Reasoning (an Exercise Of Thinking)

There is a process of growing moss in nature. It happens as follows when we search how it is formed: On a surface, at the bottom of the seas or in a wet place when 1. Earth, 2. Water, 3. Humidity (damp), 4. Oxygen, 5. Sunlight, or the rays of the moon and the stars, are combined, when the conditions are ready, an organic cell is formed there. This single-cell is multiplied by being divided and an organic living being -moss- comes to existence. That is to say, life- organism- liveliness has begun. This is a reality. We see and know this fact scientifically. Now you can think about it as it is a fact. Reason gets surprised at this great reality and starts to ask questions: Earth, water, humidity (damp), oxygen, heat and light are all inorganic, concrete substances. How does an organic -living- being come to existence from these inorganic, concrete substances? The quality of liveliness is abstract like power or intellect. Liveliness and intelligence are not concrete substances but they are attributions or qualities like colors. Colors also exist but they are not concrete substances. Colors, liveliness, intelligence do not have any atoms. They do not have any weights or dimensions, either. Then, they are not objective, concrete beings. They are the attributions, qualities of something like roses and their colors. A rose is a concrete being but various colors of it are its attributions or properties.

Intelligence, liveliness and thought are like them, they exist but they do not have any atoms. They are attributes or qualities. Thus, when a man sees an organic being which is formed by the combination of four or five inorganic substances (in the required conditions), he is obliged to accept it but he cannot help asking himself how an organism (a living being) is formed from 4-5 dead inorganic beings.

He gets astonished at this mysterious phenomenon.

This liveliness, life, organism, which has no atoms, is really a great mystery. Yet, the following verse in the Koran relieves us.

“Külle şey’in minel mai hay- Everything is alive (living, organic) with water.” (Anbiya, 30)

In the other verse Allah says: “Water is holy.” (Zukhruf, 11)

There is a mystery, an elixir in water. According to these verses liveliness-organism is hidden in water. The Spirit, which is the decree of Allah, and reasoning, intelligence, contemplating, deep thinking that are the qualities of the Spirit exist only in human beings.

Animals and plants do not have an intellect or thinking. Plants and animals are consisted of a synthesis of two things as living quality and matter; but human beings are consisted of a synthesis of three things as living quality, matter, plus Spirit (intellect).

Human beings have one more quality and he is the most perfect being after Allah. What dies is the organism - the living quality- because the Spirit (Intellect) that is the decree of Allah does not die.

NASA in America has been doing a very detailed scientific research on the subject that the life-organism came from the sky (space) with water.