Sufism And Realities

We have accepted the religious precept of Sufism. When we are together with our friends, we talk about Sufism and listen to mystical music. We know the Remembrance (Dhiqir) of Allah in the heart. We remember Allah with our heart to the accompaniment of music

We attach importance to the precepts of all the Sufis especially of Yunus Emre and Hazrat Sayyid Ahmed ar Rufai because Hazrat Sayyid Ahmed ar Rufai did not make any distinction between men and women in sessions and worship. Love and knowledge are very important for both of these two great Sufis. Jihad (defense of faith, holy war) against enemy is made by the State because jihad is a battle or war. Wars and battles are decided by the State.

Republic is in accordance with the essence of our religion.

Sovereignties and dictatorship are not in agreement with Islam. Western Democracy is not Islamic. However, it is the closest system to Islam as it is suggesting social state, social equity and the freedom of individuals

Our state is upright with Republic. If anything happens to the Republic (May Allah protect it!), our state will be overthrown. It is the State that protects the Religion and our country. If there is no state, there will be no native country.

If there is no native country, there will be no religion, no nation then. For this reason, those who take a contrary stand to the Republic, which was founded by Atatürk and his friends, have been actually opposing the religion. If they do it because of their unawareness or lack of knowledge, they are ignorant or heedless, but if they do it consciously or on purpose, they are in treachery. They are traitors and hireling cruel, then.

Our azan (call to prayer) and religion are protected by the State of the Turkish Governments. We are all Republicans.

Our sincere, pious Muslim brothers should know these realities and be alert to the tricks of utopian and dangerous religious fanatics and sheikhs, most of whom are ignorant and selfish.

Best regards and greetings to those who seek and love the REALITY.

                                                                                 **Kâzım YARDIMCI**

1st October 2004