Spirit And The Kinds Of Spirit

Spirits have taken names according to their positions and ranks. They are four kinds depending on the reality of 4 maqams (ranks):

1- THE HOLY SPIRIT: This spirit was created from the great Mohammedan Divine Spirit, which is the first manifestation of God, and it became visible in the second manifestation. They are the spirits annihilated and abode in God (Fenafillah -Annihilation in God) and Bekabillah -Abiding in God). They are also called as "Ruhul Kudüs- the Sacred Soul". Each Holy Spirit is the manifestation of the name of God "Kuddüs -The Most Sacred". They are the spirits of the Prophets and the Walis and qualified by the name and attribute of God "Kuddüs". This spirit is accepted as the Hand of God and the Rope of God. The spirit of a person that holds that hand or rope also meets (reaches) God and becomes holy and divine, as a result.

The Holy Spirit does not leave God because it is the radiance of God. Since it is not physical or matter it is not a mediator as the ignorant people think. The Holy Spirit is the Decree of God. Hu -God is known by means of His attributes. "Hu" is reached with the attribute of "Hu". Existence cannot be known without attributes. The mediator between God and the follower of God is not an ordinary man but it is the Holy Spirit of the Perfect Man whose soul has been annihilated in God and existed in God. Spirit is Haq (Truth) and it is the decree of God so the mediator is the decree of God, it is not a second being because it is not the existence itself but it is the attribute of God's entity.

Mawlana Jalaladdin Rumi said: "Desti o, desti Hudest - The hand of the Perfect Man is the Hand of God." God has already said in the Sura of Al-Fath:

"İnellezine yübayiuneke innema yübayiunallah. Yedillahi fevke eydihim - O Muhammad! Those who swear fealty to you, swear fealty to Allah. The hand of Allah is above their hands." (Al-Fath, 10)

2- THE SULTANİ (IMPERIAL) SPIRIT: This spirit is in the Ceberut Heaven just below the Lahut. Ceberut means powerful, sultan also means powerful so this spirit is called "The Sultani Spirit". This spirit has become annihilated in the greatest spirit "Ruh-u Azam (Great Soul)". The expression "Fenafi Resul (Annihilation in Prophet)" in Sufism indicates the state of this spirit.

3- BRIGHT (DIVINE) SPIRIT: This is the spirit in Melekut and it has not entered the darkness of the body-the lowest state (Esfeli Safilin) yet. It is called "Divine Spirit ", which means the one who protects his liveliness and purity, because it is in the world of Divine Light and very active. This is the state called as "Fenafi Pir" which means "annihilated in the spirit of The Perfect Man (the friend of God)."

4- MATERIAL (CORPOREAL) SPIRIT: This is the spirit sent to the mortal, physical world -the lowest of the low-by God. The spirit, which is inspired to a baby in a certain month by God, while it is still in the womb of his mother protects its purity -clear liveliness -until he/she is seven years old. It is not spoilt or ruined until 15. He starts to change under the influence of his parents, of his surrounding and their opinions after 15.The more he increases his relation with the body, with the self and with the biological world, the more he inclines his carnal desires, the worse he becomes. It is called "Corporeal Spirit" for this reason. The most dangerous type of this spirit is being completely matter because it is perished then (Neuzübillah).

"They do not have faith anymore (they are unbelievers)." (Ya-Sin, 7)

The above verse is about those whose spirits (they cannot be called spirits anymore) are in the state like the rotten seed in a storehouse. The spirit of that person becomes "Nafs-i Ammarah (Egoistic Soul)".

May God have mercy and blessing for the Muslims and for those who seek the reality! Our only shelter is God and His mercy, which encompasses all things.

"İnne rahmeti vesiat külle şey'in - My mercy really encompassed everything." (Al-A'raf, 156)

Sadakallahül azim! (It means: He has spoken the truth, used especially at the end of a recital of the Koran)