In our Turkey, nowadays some people keep saying: “You say that everything exists in the Koran, then why could you not find out this technology?” Suppose that there is no technology in the Koran, did the people who developed technology take it from the Tawrat and the Injil (The Biible)? Technology is a production of mind. And mind-intellect is a natural revelation- a divine inspiration-. Revelation is two kinds: as verbal and natural revelations. Allah equipped His creatures and this is a natural revelation but it is impossible to know metaphysical -abstract- realities by reason. For this reason, Allah informed man about His attributions, the existence and the attributions of the unseen beings such as Spirit, Angels, genies through His verbal revelation by the Prophets.

About this technology, in Maide, 14 (according to the commentaries of Hasan Basri Çantay and Elmalılı), Allah said that the Christians and the Israelites were informed about the technology-industry which they would produce in the future. That is to say, it is understood from this verse and commentary that they will produce technology in the future time.

When we search for the history, it is confirmed that the Israelites produced technology after the Prophet Abraham, especially during the Prophet David and Prophet Solomon’s times. 1250 years after this verse was revealed, it is known that most of the scientists who produced the technology of today are among the Jewish. The Christian scientists had also learnt from them so they can be accepted as Israelites. Some of our Muslim brothers, who nationalized the religion, may feel sad when they meet this verse but whatever Allah wills is correct.

In fact, this is the verse that will make us very happy before technology because this verse was reported to us by the Prophet Muhammad (A.S) 1400 years ago. According to this verse, the scientists who produced this technology were generally Jews and Christians so what does this verse prove?

It proves that Hz. Muhammad (A.S) is the Prophet of Allah because Hz. Muhammad would not know 1400 years ago that today’s technology would be established by the Israelites. Then, the Koran is the Book of Allah and Hz. Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah. A person who is not a Prophet cannot know the technological events and improvements that will happen 1300 years after him.

If we are a Muslim, we should be happy but not be sad because this is the definite proof -evidence- that our Prophet is true. Hz. Muhammad is a descendant of Hz. Abraham, anyway. (through Hz. Ishmael).

Note: Non-western countries will get the science of technology from the west as Japan and China have done. It means that they will learn it from the western countries. The source of technology is Europe. This is a reality and we are obliged to accept this reality. It is already like this in practice.

In addition to this, Allah says in the Koran “We will show them our proofs - miracles- in the earth -in objective world- and, in their own souls -nafs- in subjective world until they clearly see that this is the truth.” (Fussilet, 53)

We remember and think about this verse when we look at today’s technology. For, our Gracious Lord Allah says that He would show His proofs (miracle) in the objective worlds and in their souls.

Kazım Yardımcı

1st November, 2004