The Essence Of The Essence Of The Matter

30 years after Hz. Prophet (A.S.), the Umayyad, who were the eternal foes of Hashimids, abolished the Prophetic System (Caliphate) and established kingly, royal system instead, which is but fascism.

They cared neither the Koran nor the Sunnat (the practice of the Prophet (A.S.). They ruled the State and Nation under severe oppression with their orders. They always worked against the Sons of Hashimids and against those who loved them. They have neither religion nor faith. (They accepted Islam on the Conquest Day reluctantly, for their fear, anyway.) Allah does not accept the faith of those who had faith on the Conquest Day. “Veyekulune meta haze’l fethu inküntüm sadıkin- They ask: (O Muhammad) “When will this Conquest come, if what you say be true?” (Al-Sajda, 28) “Kul yevmel fethi la yenfeulleziyne keferu imanühüm velahüm yünzerun- Say (O Muhammed): “On the Day of Conquest, their faith shall not avail the unbelievers, nor shall they be reprieved.” (Al-Sajdah, 29) “Fearid anhüm ventezir innehüm muntezirun - Therefore, give no heed to them, and wait as they are waiting!” (Al-Sajda, 30) (See: Süleyman Ateş, Kur’an-ı Kerim ve Türkçe Tercümesi) When our Prophet was asked about those who had faith on the Conquest Day for their fear, he said that they were “müelleffetü’l fil kulub-their hearts were not turned, there is conflict in their hearts” in other words, “they cannot believe”. (See Rufai Külliyatı vol.2 p.p. 296-303, see also M. Asım Köksal, İslam Tarihi Hadisi Şerif)

It is but they who constituted a hereditary succession. They brought the tyrannical system of the Emperors, Caesars and Chosroes. They established a tyrant state that is completely un-Islamic.

Afterwards, the Hashimid Abbasids destroyed this infidel, blaspheming state but they also accepted the System of Emperors. However, Hanafi, Shafii, Maliki and Hanbali Madhhabs (the Schools of Islamic Jurisprudence) were founded during their time. The Sufi tekkes (dervish lodges) were let free and the studies of Philosophy and Theology were permitted. The Abbasids accepted Hanafi Sect (Madhhab) as an official school of Islamic Jurisprudence. They also appropriated themselves Asharite branch.

However, they had hurt the Descendants of the Prophet and the Descendants of Ali, whom the people liked very much, due to the fear of losing their throne. It is blasphemous as a state system. It is an Islamic state concerning belief and jurisprudence. Abbasid state is a semi-Islamic state.

The Ghaznavids and the Seljuks, which were Turkish states, also accepted the Hashimid-Abbasid state system and their religious commentary, in other words, the Sunni branch of Islam.

The Sunni Branch of Islam is: Four madhhabs, Sufism, Asharite and Maturidy Branches. The Ottomans also accepted the same Hashimid-Abbasid religious commentary. However, there was a breaking after the dispute between Sultan Selim and Shah Ishmael (1514). An opposition towards Shiites and towards the Sultans of Hashimid-Abbasid was started. An opposition to Abbasids was made because hey had taken Caliphate from Abbasid as a result of war. (See “Tacut Tevarrih” by Hodja Sadeddin, the Ministry of Culture Publications)

Some of the Ottoman Ulamas who knew this as an opportunity inclined towards Umayyad religious interpreters (like Ibni Hazım and Ibni Taymiyya) and they made a mixed religious commentary by making a synthesis of Abbasid and Umayyad religious Commentaries and they prohibited to oppose against Umayyad Kings. This was done by Ottoman Madrasas and Sheikulislams after Selim. Madrasas were abolished but the Imam Hatip High Schools that were opened afterwards continued this last Ottoman co-religious understanding and they are still continuing it.

They take a contrary stand against both Ahl al Bayt, the Descendants of Ali, Sayyids and the Hashimid Abbasids under the pretext of Shiites in this way. This is a false, absurd mentality. They might have developed this mentality in order to protect their King. Nevertheless, there are not any Kings now. Then, why are they continuing it? Why are they not allowing anything to be said against the Kings and Sheikulislams? What occurs to mind is that they might miss the Sultanate, which is a violent, oppressive, worldly (secular) system, and want to live with these dreams of them? They do not want their utopias and hopes to be lost.

In this case, it is impossible for those who have this mentality to be a republican. You see, the discomfort or annoyance in Turkey is sourced of this reason. THIS IS THE ESSENCE OF THE MATTER. Others such as turban, hashema or similar garments are not the essence of the matter but they are the external forms or shapes of it.Turban and similar things are not the essence of religion but they are concerned with the branches of religion. Such formal matters in religion and Islam are not concerned with the great sins but with the small sins. That is to say, turban and the veiling of women are not in the category of the great sins but in the category of small sins. Allah has already promised that He will forgive small sins. All the theologians of religion know this.

Sharia (the science of Islamic Jurisprudence) was valid for the executives that ruled the Islamic state and the judges of Islamic state. 30 years after the Prophet, the Prophetic Caliphate (Sharia) was abolished and the Sultanic Caliphate was brought instead of it.

“Elhilafetü badi selasune seneten summe caele melikül adud- The Caliphate -Shariat will last for 30 years after me and then a violent, tyrant king will come.” There cannot be sharia in a place where there is no Prophetic caliphate. The Umayyads invented the imperial, Sultanic caliphate. It is false and blasphemous. (A hadith, from Said bin Umhan, Abu Davud, Thirmizi, Nesei, Tac translation, vol 3, p. 79, Bekir sadak İst. 1973, see also Sahihi Bukhari and Tecridi Sarih trans. By Diy. İşl. Bşk Publication)

However, there is one point that where there is no Prophetic Caliphate (like the Four Caliphs’ time), Sharia (Islamic Law or Jurisprudence) cannot be applied. None of the states after the Four Caliphs are Islamic. They are Islamic in word only. They used the penalties of Sharia as a means of oppression on poor people. They tyrannized on behalf of Sharia. When there is no Islamic state or Sharia, it is not necessary to make people study Islamic Jurisprudence or Islamic Law. There is no command in Islam that everybody will be a judge of Sharia. Jurisprudence or Islamic Law is for the judges of Islamic Canon Law. You cannot meet any fair judges of Islamic Canon Law, except five or ten of them, in the so-called Islamic states after the four Caliphs. All of them tyrannized people on behalf of Sharia by cooperating with the Sultans, shahs, kings, in other words, with the palace, and they all got around the law,

Therefore, we say that a summary of catechism knowledge only to perform worships is enough, the rest of it spirituality-Ledunni, the spiritual sciences that come directly from Allah, and this is what Allah calls as science or knowledge (ilm). The Islamic Jurisprudence that can be learnt by reading and writing is not scientific. The name of it is Law-Jurisprudence” and it is necessary for the judges of Islamic State. However, this spiritual science is in the Masters of Sufism and in the Wise Friends of God. The faculty of Theology makes students study Jurisprudence lessons unnecessarily. Moreover, also in belief, they went far from Sufism and Theology (Asharite and Maturidy branches) and drew near Aristotle Greek Philosophies that were developed during the Abbasid era. The intensely studied lesson in Theology is Philosophy and Rationalism, but not Divine Revelation, it is only philosophy.

Allah says in the Koran that He completed the religion: “El yevme ekmeltü leküm dineküm- I completed your religion today.” (Al-Maidah, 3) Nobody can claim that Allah completed the task of faith. Faith and divine Guidance are still continuing and it will last until the Resurrection Day.

If the science that Allah calls is learnt by studying, with pen and paper, then 97 percent of the Companions of Allah and the Prophet were illiterate (They did not know how to write and read). Our first Muslims were Ashab-ı Kiram (the Companions and the disciples of the Prophet). Nobody can call these illiterate brothers of us as “ignorant”. Allah proclaimed that He had given the science by degrees. “Utul ilme derecatin- They are given knowledge at different ranks.”(Mujadilah, 11)

Our Prophet had only talked to them and the first believers learned the science by listening to him at his presence from his divine language. Our Prophet had never told his Companions to bring a pen and paper and he would teach them, and they would learn it and then he would give them an exam. This is a historical truth. He only made conversations and the first believers learned the science by listening to him. All the Prophets did the same thing. However, our Prophet (A.S.V.) encouraged his Companions to learn writing. According to what Islamic Jurisprudence Books had written, the number of people who knew the science of Jurisprudence did not exceed 20 people out of more than 10 thousand Companions. Those 20 people had also learnt it by listening to our Prophet. (S.A.V.)

In the Prophetic System, there is no instruction or teaching through madrasas. These madrasas were opened 50 years later after the Prophet by the Sultans, Kings and then religion became culture (culture is not faith or divine knowledge). Only physical sciences and juridical and social sciences can be learnt through studying at school. It is impossible to know the metaphysics (divine sciences) by reason or using mind. Reason cannot know the metaphysical realities of SPIRIT, Angels, genies, satan, the paradise and hell without divine revelation because they are abstract beings. The power of reason is until the border where physical world ends. “They can know the outward show of this life but of the life to come they are heedless (they cannot know the divine realities (the next world) or the metaphysical realities.” (Rum, 6) (See also “the Kinds of Intellect Rufai Külliyatı Vol. 3 by Kazım Yardımcı, and also 59th article in “The Kinds of Intellect”)

This verse apparently explains what reason is and is not able to know. This is already a reality. Reason cannot put forward ideas about the realities and qualities of abstract beings. It cannot acquire knowledge. It can learn (understand) these realities through holy books. The Turkish of “reason” is the ability to understand. The intellect in human beings can only understand the realities of the physical world. Allah, who created the Universe, can teach metaphysical realities whoever He wishes among His slaves. They are firstly the Prophets. If it were possible to understand, solve and know the metaphysical realities by reason, all the intelligent persons would be a Prophet or a wise Friend of God. You cannot get away with that!

The Verse: “Amenna ve Ata’na- O Muhammad! Those who say we believed and obeyed did not have faith.”(Nur, 47) “Semi’na and ata’na –Those who say we heard and obeyed had faith.” (Al-Baqarah, 285)

Those who heard the divine and sweet voice and the pure holy breath of the Prophet and were influenced by it and perceived it had faith. This is a reality. Faith cannot be taught through reading and writing. However, religious Jurisprudence sciences can be learnt through studying. This is truth. Non-Muslims (Priests and atheists) can learn the Islamic Jurisprudence by studying at schools. However, a priest is a priest and an atheist is an atheist. Nobody can find faith unless he sees a pious Muslim and divine Muhammedan face in him and the virtue, honesty of him (without hearing his sweet voice) just by reading and writing. Faith is definitely concerned with divine, spiritual guidance and it is given by God. It is not acquisition. It is bestowed by the Merciful. It is a divine gift. Faith is not a gain. It is the gift, divine guidance of Allah. This matter -Spiritual Guidance- is confirmed by the Koran. One can learn any religion or all the religions by studying but you cannot learn faith by studying. Faith is heavenly and it comes to a believer from the Heaven. Allah is alive and He is in a glory, in a manifestation in every instant. He bestows the faith whomever He wants and He guides him, and He sends him a saint-a spiritual teacher. Allah explained in the Koran that there is no saint-spiritual teacher or guide for the unbelievers. (Al-Kaf, 17) Therefore, Allah helps the believers by means of sending them a spiritual teacher-guide. This is a divine help.

Note: Ibni Hazım (Kurtuba 994-Manta Lişan 1064) comes from the descendants of the Umayyad and he is one of the Umayyad scholars. He founded Zahiriye sect against both Four Madhhabs and Shii Madhhab. He is against to the Four Sects and Shii sect and he is a mujtahids of a sect. The name of his sect is Zahiriye Law School. He is absolutely not a Sunni or one of the People of Sunnat. Ibni Taymiyya (Harran 1263-Damascus, 1328) had also accepted his religious sect and followed him. He is one of the mujtahids of Zahiriya Madhhab. He is not a Sunni or Ahl al Sunnat either. (These two scholars who are the founders and supporters of Zahiriya sect were introduced to our people as a Sunni mujtahid and scholar stealthily, some circles used our people’s lack of knowledge as an advantage and our people of Sunnat were made confused by means of this.

These two founders and supporters of Zahiriya sect are not the scholars of Sunnis. They oppose to first Four Caliphs (Hz. Abubakr, Hz. Omar, Hz. Osman, Hz. Ali) as well as Four Madhhabs.)

Therefore, Wahhabi branch is but the practice of the doctrines of Ibni Hazım and Ibni Taymiyya, who were the founders of Zahiriya sect. It is never a scientific madhhab but a hard, oppressive, violent, insisting ideology. Wahhabbi branch can never be an Islamic Madhhab. It emerged at the end of 18th century and at the beginning of 19th century anyway. That is to say, it is a doctrine that was put forward 1000 years after the foundation of these Four Madhhabs and other Islamic Madhhabs. They have been protesting all the old, ancient Islamic Madhhabs, Islamic Sufism and Islamic Philosophy.

They want to monopolize Islam and science by stressing that only their doctrines are correct and the rest of the doctrines are incorrect. In other words, they deny science. They also deny all the Islam scholars, Gnostics of Sufism, the Muslim Friends of God, Islam Philosophers, theologians (Asharite and Maturidy branches) who lived before them. In this way, they want to insist on their doctrines by monopolizing science and Islam and by using several demagogueries and propagandas. They frequently interrupt other side’s speech and they cause a kind of uproar.

Whereas, in Islam, there is no violence, insistence, cruelty and uproar and it is wrong to deny thousands of Islamic scholars who lived before them. Nobody and no real madhhab can dare to monopolize Islam and science. They are the ones who want to monopolize Islam and science. It is the greatest perversion to monopolize Islam and science. No scholar can insist on the rightness of his doctrines to Muslims by force refusing thousands of Islam scholars. To deny the former Islam scholars means to deny the science anyway. Science lives with scholars-scientists and it continues until eternity. Denying real Islamic scholars means denying science. One who denies the science has no right to mention about religion. It is, at the very most, an ideology –an idea of them. It is not a cult (Madhhab) and faith.

The aim of both Ibn Hazm and Ibn Taymiyya is to make the Sayyids (all of them are the Descendants of the Prophet, the Descendants of Ali, the Descendants of Fatima, the Descendants of Hasan and Husayn) and the Muslim Saints to fall into disfavour in respect of Muslims and to make them an enemy of Sayyids and Muslim saints, and to continue the incurable antagonism of Umayyads towards Hashimids. They also want to annihilate the great Sufism science and culture. In other words, they want to make an opposition against metaphysics.

It is a historical truth that Sufism did not start in madrasa. Sufism emerged from tekke. The literature of tekke and Sufism in the History of Turkish literature is a definite witness of it. All the real Sufis are either a spiritual teacher of a tekke or an adherent of it. 90 percent of tekke sufi teachers are the Sayyids, who are the descendants of the Prophet. They are the sons of Hashimids.

We naturally do not talk about the Sheikhs of the present time whose aim is worldly profit. Let us not talk about them but let our two great thinkers speak:

1- From Yahya Kemal Beyatlı:

“I wandered Istanbul visiting dervish convents,

I looked for a vigilant, prudent spiritual teacher,

There is a course cloak and post, but no brave “MAN” in the field,

There is no sign of the divine men of Khorasan…”

2- From Kaygusuz Abdal:

“When a rich person speaks, they say “yes”.

When a poor person speaks, they call him “mad”

They call the present Sheikhs as a “Saint”

Our mad are increasing day by day.”

Those who want to continue the mentality of Ibn Hazm and Ibni Taymiyya, mentioned above thoroughly, want to make religion worldly (secular) and they want to establish an oppressive, insistent, cruel sovereignty and dictatorship by taking the freedom of Muslim from them. THERE IS NO AND CAN NEVER BE REPUBLIC AND FREEDOM IN THEIR LIFE.


18th August 2006