that is embellished by holy attributes.

If man did not bear a SPIRIT, he would be but an animal that stands upright, even lower than that because each animal knows how to cleanse itself and it is created with this ability because he who does not have a spirit cannot have reason-mind. For this reason, he would not be able to know how to cleanse himself and would be very dirty.

If the spirit does not function when he enters into physical body, he becomes solidified and somewhat materialized. As in the verse of the Chapter Ya Sin: “I take out fire from the green for you”. (Ya Sin, 80) Allah shows this verse as a sign, a proof; green grass, green brunches transform into fire-flames that give heat and light. The pieces of fire that give light and heat become black coal through solidifying. Heat and light are lost and it becomes a cold, hard substance. That hard, deep black stony coal becomes fire and flames again and it gives heat and light. We can give more examples, for instance: in the process of atom whose structure is radiation and light. Atom turns into matter or substance by being molecules and it turns into molecules from matter state and transforms into energy and heat again.

Allah says in the Koran; “What is difficult for you shall be no difficult for Me.” (Hud, 4 / Mary, 9) Who, apart from Allah the Almighty, can create quadrillions of atoms (infinite) and make each of them proportioned? Who can succeed such a difficult task? Today all the scientists accepted that man has split atom but he will never be able to create atom. Atom is a natural reality. It is not ARTIFICIAL. It is said that human mind is able to produce everything and to know everything. Let all the scientists of Physics and world scientists gather and create an oxygen atom or hydrogen atom. All the scientists of Physics say actually that it is impossible. However, our so-called intellectuals and those who illuminate others (intelligentsia) do not accept it. The West went beyond the world and they have been doing researches in the depths of the space. They will conquer the space soon but we are still wandering off in the world of fantasies to catch up with them. (*)

The Powerful Hand of Allah, who is the owner of Absolute Knowledge and Power- the Omnipotence and Omniscient-, can make these formations and transformations. None, except Allah, is able to make it.

“Feulaike yubeddilullahu seyyiatihim hasenet - God changes your sins to good actions.” (Al-Furqan, 70)

Allah who has high knowledge and science can make the materialized spirit purified and holy -luminous- again.

Therefore, the person who bears this somewhat materialized Spirit is called “immature man”; like the unripe grapes of a vineyard. The person whose spirit shines (like petroleum; it shines and turns into light when a lighter is lit) is called the“Perfect Man” same as the ripened grapes in a vineyard. Providing that it is preserved or protected, each sour grape is a candidate of a ripened grape. Just like this, Perfect Men come into being from immature men like in the example of the sour grapes.

“We were raw, we have now been cooked and burnt (become mature), Glory be to God!” Yunus Emre

The intellect-mind-reason in the spirit that has become materialized in the body in time is the partial intellect and it looks like the small stars in the sky; their light is very little. It is a very small light in the darkness of the night. It cannot illuminate the dark places.

Bright stars and the Moon are like the bright holy spirits. The sun symbolizes “Akl-ı Kül: the highest or first Cosmic - Universal Intellect and the holiest Universal Spirit”. This is called as the “First Spirit, the Supreme Spirit and the Reality of Muhammad” in Sufism. It is the Cosmic (Universal) Intellect and Cosmic Spirit.

“O Muhammad! You are a shining light that call men to God by His leave (You are “siracen münir”- the divine light, the source of divine light that emits light and illuminates).” (Ahzab, 46) Allah the Most High uses the word “sirac-shining light” for the Sun in the Sky as well (Noah, 16). Allah uses the word “sirac-shining light” for both Hz. Muhammad (A.S.V.) and for the Sun. In this situation, the great spirit of Hz. Muhammad (A.S.V.), which is like the Sun, illuminates and improves-develops- other spirits. As the spirits are illuminated and developed, the mind and thought, which are the qualities of spirit, become lighted -illuminated and developed. Then, the pure spirit of Hz. Muhammad (A.S.V.) is the greatest spirit like the Sun. It is the first Spirit. For this reason, Hz. Muhammad and his pure Spirit are called “THE SUN OF REALITY-TRUTH”. Same as the stars get weak and become dim if they are not nourished by the Sun; other spirits become weak and dim if they are not nourished from the Spirit of Muhammad (A.S.V.), which is a great sun. They are materialized in the body and they become unaware and heedless of divine light. Therefore, all the spirits are breathed into man from the Spirit of Hz. Muhammad (A.S.V.), which is like the sun. Allah used the word “sirac-the divine light that emits light” for only the Sun and Hz. Muhammad (A.S.V.). And He said “I have sent you forth but as a mercy -blessing- to the Universe (mankind)” (Al-Anbiyah, 107) only for him. That is to say, Hz. Muhammad (A.S.V.) is a blessing of Allah to the worlds. What else can be greater than the mercy or blessing of Allah?

Then, the Glorious Prophet exists before all the Prophets and the Friends of God and he is the Master, the Lord, the Chief (Sayyid) of all of them.

“Seyyidel evveline vel ahirin- He is the Sayyid of the former and the latter ones.”

“When Adam was between water and mud, I was even then the Prophet.” (Thirmizi, Sünen, Menakıb-1; Ibn-i Hanbel, vol.4, p. 66)

“Eneminallahi vel muninune minni- I am from Allah and the believers are from Me.” (See Sırrul Esrar by Abdulkadir Geylani p.20 and 75)

However, Hz. Prophet (A.S.V.) said exceptionally about our Master Hz. Ali (k.v.), the Shah of Sainthood and our Master Hz. Husayn, the Shah of Martyrs:

“Aliyyen Minni ve Ene minhu- Ali is from me and I am from Ali.” (From Yahya b. Adem, he heard it from Israel, he heard it from Abu Ishak and he heard it from Bera bin Azib; Hadislerle Hz. Ali, Nesai, p. 59, Hadith 67)

“Huseynen minni ve ene minhu- Husayn is from Me and I am from Husayn.” (From Ya’la b. Mume; Thirmizi, Sunen, 4026)

Then, the holiest Spirit that Allah calls as “My spirit” is this SUPREME SPIRIT (The highest and the first Cosmic Spirit -aql ı kül, Absolute Reason, Universal Intelligence-) of Hz. Muhammad (S.A.V.), who is the sun of reality (the shining divine light that emits light, the source of divine lights). It is the source of all the Spirits as the sun is the source of all the stars. The spirits- the minds- that are like dim-lighted stars cannot shine unless they approach this First Spirit, which is very immense Divine Light, and get Divine Light from Him. In Sufism, this is called as “seyri sulük-spiritual journey in divine path to reach Allah” or approaching the Supreme Spirit. The follower of God-the aspirant- wants to improve his spirit and his mind by approaching his mind to the Supreme Spirit. That is to say, as the spirit in an immature man approaches the Supreme Spirit, his spirit becomes holy and his capacity of mind increases. The meaning of “akl (mind-reason)” is the ability of reasoning. The one who understands or reasons is the spirit that bears this quality of understanding. “Akil” means the one who reasons, who understands. There is somebody that reasons and understands in man. This is the spirit of Allah, who bears His attribute of science. Spirit is subject. Akl-reason is a verb and it has grammatical forms or moods. Man who tries to make contact with the Supreme spirit, who benefits from him wants to shine his spirit and develop (increase) his mind by means of this divine path in this way. Such people are called as “aspirants-the followers of God” in Sufism. Nobody rents, sells or mortgages his mind to anybody.

The immature man’s spirit that bears practical intellect shines, his mind develops as he approaches the Universal Intellect in just the same way a student benefits from a teacher. They are the followers of God. These aspirants of Holy God that desire God approach great personalities like Yunus and want to shine their spirit and mind by getting divine light from them. Nobody sells his mind to anybody and nobody gives it as a mortgage. Just on the contrary, they buy mind by getting divine light from them. The Perfect or Mature Man follows the divine path of Yunus and Yunusses (They make a spiritual journey). How happy are the intelligent people who meet Yunus Emres, who shine their spirit, who try to increase their mind and who want to be a Yunus! The intelligent person is the one who develops his mind. The way of it is to benefit from the Holy Spirit same as the stars benefit from the Sun. There is no other way of it.

Intelligence (mind-reason) neither increases nor develops by means of physical knowledge (culture). It is as if to load the information or knowledge from the books onto your brain. It is a kind of memorization. It is as if carrying the books on the back of memory.

We have some suggestions for the students of the spirituality as well: Naturally, our comments or explanations are intended for a little bit cultured brothers, as they know Yunus Emre more or less. When I say or call “Yunus”, I intend to say the “Friend of God -Veliyullah (Wali-Muslim Saint-)” that means the one who gained the consent of Allah, the person who is the real Friend of Allah. The reason why I give Yunus as an example is Yunus Emre Hazretleri is a real Friend of God and he is our common value of Anatolia, an anonymous value. In addition to this, nobody and no Sufi is against him. The other illiterate brothers or the aspirants that had primary school education are innocent. These faithful brothers have good opinions about the present sheikhs and know or think that they are a real Friend of God or a Yunus.

“Sheikh” in Arabic and “Pir” in Persian languages mean “an old man, an elder”.

The word “sheikh” is used as “Perfect (Mature Man)” in Islamic Literature. There are also the ones that affect to be a sheikh-Mutesheyyihs-. They are the fake sheikhs that pretend to be a sheikh and that show themselves to people as a Friend of God using the words and manners of the Friends of God although they are not genuine or real.

These illiterate or less educated innocent Muslim brothers think that they are real Friends of God -a Yunus- and approach them. They recite (remember) the name “Allah” and the other beautiful names of Allah, which fake sheikhs assign them as a duty, very much. Allah the Most High accepts their remembrance that they do very respectfully and rewards them according to their intention. God protects and helps the ones who are very sincere and good intentioned. In a sacred hadith, it says: “Actions are based on (or according to) intentions” (This hadith is a genuine hadith. From Hz. Omar r.a. Onların Alemi, Sayyid Ahmed er Rufai, p. 74). God improves some of the aspirants for their sincerity and their good intentions. This sacred hadiths is real and genuine.

I would request one thing from my illiterate or little-educated brothers: My request is: They must say to themselves: “The person who is not like Yunus Emre cannot be a Friend of God. What did Yunus Emre have as worldly possessions?”

Let them compare the life style of YUNUS EMRE, who was a real Friend of God, with the life styles of today’s sheikhs who put themselves in the place of Yunus Emre and say: “Did YUNUS EMRE and similar Friends of God have such villages, holding companies and firms and so much money?” This is one!

Did they desire or covet the ranks in government positions-hierarchy- strongly? This is two!

I complete this subject “Perfect Man” summarizing in this way and I finish my words with the sayings of Sayyid Ahmed Rufai Hazretleri, the greatest wise person and greatest spiritual master of Sufism, and of Yahya Kemal and Kaygusuz Abdal:

“If a person says he is a sheikh although he is not a sheikh, he is worse than satan.” by Sayyid Ahmed Rufai Hazretleri

“I wandered Istanbul visiting dervish convents,

I looked for a vigilant, prudent spiritual teacher,

There is a course cloak and post, but no brave “MAN” in the field,

There is no sign of the divine men of Khorasan…”

by Our Yahya Kemal Beyatlı, who was a great Man of Literature and Thought

“When a rich person speaks, they say “yes”.

When a poor person speaks, they call him “mad”

They call the present SHEIKHS as a “WALI”

Our MAD are increasing day by day.”

by our Great Sufi Poet Kaygusuz Abdal

And I crown this article with that great warning of the real Friend of God (Wali): Yunus Emre, who is accepted by Türkiye and by all of us.

“Shariat and Tariqat is a way for the one who reaches them.

Marifat (Wisdom) and Hakiqat (Reality) are in the heart.”

Yunus Emre

I also want my brothers, who seek the truth, to know this reality:

Today, especially in Istanbul and in Anatolia, in our beautiful country, there are thousands of fake sheikhs, sayyids and caliphs that walk around with sheikh license or permission and with false family genealogy. They are besmirching Sufism and the holy Path of Allah. They are doing the greatest harm. They are the fakers and worldly-minded people who make religion a means for their worldly advantages and who worship the life and the luxury of this world. A Sayyid is a person who proves that he is Sayyid; a Friend of God is the person who proves that he is a Friend of God. The proof of it is they are mystical, holy people who stay away from the world and worldly affairs, who are honest and virtuous, who sacrifice themselves to God, who turned their face to God and their back to the world: Sheikhdom (being a gentleman or Perfect Man) is not possible with fake genealogy and license. All of them are the traps that are set for our innocent, faithful people who look for God. Only one person in a thousand one people can know or cannot know the great Friends of God and real Sayyids.

And Ziya Pasha says:

“If you look for a real man, there is no Adam in one thousand one people.

Do you think the donkeys that show themselves as an Adam is an Adam?”

You must listen and pay attention to the above saying very carefully. The Friend of God-Sayyid- is the person who leaves the world behind, who is consented to sit on a dry mat and who leads a life like a Yunus or a Prophet. The Principle of the Prophet (A.S.V.) was to live on a little. The Friends of God who are his heirs also followed this principle.

The words of the Men of God are the greatest source of liveliness!

They turn the earth to mineral at one glance!

They are the people, who know the secrets of God,

But they hide it in appearance!”

You should keep in mind and know very well that the Prophets are also the Perfect Men whose spirits have become holy and approached Allah. I think that Perfect Men and Yunusses are thoroughly explained.

In one sentence: The Perfect Man is the person who bears flesh and divine spirit. His spirit is very bright, very sacred and near Allah. His main duty is Divine Wisdom and Divine Guidance or initiation.

He teaches the aspirants to acquire divine wisdom through divine guidance and to teach the realities of faith perfectly. The origin of religion is the Articles of Faith anyway. This is called as “Usul u Din: The Fundamental Principals of Faith”.

In addition to this, the Prophets also put the life of society in order as well. They teach divine commands, the prohibitions and practice, the forbidden and permitted deeds, the divine, theological law, the science of jurisprudence. Yet, the Friends of God are not assigned with this duty. They accept the Book and Sunnat and the ijtihads as they are. They do not deal with the science of Jurisprudence. They leave those matters to the experts in the Canon Law of Islam and to mujtahids. They say this duty is involved with the duty field of the experts in the Canon Law of Islam and mujtahids.

Both the Prophet and the Friend of God are the Perfect Men. However, the duty of the Perfect Man is of wide range. The Perfect Men, who are the Friends of God, are assigned only with the duty of DIVINE WISDOM and divine initiation. Some of them are busy only with spiritual journey and divine guidance. Very few of them are assigned with the duty of teaching Divine wisdom. They work on compiling books. Very few of them are assigned with both divine wisdom and guidance. In other words, each Friend of God is close to Allah with his spirit and knows himself and his Lord. However, not every Friend of God is a Wise, Gnostic. They possess high divine knowledge but they do not have a wide range of high divine -spiritual- knowledge. You do not need to study using books and notebooks in order to be a Friend of God and a wise Person. You cannot learn spiritual, metaphysical, abstract realities with books and notebooks.

“The Pen of Preordination does not write the reality of the unknown world in the books; the partial intellect can understand only the facts of physical world he cannot understand and solve the reality of the abstract world or the realities of the metaphysical world. This is a reality. Reason-mind or intellect understands, solves and learns only the physical world.”

Spirit, Angels, Genies, Heaven, the Hell are all abstract realities. The partial intellect cannot understand, solve and know these abstract realities. It may be informed about these abstract realities through Holy Books (revelation). That is all!

Why can it not understand? It cannot understand because the partial intellect is able to know physical sciences and social sciences (such as Jurisprudence, Law, Handicraft, Fine Arts). It is not able to understand, solve and know metaphysical abstract realities (such as spirits, angels, genies, satan, the Paradise and the Hell). It can be informed about these abstract realities only by means of holy books (divine revelation). To be informed does not mean to know them. There are some people that believe them among those who are informed about these realities. That is all!

The science of Divine Wisdom is to know metaphysical, divine, (abstract, spiritual) realities. Gnostic or the science of wisdom does not involve exterior sciences. How can the realities that can be understood by partial intellect be learnt just reading or studying them? If partial intellect would understand, solve and learn these abstract realities, every philosopher would be a Prophet or a Friend of God, then. This is not very easy!

It is not possible to know the metaphysical realities without struggling severely against self-evil nature and its sensual desires. In Sufism, this is called as “seyri sülük - spiritual journey in the divine path of Allah, progressing spiritually or progress in the spiritual world and approaching the Universal Holy Spirit, which is the Cosmic Intellect” same as a star is approaching the sun. It is not possible for the spirit to progress and for the partial intellect to draw near the Universal Intellect and to shine, unless “nafsi ammara” that orders wickedness and its sensual desires are perished.

“İnnehu le Kur’anun Kerim fikitabin meknun la yemesshu illel mutteherun - This is a Glorious Koran, safeguarded in a book which none may touch except the purified; a revelation from the Lord of the Universe.”(Al-Waqiah, 77, 78, 79)

“Kad efleha men zekkaha - Those who become free from evil nature, from the inner dirtiness are surely the ones who are saved.” (Al-Ghashiyah, 14)

“Bel huve Kur’anın mecid fi lefhin mahfuz - This Glorious Koran is in imperishable (preserved) tablet.” (Al-Buruj, 21-22)

The Koran that you read is the Koran hidden in the imperishable tablet and it is the written form of the Speech of Allah. The literal word of Allah is eternal and it is an attribute, a quality of Allah. Allah’s Person is Divine Light. He is the Divine Light of the Divine Lights. The attribute of Allah is also Divine Light. Divine Light means light, radiance.

The Koran (the Speech attribute of Allah), which is not in an ordinary writing form, which is in the secret Book and in the imperishable preserved tablet is THE KORAN WHICH COMPLETELY CONSISTS OF DIVINE LIGHT. It is impossible to learn the inner meaning of the Koran (the speech of Allah) unless one reads it with the eye of spirit secretly.



“I fit neither into the world nor the Heavens but I am in the heart of my faithful human servant”. (Hadith) This faithful person is naturally the person that is purified from his wicked desires and reached Allah. He is a Perfect Believer. The sample of a Perfect Believer is an electric bulb or lantern- lamp glass. Same as one tends to the electric bulb or lantern, which has light in it, to tend to the Holy Spirit and the heart of the Perfect Man, which is his essence, means to tend to light, divine light (Allah); for Allah, who is divine Light, is in his heart. The reason, the hidden meaning why all the Angels including Gabriel, Michael prostrated before Adam lies here. “I do not fit the world and the Heavens; I am in the heart of this faithful servant of mine (or the perfect believer, Adam). (40 Hadis, Sadreddin Konevi, p. 82, Vahdet yayınları, İst.)

“SPIRITUAL, DIVINE CONNECTION (Rabıta)” mentioned in Sufism refers to this meaning. The aspirant (the wayfarer of Allah) seeks Allah in this spirit and in this shiny heart bulb or mirror of the Perfect Believer. Therefore, the Truth and Reality is in the heart of the Perfect Believer. He who looks for Allah in his mind or somewhere else has become bewildered. The hadiths that mentions (reminds) this spiritual connection is:

“Nezeru illa vechu Aliyyun ibadetün - “Looking at Hz. Ali’s face is worship.” (The Sacred hadiths from Abdullah Ibn-i Mesud Taberani, Aziziye, vol.3, p. 417)

Because of this Sacred Hadith, Hz. Prophet (a.s.v.) called Hz. Ali as: “Shahi Walayat, the Leader of the Believers, the Door of Knowledge and the Imam of the Pious”.

Piety is possible if you know physical and divine sciences. “From among His servants, only scholars (scientists) fear Allah (naturally those who know physical and spiritual sciences)”. (Al-Fatir, 28)

The chief, the Headmaster of all the scholars is our Master Hz. Ali.

“I am the house of wisdom and Ali is the door to it.” (Sacred Hadith, Thirmizi, Sahih, vol.2, p.399

Therefore, our Master Hz. Ali was called “Keremellahu Vechehu-Allah honored his face very highly”.

Allah the Most High says: “The noblest of you in God’s sight is he who is the most pious.” (Al-Hujurat, 13)

The most pious servant is the most scholar of you. Piety is felt with real divine knowledge.

“When I was ascended to Meraj, I arrived at my Lord (the Majesty) and He told me His will about Ali with three good qualities:

1. He is the Gentleman of Muslims

2. He is the Friend of the pious

3. He is the Commander of those whose foreheads and arms are marked with white (the elected).” (Sacred Hadith, From Ibni Neccar (r.a.) and Ibni Kani r.a., Suyuti Camiul Kebir, Bezzar, Müsned, Hakim el Müstedrek)

The pure face of Hz. Ali (k.v.) is the greatest mirror of Allah and His Prophet (a.s.v.). He is the greatest scholar after our Prophet (A.S.V). For this reason, He is the one who fears Allah the Most. He is the noblest, the most honorable of us. Hz. Muhammad Mustafa (A.S.V.) is the Chief of all the Friends of God and of all the Prophets. He is the Greatest Glory of the Universe. He is the greatest pride of us. He is the pupil of the eye. He is the Mercy of Allah. What can be greater than the mercy of Allah after His Person? Our Prophet is the city, the sea of the divine knowledge (the Knowledge of Reality, the Knowledge of Allah). Our Holy Master Hz. Muhammad (A.S.V.) is the sea of divine knowledge. The gate of this door of city or of sea is also holy. Hz. Ali is the Imam of the Divine Guidance. He is Shahi Walayat and the Imam of the Pious. The People of Sunnat and all the scholars of Shia accepted it as this with mutually conforming together except Kharijis and the Umayyad.

Kharijis and the Umayyad are the people who objected to true Imam Hz. Ali (K.V.), the Door of Knowledge that was blessed with the news of (going to) Paradise. The leaders of these pervert fractions accepted only the exterior (exoteric, literal meaning) of the Koran and refused the interpretations (judicial, philosophical, theological and mystical interpretations) of other scholars. They interpreted the Koran according to themselves and refused all the other interpretations and interpreters and they are the people who claim that only their commentary is correct. In other words, they are the people who want to monopolize Islam.

No scholar and no Madhhab (religious sect) has a right to monopolize religion and Islam. Each Islamic scholar puts forward (brings) ideas and do commentaries. People are free to accept what or whom they like. This is a right of every scholar and every Muslim that cannot be given up.

Dawudi Zahiri, who was the leader of Kharijis and the Umayyad scholars and Ibni Hazm, who was again from Umayyad ancestry and Umayyad scholars and his follower Ibni Taymiyya were the Wahhabies who applied this Zahiri (Exterior) interpretation in practice through force.

Luther and Calvin were the Protestants who defended the Bible only from the Exterior and interpreted it according to themselves, wanted to monopolize the Bible and Christianity denying all the other Christian Madhhabs and interpretations such as Catholics, Orthodox, Gregorian, Armenian and Syriac etc. Luther and Calvin had inspired the doctrine of Protestantism that attaches importance to only the exterior of the Bible but denies all the Christian madhhabs from Kharijis that was established before 1250 A.D., and from the books of the Umayyad interpreter Ibni Hazm, who was from Umayyad origin (He was from Spain. He was born and died in Spain) and from Ibni Taymiyya and from those who followed them. (You can read the 85th article titled “THE ESSENCE OF THE ESSENCE OF THE MATTER” in for detailed information.

We must keep it in mind that Luther and Protestant were the enemies of Turkish. They were the foes of mostly Turkish among the Muslims. They declared Turkish as a cruel race. Protestants have been slandering and insulting Turkish nation who consists of fair, just people. I always thought why the admirers of Luther and Calvin (Protestants) covered it although they knew this truth. I PRESENT THIS MATTER TO THE ATTENTION OF OUR PEOPLE. Those who call themselves as “Salafi” and who appropriated themselves radicalism (under the name jihad-holy war) are Kharijis and Zahiriyecis. They follow them. They are minorities. They are a marginal group. They are called as “those who went excess or exaggerators (ifratcılar)”. They can never be the great personalities like Hasan al Basri, whom we call as “Salafi Salihin”. Those are a kind of new Zahiriyeci and Kharijis. These two fractions are the Umayyad and Kharijite perverts that did not like Hz. Ali, who was one of the ten people who were blessed with the good news of Paradise, and they objected to him. In other words, according to these Kharijis and Umayyad religious interpreters, Our master Hz. Ali, who learned divine knowledge personally from Hz. Prophet, who is the gate of Knowledge and one of the ten people who were blessed with the news of Paradise, does not know the Koran and Sunnat but they know them. Let them be fair! Even the crows laugh at it!

May our Lord, our Beloved Allah not separate us and all the Believers and Muslims from our exalted Masters (Superiors) Hz. Prophet Hz. Muhammad Mustafa (A.S.V.), who is the Hodja of the Universe, the Sultan of the Knowledge of Allah, the city, the source and the sea of Knowledge, from His Holy, Honorable Door Hz. Shahi Walayat Hz. Aliyyel Murtaza (K.V.) and from His path of Divine Guidance and from his pure Descendants! May He enable us to meet Him, to be saved and to reach the infinite happiness by His mercy, grace and glory!

You should not forget that most of the wise, real Companions of the Prophet (A.S.V.), who had very exalted Holy Spirit, were illiterate. In other word, they did not know how to write. They reached high divine knowledge and holy ranks just by listening to the Prophet and by struggling against their self. They were the ones who were close to Allah among the Companions of the Prophet (A.S.V.). The other real Companions besides them were the people who were called as “Ashabı Yemin - the Blessed ones” mentioned in the Koran. They were the pious believers who were average. There were some whom Allah exalted to high ranks among believers. You must also know this reality that the first people whom Allah and His Prophet addressed were the Companions of the Prophet who are our faithful brothers. Some of the Companions were the ones who were close to Allah (the Muqarrabuns) and some were the Ashabı Yemin (the blessed ones). Today the situation of the real believers is the same. According to the Koran, muqarrabuns (those who were close to Allah) are rare, but Ashabı Yemin (The Companions of the Right) are many.

“Yerfeillahe amenu minkum- There are some believers that Allah raised to high ranks among them.” (Al-Mujadala, 11)

“Utul ilme derecat- Believers are given knowledge at different degrees.” (Mujadala, 11)

Those who approached Allah were the exalted ones (the highest ones).

Brothers! After sharing these explanations and these realities with you, I present you the common judgments that all the mystics agree on:

“One who does not know the Perfect Man (Adam) cannot know the Prophet and the reality of Prophethood. They are only believers. They cannot know the reality. We are again at our anonymous value, the Friend of God-the Perfect Man, our Yunus Emre and he said:

“Ilm (Divine Knowledge) means to understand the ilm (Divine Knowledge),

Divine knowledge is to know who you are,

However, O Hodja! If you know not who you are (Adam -the reality of human), What is the use of learning?

And Mawlana said:

“O the Literate! (Teachers, hodjas, mullahs, rabbis, and priests) You know everything! However, you do not know the reality of Adam-Man!” He meant to say, “All your efforts came to naught!”

For example: There are many people that know the flowers, leaves, branches, the trucks of the trees in a forest in all the details. However, very few people know what the seed is or what the secrecy of seed is. The origin of all the trees, of all the forests is seed. Seed is the essence. The essence of the Universe is the “PERFECT MAN-ADAM”. ADAMS (the Prophets -Heavenly Messengers- and the Friends of God) are the Perfect Men. The essence, the origin of Adam is the great Creator, the Most Glorious Allah, who is the Lord of the Universe, the sole God- the sole Existence.

O my Human Brother! What the spiritual master, the sheikh of Mawlavis, the author of “Hüsn ü Aşk”, our great sheikh Sheikh Galip Hazretleri say for you:

“O Man! Be kind to your own person,

You are the essence of the Universe!

You are Adam, who is the light of the eyes of the Universe!”

And see what Osman Kemali Hazretleri who is from Istanbul says for you:

"O man, who became the most noble image while being a drop of semen,

Know your value; the shape of a man cannot easily be obtained!”

And the same person says for the one who does not know himself:

“I do not want a man whose character is like an animal,

He inclines to wickedness, even if he does favor he commits sin.”

Yes, my human brother! Know the reality of yourself-human! If you die without knowing the reality of human, know that you go to the presence of God as raving ignorant though you read Arabic (grammar), Persian, English, even 10 different languages. And do not forget the example in the Koran that is exemplified as stupid creatures loaded with books on their back: “Meseli Hımar” (Al-Jumah, 5)! Do not forget this and always keep it in mind!

Do not fall into the traps of these stupid creatures that loaded books, knowledge in their memory! May Allah the Most High protect us and you from the exterior scholars that prevent the path of Allah, that know everything except themselves, who know only exterior knowledge and who does not know metaphysical realities (divine knowledge) that use the exterior knowledge as a means of subsistence (living) and a fame for themselves and a trap for others.

However, my dear brother who look for God, go on looking for Yunusses, the wise person-the Perfect Man- Yunus-, who knows God truly. If you find him, let this humble person know about this because Muslims believe that Allah does not make this world deprived of the Friends of God (Yunusses), who are the real, divine, spiritual heirs of the Prophet (A.S.V.) until the Resurrection Day. However, He hid them under the divine dome. He does not make them known by His servants that are not real believers.

Niyazi Mısri Hazretleri says:

“Sufism is a treasure, not all the people possess it” and he wants to point out this mystery of secrecy. Yes, do not give up looking for him! However, if you say “We looked for ourselves but he could not be found”, listen to what Mawlana Hazretleri said to those who said: “O Mawlana, you say the person who seeks finds but we sought and could not find”: “You did not seek madly.” Therefore, go on seeking without getting tired because what you look for is very precious, everlasting treasure. It is worth looking for it. It is a very exalted VALUE. If you really look for Him and get tired, know that He pities your tiredness in this matter and He says this follower of God is actually looking for us, he has proved that he has been looking for us and he has got tired. With the permission of God, THAT LOFTY MAN finds you himself. This holy person is really a perfect, pious believer. He, who does not fit in the worlds and heavens, is in his heart. His heart is the Kaaba-the House of God. The spiritual Kaaba is the luminous heart of the perfect believer. This good news is also confirmed with the Koran: “There is no guide for unbelievers” (Al-Kahf, 17) Then, there is a spiritual guide for believers.

Allah sends a spiritual guide to the real believers by His grace. This is a help of Allah for His servants. He promised them by the following good news: They are:

“Ve kane hakken aleyne nasrrul mü’minin - We rightly succour the true believers.” (Al-Rum, 47)

“We shall save the true believers.” (Yunus, 103)

If a person is a real believer, his helper and saver is the Great Exalted Allah. Allah the Most High saves and helps His pious servant by sending him a spiritual guide. For this reason, we say, continue to look for the Friend of God that Allah calls as Wali (saint) - SPIRITUAL GUIDE- of Him. In addition to this, know that Allah administrates the world of spirits with the divine people, holy Spirits and Angels. He administrates this world with human beings. Allah directs the worlds with worlds.

Everything has a reason. He administrates with the chain of reasons. Allah says: “Errahmanü fes al bihi habira-Ask the Lord of Mercy from those who know, concerning Him.” (Furqan 59)

Therefore, we should ask the Merciful from those who know the Merciful. Here, the person who knows the Merciful is an intermediary between the Merciful and us. There is also another verse:

“Obey the intermediary in order to meet (reach) Allah!” (Al-Maidah, 35)


27 September 2006



My Brothers who seek God! Know that the Prophets and the Friends of God is a believer each. (They are the real Perfect Believers) The first condition before all of them is faith. Prophecy and Sainthood are the great qualities and duties that were bestowed them by Allah. Allah the Most High has also the name (attribute, quality) “EL MÜ’MİN – The BELIEVER”. Therefore, faith is an attribute of Allah. Since the Person of Allah is Divine light, His attributes are also divine lights. Then, there is divine light in the heart of a believer that comes from the faith attribute of Allah. Faith is a divine quality and divine light. Besides this, faith is of three degrees:

1) Ilmel Yakin (Knowledge of Certainty): To be convinced (to believe) scientifically

2) Aynel yakin (Essence of Certainty): To be convinced visually

3) Hakkel yakin (Truth of Certainty): To be convinced truly (% 100), to be certain perfectly

Thus, the Prophets and the Friends of God are the believers who believed truly and perfectly. As for us, I think, we are not in these degrees because a real believer does not commit grave sins continually. When this matter was asked to our Ulama, what they said altogether by consent and understanding is: Our faith, the faith of society is the imitative faith. Our faith is weak so we cannot approach the real faith. Then, we imitate the former, real believers. The evil that we commit in practical life is a proof of it. May God help us! May Allah have mercy on us and bestow us the real faith that contents confidence and tranquility by His grace. Piety is another divine light that helps us to be careful (cautious) and not to receive His anger.

The verse “Takvel kulüp - The heart that has piety” (Al-Hajj, 32) confirms it. True faith and piety are the two divine lights that exist in the slave of Allah. Both of them are heavenly not mental. It is a spiritual guidance and a gift bestowed by God.

“Ela inne evliyaallahi.. -Know that Allah has Friends (Walis)… (They have true faith, they are the real believers).” (Yunus, 62)

They are pious people who are cautious in their words and deeds in order not to hurt Allah. They are the ones who tremble, whose faces turn white because of their fear. They beware of their Lord, who is the Lord of Majesty and Glory. They are the ones who have true faith and who tremble due to their fear-(like a poor person trembles before a wrathful King). Now, it will be incorrect to compare these pious believers with us (with the believers who have imitative faith). Although our wickedness and bad deeds are obviously known, if any of us are asked, he would say: “I am a believer and I am afraid of Allah”. What sort of faith and fear is this?

If we feared from God same as we fear from a powerful person even one percent, the divine light would fall on our houses and country. Nobody says that he is not afraid of Allah. All of us say I am afraid of nobody except Allah. Afterwards, we commit all kinds of evil. Even the crows laugh at this.

You must know very well that the first people who were addressed by this verse about the Friends of God (Awliya) were the Companions of our Prophet (A.S.V.), who were our first faithful brothers. Our Prophet (A.S.V.) wanted the Companions to be cautious warning them that there were friends of God among them. Then, not all of the exalted Companions were the friends of God. When this verse was revealed, some of the Companions asked the Prophet (A.S.V.) how they would recognize the Friends of God and the Prophet (A.S.V.) said: “When you meet them, you remember Allah at once.”Therefore, the Friends of God reached the constant remembrance (dhiqir) of Allah so that those who see them remember Allah. (In other words, they are magnetized by them. Therefore, the servants whom Allah defines as “I fit neither into the world nor the sky but I am in the heart of my faithful servant.” (Kırk Hadis, Sadreddin Konevi, p. 82; Ajluni, Keşfül Hafa, vol2, p.195) are the human servants who acquired the certain faith and remember Allah continually. Allah is in the heart of the perfect believer who has true faith. These perfect believers in whose hearts there is Allah are the close friends of Allah. His heart is like a big electric bulb. The person who finds him is considered to have found Allah because his heart is like a big electric bulb that emits divine light. When the believers see him, they see the divine light on his face and they are affected by him. He feels better and he is not in distress anymore.

A poem:

“The spirit of the WALİ (Perfect Man) has unlimited authority in two worlds

Do not say that he is dead and nobody can get a remedy from him. (What dies is the physical body; the Spirit of Allah does not die.)

SPIRIT is the hardness (sword) of God and the skin covers it

A sword out of its sheath can benefit more.”

Our Prophet (S.A.V.) said My Companions are like the stars. This saying of the Prophet is correct however, there are big bright stars and small stars in the sky. Small stars are many but bright stars are rare. These bright and big stars symbolize the WALİS-Friends of God- of that time. They are the personalities like our Masters Shahi Walayat Hz. Ali (K.V.), AbuBaqir Sıddık (R.A.) and so on. I hope Allah will not deprive all our faithful brothers and us from benefiting from WALİS-the Friends of God-, from YUNUS EMRES, who are hidden in our society, who are like the big stars in the sky. Glory belongs to Allah.



27 September 2006

(*) Note: The reason why we remained behind in technology and science is not the Koran, Islam and Muslim People (community). The source of the Western Technology is not the Tawrat (Torah) and the Injil (The Bible) either.

Out Prophet (A.S.V.) said:

“Learn and make the guns of the other side (the technology of the time)!” (From Ukbe b. Amir, Muslim, Ahmed b. Hanbel, 250 hadiths).

He encouraged learning handicraft and writing. The Glorious Koran mentions Industry (Technology).The Prophet David who was a Heavenly Messenger found iron in a mountain and he used it. He established a powerful war technology with it. It is confirmed with the Torah and the Koran that Hz. Solomon had very magnificent palaces and roads built and produced very great works. The works that were the products of Islamic Architecture in Middle East remain standing. The basis of technology is iron. No industry can be founded without iron. The inventor and the first user of iron is David (A.S.), who was one of the great Prophets of Allah.

The Koran says: “Journey through the world and see the ancient destroyed buildings and take it as warning!” (Al-Hajj, 46 / Rum, 9)

He who travels the world certainly learns many things. There were big scientific studies during the Abbasids era in the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages of Islam was light. Middle East was the cradle of civilization in the Middle Ages. However, the Middle Ages of Europe was dark and there were not any scientific researches in the West because priests and the church had forbidden all kinds of scientific studies in that era. This is a historical fact.

As for us, the development of science and technology was not prevented by the Koran, Islam, the Ottoman Kings and the Muslim people. Muslim people or nations have always been open to novelties and they do not object to any novelties. They have accepted the technology of all the times and have never objected to it because in the monarchical system, land or property belongs to the King. Not only the Kings but also the local big landowners (Aghas) do not want to lose their property. How can a King consent to lose his property, his throne or his crown? Such a thing is contrary to the nature of matter or to the law of nature.

Then, who caused this? The sheikulislam who had given this fatwa and the Ulamas of Madrasa who obeyed that fatwa caused it. This fatwa was:

“PRINTING IS AN INVENTION OF SATAN.” What has perished us and what made us remain 250 years behind of Western Technology is this falsehood, shameful fatwa which is completely contrary to Islam. They had so much authority on the society that even the KINGS would not object to Sheikhulislams and Ulamas who were the results of Madrasa. It is a historical reality that the Kings especially Abdulhamid attached importance to technology with Tanzimat (Tanzimat: the political reforms of Abdulmejid in 1839 and the period following) and he made many efforts in the developments of scientific studies. In the following years, the supporters of both the constitutional monarchy and Republic tried to bring the technology of the Western Countries. Unfortunately, their followers always argued about sharing the governmental positions and they did not have time to speed technology by sparing time from their arguments, which is the most important thing for the permanency of our religion, our nation, our country and our state. They are still continuing to quarrel. They overslept in this deep, heedless sleep.

They must be even ashamed of the result of the university entrance examinations. How many students won in the branches of Arts? How many won in the Science (numerical) branches? Our administrators, educators and universities must search this and think about it very seriously. About 80 percent of our students win in Arts and about 10-15 percent of our students win in Science. The protection of a country depends on the power of the security forces of a country. This is possible if we can bring the contemporary technology and products to that country. We do not say that we will not benefit from other cultures. Our culture is deeper and more superior to theirs if we can develop it. The west is a little bit more ahead in prose and novel and in writing stories. Yet, how many Mawlana, Yunus, Hadji Bektash do they have? Let them show if they have any! How many poets do they have like Poet Fuzuli, Sheikh Galip, who is a Sufi and Philosopher, Ziya Pasha, whose each line is a wise saying, Yahya Kermal, Mehmet Akif, Tevfik Fikret, Orhan Veli, Ahmet Arif, Nazım Hikmet and Necip Fazıl? Were Kemal Tahir, Ahmed Hamdi Tanpınar, Yaşar Kemal, Ahmet Altan, Atilla İlhan and Orhan Pamuk behind them in prose?

Our Turkish Art Music and Turkish Folk Music are deeper and more touchy (sentimental) than theirs and our each song and folk song has a story. The western music affects the western people who are grown up with western culture. Both Turkish Music and Arab, Iran and Indian Music affect the spirit or soul of the people who are grown up in Middle East, Middle Asia, and Indian culture. Every nation likes his own music and is touched by his own music. Beyond this are small talks. Degrading your own culture and your music is degradation itself. Those who become a stranger of his own music will never gain the support of Anatolian people.

There is one thing that Anatolian people and Turkish people never give up: His own, original, exalted music that comes from his own culture and from the depth of history of 1000 years.


Note: After sharing the realities that have been explained widely above with our people, I would like to quote the opinions and the lines of some of our thinkers, artists and poets thinking that it will contribute to this subject:

“It is said that ISLAM was the hindrance of development

This rumor has just been heard, it was not heard before

Forgetting about our national, divine values in all our works

And obeying the Western Christians has just started.

(By our thoughtful poet Ziya Pasha)

What I understand from the realities indicated by Ziya Pasha in the years 1870 is: The reason why contemporary technology has not come to our country is not Islam religion. It is not the Kings and Muslim people either. It is, in no way, SUFISM. It was but those that claim to be modern and the mentality of degenerated Madrasa that gave importance to Fine arts and social science but not to Science branches, which was the only remedy that would bring technology to education and to university from the years 1870’s. Nowadays, they give importance to social science and fine arts in our education system and in our universities. What brings the technology is the numerical sciences. This cannot even be disputed.

SUFISM, which is the basis of Anatolian culture, did not emerge from Madrasas. The knowledge and thought of Sufism have emerged in tekke. This is an indisputable reality. This is also confirmed by tekke, Sufi literature of Turkish Literature and History as well. The basis of our a thousand year old culture that we are proud of is SUFISM. Bülent ECEVİT also indicated this truth or fact in the years 1970 and 1980.

“OUR ORIGINAL AND PURE CULTURE THAT REMAINED US ARE THE SUFI MENTALITY AND SUFI LITERATURE.” If we take out this from our culture, we will not have a national culture to be proud of.” This is what Bülent Bey confirmed. In addition to this, Ecevit never accepted the nonsense saying of the Committee of Union and Progress (İttihad-ı Terakki): “Religion is a hindrance of progress” and said that it was a historical error because Islam suggests progress and social justice. He stressed that the practice of secularism in the first years required this however in this democratic era secularism should be re-defined. Bülent Ecevit did not accept the change of attire, garments as a sign of being contemporary or modern either. He meant to say that modernization is acquired in thoughts and by bringing technology. However, nobody has cared about his very important CONFIRMATIONS so far.

And our great artist, singer the late CEM KARACA that attracted our attention to our end passed away from this world, whose nail is driven out, singing the following song:

“We have ridden on a WONDER

Going towards RESURRECTION DAY.”

The other thoughtful poet of us said:

“SUFISM stands up to ignorance in Islam

Forget about Rafizi, Alawi, Sunni, all of them

Take offence at all of them,

Mecca, Medina, Karbala, Jerusalem

Their meaning in appearance is ornamentation

I do not care for Masjid, Madrasa, Monastery, Church, Vatican…”


Another poem about Adam (A.S.):

(Turkish version)

“He drew an equatorial line between his two eyebrows

God taught all His beautiful names from this line

Mustafa knows the science of His Person and Adam knows all His attributes

All the Prophets manifested from these two persons.

Prostrate yourself before ADAM so hat you can be a servant of God

He who stayed away from Adam has separated from God as well.

His Person, His names, His attributes and his works: all of them are the light on the face of a Perfect Man (Friend of God) in all the times.

Where else can he that denies this NİYAZİ find God when the DIVINE LIGHT OF EXALTED GOD was manifested on his face?”

I wanted to share with you these lines about Adam (A.S.) that belonged to the Great Gnostic Saint Niyazi Misri (His name is Muhammad) from Malatya, who was one of the great Khalwati Sheikhs. What he called as the line between two eyebrows is the nose of a person. The human nose is both the Arabic letters Elif and Lam.

“You are me,

And I am you,

We are Him altogether,

Spirit is Him and the flesh is also Him.” (Enis Behiç Koryürek)

I also would like to share with you some lines that I try to write and I would like you to accept our regards and love:

HAQ (God, truth) IS IN ADAM

Know that HAQ is in Adam.

Adam is HAQ, HAQ is ADAM.

The exterior of Adam is CREATED

The interior of him (his heart, his spirit) is HAQ.

Haq is his INWARD.

He is the OUTWARD of Haq INDEED.

O the Son of Adam! Look for and find Adam!

Treat him with respect and prostrate yourself (*) before him!

Love Him and serve Him!

So that you can be exalted and be an ADAM!

Know Adam and “know who you are” by this way!

“Then you can know your Lord”

“Prostrate yourself before Adam “the Perfect Man”

Same as the Moon, the Stars and the SUN

And the Prophet Jacob prostrated themselves

Before the Prophet Joseph;

And same as the lofty Angels prostrated themselves before ADAM. Then you can also be an Adam.

And know this reality; He who did not prostrate himself before Adam was only Satan, the cursed one.

And also know that these words of mine are Koranic.

Think well and do not be silly!

Know Haq with Haq truly!

And be with Haq always!

(*) In the Koran, Chapter Baqarah-34 /Chapter Sad-71, 72, 73, 74/

Chapter Joseph-4, 100

(See the Interpretations of the Koran by Hasan Basri Çantay and Süleyman Ateş by Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı)


Their faces were deep black

And they were very terrifying

They supported deep darkness

Although they were from so-called illuminators

I always stayed away from them.

I was utterly disgusted by them and I loathed them

All the time.

I was nauseated from the People of Madrasa

That educated rabbis and priests for Islam.

I vomited and threw up every instant.

They are as if inevitable misfortune that pestered Islam.

To fight against these two GREAT troublemakers

Scientifically and resolutely is a JIHAD. (*)

It is even the GREATEST JIHAD,

This was taught to me in this way

By the greatest Sufi Masters.

I learnt it like this,

I still know it as such.


19TH September 2006

(*) Jihad means to strive or to struggle. In other words, it is a scientific battle. Jihad is not an armed battle, you do not use guns in jihad. The armed battle is called as “harp (war)”. The word “harp” is written in the Koran. Jihad does not mean “war”. Guns or weapons are used in a war but jihad is made with science. Some groups of people confuse the word “jihad” with “harp (war)” and cause a confusion of concepts. Jihad is never a war. Jihad is a scientific battle. The words “ijtihad” and “mujtehid” are derived from the infinitive “cehd”. These words are derived from the same verb which means to strive or struggle.


There is no real religion and real Islam where there is no freedom and democracy.

Monarchism, which is pestered Islam by the Umayyad and which is based on the personal principles of the Kings, Emperors and Sultans, is an extremely cruel, fascist and a despot system. It is a dictatorship.

The existence of some of the good kings such as Omar b. Abdulaziz and Murat Hudavendigar do not disprove that the monarchic system is the opposite of Islamic system. The favors of the good Kings are their own goodness, but not because of the favor of the Monarchy. These good kings are very rare in History anyway; they are only a few.

The most important thing is the system. The Islamic System is democratic and it is respectful to the human rights and the freedom of people.

The Western Democracy is not Islamic but Social Democracy is the nearest to Islam. Cordial piety does not exist in a place where there is no democracy.

According to the Prophet’s Hadith, “The Caliphate-Shariat will last 30 years after me. Then, a rapacious, cruel Monarchy will start”. Therefore, if a person who is not like Hz. Ali, Hz. Abu Baqr, Hz. Omar, Hz. Osman, I mean (That is to say), not like the Four Caliphs, he is not able to serve as a caliph and Shariat cannot be applied. It is a fascist regime or a dictatorship then. Cruelty and oppression are practiced in the name of Shariat. Every personal order of the King is shown as the order (command) of the Shariat and Ulama approves it because of their fear. The name of cruelty becomes shariat. God Forbid!

The Four Caliphs were very pious, just and democratic great personalities and they were loved by their people very much.

     From Yunus Emre:

“Divine order and divine path is a way

For the one who reaches them,

Divine knowledge and reality are in the heart.”



As it is known, every scholar has interpreted religion according to himself, from his point of view. The problem is to choose the most proper one for the essence of religion. Religious interpretation of the Sufis is the most appropriate for Islam because Sufism is the teaching of the essence of religion. It is not interested in the exterior aspects, rules and canonical laws, shortly in details. Sufism tries to teach Allah, Nature, Man and the realities of them. The beauty, order and wisdom in nature are the reflections of Allah on the nature. Nature is the work of Allah and Man is the greatest work of Him, because he is consisted of a body and Spirit (Mind). He is the most superior of all the worlds because he is the synthesis of the inner and outer worlds. Sufis try to live this knowledge, order, wisdom and beauties in nature and see the physical and spiritual beauties in human and learn the divine realities of them.

“He who knows himself (his essence) knows God.”

Briefly, Sufism is the Knowledge of Allah, Wisdom and Love. Sufis know that Allah is the essence of Man (Human) and nature. This is infinite knowledge and wisdom. To know the Absolute Existence is to fall in love with this Absolute Beauty. Sufism does not deal with the Canonical Law and Jurisprudence. It does not care about the Catechism except enough knowledge for performing the worship. Shariat (Law) and Tariqat (Way) are not his aims or objectives and they are not the essential but only the details, symbols and ways.

“A Sufi looks for Allah, who has encompassed both the Earth and the Heavens and who is the infinite knowledge, beauty and energy, in human and in his heart.”

Again, a Sufi would like to learn wisdom (True Knowledge) and divine reality through deep contemplation and to love the Divine Beauty (the Absolute Beauty) through the beauties of human and nature, that is to say, he tries to acquire real love by metaphorical love.

The result of this is good moral qualities and honesty, which means to consider the benefits of the society more than his own benefits and to be realistic and sincere by abstaining completely from hypocrisy. It is to struggle against his own carnal self and desires but not of the others’, leaving all kinds of fights, arguments, temptations, corruption and intrigue. It is to be merciful, generous and be pleased with the little in this life and also to oppose violence and terror.

A real Sufi is against formal (disguise) Islam. He does not pay any importance to Madrasa, Tekke (convent) and Mascid (places of worship). He finds reality in himself and seeks Allah in his heart. His place of worship is his heart because the real tekke and mascid (mosque) is the Heart. The most important thing for the heart is the Remembrance (Ziqr) and the Love of Allah (the Remembrance of the heart and the love of the heart). This is not an external remembrance or physical love.

It is deep contemplation (thinking), remembrance (to remember Allah and never forget Him) and more importantly, to love God, the Perfect Man (Adam), who is the great and mysterious work of Him, his children and nature.

It is to become mature while being immature and to reach divine perfection. All the Sufis have explained it in this way. This humble servant (fakir) has already explained Sufism in details in the books we have written so far, such as: “Varlık (Existence), İslâm’ da Mezhepler ve Yükseliş (The Religious Sects in Islam and Ascending)”, “Muhammed-İsa-Adem (Muhammad-Jesus-Adam)” and in others. Yunus Emre and Sayyid Ahmed er Rufai Hz. also summarized Sufism, which is a divine sea, as follows:

Yunus: “Shariat and Tariqat is a way for the one who reaches them.

Marifat (Divine Wisdom) and Hakiqat (Divine Reality) are in the heart.”

And Sayyid Ahmed er Rufai Hz. said:

“The heart of a Sufi is lighted with love,

His spiritual heart is broad (comforted).

With the Divine Light of Gnosis”

(His bosom is not depressive)

We believe in these two precepts and try to find them.

See what the Sufi Poet Neyzen Tevfik said about this subject:

“Sufism stands up to ignorance in Islam

Forget about Rafizi, Alawi, Sunni, all of them

Take offence at all of them,

Mecca, Medina, Karbala, Jerusalem

Their meaning in appearance is ornamentation

I do not care for Masjid, Madrasa, Monastery, and Church, Vatican…”

(*) Poet Neyzen Tevfik meant to say that the striking appearance of these rituals is ornamentation. However, he indicates that he is respectful to the real meanings of these places.

March 10th, 2000 Alanya

KAZIM YARDIMCI (1936-Adıyaman)


When the articles called “The Inspirations from the Existence” and the books that were composed in three volumes as“Bütün Yönleri ile Tasavvuf Rufai Külliyatı” that are loaded in Internet are examined closely and sensibly, it will be seen that apart from the degenerated, traditional mentality of tekke in the recent centuries, we are trying to explain that the Koran, Man (Adam, the Perfect Man, in other words: the Prophet or the Friend of God that bear Holy Spirit) and the Universe (cosmos) are the same. That is to say, the content of the three books of God are the same (naturally, if they are read). The reality that the contemporary Technology and Physical Sciences of this age help this will also be seen and that the simple mind is limited will also be understood. It will be seen that Islamic Sufism and Turkish Muslim Sufis had already done the same thing in their times as well.

We do not practice philosophical mysticism and we are against it, and we do not accept it. We are perhaps stressing on the mystical Philosophy (divine contemplation, divine thought) and giving the prime importance to Muhammedi, divine contemplation about Divine Gnosis, Wisdom and the Holy World. We are talking about the contemplation, deep thinking about the Person of Allah, His attributes and metaphysical, spiritual divine world and we suggest that this will be benefited. We are trying to explain the necessity that the Universal Intellect and Universal Mind (The highest or first cosmic intellect) must be benefited. In this matter, we are acting in the direction of the views and thoughts of two great Sufis Sayyid Abdulkadir Geylani and Sayyid Ahmed er Rufai. We consider the Sacred Hadith written in the book called “Sırrül Esrar” by Abdulkadir Geylani Hazretleri : “A moment’s contemplation is equal to a thousand year’s worship.”Sayyid Hazretleri says:

“This contemplation is the contemplation about divine knowledge.” Therefore, reading the works and books of these two great spiritual guides that I mentioned above will be very helpful and useful, certainly for the ones who know well.

The most important book of Sayyid Ahmed Er Rufai Hazretleri is the book called “Onların Alemi”. It was translated into Turkish and it is consisted of the commentaries of the 40 Sacred Hadiths. We are in the opinion that, in this era, Sufism must be held only in divine wisdom and cultural ground beyond the degenerated traditional tekke teaching.

Beyond this is the relation between the Perfect Man (spiritual guide) and his aspirant. It is spiritual, divine love and we respect it very much.

I advise all my brothers mysticism (divine contemplation, divine knowledge and divine love)

I implore my Lord for those who seek the truth to be successful in the path of God. I send my best regards and love and conclude my words with a famous, well- known wise line:


For, Adam is the reflector of God in this world. He is the essence and spirit of the Universe. He is the Sun of Divinity. Adam does not represent the Sun in the sky, the Sun in the sky represent Adam. Great Sufis who acquired this secret wereAMAZED by this. If there is only one, he is enough for Allah because he reflects His Person and His attributes.