The Reality Of The Verse “iyyake Na’büdü Ve Iyyake Nestein”

The correct explanation of this verse is: “We worship You and We implore Your favour and help”. But, the commentators interprete it as: “You alone(only) we turn for help”. The word “alone” which is said in the beginning of the verse “You alone we worship” is in order to confirm it because it is reported in hundreds of the verses in the Koran that there is no other god except Allah. “Fa’lem ennehu La ilahe illallah-Know that there is no god but Allah.” (Muhammad, 19)

     Yet, there is no such a verse that the believers do not get any help from other people, just on the contarary, it is advised that the believers should help each other and they wil be a guardian of each other.

     The pagans used to worship the idols, which were not alive and they would have asked for help from them as if they heard them or they were alive and had a power. For this reason, Allah says: “The idols which you deify besides Him are not able to do you a favour nor can they do any harm, then why do you call them? Oh, the heedless!” (Al-Isra, 56) However, the living beings can both harm and benefit you.

     In addition to this, in the verse “iyyake nestein” our Lord used the name: “Ya Müstean-whose aid (help) is implored”, “istiane means to ask for help, inayet means favour” but not “Ya Nesir-the one who helps: Nasır”

     Allah asks for help from His Faithful slaves to help Him saying: “Kunu ensarullah-Be God’s helpers” (Saff, 14). A person who helps Allah will certainly help animals and plants too. Here, to help Allah means to help the Prophet. He who helps the Prophet helps other people too. If we understand the meaning of the verse “We implore help from You” as in the absolute meaning of “We implore help only from You”, which is impossible and absurd, then, the Muslims who ask for help from the other people besides Allah become a polytheist. In this situation, hospitals must be closed, social aid institutions must be abolished, briefly, “Esbaba Tevessül-Recorsing the circumstances” should be forgotten, which means ending the practical life. Living beings may be in difficulty and they may also help each other.

     “Ve emmes saile fela tenhar- Do not refuse  (chide away) those who ask for help” (Duha,10)

     As you see, in this verse, there is a person who seeks help and there is also a help for those who want.

     And also: “Let the rich people and the virtuous among you give their gifts to those who do not have.” (Al-Nur, 22)

     Therefore, the virtuous give enlightment from their virtue and the rich help them giving alms, charity and taxes. If there is “help”, there will be someone who asks for help and whose help is implored.

     Other sayings such as: “The dead and the grave stones are being asked for help” are actually said in order to annoy Muslims. Every Muslim knows that Allah is the Sole “One” and they also know that there are dead bodies in graves but Spirit is alive and it is the Decree of Allah and it never dies. It is never asked for help from the dead beings foolishly.

     A believer knows his religion with the Divine Light of faith and his intiution although he does not know how to read and write and the believers should not be called as “ignorant or heedless”. Allah calls the unbelievers as heedless.

     “Those who read even one millon books are like a donkey laden with books.” (Jumah, 5)

     The 90 percent of the Companions of the Prophet did not know how to write and read and our Prophet was also illiterate, but he was the Teacher of the Universe and the Sultan of the Knowledge of Allah (İlm-i Ledun). The friends of the Prophet knew God although they were illiterate. They were very faithful and pious. They were not ignorant or heedless. Then, knowledge is gained through conversation by hearing it but certainly not through reading books. The proof of this is the Companions of the Prophet and illiterate Muslim Saints.

     The verse, which they show as a proof of the accusation of worshipping other gods: “We worship idols only that they bring us nearer to God” (Zumar, 3) in fact has the following subtleties of thought:

     According to the polytheists, carved stones, idols, symbols (gods and goddesses) existed themselves like Allah and they had a power, a force and an authority of their own to rule besides Allah and they were independent and also the partners of Allah. They were near Allah and in charge of the administration of nature and they had a share in property and in disposal and each of them had a different task such as: the god of rain, the god of blessing, the god of the good and bad, the god of the Earth, the god of the Sky and god of wrath etc... These gods were free in their decisions but they could also discuss with Allah and the greatest god was Allah. The polytheists would not deny Allah but they would deny the next world and spiritualism.

     “If you ask  who has created the Earth and the Heavens, they will reply ‘Allah’.” (Mü’minun, 86-87) They did not believe in metaphysical world. They were the materialists who denied the metaphysical world and the next world. Then, in order to call a person a polytheist, he must deny the Next World. Allah says: “The polytheists are those who give no alms and disbelieve in the life to come” (Fussilat, 6-7)

     What we have explained so far is about obvious polytheism, the other kind is secret polytheism like hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is a formel piety, which means performing religious duties such as: ritual prayer, fasting etc... to show off. Hypocrisy is extreme insincerity.

     Thus; firstly, polytheism must be known so well that unity can be learnt. Polytheism means accepting those false gods as eternal beings like Allah and approving their partnership to Allah in the management and disposal of nature.

     Allah informed in the Koran several times that such things were impossible and the absurd sayings have no scientific values and they were the suppositions of the polytheists. He commands in the Koran: “But conjecture (supposition) is in no way a subtitute for truth, do not follow conjecture.” (Yunus, 36) There is no God but Allah and these false gods have no relation with Allah.

     Muslims do not define the Prophets and Saints in this way. They know that the Apostles and Saints are the Friends and Messengers of Allah. These personalities are able to speak with Allah and they have a relation with Him. The false gods, which the polytheists accept as the partners of Allah and as eternal beings have no relation with Him so they are not able to bring them near Allah.

     Again, the Muslims do not think that the Prophets and Saints have an independent knowledge, power and wisdom; they believe that they are also the servants and creatures of Allah. They know that whatever they have and all the things belong to Allah. They love, respect and serve them for the sake of Allah. They believe and say that they will help and interceede them with the permission of Allah and all the power, knowledge, beauty, virtue in everybody and everything come from Allah. Then why should we not say: “With the permission of God! Intercede us the Prophet of Allah, help us the Kings of Sanctity Aliyel Murtaza and all the other Prophets and Saints of Allah. Help! Help! Help with the permission of Allah, Huuu O the Friend!”?

     Allah has a personal, top mechanism and He has also established a hiarerchic order in the bottom ranks as understood in the verses “Refiüdderecat- the Highest degree is Allah” (Mümin, 15) and “Knowledge is bestowed on whom We will by degrees.” (Yusuf, 76) There are some Holy Spirits and the Angels whom Allah exalted high ranks as mentioned in the sura of Mujadala: verse, 11.

     There is also a state hiarerchy in property. They all act with the permission and the will of Allah.The knowledge, power and decision existed in all of them belong to Allah. The essence of existence is the infinite, eternal, sole existence of Allah who is Pure and Divine Light. He is the source of everything. He has a management and disposal on the Earth and in the Heavens. He administrates all the actions through Prophets and Saints (Walis) who bear the Holy Spirit and the Angels, mainly with Gabriel and with the high officials in the world. This is the Divine System Allah has established. With the permission of Allah, one can require help from the Prophets and Saints and from the high officials of the state.

     Muslims should not be insulted for their love and respect for the Prophets saying: “You kissed the hand of the Prophet and Saint and you became a polytheist or you respected a Scholar and now you have become an unbeliever”. He who does not show respect to Adam is satan. Allah sent it away in disgrace and cursed it. He who knows that the real existence and the source of all things is Allah is a monotheist (muvahhid). The real entity-existence is Divine Light. He is infinite and limitless. He has no sides. Since two unlimited beings cannot exist, the Absolute Existence is one.

     The Saints (Walis) and Governors are able to help with the permission of Him.Nobody has an independent power except Allah. “La kuvvete illa billah-There is no strength except Allah” (Kahf, 39) The source of strength is Allah. Allah is the objective, others are mediators. Objectives cannot be reached and benefitted without an intermediary and mediators. Allah is the Lord, the Master and the God. Everything and everybody except Him a slave, a servant and in need of Him. Allah has encompassed all things. “Ela innehu bi külli şey’in muhit-Allah has encompassed all things” (Fussilet, 54)

     As Allah has encompassed all things-either physical or spiritual, every being is imprisoned by Allah. He who is imprisoned is a slave or a servant. It is the same as the sea and foams. Although the origin of foam is sea, the sea creates them from itself and it encompasses them and imprison them. It will also annihilate the relative beings of the foam and bubbles in its great presence. Just like this, Allah, who is the absolute, eternal Presence, who is the Sole, Eternal Divine Light, has created everything from His own Presence. He has encompassed all of them and has made everything a slave, a servant of Him and then He will annihilate all things in His eternal Divine Light. He is the First and the Last; He is the Seen and Unseen. This is the Unity. There is no other eternal Existence except the Absolute being Allah and nobody else has an individual power or Knowledge except Allah. Allah is the sideless, unlimited, infinite, absolute Existence and He is Sole for His eternity and unlimitation.

     Allah is the source of power, strength, knowledge and beauty. “La mevcude illallah- There is no other existence except Allah” in reality. “La kuvvete illa billah-There no strength except Allah” , “Ve hüve külli şey’in Alim- he takes cognizance of all things.” (Ahzab, 54)

     “Ve alleme ademel esmae külleha- he taught Adam all His names” (Al-Baqhara, 31)

     He who exists is Allah and He is edgeless, infinite Divine light. He is sole for His haing no border as two borderless beings do not exist. Allah is the source of strength, knowledge, art and beauty. Allah has divided His property, knowledge, gnosis, science, art, administration and disposal by degrees and by Wisdom.

     All of them belong to Allah in reality.This is the Unity.

     Accepting the false gods of the polytheists as an individual power and eternal beings and qualifying or defining them as Allah and saying that Allah is great and others are small gods and thinking about a company consisted of gods means to attribute partnership to Allah and this is “polytheism”.

     It is repeated in the Koran and in the Holy Traditions several times that Allah has created the inner and outer worlds from Himself and from his own Divine Light and He is eternal in the past and eternal in the future. He is Dominating, Wise and Absolute Administrator who sees, hears and speaks. He has established high and low ranks and He administrates them by means of Spirits, Angels, Apostles and Saints and then the Kings and the Leaders of the countries and everything is done with His permission, so He is the Absolute Source of all things.

     Yes, “Külli şey’in sebaba- Everything has a reason” (Al-Kahf, 84)

     Allah performs His tasks, punishes and gives rewards through Spirits, Angels, Saints, Kings and Governors. Our duty is to respect, love and serve the Prophets and Saints. (Maidah, 35)

     The Prophets and Saints are under the Mercy, Blessing, Guidance, Justice and Compassion attributes of Allah but; the Kings and the Emperors are under the Wrath, Might and Rage attributes of Allah.

     As it is seen, Allah has two systems: one of them is Prophetic, the other is Royal. Since most people do not want the Prophetic System or they are not deserved it, they bring the Wrathy Royal System. Although social democracy is not Prophetic-Islamic, it is the closest system as it defends the social equity, human freedom and human rights. “Allah is just, yet most men do not believe.” (Rad, 1)

     There are similar, clear verses in the Koran concerning this. Justice is to give horses grass and cats meat. The opposite is cruelty. Allah also behaves in this way. He appoints the administrators according to the desire of majority. Society is the body, administrator is the head. Administrator is either just or cruel. When non-democratic countries are observed, it is seen that their citizens do not want freedom, human rights and individual rights. Most people of these countries want their dictatorsor kings to give them bread. Their aim is to rich and to get benefits from them by flattering their kings and dictators. They would like to lead a luxurious life style in this world, which is the desire of their self. They are not interested in freedom and human rights. What they want is the life of this world and the riches of this world.

     It is also seen that the majority of those societies are not conscious of these humanistic values written above such as freedom, equity and human rights. They only want to satisfy their carnal desires. They are the ones whom Allah described in the Koran as: “Velem yürid illel hayated dünya-They do not want anything except the life of this world.” (Ibrahim, 3) Therefore, they neither want the Republican System of which the Prophet and the Four Caliphs applied that depends on social equity and democracy, nor the social democracy and democratic republican system. The majority of these communities want Monarchy, dictatorship and kingdom, which is an oppresive system, if they didn’t want it, their rulers: dictators, kings, sultans would soon lose control over them. The last example of this is Chavushesku-the dictator of Romania. When his people refused him, he was overthrown in spite of his cruelty.

     The false monotheist Muslims, who think that showing respect and love towards the Prophets and Saints of Allah and imploring help from them is polytheism, should not request anything from the rich and kings then. They should not go to the doctor for remedy when they are ill, they should get all their needs from Allah himself, otherwise, they will become a polytheist.

     Accepting the reason in normal life as polytheism and misinterpretating the verse “We want help only from You” is to spoil the running order of humanity and to confuse their minds. Then, you should either say: “Ve iza meridtü fehüve yeşfin-When I am ill, Allah restores me.” (Al-Shuara, 80)  as Abraham A.S. said, the friend and the Saint of Allah, whose spirit joined with Allah, or all the patients should be a doctor themselves and all the needy people should become a king or a rich person, because these people do not need anybody except Allah. Both of them reached the highest point: one of them spiritually, the other one physically.

     Thus, everybody is free to act in the way he likes. He can either love, respect and serve a Prophet or a Saint in order to benefit from their Divine Light and Divine Knowledge or else he can serve the cruel kings, rich people and mighty people of this world to get worldly riches. Who is a believer, who is a polytheist will certainly be obvious then.

     The great monotheist Fuzuli says:

     “The King of Property gives gold and silver to the People of Service.

     However, the most beneficial is to serve the Prophets and Saints.

     The Rank of Martyredom (to see Allah) is the result of this.”

     The polytheists first of all symbolized their desires and wishes and they made stone idols, they worshipped their gods and implored their help same as the Christians converted Allah to Jesus and Mary and then they bowed down in front of them and begged for help after making their stone and iron statues as if they could hear them. Furthermore, in Vatican, the feet of the Marble Statue of Mother Mary became eroded and smooth while kissing them. They made a cross and hung it everywhere as well as on their necks, wherever they found two pieces of stick and an iron bar and tied it crosswise. First, they made the Spirit a body and then made the body small using two pieces of sticks and turned the Great Jesus rubbish.

     As for this, we refuse imploring help from non-living beings and worshipping false gods saying in the Sura of Fatiha: “We worship You and we turn to You for help”. We expect intercession from the Gnostics who know Allah and from the martyres who see Allah with the permission of Allah. This is also confirmed by the Koran as: “Nahnü Evliyaüküm-We are your Guardians.” (Fussilet, 31) (Zukhruf, 86) According to these verses, the Angels are also the Guardians of the believers.

     Angels help the people.The Supreme Spirit our Prophet, who is the Universal Spirit and his heirs Hz.Ali, Hz.Hasan, Hz.Husayn, Hz.Abubaqr and other Muslim Saints are our intercessors and helpers.Our Prophet says: “My intercession- my help is for those of my community who committed grave sins.”

     In Arabic Grammar, “iyya” means: “belonging, concerning, reserved for”..; “Innema-ennema” means: “only-merely”; “Iyyake” means: “to you”: “iyyaye” means: “to me”; “iyyahu” means “to Him”. It may be approvable to interpret “İyyake na’büdü” as “We worship only to you” because in the Koran, in hundreds of verses, it is stated that “There is no god except Allah”. “Allah is one God and He is Absolute” (Nahl, 22). But, in the verse: “iyyake nestain”, it is not proper to use “only” as we have explained above. Our proof is the verse: “With the permission of Allah-Biiznillah, biiznihi”

     The Spirits of the Prophets, Saints and Martyres are alive.The Holy Spirits, who are the Decree of Allah, do not die. They are near Allah and they help whoever they want or whoever wants.

     “The spirits of the sinners are at dark tunnels (Barzah), the Spirits of the righteous are in the Presence of Allah.” (Qamar, 55)

     Thinking or saying opposite to this means to disturb Muslims, to plot mischief and it is a demogouguery. This also insults the Prophets, Saints, Martyres and Angels. He who insults them attempts to insult Allah and as a result, he becomes very rude and despicaple like satan. Those are actually the opponents of spirituality and they are materialist people. They say you can get help only from Allah and then they flatter the rich and the managers. They even try to make Paradise physical by changing the metaphorical meaning in the Koran.

     The adherents, followers of the spiritual path of Allah respect and love their teachers and their masters. If they are alive, they exalt them, praise them, kiss their hands and serve them because Allah cannot be known and the path of Allah cannot be learnt without them. “The Perfect Human(Man) is a deputy, a mirror and a heir of Allah.” (Al-Baqhara, 30) If they died, they turn themselves to their great spirits and implore help from them in order to be saved from the darkness of ignorance and carnal desires. They request knowledge, wisdom, love and prosperity from their Spirits.

     As it is known and as a rule of dialectic: The weak are always in need of the Powerful. Thus, he respects Him and prostrates before Him.If not, he is supressed. Beyond this, it is only sophistry.

     It is the same in the hiearchic orders of Allah both in physical and spiritual; the Seen and unseen; the Inner and outer Worlds of Him. Whoever rebels it, whoever is against to it is punished and tortured. There are mischeif makers who want to break peace both in this world and in the spiritual world. They pretend to be religious but they rebel the hiearchic order of Allah (to reach the Perfect Man and Allah) (Tawbah, 34) “Many of the clerics and monks who defraud men of their possesions and debar from the Path of Allah”, “They are the most dangerous, they seem like Mullahs but in fact, they are materialists and selfish” (Maryam, 69). “Their desire is for a luxurious life and could do all flattery things for this.They try to change religion for their worldly benefits.” (Al-Baqhara, 86). They are the majority of Mullahs, monks and clerics. They are called as “Ribbiyyün” in the Koran.

     Allah says: “They fight against the Prophets and the Perfect men.” (Al-i İmran, 146) Unfortunately, I consider only a few of them who are good free from this.

     May Allah protect Muslims and humanity from those and from the dangerous ones. May He bestow on us the love, the intercession, the help and the favour of the Prophets, Saints, Martyres and the scholar Gnostic Friends of God. Amen!

     If we give a short account of the subject, it is said that for some of the religious sects, which are the extensions of Ibn-i Hazım and Ibn-i Taymiyya that make the religious precepts of Umayyads stricker, excluding the People of Sunnat: “Those who implore help-intercession from the Prophet, the Prophets, Saints and the people who visit the graves, who became the friends of the Prophets and Saints; who sacrifice sheep are polytheists and idolators.”  In this case, we Muslims, who are 1,5 billion Sunni, Alawi, and Shiites as well as our 1400 years old ancestors are all polytheists, idolators and unbelievers. Then, those whose number is not more than 200-300 thousands, whose half is a certain tribe or bureaucrats, are Muslims and monotheists. This is an unfair separation. The majority of people who are Sunni, Alevi and Shiites are Muslims.

     In addition to this, let the people who often say: “Nobody can enter between Allah and His servant” separate the worldly affairs from religious affairs and accept democracy and approve of the system of the elections of the Four Caliphs! Do they not ever notice the prayer at the funeral? Funeral prayer is very important. We put the corpse directly in front of us and perform our prayer accepting it as our Kıble (the direction to which a Muslim turns for worship). This is same as the Angels prostrated before Adam accepting Adam as Kıble because he is in front of us and we turn our face towards him. “Turn your face towards the Holy Mosque.” (Al-Baqhara, 144) The worship is for Allah but Adam and the person who died is a Kıble, he is exalted by funeral prayer. This is a respect and an exaltation as Adam and his sons are exalted. “I taught Adam all My names.” (Al-Baqhara, 31) “Adam and his sons who are Perfect Man are the Caliphs of Allah.” (Al-Baqhara, 30) “Man is exalted.” (Tin, 4)

     In this situation, are the Angels polytheist for prostrating before Adam? And do the Muslims become a polytheist for their prayer before a dead person? Are the parents and brothers of Joseph who prostrated before Joseph polytheists, idolators?

     In fact, the are already against the Perfect Men, the Four Great Caliphs, four religious leaders of the four sects, Maturidiye, Ashariye, Shiites and Sufism. According to those materialists who deny spirituality, who make the metaphysical world physical by their interpretations, who are called as “Ribbiyinler” who are the majority of the scholastic theologions who support only Allah, there is no Divine World and Divine Paradise. Paradise is physical just like the world for them. However, the world of spirits, Angels and Paradise are from the Divine Light-from Decree and Decree is from the Speech attribute of Allah and it is Divine Light. The Koran is also the Decree of Allah. It is the Speech of Allah and Divine Light. Decree, the word of Allah is not physical, material and created. What we have all said is from the Divine Attribute of the Person of Allah. They are the world of Melekut and Ceberut.

     There is nobody who enters between Allah and His slave. The intermediary is Knowledge and the guidance is with Knowledge. The true guide is Knowledge but Knowledge cannot direct by itself.

     A wise person who knows this Knowledge is necessary. The mediator is a Scholar-a Wise person. As it is known, the Knowledge in Islam is divided into two catogeries as Seen and Unseen and the Knowledge of the Canonical Juriprudence and the Knowledge of faith. The Canonical Jurisprudence (Islamic Law) belongs to the Exterior Knowledge. The Knowledge of faith is grouped in three kinds as Philosophy, Theology and Sufism. They are taught by their wise teachers and scholars. Guidance is with Knowledge and it is performed by means of wise, gnostic and scholar teachers. There is no other method of it.

     These wise personalities called as “Fakih, Philosopher, and Theological Scholar” in Madrasas and “Master, Gnostic, Sheikh, Father, Pir, Grandfather” in Tekkes. As known, Sufism was emerged from Tekkes but not from Madrasas. You cannot show any Sufi who is not a Religious Teacher of a Tariqat or who does not belong to a Tariqat. The sayings such as“There is no intermediary, the guide is Knowledge” should not be misinterpreted. Knowledge or Gnosis cannot do the duty of guidance without the intermediation of a Scholar or Gnosis. Objectives cannot be reached without an intermediary.Without a guide, it is not possible to reach physical or spiritual aims. The intermediary is only a guide. The Prophets and Saints are wise, scholar persons. They act as a guide of the true Path and a guide of reaching Allah. The objectives is always the aim but aims are not reached without means (intermediary).

     You cannot benefit the electric light without an electric bulb. In the Koran, it is said: “Errahmanü fes’el bihi habira-Ask the Merciful from those who know Him.” (Furqan, 59) Then, it is commanded that we should ask the Merciful from the Scholars, the Wise who know the Merciful. Knowledge-Action... Scholar-Actor. The Knowledge-the Koran, The Scholar, actor-Muhammad (A.S.) He is the Perfect Man. In order to learn the Koran, a Perfect Man-Hz. Muhammad (A.S.) is necessary. There is no other way of learning it. In this case, we should love and respect the guide to thank him. If a person does not feel love, respect and regard for his teacher-instructor, father-guide, he does not love Allah. Such a person cannot be called as a Muslim or as a human being because it is the work of Satan not to love human who is honorable and great while he pretends to be exalting only Allah. The cursed satan exalted Allah but disregarded Adam and did not love him, it was proud of itself so as a result Satan was cursed and stoned to death.

     In Christianity, Martin Luther also had taken this opinion of refusing intermediary from Ibn-i Hazım, who was the religious interpreter of Umayyads and the founder of the Zahiriye Sect, and he established the Protestanism by opposing the Pope. His supporters increased not more than 50 million in 500 years. Today, 90 percent of Christians are Catholics or Ortodox. The Lutherans are always in minority and known as the people who exceeded (went beyond what is usual or proper) among the Muslims and Christians. The majority does not regard such crazy ideas. It is obvious in practice.

     It is a sign of remembrance, respect, love and fidelity to protect the graves of the Prophets and Saints, who are great scholars and gnostics and to enliven their ideas by symbols. Nobody worships graves. Every Muslim knows Allah one. None of the Muslims want anything from the dead bodied, corpses, from the stones and earth. They request help from the Decree and Spirit of Allah, which is alive and eternal. They implore intercession, favour and blessing and they know that this will come true with the permission of Allah. But, the polytheists implore help from the idols and false gods and they say that Allah did not create these false gods and they are eternal themselves like Allah and their power is from themselves and that Allah will not perish or annihilate them. That is to say, they know them eternal like Allah. They believe that their power exists spontenously, Allah did not create them, He will not put an end to them and the knowledge in them is not given by Allah. They also believe that they exist with their independent powers. According to the polytheists: “Allah is the great, the others are small gods.” (En’am, 19) (Mü’minun, 117) You should know what polytheism is in order to know Oneness-Unity.

     Brothers! Which Muslim insists that Allah has not created Adam, the Perfect Human and who says that their knowledge, power and blessing is not from Allah? Is there such a Muslim that he who respects the Prophets, Saints and implores blessing with the permisson of Allah is called a polytheist? Every Muslim knows that Allah created the Prophets and Saints same as He created all things and Allah will put an end to their lives and the knowledge, power, blessing belong to Allah. Allah is the source of power and blessing. Everybody is the servant of Allah and the god is Allah. Allah is Sole. The Prophets and Saints are true (Haq). Every blessing and help is with the permission of Allah.

     There are Prophets and Saints whom Allah has given permission for intercession and guidance or in one word, there are Perfect Men who have been drawn near Allah with their pure Spirits. Nobody wants anything from non-living beings. The Spirits of the Prophets and Saints are alive. The body dies. The Spirit is the Decree of Allah and he does not die. The sinful spirits are in dark places (barzah), but the pure spirits are in the presence of Allah. The following verse is very clear: “Innel müttekine fi cennatin ve neher-The spirits of the righteous are in the presence of Allah.” (Zumar, 55) The false gods of the polytheists are not near Allah. They do not exist so you cannot be drawn near them by worshipping them. The owners of the righteous spirits: the Prophets, the Saints are the friends of Allah and they are intercessors for mankind.

     Moreover, in the Koran, it is advised and even commanded that:      “Believers should make friends with believers.”(Anfal, 72)        (Tawba, 71)

     Then, do the believers not obey the order of the Koran by being a friend of the friends of Allah?