Since Time Immemorial

Since time immemorial

These affairs are always like that.

One goes, the other comes,

Natural law works

Without any disorder,

Without any boredom.

By us, it works in favour of better, against evil

They always teach us so;

“Do not think that it will improve one day!”

Reality is obvious; the skies, the earth

And all between them are in their proper place.

Nothing is wrong,

All is real, everything is right.

Nature, people, society are all in their proper place

Emotions, instincts, logic, thought,

Religion, religions, religious institutions,

Birth, death, life, day, night,

War, peace, detant,

They have existed since the world was established.

They are present now.

Look at them!

Look at what exists!

The future; I do not know it,

However, most of them, almost all will be there again.

Justice, oppression, rights, law will be also.

Fighting with each other, struggling against each other

The brutal force! Yes that is,

That bloody violence,

With all its horror and terror, it will continue for along time in error

Will mankind, human, humanity, virtue be lost?

Never! …

But remaining always in the minority,

It will continue

In human history…

Humanity has never been though

“Without humanitarian actions, virtue”!

Never been!


As I said, always as a handful,

Always being oppressed, beaten, sworn at

By being left hungry, thirsty, homeless,

By being hung, slaughtered, whipped, lashed,

Prisoned, chained, hanged,

Yes, they are destined for them.

They are as if the fate of them.

It is the unchangeable, supreme, sacred destiny of them.

And those, most of whom are the feces producers

Ah! What can I say? What can be said?

By violating human dignity, they will continue their dirty,

Non-human lives…

And their happiness will end by spending their time

Between kitchen and toilet….


This is what relieves us.

Despite all its tyranny and ugliness,

A life between a kitchen and toilet cannot be called life…

If this is the happiness of them, which is absolutely true.

Damn with such a happiness!

He who knows himself

And who recognizes human dignity

Does not accept such happiness.

True people do not feel regret for them.

He may have pity on them, again

Yes, he has mercy on them

Because they are human

In the name of mankind,

In the name of humanity and shyly…

Perhaps being embarrassed to be a man,

Yet, he always thinks of them

Though he gets angry, he searches a remedy,

He looks for the ways of humanly hapiness

If he is a man, he should look for.

He must loook for,

He is obliged to look for…

And one day,

He absolutely finds

And one day

He will find and it will be found

Yes that Sun of humanity will be found:

That infinite and eternal light;

Then, all people are brothers and sisters,

All people are friendly people,

All people are HUMAN ...

Because our master had said:

“He who searches finds”

Oh… Oh… How nice!

Oh... Yeah, isn’t it nice?

Isn’t it? HUMAN brother...


8th of August, 1980