Sultan-i Evli̇ya (the Sultan Of The Walis, Saints)

The Sultan of the walis is Sayyid Abd-ul Qadir Gilani (R.A: Radiyallahü anh! - May God be well pleased with him!). He is a great and holy friend of God who comes from the Family of the Prophet. His father is a relative of Imam Hasan, who is the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, his mother is a relative of the Prophet's grandson Imam Husayn, who was “the Marytr of Karbala”. His magnificent tomb and convent are in Baghdad. He has the perfect knowledge of Allah-Hu and was honored with the titles "Gavsul Azam-the Greatest Gavs", "Kutb-ul Muazzam- the Pole of Respect" and "Sahib-i Makam-ı Ferdiyet -the Owner of the Individual Rank". He was chosen for the position of "the Sultan-ı Evliya" when he was a child. For, he was given the sanctity by God just like Hazrat Ali, who is the master of all the Friends of God. He is the divine, exalted, spiritual authority whom all the saints of God and the Gnostics consult and solve their problems. When they are in difficulty, they get his affectionate and fast help.

It is certain that there is nobody else who bears the title "Sultan-ı Evliya" except him. Those who claim that there are others have no scientific or intellectual proofs. They are the people who speak because of their love for their teachers of for their partisanship and sentimental reasons. May God protect and bless us under the dome of His mercy and grace!