The Four Prophets Who Were Announced As Good News By Allah Beforehand Were Hazrat Muhammad, Hazrat Jesus, Hazrat Isaac And Hazrat John (related Verses Are Put In The Footnote)


Hz. John was the son of Mary’s aunt. He was a patron to Hz. Jesus and protected him. One day, Hz. John sent news to Jews to gather at such a place so that he would come there to implore their forgiveness. The place that he pointed was flat lowland near the River Jordan. They waited for him ready on the appointed day. Hz. John (A.S.) was also ready on a small high hill. Hz. John told the people who gathered there to go to the River Jordan, immerse into it, get washed and come back as they were dirty (it means they were canonically unclean-heedless of God).

They accepted his order, went to the River Jordan, immersed into it and came back. They gathered in the presence of Hz. John again and Hz. John implored their forgiveness. He prayed for them and he preached them because Hz. John was a preacher as well. Hz. Jesus was a preacher too. Hz. Jesus led this group to the river and he immersed into the River Jordan in order to help Hz. John. Hz. John had already requested Hz. Jesus to lead them. This bathing of the Jews by the command of Hz. John was “a total ritual ablution”. This bathing-the total ritual ablution is a symbol and an example of the real spiritual purification. Body or skin is cleansed by this washing but the spirit is cleansed by having faith in Allah, the next World and the Prophets and also by worshipping and serving Allah. It is also done through loving the Prophets, the friends and saintly servants of God and making friends with them. One can pass to spiritual, inner purity from corporal uncleanness only by means of this. He must find divine love because Allah does not put the person who does not love Him truly and sincerely to His Paradise.

My Christian Brothers who say “Allah is One”! This is the reality of Baptism. One cannot acquire spiritual, inner purity by water or sprinkling water. It is impossible to remove the inner filthiness of man through outer baptism (or just by washing the skin). Firstly, there is no need for faith, worshipping and serving God then.

Secondly; let us take the claim of the fathers of church into consideration: They say that Hz. John baptized or blessed Hz. Jesus the Messiah, for, according to church baptism means to bless man, to enable him to acquire inner purity and to cleanse him. Now, is this not an insult to our master Hz. Jesus who is pure spiritually and physically and who is confirmed with the Holy Spirit?

“Ve eyyednahu bi ruhul kudus.” (Al-Baqarah, 87)

Allah says in the above verse of the Koran: “We confirmed -strengthened Hz. Jesus with the Holy Spirit.

How can an exalted and divine man that bears the Holy Spirit be subjected to be baptized? In this case, if we accept this, was Hz. John greater, holier and more purified than Hz. Jesus the Messiah was? Whereas; Hz. Jesus is an Apostle of God who bears the Holy Spirit, who was purified by the holiest Allah and who was chosen by Allah and was a great Prophet who had a Book.

If Hz. Jesus had been baptized, what had happened to the holiness of Jesus then? Was he supposed to have been accepted sinful (filthy) as all the people then? This is a big contradiction. It is impossible for the church to explain it. This means directly accepting Hz. Jesus unclean and subjecting him to be baptized- to be purified, which is a slander, an insult to Hz. Messiah who is already holy himself.

Yet, our Masters Hz. Muhammad, Hz. Jesus, Hz. Moses, Hz. David, Hz. Isaac, Hz. John, Hz. Zachariah are also the sacred people whom Allah selected and who bear pure, divine spirits.

I am submitting this to Our Christian Brothers who say “Allah is One” for their evaluation and I am sending you my regards declaring that baptism-total ritual ablution (the cleansing of body) is a religious practice of Hz. John but not of Hz. Messiah.

I supplicate from our Lord, our Dear Creator that we unite in the presence of Allah saying “Allah is One.”

I seek refuge in Him.

I am begging Him.

NOTE: Wali (The Friend of God) - Awliya (The Friends of God)


These expressions and concepts

In Islam, Wali -Awliya (The Friend of God-The Friends of God) means that he is the Perfect Man who becomes a friend of God, reaches God, approaches Him and whose spirit is purified and blessed and whose prayer is accepted, whom God is pleased with and who is holy and sacred. The Perfect Man who started a dialogue with Allah and with the Angels is called as “WALI-The Friend of God”.

In Christianity, “Wali-the Friend of God” means the Saint-Saints who attaines spiritual power and who is an honorable person.

The Friends of God are naturally holy, honorable, exalted, sacred people. They are the lofty, selected slaves of sacred and Holy Allah and they were remitted or protected from committing grave sins and reached spiritual purity and divine love. Saint or saints are pure people as they bear a holy spirit. Their hands are pure and it is proper to kiss a pure hand. Showing love, respect and obedience to pure, holy friends of God is a compulsory duty for believers. Believers can start a dialogue with Allah and pass spirituality from corporality by only being a friend of them, worshipping them. Obeying them means to obey God. Following them means to follow God. Loving them means to love God. This matter is confirmed with the Koran and with the other three Holy Books of God. This is the truth.

However, how can fake saints who are named as “Wali” in Islam and as “Saint” in Christianity that are always in cooperation with cruel state administrators and with pitiless capitalists (big upper class), who do not care for the poor, oppressed religious brothers, extend their hands to people and purify and bless them? How can the prayers of those fake friends of God, fake fathers, sheiksh, pirs, fathers, mullahs, bishops, cardinals, priests and monks be accepted?

How can they purify and baptize people with some prayers and recitations that nobody can understand, using water on which verses are recited?

Baptism means purifying and freeing from guilt or sin. Those fake Friends of God and fake saints are playing on the Messiah and Mahdi. They must go and purify themselves spiritually and reach the spiritual salvation first.

I consider the good ones and real friends of God and saints in History and of today free from this and I bow down before them with love and respect and I kiss their hands. I send my kind regards to my Muslim Brothers and to the Jews and Christians who say: “Allah is One” and I expect their prayers.

Note: An ignorant priest of a village, of a town, of a city; an ignorant mullah of a village, a town, a city will put themselves in the place of the Prophets, saints, walis and they will recite and bless people and purify them with sacred water and baptize them. Even the crows laugh at it. The principle is: He who is not saved cannot save anybody, he who is not purified cannot purify anybody.


“Ya Zekeriya inna mübeşşirüke bigulaminismühü Yahya-Rejoice Zacharia! You shall be given a son and he shall be called John.”

(Chapter Mary, 7)

“Ismihul Mesihu isebnü Meryem- God bids you rejoice in a word from Him. His name is the Messiah, Jesus the Son of Mary.

“…….ve mübeşşiren biresulin min badi ismihu AHMAD - (The Koran says in the tongue of Hz. Jesus) And Jesus the son of Mary said to the Israelities: ‘I am sent forth to you from God to confirm the Torah already revealed and to give news of an apostle that will come after me whose name is AHMAD’ ”. (Saff, 6)

Ahmed is the name of Hz. Muhammad. (Hamid means the one who praises, who gives thanks to God. Mahmud, Ahmed or Muhammad means the person who is praised very much and the first and the sole person among those who are praised.)

Ahmed, Mahmud, Muhammad are the names that belong to our Prophet.

“Ve beşşernahu bi ishake nebiyyen minessalihin - (Allah says addressing Hz. Abraham) We gave him Isaac, a saintly prophet and he is from the righteous. (Al-Saffat, 112)


8TH October, 2005