The Respect For The Koran

The Glorious Koran is also the Holy Book of God like the Tawrat (Torah), Zabur (Pentateuch), and Injil (the Bible). It is the Decree and Knowledge of God. It is the Word of God, which is the Knowledge of God.

The word belongs to God so He says: When the Koran is recited, listen to it in silence!” It means: “I am speaking, you must not speak!” (1)

When God speaks, others must listen to Him because the word belongs to Allah. We cannot know what God knows. God says in the Koran: “The unbelievers do not prostrate themselves before it when it is recited.” (2) He means to say: “They do not respect it, they are proud of themselves and they like their own minds.

Respecting the Koran means to listen to it respectfully, to understand it and to obey its requirements, not to obey your own way.

The Koran should also be kept in a high and clean place. When it is recited, the name of God will be remembered and it will be held at the level of your breast.

The most important thing to do is to learn it very well. The commands of God will be learnt and you will behave in accordance with it. You should not do the actions that are forbidden by the Koran disrespectfully and carelessly after you kneel down while it is recited.

You should not betray it. Muslims will know that the Koran is more valuable than his own life and so he will die for it without hesitation if it is needed, for it is the last Book of God, which enlightens mankind, teaches the unknown and reflects very high and holy realities.

Tawrat, Zabur and Injil are also the holy Books of God. Muslims must respect them too. Yet, Tawrat, Zabur and Injil are in the Koran.

We, the Muslims believe in, love and respect the Holy Books and the Prophets of Israelities (a.s.).

The Religion of God is only one (3) and it is Islam.

“Inneddine indallahi’l İslam-The only true faith in God’s sight is Islam. (to accept the truth)” (The Imrans, 19)

The God also says in the Koran: “Dinillah-The Religion of Allah”

(The Imrans, 83)

He does not say the Religion of Jesus, the Religion of Moses, the Religion of Abraham, the Religion of Muhammad, the Religion of Ishmael, the Religion of Noah.

Then, the Religion of God is only one.

There cannot be other religions. The Prophets mentioned above are charged with duty, holy, scholar personalities who explain and serve the Religion of God.

“Vela tücadilu ehle’l kitabi illa billeti hiye ahsen.” (Ankabut, 46)

In this verse above, God orders us to be courteous when we argue with the People of the Book, except with those among them who do evil.

Hz. Muhammad (A.S.V) did not bring a new religion. What was revealed to the Prophets like to Abraham (A.S), to Ishmael (A.S), to Moses (A.S), to David (A.S), to Jesus (A.S) was also revealed to him.

Hz. Muhammad (A.S.V) comes from Abraham (A.S) and we Muslims know ourselves as the “Nation of Abraham”. (4) The God of Abraham was the sole God and He was Allah, who was the sole God of the Universe.

Hz. Muhammad (A.S) invited, called those who were polytheists and who denied God to believe in the Oneness of God and to behave according to the commands of God like the other Prophets- Hz. Abraham, Ishmael, Moses, David and Jesus (a.s.) and he was very successful in this. In a very short time, by means of him, by the help of Hz. Muhammad (a.s.) more than 100 million Arabs, who worshipped stone idols, more than 100 million Turks, who worshipped the gods of Sky and Earth, more than 200 million Indians, who worshipped Buddha, cows and the River Ganges, more than 30 million Iranians, who worshipped fire, more than 10 million Kurds, who worshipped Stars, the Berberis (5), who worshipped idols, more than 200 million totemic Chinese and the people who lived in the Philippines believed in the Sole God, Hz. Abraham (a.s), Ishmael (a.s), Hz. Isaac (a.s), Gabriel, Michael, Israfel and all the Angels together with Azrael, Spirit, the Heavens and the Hell, the Metaphysical World and all the Prophets- Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David Jesus (a.s.)- and the Holy Books revealed to them: Tawrat, Zabur, Injil and Zachariah, John the Baptist, Job, Noah, Sheet and Adam. (May peace be upon them!)

They believed that killing a person was the greatest sin except defending yourself against an attack. They did not accept adultery, alcohol, exploiting people, raid, laziness and pollution as a good action. They accepted that caring for neighbors, the respect for the others’ opinions and human rights and also taking care of weak people were all good behaviors.

They taught humanity through the commands of the Koran.

Had the Prophets of the Israelities not done the same thing? Did they not call the people to the Unity of God, to the Path of the Prophet Abraham, to Gabriel, to Spirituality and to goodness? Was their service not for the Prophet Abraham?

Was what the Prophet Muhammad (a.s.) had done - teaching the Unity of God, the Prophet Abraham (a.s.), Gabriel, Michael and showing them the right path- not the duty of the Prophets of the Israelities and of the priests and rabbis, who were the representatives of them?

What they could not succeed in two thousand years after the Prophet Abraham (a.s.) was succeeded by Hz. Muhammad (a.s.), who was from Hecaz, who came from the descendants of Abraham and by his four faithful friends: Hz. AbuBaqir, Hz. Omar, Hz. Osman and Hz. Ali in 53 years.

In this situation, although the People of the Book should be pleased with him, they deny him.

In 53 years, many nations were enabled to believe in the Unity of God, Hz. Abraham (a.s.), the Prophets of the Israeilities, the Holy Books of God (the New Testament, the Old Testament), Gabriel, Michael and the Next World. A person who was not a Prophet of Allah cannot succeed in 53 years what the Israelities, the People of Tawrat and Injil and a hundred thousand priests had not done in 2000 years.

In fact, the People of Book and the People of the Koran is “the Nation of Abraham”. There is no strict distinction between us.

We accept the People of the Book but they deny us meaninglessly.

Although they should have thanked Hz. Muhammad (A.S.V) who made so many people believe in Hz. Abraham, they make materialists and atheists happy by their antagonism.

When they find nothing to deceive Christian people, they put forward the polygamy of the Prophet (a.s.v.). As it is told above, he did a lot of service for the Prophet of Abraham (a.s.). How could these be denied?

Today, nearly two billon people believed in the Oneness of God, the Prophet Abraham (a.s.), the Prophets of Israelities (May peace be upon them!), Gabriel, Michael, the next world and the New Testament and the Old Testament by means of H. Muhammad (a.s.). Or else, only one billion Christian would have believed what I had said so far.

Tawrat, Zabur and Injil are the Holy Books that can be found very easily if you want to search. Are there any verses on any pages of these Holy Books that say you can marry only one woman or you cannot marry more women?

Hz. Abraham (a.s.), Hz. David (a.s.), Hz. Solomon, Job, Jacob (a.s.) married to a lot of women. They do not fall in Prophecy because of their polygamy but why is our Prophet criticized?

There are also some certain conditions and customs of each time. The Prophets are also human beings.

God created women. This is a gift bestowed by Allah on His servants. In Arabia, females attain the age of puberty at 9 or 10. They become old when they are about 30. In Europe, they reach the puberty age at 18 -22 and they can be pregnant until they are 60-70 years old.

The Prophets of Israelities (a.s.) and Hz. Jesus (a.s.) neither had forbidden polygamy nor they had restricted it but our Prophet put a limit to it. The Koran has forbidden marrying more than four women. (6) Our Prophet had also spent the prime time of his youth with a 40 year old widow for 28 years. The women, whom he had married after her, were widows or ordinary women. He married some of them for political reasons.

To sum up, Hz. Muhammad did not bring a new religion; he served Hz. Abraham (a.s.). Hz. Moses (a.s.), Hz. David (a.s.), Hz. Jesus (a.s.) also served Hz. Abraham (a.s.).

All the nations, 800 million people altogether accepted the Sole God, the Prophet Abraham and Gabriel by means of Hz. Muhammad (a.s.)! Reality is obvious like the Sun. The Christian priests who do not agree with this reality will be like the Jews (those that cover the truth) who deny Hz. Jesus (a.s.) and Injil.

For these reasons, the Koran, none of whose verses have been changed and the original of it is read everywhere in the world, which forbids killing men (except the cruel ones) and fighting against the People of the Book, that cares for the rights of the poor and weak people and teaches the best worship to God (ritual prayer and fasting); and Hz. Muhammad, the exalted Prophet, who presented it to mankind and who taught and confirmed the Unity of God, the Prophet Abraham, the Prophets of Israelities and all the Prophets, Gabriel, Michael and the Angels, Spirit, the Heavens and the Hell, will certainly be loved and respected very much.

Greetings to Hz. Muhammad, Abraham, Adam, Noah, Ishmael, Isaac, Moses, David; to the Prophets of Israelities…

Greetings to all the Prophets…

Greetings to the Oneness of God… Greetings to all the Prophets and those who believe in the Four Books. (*)

It is sometimes said by the enemies of Allah, the Prophet and the Koran: in one word by the enemies of Islam that some verses of the Glorious Koran were changed and taken out during the Umayyad. Similar sayings were rumored by atheists in History before. They are based on some disputed matters. 1400 years ago, there were similar discussions and nonsense talks but they have no evidences. They are unproven assertions.

Our Prophet had the Koran written on leather and similar items and it was learned by heart by many people. In this way, the Koran was protected both by writing and memorizing.

After our Prophet, during Hz. Abu Baqir, these written documents were written in the form of a book and a council was formed about this. Hz. Ali had worked in this council for a year. The people that learned the Koran by heart gathered and the written texts were compared with them to make sure that the verses were correct. Hz. Abu Baqir transferred this matter to the charge of Hz. Ali. They were confirmed by him after the necessary checking were done carefully and closely. Later, Hz. Osman made the Koran a book consisted of 30 volumes. This is the same Koran we have now. (**)

Some suspicious expressions were used about the Koran from time to time by some atheists, materialists and crazy people. There had been such insane people for 1400 years. It was rumored that during the Umayyad, some verses were changed. The Umayyad are the enemies of Ahl al Bayt and Hz. Ali (k.v). As for this, the Umayyad would have taken out the verses about Ahl al Bayt if they had been able to change it. For example Ahzab, 33:

“Allah willed to remove all kinds of uncleanness from you Ahla-l Bait and He purified you.”

Yasin, 6-7-8-9-10 (especially these verses):

“6- So that you may forewarn a nation who because their fathers were not warned before them. 7- For most of them the Word has been decreed, now that they do not believe! 8-We have bound their necks with chains of iron reaching up to their chins so that they cannot bow their heads. 9- We have put barriers before them and behind them and covered them over so that they cannot see. 10- It is the same whether or not you forewarn them, they will never have faith.”

Shura, 23:

“(Say O Muhammad!) For this, I demand of you no recompense. I ask you only to love My Ahl al Bayt - My relatives.”

The Chapter called “İnsan” is about Hz. Ali and Ahl al Bayt. Chapter Mumtahine, verses 7-8-9 are about the state of the influential people of Mecca. Chapter Sajda, verses 28-29-30 indicates clearly that the faith of those who had faith on the Conquest Day of Mecca will not be accepted.

The claim that the Umayyads changed the Koran is not correct. That is to say: Umayyads were the fervent opponents and enemies of Ahl al Bait, Hz. Ali and his Children. Provided that the Umayyads had changed the Koran, firstly, they would have changed or taken out the verses in which Allah praised Ahl al Bait. They are: the first page of Yasin, Mumtahine, 7-8-9 and the last verses of Sajda.

Mumtahine, 7-8-9:

7- God may put love- good will- between you and those with whom you are enemies. God is mighty. God is forgiving and merciful. 8- Allah does not forbid you to be kind and equitable to those who have neither made war on your Religion nor driven you from your homes because Allah loves the equitable. 9- Allah forbids you to make friends with those who have fought against you on account of your religion and driven you from your homes or abetted others to do so. Those who make friends with them are wrongdoers.”

Sajda, 28-29-30:

28-“They ask “When is the Conquest Day, if what you say be true? 29-Say: On the Day of Judgement, the faith of unbelievers will not avail them, nor shall they be reprieved. 30-Therefore, give no heed to them and wait as they are waiting.”

These verses confirm that the faith of those who had faith on the Conquest Day will not be accepted and they are: sufyanies and umayyads.

If the Umayyads had been able to change the Koran, they would have changed the above verses and taken out the verses that are against the family of Sufyan and Umayyads. Muslims, who were spread in a wide area from Yemen to Taurus Mountains, from India to Tunis had the Koran in their hands during the Four Caliphs. It was impossible to collect and change the Koran one by one, which was spread around a wide area, by the Umayyads. Umayyads had already thought about it but they were not able to do it as they were guilty of Sıffin and Karbala Battles. Those crazy people do not give up spreading rumours to confuse people’s minds even though the reality is as we have explained.

The eight Ahl al Bayt Imams after Hz. Zaynal Abidin lived during Abbasids and they did not report anything that Umayyads had changed some of the verses of the Koran.

In addition to this, there were very brave, independent religious personalities in history, who were not afraid of death such as: Hasan al Basri, Maruf-u Karhi, Junayd-i Baghdadi, Bayazid-i Bistami, Hallaci Mansur, Sayyid Abdulqadir Geylani, Sayyid Ahmad-ar Rufai, Sayyid Ahmad Bedevi, Sayyid İbrahim Dusuki, Yusuf-u Hamedani, Muhammad Bahaeddin-i Naqshibendi, Ahmad Yesevi, Hadji Baktash Veli, Mavlana Jalaleddin Rumi, Hadji Bairam Veli and also Ishak Dede, Pir Sultan Abdal, Yunus Emre, who were the Friends of God from Anatolia.. None of them said such a thing!

None of the expounders of the 4 great sects (Hanafi, Shafii, Maliki, Hambely) said anything about this. It is impossible to meet such a saying in the works of Islam philosophers like İbn-i Sina, Kindi, Farabi and Ghazzali.

Those ignorant people who say that some of the verses of the Koran have changed also admit that they do not believe in Allah, the Prophet, Ahl al Bayt and the Friends of God. There are Jewish and Christian missionaries behind them.

It is also said that Ibn-i Abbas had a Koran, then where is this Book? They must show it and prove their claims. Who was İbn-i Abbas?

He was the son of our Prophet’s uncle (his cousin). He acquired the knowledge from Ahl al Bait, from Hz. Ali and especially from Mother Ummu Seleme, who was one of our Prophet’s wives. İbn-i Abbas was a very exalted person. He was one of the great men of the Companions of the Prophet. He had supported Hz. Ali everywhere and every time. He acquired Divine knowledge from him. He was one of the governors of Hz. Ali. He fought against the Umayyads near Hz. Ali in all the battles (in Siffin and Camel Battles). He was one of the 17 brave people (kemerbest). The Shiites love and defend İbn-i Abbas very much. The rumor that İbn-i Abbas had a different Koran volume is an unproven assertion. If there had been a Koran like mentioned, the Shiites would have found and showed it. All the Shiites love Hz. İbn-i Abbas very much because he was our Prophet’s uncle’s son, one of the seventeen brave personalities and owned a very high spiritual rank.

The Koran the People of Sunnat read is the same Koran. Those who say that the Koran the Shiites had was changed are the enemies of religion, they are crazy groups and materialists. They say this purposely to confuse minds. There are finance companies, Buddhists, some Christians, and gangs and universal dark powers behind them.

They are nonsense, unproven assertions and claims like the book called as Verses of Devil.

The confusion caused by a few crazy, psychopath people every now then is to serve the path of Devil. These nonsense, foolish talks make the enemies of Islam happy. The atheists, materialists, Magians (fire worshippers) and some Christians, who are behind them have been using them as a tool for their selfish purposes.

It is known that the Koran during Abbasids is the same Koran that came from Hz. Muhammad’s time.

The Islamic world, which is consisted of two big groups (1/3 Shiites, 2/3 The People of Sunnat), agree upon that the present Koran is the same as the Koran that Hz. Muhammad had it written, although they have been in conflict more or less in every matter. When we mention the Shiites, you should not remember only the Iranian Farisis, there are Shiites in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in Turki Governments, in India, in Bangladesh, in Singapore, in Malaysia, in Indonesia, in Azerbaijan and in Turkey. The whole Yemen is Shiites, they are Zaydis. 60 percent of Iraq, one third of Syria are Shiites. There are Shiites in Kuwait, Gulf States, Libya and Egypt. Half of the Lebanon is the Shiites. There are only 35-40 million Shiites in Iran whereas the number of Shiites in the world is over 250 million such as Jafaris, İsmailis and Zaydis.

The Koran which Ibn-i Abbas and Ahl al Bait had and the Koran the Shiites and the Sunnis have are the same Koran. The eight Imams who lived after Umayyads, all the friends of God, the free, independent scholars and scientists had guarded the Koran we have now. None of the Beqtashi Fathers, Grandfathers or the great personalities said such a thing. The Zahiriye Sects like Ibn-i Taymiya, Ibn-i Hazm, İbn-i Haldun also guarded the Koran.

There is a general concurrence and agreement that the Koran is not changed. 72 sects mutually accepted and agreed that none of the letters of the Koran was changed, taken out or added. We also have some theologians who are able to disprove these nonsense assertions. We have so many proofs and evidences but what are their evidences and proofs? The claims that will never be proved. Their courage depends on only tactics. They think that if you lie, if you slander, there may be at least a trace of it.

More than one billion people cannot be insane. The Koran is true and even a letter of it has not been changed. Allah said in the Koran that He will protect the Koran Himself as a verse:

“It was We that revealed the Koran and shall Ourself preserve it” (Hijr, 9 / Fatir, 32/ Kahf, 105)

We definitely know as we know the Unity of Allah and say bravely and openheartedly that this Koran, which our Prophet had it written, is true and definite same as “La ilâhe illallah Muhammedün Resûlullah Aliyyül Veliyullah”.

It was not heard from none of the western orientalists and from none of the theologians, who search for eastern sciences, that the Koran was changed. Neither was it heard from the western scholars, Christians and the Prophets of Israelities.

The books of Anne Marie Schimmel, the latest and the greatest researcher, who is the Professor of the History of Religions, are obvious. This writer researched all the religions and Islamic Mysticism and said that the Koran was a Holy Book and it was not changed.

A great researcher Roger Graudy recently became a Muslim, he studied the Koran and defended it. Sheikh Bedreddin Simavi and Pir Sultan Abdal were also courageous Islam scholars, they also guarded this Koran.

Wise people are those who gained the dignity and honor of science-knowledge-. They also risked their lives for it.

The Friends of God from Khorasan, Baghdad, Basra and the Theological Scholars of India, it does not matter which group they were from, agreed on the Koran. All the theological scholars of the People of Sunnat, Shia, Umayyads –three big groups in Islam-, theological scholars of Shiites, theological scholars of Sunnis and theological scholars of Umayyads agreed on altogether that the Koran was not changed.

All the Anatolian Friends of God, the Friends of God from Khorasan, Baghdad, Basra and the theological scholars of Islam, no matter what their group is, defended and guarded this Koran we have now. They all agreed on that it was not changed.

Those who speak against the Koran, in spite of all these evidences, are some materialists. They declare openly that they do not believe in Allah, the Prophet, Hz. Ali and Hz. Husayn. They are atheists. Some hoarse voices are coming from some of the extreme groups. Their aim is to cause confusion.

I present this matter to the attention of My Sunni and Alawi brothers all over the world.

The sayings of such crazy people should not be taken into consideration. They are not the friends of Islam and the Koran but the enemies of them and they have no religion. They are the atheists, who do not believe in the existence of God, who cause confusion in religious costumes under the hats of some sects and who want to harm both their own sects and Islam.


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