The Religious Commentary Of Sufism

This is the religious commentary of the Prophet, His Companions, Hz. Ali (K.V.), Hz. Abu Baqr and the great religious teachers and the Wise Saints who follow them, which depends on the Koran and the Sunnat (Divine Message). It is not related with the rationalist precepts mentioned above. The History of Sufism, the books of the Religious teachers (Perfect Men) and of the Wise Saints are obvious. It is completely based on Divine Message. It is not an explanation made using logic or philosophy; it is not a rationalist or philosophical explanation. Spirit is the Command of Allah like the Koran. The Koran is also the command of Allah. Command (decree) is the attribution of Allah. For this reason, the spirit of Adam that bears the quality of Knowledge, that is to say the “Speech”, “the command” attributes of Allah is prostrated. “When the Koran is recited, the unbelievers do not prostrate.” (Inshikak, 21) We learn that the Believers prostrated before the Koran depending on the above verse. The Command, the Koran, the Prophet, the Saint, the Apostle... all of them have the Knowledge and Wisdom of Allah. All the love, respect, kneeling down, obeying them, swearing allegiance to them mean prostrating before them. The Koran and the Holy Spirit is the Word, the Decree of Allah. Prostration does not mean to worship but it means to show respect to the Pious People. “We worship them (idols) only that they may bring us nearer to God.” (Zumar, 3) As it is seen in the above verse, the polytheists worship the idols and accept them as a god (small gods). None of the Muslims (adherents, disciples) accepts the Prophets and Saints as a god. Muslims know that the Prophets and Saints are the beloved friends of Allah and their spirits have been united with God and they are the bearers of Divine Spirits. They expect intercession (prayer, favor) from their scholar, wise spirits but not from their bodies. They never worship the Prophets and Saints. A Prophet or a Saint is already drawn near to Allah. They are righteous. Once again, the expression “besides Allah” (repeated in many parts of the Koran) means the idols and statues the polytheists worship. All the theological Scholars of Islam know this. Those false, invented gods have no relation with Him. We would like to add that faith is against bad behaviors. Faith does not cause wickedness. It causes good deeds. The good actions are the signs of faith same as the dawn is the sign of the Sun. Unbelief is against good actions. Infidelity is the reason of wicked actions like the bad smell is the sign of impurity and the good scent is the sign of flowers and roses. Then, if an unbeliever does a good thing, it is hypocrisy. “Allah does not need their alms; they are arrogant and boastful and enjoin others to be niggardly.” (Al-Baqarah, 264) (Nisa, 38) Hypocrisy is the worst action, it is even polytheism even if a believer does a bad action, it is because of his carnal passions into which immorality breathed. “I inspired the self with Knowledge of sin and piety.” (Al-Shams, 8) It is due to the supremacy of his physical side. It means that a believer may do a bad behavior because of an incentive. This bad action is not performed because of his faith. This matter is already stated in the Koran as follows: “The believer does not object to the command of Allah except a motive which he cannot help.” (Anfal, 17) Therefore, it is not correct to say: “Good behaviors do not benefit unbelievers” as they cannot do any pious actions. The behavior of an unbeliever that seems good is a hypocrisy and hypocrisy is a bad behavior itself, it is polytheism. “Bad actions do not harm the faith” is also an incorrect statement because faith does not cause bad actions. But; a believer may do a bad deed because of a motive which he cannot prevent and due to the supremacy of his physical side and his/her carnal desires. The believer is punished according to the rule. “Punishment is applied to the doer of the action”. Yet; insistence and continuation upon grave sins is a sign of an unbelief and a believer does not persist in grave sins. Believers commit grave sins very rarely and when he does it, he feels regretful and he repents. He implores Allah to forgive him. He abondons great sins and starts good works. He repairs it with good works. This is what the Sufis of the People of Sunnat think on this matter, which is also agreed by Hasan al Basri, Muhammad Ghazzali and other Sufis. It is also the reality. The opinion of the Murjia Sect: “Bad deeds do not harm the faithful and good deeds do not benefit unbelievers” is a wrong interpretation. It is a trick to make cruel people innocent in order to protect and provoke bad kings, shahs, rulers, emperors, sultans shortly the rebels. And, it is also to make people obey the cruel dictators, to weaken them to fight against them and to consent to them. Whereas in Islam, there is a rule: “Consenting to cruelty means cruelty”. According to Murjia Sect, the account of the cruel are sent to Allah and Shariat is not able to judge them. They render their accounts particularly to Allah after they die. This wrong opinion of Murjia is contrary to Islamic Law and to the principle of “equality in justice” in all the Laws of the World. There is no privilege for certain people in Justice and Shariat. In Islam, believers are free. Compulsory obedience to the leader is not accepted, there is no obedience to a leader by force. Islamic system is a democratic system in origin. Believers have the right to swear allegiance to a leader or to refuse him and to break their promise with him using their free will. Islamic Law exerts the right of resisting against cruel leader. It also considers consenting to cruelty as a cruelty itself because Islamic system is a democratic system in origin. Islam is social and it supports freedom. It enjoins the administration (consultation) and trust on efficient people and it suggests and commands that the leader should be a good person. Although the Western Democracy is not Islamic, in the period of historical thought, regarding that it is influenced by the essence of Islam (such as equality, social equity, social support) and as it also has the account of recognition of the right of defense by the suspected, the acceptance of social state and the individual’s freedom of thought, independent courts and legislation based on consultation, which are the principles of Islam stated and suggested 1400 years ago, the social democracy that contains all these principles or should contain them is the nearest system to Islam. The only way to protect the Republic, Social Democracy and freedom is to correct the religious precepts of the Ottomans that are still effective on our people and that has changed in many ways and to set up the belief of the Sufi People of Sunnat, which is the most suitable for the essence of Islam. It means to corroborate the belief of the people of Sunnat in accordance with Haq, the Koran, Sunnat and with the essence of Islam. If it is not done, the Republic is always in danger because the Ottoman belief of Sunnat is established on a Sultanate system. This is the opinion of this sincere, humble, democrat and republican Muslim. I propose this opinion of mine to all the democrat and republican brothers and friends who live and understand Islam. And I suggest everybody to protect our Republic. Now, let us see how Republic is accepted! The Law about the Abolition of the Rank of the Caliphate is as below: “Essentially, as the meaning and the concept of the Caliphate are hidden in the words “Republic and Government”, the rank of the Caliphate is abolished.” (The law number 431) According to this law, the false caliphate (the position connected on the person of whom he presented it) had been abrogated and it was definitely indicated that the meaning and concept of the real Caliphate was hidden in the word “Republic”. This is the truth. Since the real Prophetic Caliphate cannot be joined with sultanate; and since the personalities such as Hz. Ali, Hz. Abu Baqr and those who look like them such as Sayyid Abdulqadir Gilani, Sayyid Ahmed al Rufai, Sayyid Ahmed el Bedevi, Sayyid Ibrahim al Dusuki, Omar b. Abdulaziz, Junayd al Baghdad, Ahmed Yesevi, Muhammad Bahaaddin, Hadji Bektash-i Wali, Mawlana Jalaladdin Rumi, Yunus Emre (May peace be with them and their staff do not live in today’s Islam world and also in Turkey, in this case, the regime which the real Muslims must strongly support is the pluralistic democracy based on freedom which is today’s Republic System that accepts the individuals’ freedom of thought, conscience and religion and that completely liberates religious education and worship. It is the regime of Republic. May Allah protect our Republic! Our Prophet ordered to obey the Christian King of Abyssinia (today’s Ethiopia) and the laws of that country as they liberated the Islamic teaching and worship like remembrance (ziqr), prayer, fasting, pilgrimage and almsgiving. This is a historical truth I would like to take the attention of all my Muslim brothers on this subject and advise them to be alert and not to follow those utopian mullahs, who deal with absurdities. The person who is not even a lecturer or a professor cannot be the Scholar of Religion and I would like my friends to know that those who are not a professor or a lecturer are only a technician or practitioner of the Religion Service. (1) I would like to emphasize that none of the professional officials (lecturers, professors) who know the essence of religion have never suggested or will suggest radical beliefs. In addition to this, the transaction of Islamic Shariat is based on the person himself, so there is no way to prevent it and it cannot be prevented anyway. That is to say, the transaction Law of Islam is left to the choice of individuals. Laws do not prevent people to practice the transaction law in their own lives. Muslims apply the transaction Law of Shariat in their lives as they wish. For instance; although monogamy (the practice of having only one wife or husband) is controlled by law, a husband may marry a second wife as long as his first wife, whom he has officially married, consents. This kind of practice is left to the lawsuit brought by his officially married wife. Practice is applied in this way. The individual transaction of Islam is not forbidden by law. It is left to the choice of Muslims. Islam is a divine system. The divine system can only be performed under the leadership of the Prophets, Saints and the heirs of the Prophet. When we study History, we clearly see that Islam was practised only during the Prophet’s, the pious great people’s such as Hz. Ali’s, Hz. Omar’s time which lasted 30 years. Then, the divine system cannot be performed by the people who are not divine or who are not qualified with the qualities of Allah (2), and that are not pious, just and morally good (Pious people are the Muslim Saints and the Divine People). Such divine people and pious Muslims who are close to them are not present now. (1) See also related chapters in “The Sinless (Günahsızlar)” and “Muhammad-Jesus-Adam (Muhammed-İsa- Adem)” (2) Allah the Most High says in one of the sacred traditions in our Prophet’s tongue: “Qualify yourselves with the qualities of Allah.” From Sirrül Esrar by Abdulkadir Gilani, p.99 trans. by A. Akçiçek, Rahmet Publication, İstanbul 1964 Therefore, we say that those who have exterior Knowledge should not claim that they are able to carry out this Islamic System. The scholars, who have exterior Knowledge (scientists), are not divine or devout people. He who is not devout cannot be the Leader of Islam. If he does, he cannot be successful because he is not able to practise it. Therefore, nobody should attempt for such a duty and disturb Islam and Muslims until the promise of Allah comes true. (105) The Umayyad, Abbasids and Ottomans had never applied the Shariat of our Prophet and they were not able to practise it either because they were not pious like the Family and the Companions of the Prophet. They were not a pious society. The amateur scholars of Religion who are not professionals or even the professional ones do not have the knowledge, piety, justice and good moral qualities of the Ahl al Bayt, the Companions who are close to the Prophet and the Saints of Allah. He who represents the Prophet with only the exterior Knowledge cannot be heir, a caliph of the Prophet. The majority of the society should also be pious. Our Prophet (A.S.W.) is indeed an informer. He is a conveyer. He is an entire Scholar, Apostle, a Prophet, a Saint and Heir. He bears the Most Holy Spirit honored by the Speech of Allah and by His Divine Light. He is a person whose heart is revealed by the Angels, Spirits, the Most Holy Spirit, the faithful Spirit (the Angel Gabriel) and who speaks with them and who was chosen by Allah and who is a deputy of Allah like the other Prophets. He is a conveyor who speaks with Allah. His conveyance about Allah is for all people and general. He is a bearer of good news and an admonisher. He is a blessing for the entire Universe. He is a scholar and a conveyor who possesses the qualities we stated above. The Koran was both descended and taught to him. He is the conveyor who knows Allah and the Koran most. Then, He is not an ordinary conveyor. The following Koran verses show that the qualities or the specialties of the Prophet given to him by Allah. -“Know very well that Allah helped Him. Allah descended upon him His tranquility (sakinah) and supported him with His invisible warriors.” (Tawbah, 40) (3) “Ketebellah’u le eğlibenne ene ve Rüsûlih-Allah inscribed in the Book (in Lawh-i Mahfuz) that Allah and His Apostle will surely triumph.” (Mujadele, 21) -- “Say: He hears only what is good for you. He believes in Allah. He puts his trust in the faithful. He is a blessing to the true believers among you.” (Tawbah, 61) -- “Do not consider the addressing of the Prophet in the manner you address one another.” (Al-Nur, 63 -- “The Prophet has a greater claim on the faithful than they have on each other. His wives are their mothers.” (Ahzab, 6) -- “Allah wants to remove uncleanness from you Ahla-l Bayt, and to purify you.” (Ahzab, 33) --“When Allah and His Apostle decree in an affair, then there is no other choice for true believers men or woman. He that disobeys God and His Apostle strays far indeed.” (Ahzab, 36) --“We have sent you forth as a witness and as a bearer of good news and warning.” (Al-Fath, 8) --“So that you may have faith in God and His Apostle and that you may assist Him, honour Him and praise Him morning and evening (exalt His glory).” (Al-Fath, 9) --“Those that swear fealty to you, swear fealty to Allah Himself. The hand of Allah is above their hands.” (Fath, 10) --“It is He that has sent forth His Apostle with guidance and the true faith, so that He may exalt it above all religions. Sufficient is God as a witness.” (Fath, 28) --“Muhammad is God’s Apostle. Those who follow Him are ruthless to the unbelievers but Merciful to one another.” (Fath, 29) --“Believers, do not raise your voices above of the Prophet, not shout aloud when speaking to him as you do to one another, lest your labors come to nothing without your knowledge.” (Al-Hujurat, 2) --“Muhammad we have sent you forth but as a blessing to all the Universe.” (Al-Anbiya, 107) --“Yours is a sublime nature.” (Kalam, 4) --“(O Muhammad) We shall make you recite Our revelations and you shall forget none of them.” (A’la, 6) --“(O Muhammad) Give advice! Your duty is only to give advice.” (Gashiya, 21) --“You are not their keeper.” (You do not force them) (Gashiya, 22) --“I swear by that Muhammad saw Him on the near horizon.” (Takwir, 23) --By the declining star, your master (Muhammad) is not in error, nor is he deceived: He does not speak out of his fancy. Whatever the Perfect Man (the Prophet) Muhammad says is an inspired revelation. He is taught by one who is powerful and mighty. He has a super intelligence. He stood. He was on the uppermost horizon. Then he drew near and came down. The distance between him was two bows’ length or even closer. He revealed to His servant that which He revealed. His eyes did not deny his vision, his heart was not astonished. How can you, then, question what he sees? He beheld him once again at the Sidra Tree while descending. Near it is the Garden of Repose. (Mewa) When that tree was covered with what covered it. His eyes did not wander, nor did they turn aside. For, he saw the greatest sign of Lord.” (Najm, 1-18) The qualities and attributes of Muhammad concerning the believers are as follows: He is the owner of the believers. He is the intercessor of them. He prays for them. He is their instructor. He has the entire Knowledge. “I taught Adam all My names.” (Al-Baqarah, 31) As for this verse, the Prophet, the Perfect Man knows all the names... yet Allah is the only one who knows all the names. Therefore, the Perfect Man attains the entire Knowledge. The Angels confessed and declared that their knowledge was limited on this matter and they accepted the prostration before Adam. (Al-Baqarah, 30-34) Thus, Adam (Human-Man) is a mirror to the Person and attributes of Allah and also to all His Knowledge. Yet, the Knowledge of Allah is infinite. The Perfect Men-The Prophets have the entire Knowledge. Our Prophet is also the Teacher of the believers. He purifies the dirt of the self. He is the Scholar of the Universe who knows Allah, the Koran and the Prophecy perfectly and who teaches them to the believers. “I sent forth to you an apostle of your own who will recite to you Our revelations and purify you of sin, who will instruct you in the Book and in wisdom, teach you that of which you have no knowledge.” (Al-Baqarah, 151) He is also Merciful and Compassionate to the believers. He helps them through inspiration. “Rauf” means: “Benevolent (Clement, Kind)” the One who inspires. He is fond of believers. He is “Benevolent and Compassionate”. They are the attributes of Allah and He bestowed these attributions on His Prophet. “There has now come to you an honorable apostle of your own, one who grieves at your troubles and cares for you, one who is Benevolent and Merciful to true believers.” (Al-Tawbah, 128) The Knowledge of the Prophet is to a certain limit in comparison with the Knowledge of Allah but it is not limited in comparison with the Knowledge of all the creatures. He is more scholar than all the other human beings, the Angels and the Genies. “Take counsel with them in the conduct of the worldly affairs.” (Al-Imrans, 159 - Al-Shura 38) The above verse does not mean that the Knowledge of the Prophet is limited. “Most People know the exterior of this life, but of the life to come they are heedless.” (Rum, 6-7) As it is understood from the above verse, people know certain things about this world and the Prophet may consult them in the worldly affairs because the Prophet knows what they know and he also consults them in order to give them a personality and to become a friend with them. The Prophet gets his knowledge from Allah and Allah informs him about what is necessary. “Ve ye’tûneke bimeselin illa ci’nâke bi’l hak ve ahsene tefsira-No sooner will they come to you with an argument, then We shall reveal to you the truth and properly explain it (or whatever they ask you we’ll send you the answer of it immediately).” (Furqan, 33) He attains a lot more glorious attributions that do not exist in the Koran, in the holy traditions, in the sacred sayings and in other human beings. He (the Prophet Muhammad (A.S.W.) is Owner, Master, Guide, Saint and Intercessor. He is the person who purifies us. Therefore, our Prophet and other Prophets (May peace be with them) are human beings regarding their physical sides. They had a physical body. They were born; they ate, drank, got married, lived and died. But, the spirit which is the decree of Allah does not die. Their physical body dies. Yet, none of the Muslims say that the Prophets and Saints are ordinary people by saying “our Prophet is also a human” and by denying their pure divine spirit whose divine attributions we have already explained above. He is the like of us. He is a human being, a Man but He is the person who is given divine attributes concerning his Divine Holy Spirit mentioned above. Our Prophet (A.S.W.) is a person who bears a divine spirit of Allah and he is a divine person due to this. The Perfect Human-Adam (A.S.) is not a god but He is a divine human being who possesses the Holy Spirit, which is the Command of Allah. Our Prophet and the other Prophets as well as the saints, who reach Allah, are Holy and Sacred. They are divine and pious. They are close to Allah. “Kulirruhi min emri Rabbi-Say: Spirit is from my Lord’s command.” (It is the Speech Attribution of Allah) (Isra, 85) Spirit is not created, it is the decree of Allah. The Attribution of Allah is not particularly the Person of Allah but it is not a separate being either. For this reason, Spirit which is the decree, the Word, the attribution of Allah is divine same as the Sun and its colours. The colour of the Sun is not the Sun itself but it is not a different, second being either. Then, when we say, “spirit is divine”, we mean that “Spirit is the attribution of Him. This is not polytheism because spirit is not a piece of Allah. Attribution is not a second being. Attribution is the quality of the presence of Allah. Spirit is the Decree of Allah, so is the glorious Koran. The Koran is also the decree of Allah. For this reason, Allah says: “The unbelievers do not prostrate before the Koran.” (Inshikak, 21) It is an obligatory duty for the believers to prostrate before the Koran. Yet, the Koran is not Allah, it is not a piece of Allah either. It is the decree of Allah. The spirit is also the decree of Allah. Spirit attains all the names of Allah. According to the above verse, the Knowledge of our Prophet cannot be to a certain limit compared to others rather than Allah, because the verse means: “Whatever they ask you, I inform you the meaning, the answer of it.” Therefore, the Angels have prostrated before the Holy Spirit of Allah in Adam, which is the decree of Allah and which knows everything-all the Knowledge. They did not prostrate before his body. “I taught Adam all My names.” (Al Baqarah, 32) The body of Adam is in the position of the Kaaba during the prostration because prostrating is for the Person and Attribution of Allah. Prostration before the body or creature means polytheism. If the Angels prostrated before the body of Adam, they would be a polytheist. It is already reported very clearly in the Sura of Baqhara that Adam (A.S.W.) is more scholar than the Angels are and the Holy Spirit of Adam is more exalted than theirs. The Angels did not become a polytheist because of their prostration before Adam. Then, why should a disciple (a student) become a polytheist when he shows respect and prostrates before a Scholar Man. Prostrating does not mean worshipping. It means exalting him, respecting him and accepting his superiority. Prostrating means showing regards. Prostration during the ritual prayer itself does not mean to worship. Ritual prayer is worship with all the pillars of it. The intention is in order to worship, the prostration itself cannot be worship. Prostration is also done to repent, to show respect and to thank as well as to worship. There is also the prostration of gratitude which means being thankful, it is according to the intention. Prostrating before the Wise-Scholar Man is compulsory because the prostration is actually done before the knowledge of the Wise Person. Prostrating before the Perfect Man is for the pure Spirit of Allah which exists in Him and which is the Pure Decree of Allah. The word or the Decree of Allah is not a second being. The attribution of Allah is the quality of Allah. The quality of Allah does not have an entity. The prostration before divine quality is before the Divine Person. Quality is the attribution of the Person. (Zat) He who does not prostrate before the attribution of Allah and who does not love him does not have a respect for the Person of Allah. It is demagoguery and straying astray for such a person to defend the Person of Allah and to mention Oneness-Unity because he falls into the situation of the damned Satan then. “Vealleme Adamel esmae külleha-I taught Adam all the names, everything.” (Al-Baqarah, 31) All the names are known only by Allah and He taught this Universal-whole knowledge to Adam, to the Man who bears the Decree, the Word and the Holy Spirit of Him by His grace. Man is an object of the whole knowledge of Allah. The Perfect Man is not a god but he attains divine qualities. It is necessary and an obligatory duty to prostrate before the Koran and the Perfect Man-Adam, the Wise Man who is the Decree and the Word of Allah. The younger and immature people should respect the elders and mature people. Prostrating or bowing down before the scholar and Wise is an obligatory duty and this does not make one inferior, on the contrary, it exalts those who prostrate because prostration is done for the Knowledge, Wisdom and the Holy Spirit-the attribution of Allah. The prostration before Adam (the Scholar-Perfect Man) means exaltation and respect, but not worshipping Him because there is no other God besides Allah. (Actions are according to intentions) (A Sacred tradition) The Prophets also know the inner world and dreams are related to inner world. (4) The Perfect Man is the Person of Revelation (intuition). He knows the inner world as much as Allah reveals. (4) “Once, we have told you: ‘Your Lord encompasses all people (This was the good news of Badr War)’. ‘We have made the vision which We showed to you and the cursed tree in the Koran, a test for men’s faith.” (Al-Isra, 60) “Joseph, tell us, man of Truth, the meaning of that dream.” (Joseph, 46) “Thus, did We establish Joseph in that land and he dwelt there as he pleased. We bestow Our mercy on whom We will and shall never deny the righteous their reward.” (Joseph, 56) “Muhammad, this is the information about unknown which we have revealed to you.” (Joseph, 102) Then, Allah informs about the unknown and the verse continues: “You were not present when they conceived their plans and schemed against him. Yet, strive as you may, most men will not believe.” (Joseph, 103) Our Prophet already said that Gabriel was seen to Him. Is Gabriel not from the inner world? Gabriel would be seen to him mostly in the inner world. “Nezele bihi ruhil emin ala kalbike-The Faithful (Holy) Spirit is brought down into your heart.” (Al-Shuara, 193) The Prophets, unbelievers and others are human beings like us. “Haza illa beşerün mislüküm. Is this man not a mortal like yourselves?” (Al-Anbiya, 3) “Ma entüm illa beşerün mislüna-You are but mortals like ourselves.” (Yâ Sin, 15) Yes, they are mortals; but what kind of mortals? They are the people who speak with Allah and the Angels. When we speak about the human-mortal sides of our Prophet and the other Prophets, we must speak very carefully and indicate their holy divine spirit and attributes by exalting them through distinguishing from all the other ordinary people. For when Allah explained why the unbelievers denied the Prophets, He said that one of the reasons was they said: “haza misluna-they are mortals just as we are” and they became unbelievers. (5) It is confirmed by the Koran that those who say “they are mortals just as we are”, that is to say, who deny that they are extraordinary mortals and who accept them as ordinary people, became unbelievers. (5) “Nothing prevents men from having faith when guidance is revealed to them but the excuse: “Can it be that God has sent a human-being as an apostle.” (Isra, 94) “They said: ‘Shall a human-being be our guide?” and they became unbelievers.” (Teghabun: 6) The Madrasas and Tekkes grown in Islam occasionally lost the required qualities. But, caring about the benefits and favors of other people is the main principle in Sufism because this was the characteristic of the Great Muhammad, who is the founder of this path, and of these great Muslim saints who followed him. The following extract about some of the adherents of the Tariqats and Sufis who went astray is taken from Sayyid Ahmed al Rufai (May Allah bless those who love him!) who is a very strong authority and the leader of Gnosis. It is his right to speak about this matter and we do not want to comment on those false religious teachers and sheiks. Whereas, we should not disregard the reality that the presence of bad teachers, sheiks, pirs and adherents in Tekkes and Madrasas does not cause the leave of these schools. There may be bad teachers and students in all the schools, tekkes or medreses. They are punished. These schools need not be abolished due to this. Muhammad Said-i Nursi also agrees with this opinion on this subject. (6) Hz. Ahmed al Rufai, the Sayyid of Gnostics and the teacher of the Universe says: “It should be known attentively that the essence of those who reached the reality in the path of Sufism is pure. The path they follow is pure and pleasant. Their only aim is their Lord. Their manners are in accordance with the Sunnat of the Prophet of Allah (S.A.W.). Those who run in other paths go astray but they are not aware of their states. My son, you will find that most people in Sufism are impious. They are the people who desire to make Sufism a capital in their tongues and pens (writing). They are the ones who have broken all the rules and pretended to support freedom. They invent new things breaking all the rules. You see that they are ignorant and heedless of the reality. Their understanding is to a certain degree; and they are liars and their thoughts are dark. (6) The name of Said-i Nursi Efendi (k.s.) is Muhammad Said. __________________________________________________________ They hate good people. They dislike those who are pious, ascetics and faithful and who have reached spiritual purity. The personalities who reach the high most degree in Sufism cannot be described and their spiritual states cannot be comprehended. They have only some signs. First, their biggest goal is to get rid of the self and its carnal desires. They do not conform to the carnal mind and world in their words and affairs. All their feelings are pure from the dust of the separation from God. They are together with the self, but away from all the ugly manners of it. They wander among people but people do not harm them. They have a heart but it is above in the presence of God. Only the good deeds are manifested from their hearts. They have several states but they are free from them, and unaware of the happenings. Time does not mean any worth for them nothing can prevent them from the command of Allah. They go straightforward with the command of Allah. They walk modestly before the greatness of Allah. They do not care anything but Allah. Their hearts beat with the fear of being away from the mercy of Allah and His separation. You think that their hearts are beaten with the whip of being far from Allah and His blessings. The real follower of the Path of Allah receives Divine Light as his self serves in the path of Allah. His heart is bright with love and affection. His heart is opened with the Divine Light of Gnosis. We can also explain the signs of these great people as follows: Their essence flies with desire and longing and their exterior flies with God in the path of Allah. Their exterior becomes with God in the Path of Allah. These great people who know how to wait in this path are very modest and kind-hearted. They turned towards their Lord (Sultan) with all their manners. They do not praise anybody except the Person of God in their inclination. As the intimacy of the Lord of the Universe encompasses them very much, they abandon people and turn to God, trust in Him and abide in Him. In this state of them, they do not even turn back and glance at people. They cannot open their hearts to others. Their words are as if coming from the Heaven. Their knowledge is given to them by God. They have high goals. They are fed from the Spiritual World. The Path of Fate is open and bright for them. They feel unity in every being. All their desires are based on the Shadow of God. They thank God secretly and openly so that they do not dive into the march of unbelief. They remember Allah verbally and with their heart every instant and continuously so that they do not forget Him. A wise person knows that his God sees and knows him in all aspects. He also knows that neither his vision nor any state of him can be useful under the sword of the Greatness of God. The great person sees himself nothing under the Omnipotence of God. He spends his time diving into the sea of blessing of Allah and meanwhile all the other loves melt away except His love. These great people continue to be the servant of Allah. They devote themselves to God but they do not exaggerate it. They are busy with God and they forget everybody except Him in their hearts while worshipping. These great people become very merciful when they see the believers (7) When they are observed, they are seen in sorrow all the time. These states of them last until they die. Then, they reach the mercy and consent of Allah.” (8) (7) See the Glorious Verse Al-Fath, 29 (8) See “Onların Alemi” 25th hadith, by Sayyid Ahmed al Rufai, trans. by A. Akçiçek, Büşra Publ. 1994-İstanbul