The Glorious Koran Is Like The Sun

The Follower of God must know that the Koran is always fresh, new and the Perfect Guide.

        **“Belhüve Kur’anün mecid- Surely, this is a glorious Koran, it is new (fresh) and it is being renewed and it is noble.”** (Al-Buruj, 21)

        The Glorious Koran is a great divine light of God. The origin of it is in **the Preserved Tablet,** which is the **source of Divine Lights.** It is completely **the Sun of Knowledge**. God constantly renovates the Glorious Koran, which is His Book and His Word, with His name **“Mecid-Renovator (the Most Glorious One) or the one who renovates or renews”** as He constantly renews the Sun because the Koran is **the Speech Attribution of God** so it is **eternal in the past and eternal in the future** same as God’s Person (His existence) is eternal in the past and eternal in the future. His attributions or His qualities are eternal together with Him.

        As God is Divine Light, His attributions or His qualities are also Divine Light. **Divine Light is always fresh**. What is always fresh is always beneficial and beautiful. You never get bored of the Sun. We get benefit of it every instant, now and then and in the future time too. Since the Koran is also the attribution of God, we always benefit of it and we are never bored of it if we know that **it is Divine Light**.

        The Koran has all the mysteries and facts of **the inner and outer worlds**. It is an eternal Sun for the person who learns it, for **a moment.** The person who learns it gets use of it and he reflects it to others as he becomes the mirror to it and he enables other people to get benefit of it.

        Therefore, the Koran, which is **the Sun of Knowledge and Wisdom** of God, is **the greatest Guide**. The person who accepts the Koran as the Perfect Guide and who benefits it is the person who obeys and accepts **the good, praised morality** because **Islam means submitting or accepting the truth.** The opposite of it is **falsehood and wrongdoing**.

        However, **only scholar, great Friends of God can reflect the Glorious Koran. The great Saints are the people who know the inner meaning of the Koran. They guide people as a mirror that reflects the Koran. Or else, to say that the guide is the Koran and to ignore the Saint who reflects it will be demagoguery** because the Koran is **“Knowledge (science)”** and **“scholar (scientist)”** is the person who knows it. The scholar who knows the science can teach the science to those who do not know it. Nobody is able to learn the science related to the Koran by himself except some **exceptional** people. Exceptions do not break the rule.

        Finally, **the Guide is the Koran; it is even the Greatest Guide. Yet, it is impossible to benefit the Koran unless there is a Wise person “the Scholar who is Wise”, who knows the seen and unseen secrets of it.**

The saying of our Master Hz. Ali (k.v.) “I am the living Koran” refers to this. (1) The person who is able to understand understands it.

(1) Our Exalted Prophet (a.s.v.) said: “Ali is together with the Koran and the Koran is together with Ali. They never separate from each other until they come near me at the Pool in the Paradise.” (Feyz’ül Kadir, vol.4, p.356) Taberani, Ümmü Seleme (r.a.)

Hz. Ali (k.v.) also says: “I know where, about what and about whom

each verse of the Koran is revealed) Ibn Sad-Tabakat, Buhari and Muslim)

Our Most High Prophet (a.s.v.) said: “The scholar of my people after Me is Ali, the son of Abu Talib.” (From Selman r.a.)

“Hz. Peyganberin Dilinden Dört Halifesi, A. Fikri Yavuz. İst-1981

Our Exalted Prophet (a.s.v.) says: “The Koran and human being are from the same origin.” (Lübb’ül-Lübb-The essence of the essence) by Muhyiddin-i Arabi, p. 30, trans. by A. Akçiçek, Rahmet Publ. 1968-İst.

Its meaning: “The man who bears the Holy Spirit, either a Prophet or a Friend of God (Wali) are the same. The Holy Spirit of the Perfect Man is the Word of God (His holy breath).

As the Koran gathers the Tawrat, the Zabur, the Bible and the Divine Pages in it, the Supreme Spirit also gathers all the Spirits in him. He is the Universal Spirit and Universal Mind.

Therefore, the great Mohammedan Spirit, who is the First Spirit or the Great Spirit, and the Glorious Koran are the same. The self of Adam is but the Koran. What Hz. Ali Aleyhisselam, who is the King of Sainthood says: “I am the living Koran” reports this reality.