Our Spiritual Identity, Our Attachment

Thank Allah we are the people of the Koran.

We are Muslims, keeping our first word.

We have not become one of the hypocrite Sufyanis.

We are from Muhammadans.

With Ali, Abu Bakr, Omar and Osman, outwardly and inwardly.

Muawiyah and Marwan are two mischief-makers, canonically,

But we are real Alawis, eternally…

Damn Shimir and Yazid!

We are HUSAYNIS, enduring suffering.

We are the adherents of Ali Muhammad,

We are the Jafaries like Abu Hanifa…

We know that Abu Bakr is the Friend of the Prophet.

But we are the servants of the King of the Sanctity.

We do not have a sheikh in the outer world,

We are attached directly to the Person of RUFAI…

28th July 1978


(Kazim Rufai)