In Islam Literature, reincarnation-metempsychosis- means to change from one form to another. Reincarnation is not a religion. It is to worship the Nature. An inorganic substance becomes organic when it is combined with organism- a living being.

“Everything is resurrected -alive- with water.” (Zukhruf-11, Anbiyah, 30)

Water is sacred. An elixir of life is hidden in water. Allah sends organism -living beings- to this world through water. Today, NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) also says that the water that comes down from space contains living quality-life.

It is written in the Koran that Allah is alive and He is a glory every instant, in Rahman- 29.

Since the Creator of the Universe is alive and He is in a glory every instant, the Universe also changes. Otherwise, the life would not exist and everything would freeze and stop. Allah is abiding all the time. The Absolute Existence, the essence of the Existence is abiding. He is unchangeable. The changing is in the Universe. Evolution continues as Allah is alive -abiding-. The First and New Creation are mentioned in the Koran. Reincarnation is a natural phenomenon. It is not a religion. Organism is sometimes divided into separate parts, it is sometimes combined -analysis and synthesis- They made this natural phenomenon a religion.

The Magians -fire-worshippers- do not believe in the Creator of Cosmos. They believe that the Universe eternally exits as it is now. They deny the Four Holy Books and the God who is informed by these four Books. They do not believe in resurrection-to be revived after death-. Everything is (while you live) in this world for them. Allah mentions both the Spirit and the Soul (living quality) in His four Books.

He says that He breathed into man from His Spirit. (Sad, 72)

Allah breathed His Spirit only to man. Spirit is Holy -divine-. The spirit has the quality of thinking or reason, memory, contemplation and knowledge. Spirit is divine light. Spirit-divine light is not deformed and divided into parts because it is not matter. It has no relation with living quality. Living quality exists in plants and animals. Living quality (life) and spirit are different things. Man is consisted of a synthesis of three things: Spirit, Soul -living quality- and matter -substance-. His physical-material structure is from earth. “Living quality (life) is alive with water.” (Al-Anbiyah, 30) Living quality is hidden in water. Man has a spirit (intellect) which is breathed by Allah.

Plants and animals consist of a synthesis of two things: they are living quality and matter. They do not have a Spirit (intellect). Allah did not breathe His Spirit to animals. If they had a spirit, they would have an ability of thinking-reason- and they would succeed great works. Man contemplates, thinks about infinity and he keeps thousands of books in his memory by means of Spirit. Flesh cannot think and understand anything. Do the wise people, philosophers, Prophets think with the brain, which is a piece of flesh? What thinks is the intellect but not the flesh. Intellect is a branch of Spirit. Reason -intellect- is abstract. Reason means to understand something. The person who understands is also abstract and that is Spirit. Spirits do not die, physical bodies die. When body dies, organism is dispersed. Holy spirits rise to His presence, some spirits stay in darkness -in Barzah (intermediate world) or in dark tunnels-. Spirits do not pass from one person to another. The Holy Spirit of God is special for every person.

Spirit and Intellect determine the personality in every human being. God addresses to man and He bestows on him. If the spirit passed from one person to another person, who would be responsible to God then? That is why; the Doctrine of Metempsychosis is nonsense. The Doctrine of Metempsychosis, reincarnation, the fire worshipping is contrary to the Koran, Tawrat, the Theory of Darwin and the Divine Message. It is contrary to the Theory of Evolution, which is accepted as scientific because there is no retrogression in anything, not even in matter, but there is always progression-development- according to this Theory. Evolution develops towards perfection.

Animals transformed into human beings after billions of years, from Darwin’s point of view, then how can a man transform into an animal when he dies? Or, why does the intellect in man not pass into animals? They take the developed human being back. There is no retrogression according to the Koran and Tawrat.

Those who defend the Doctrine of Metempsychosis divide the Circle of the Cosmos into two parts as soul -the living quality- and matter and they say that it is like this since eternity. As for them, there is no creator-an owner of soul, no forbidden acts, no Hell, no Paradise, no Angels, and no Devil but there is nature, which is eternal in the past and eternal in the future. With this doctrine of them, they are contrary to religion and divine messages.

They are primitive materialists. All the religions pertaining to holy Books believe that Allah created the world in six phases, afterwards. Science also confirms this with the Theory of Big Bang. The fire-worshippers (Magians) oppose science by denying the Theory of Big Bang. They do not accept that nature came into being afterwards, in this way they oppose the Big Bang too. It is confirmed with the Koran that all the physical and spiritual knowledge exist in the Koran. There are also the secrets of all the inner and outer worlds in the Koran. They can be known and found by those who got “the knowledge of Ledunni”. The scientists of Physics and Theologians are not able to know the facts about Unity, the inner world and the realities of the Spirituality because that knowledge can be learnt through meeting Spirits and speaking with them.

The Spiritual World: Spirits, Angels, genies, the Heavens and Hell The inner world -the spiritual world- has both divine -merciful- and low -dark- sides. Necromancy, receiving messages by means of a medium and similar non-Islamic behaviors are performed from the low-dark- side of the inner world. It is impossible for them to make contacts with the Merciful, the holy Spirits and the Angels who are merciful. Those who deal with reincarnation and the fire- worshippers make contact with wicked beings in the dark side of the inner world and they try to prove their claims by reporting the past events in the world. Those beings are fiery and created from fire. They are the groups of devil and genies. (They meet them by means of a medium -Necromancy-)

The Holy Spirits have a connection with the Universal Spirit (the Spirit of Hz. Muhammad (a.s). They benefit from Him same as the stars benefit from each other and from the Sun. They ask and learn the knowledge which they do not know from the Great Muhammadan Spirit, who is the Father of all the spirits, called as the Universal Intellect. But this quality belongs to only great Prophets and the Friends of God. The people, who are belonging to the Eastern and Western Asia Religions - they are called as “Majusi -the fire worshippers-” by the Koran, do not believe in the Four Holy Books.

They say that they change forms as plant-animal-man and again man-animal-plant; this is also contrary to evolution because changing is always towards evolution. Progress is dominant but retrogression and deformation are very little.

Human being is perfect. There is always progress in the Universe, there is no retrogression, for this reason, man cannot transform into an animal. God is infinite and perfect so He does not need evolution.

Fire-worshippers and the Metempsychosists do not believe that nature was created, it will be annihilated and the doomsday. Reincarnation and Buddhism is a religion of Nature. It is a materialistic religion. It cannot be called as a religion anyway because a religion mentions metaphysical and abstract beings such as Spirits, Angels, genies. They do not exist in Buddhism, which is not based on metaphysics but directly mentions nature.

Note: To understand is an abstract concept but it is real. There is an abstract spirit in man who has the quality of reasoning. Spirit is an abstract being just like the quality of understanding -intellect-. Since the quality of understanding is abstract, the one who understands is also abstract. If the attribution or quality is abstract, the person-subject- is also abstract. If the person -subject (divine essence)- is abstract, the attribution also becomes abstract. This is an unchangeable principle. If the attribution -quality- is concrete, person -subject- is also concrete. This is an unchangeable principle too.

Therefore, when the quality of intellect -reasoning- is an abstract reality, the one who understands is also an abstract subject -an abstract person-.Then, there is a person in human beings who can think and understand and that is an abstract being which is called as Spirit. He is the spirit of Allah. Spirit is an abstract being who has a personality that is formed from the Divine light of Allah. He is a personality like the Angels.

The Angels are also from Divine light, but they are the beings of divine light who have a personality. Spirit is also a divine being who has a personality. As Allah, who is the infinite divine light, is scholar, the Spirits and Angels have the qualities of knowledge-knowing, reasoning -understanding. Intellect-the quality of thinking-reasoning- is not artificial or created. It exists in man when he is born and it is natural. When he is born, he brings the quality of understanding-intellect- together with him. This quality does not exist in other organic substances, plants and animals. They do not have an intellect.

Allah said in the Koran that after having died once, they shall die no more in Duhan, verse 56. The Koran refuses to die again in again.

The verse is as follows:

“La yezikunel fihel mevte illel mevtetel ula- After having died once they (human beings) shall die no more.”

This verse is for the righteous-believers-in the Paradise. Allah says for the people in the Hell:

“La yemutu fiha vela yahya- Those who are in the hell neither live nor die.” (Ta Ha, 74) These two verses emphasize that there is no death after this first biological death. Then, according to the Koran, you will not come to this world and die again. The other three holy Books also say same as the Koran says. The Koran and the other three Books report clearly and definitely that you do not return back to this world.

Reincarnation is a simple materialism. It is contrary to the Four Holy Books, the Big Bang Theory and to the Evolution Theory of Darwin because Buddhists transform the evolved man into an animal again, which is contrary to evolution and dialectic in nature.

“It is also contrary to revelation and contemporary science.” This is also the opinion of Tawrat (The Torah), Zabur (The Psalms of David) and Injil (the Bible). These Books do not accept another death after the first death.


26th October, 2004