Real Mystery Of Adam And His Children

Allah the Most High transmitted (breathed) His Spirit to Hz. Muhammad and he confirmed him, strengthened him with His Spirits.

1- “Ve kezalike evhayna ileyke, ruhen min emrina - Muhammad! We inspired you with a spirit from Our Decree (command).” (Shura- 52)

2- “Nezele bihi ruhul emin ala kalbike - The Koran is coming down into your heart with the faithful Spirit.” (Al-Shuara, 193-194)

3- “Nezzelehu ruhul kudusi min rabbike bilhak - The Holy Spirit is coming down from your Lord with the Koran as a truth.” (Nahl, 102)

Allah sends other Spirits to His slaves He chooses and He confirms and strengthens that slave of Him. The following verse confirms what we say:

“Yulkirruhe min emrihi ala men yaşau min ibadihi- We let the Spirit descend at our behest on those of Our servants whom We choose.” (Al-Mu’min-15)

Allah also transmits Hz. Muhammad His own Spirit too. He strengthens and confirms him with the Faithful Spirit and with the Holy Spirit. He also confirms and strengthens him with the Angel Gabriel.

Allah the Most High also breathes His Spirit to Adam-Man-Human and strengthens him, for, Allah has breathed, transmitted and descended his Spirit to human only.

Spirit is transmitted or sent to none of the creatures except human beings. Meaningful thought, meaningful speech and intelligence exist only in man-human- so thinking and speaking meaningfully are the qualities-attributes of the subject of Spirit or “I”.

Love, knowledge and wisdom are also the specialties, qualities-attributions of the spirit because knowledge and love are the attributions that belong to God. “The Scholar (Alim)”, “the Loving One (Vedud)” and “the One who loves (Muhib)” are the names belonging to Allah. They are the names made from the attributions of knowing and loving. God also says that He breathed to Mary from His Spirit and the second Spirit breathed into her is the Spirit of Hz.Jesus the Messiah because Jesus does not have a father. Allah has firstly breathed the Spirit of Jesus to Mary and Mary has cocooned a physical body to this Spirit with her blood.

“Velleti Ahsenet ferceha fenefehna ruhena ve caelneha vebnaha ayeten li’l alemin- And of the girl who kept her chastity. We breathed into her of Our Spirit and made her and her son a sign to all men.” (Al-Anbiyah-91)

It means that Mary gave birth to him without a husband and Jesus was born without a father and this is a great miracle of Allah.

The spirit needs a body -like an electric bulb- in order to descend to this world. If Spirit will be seen naked in this physical world, the world cannot endure it and it melts down because Spirit is a very powerful Divine Light. It is the Divine Light of God’s Person same as the sun and sunlight. Spirit is not the Person of God Himself but it is the radiance, the Divine Light of the Person of God. The rays of the Sun are not the Sun itself but they are the lights, the rays of the Subject of the Sun itself and they do not separate from the Sun. The light of the Sun is not a second existence besides the Sun. But the sun is in the sky and it is very big. The sun is everywhere with its light. The sunlight is not the Sun in the sky itself but it is not a second being separated from it either. In other word, it is one of the properties of the Sun’s properties.

Then, the subject of the Sun, its lights and its energy, its temperature and colors consist the complete Sun. In another word: the Sun is only one sun with its subject and its attributions-qualities. It is sole. Allah is also Allah with His person, with His eternal existence and His attributions. Allah is sole, boundless, infinite divine Light. He is One because there cannot be two infinite beings and Allah, who is Divine Light, does not give birth and He was not born either. He cannot be split. He is one, eternal, constant and everlasting Divine Light and Power. What exists in reality is He. Other things are the constant manifestations and the visions of Him. Manifestations are limited. They come to being afterwards, therefore, they are transitory and temporary beings and events. They are transitory beings according to Allah, who is Divine Light, same as the little or big foam bubbles that appear on the surface of the sea and from the sea. Although they are foams, transitory and little, they are still the SEA. This is another REALITY.

Allah made Muhammad very powerful and holy by transmitting three more Spirits besides the Spirit breathed into him while he was in the womb of his mother. Related verses are written above. He also sent another spirit to Hz. Jesus apart from His Spirit and strengthened him. The related verse is written above. Allah also breathed Hz. Mary the Spirit of Hz. Jesus. Mary gave him a physical body with her blood. The related verse is written above. The body of Hz. Jesus is a human-man- in comparison with Mary. He is a human being. Therefore, he used to eat, drink, he was breast-fed and crucified according to Christians, his blood shed and he was murdered. Allah and His spirit do not have blood. Allah and His spirit never and never die. What dies is the physical body of man, which is matter.

Allah reports that people did not murder Hz. Jesus and the person crucified was not Jesus but he was likened to another man. He also declares that He killed Jesus Himself and ascended-exalted the Spirit of Jesus to His presence Himself. He tells Hz. Muhammad: “No man before you have We made immortal. If you yourself are doomed to die, will they live forever?” (Al-Anbiyah, 34)

Here, let us ask a question to our Muhammadi Ulama: What ascended to Heaven? The body of Jesus or his Spirit? Was Jesus somebody else from being a man? In other words: Was Jesus not a human? For, Allah says to Hz. Muhammad: “No man before you have made immortal!” The sacred hadith about Hz. Prophet Muhammad’s ascent to Heaven is as follows as a meaning:

“When I ascended to Heaven, Jesus (a.s.) met me on the second and third Heavens and Adam (a.s.) met me on the fourth Heaven and Moses (a.s.) met me on the fifth Heaven and my ancestor Abraham (a.s.) met me on the seventh Heaven.”

According to the above hadith, “Were Adam, Moses, Abraham, Enoch and other Prophets besides Jesus in the Heaven with their physical bodies?” They also met our Prophet. Our Prophet (a.s.v.) does not say he has seen only Jesus but he mentions other Prophets as well. Now, let Islamic Ulamas (Muslim Scholars), most of whom believe that Jesus ascended to Heaven alive, answer this question! The sacred hadith does not mention about only Jesus (a.s.).

My Brothers! I invite you to think on the matters that I have been trying to explain so far.


“İnni cailun fil ardi halifeten - I am placing on the earth one that shall rule as My deputy.” (Al-Baqarah, 30)

“Ve allamel ademe’l esmae külleha - I taught Adam the names of all things.” (Al-Baqarah, 31)

The name of the First Man is Adam. He is the father, the ancestor of all humanity. According to these two verses, the first man is the deputy (caliph) of Allah on the earth. “Caliph” means the substitute of the original. Here the original is “our Lord Allah”. The substitute of God is the first man, “our first human ancestor Adam (a.s.)”. Then, the caliph of Allah is the person who speaks on behalf of Allah on the earth and who acts and performs in the name of Allah. He is the slave of Allah but he acts on behalf of Allah. Here, we can exemplify it as follows:

“Allah is the King, the Emperor of the worlds and Adam is accepted as the Prime Minister of Allah, in other words, Allah gave His seal to him.”

“Ve nefehtehu fihi min ruhi - I breathed into Adam-Man from My Spirit.” (Al-Sajda, 9)

“İnni halikun beşeren min tin feiza seveytuhu. Fihi min ruhi fekau lehu sacidin fesecedel melaiketu kulluhum ecmeun - I surely created man from clay then, I fashioned him and breathed into him from My Spirit. All the Angels prostrated themselves before him-human (Adam).” (Sad, 71, 72, 73)

In another verse, Allah the Most High says about man:

“Suvereküm ve ahsene suverekum - I have fashioned your bodies (human beings) into a comely shape.”(Al-Mu’min, 64)

“Ve iz kulna melaiketiscudu li ademe fesecedu illa iblis - They all prostrated themselves except satan.” (Al-Baqarah, 64)

Allah told the Angels to prostrate themselves before Adam. All of them prostrated except Satan. Satan did not prostrate himself before Adam. Our Lord declares in Chapter Baqarah that Adam is the caliph of Allah, he was taught all things and the Angels prostrated themselves before him but Satan did not prostrate himself before him. He boasted and refused and he was from disbelievers. In another verse, He says that Satan was from genies, he was created from fire but not from Divine Light and the Angels said for Adam-human:

“O Lord! Will you put there one that will do evil and shed blood when we have for so long sung Your praises and sanctified Your name?” (Al- Baqarah, 30)

Our Lord says that the angels disputed with their Lord but they did not insist on their dispute and all of them prostrated themselves before Adam, when they saw the holiness in Adam. However, the demon-Satan- was created from fire and did not prostrate himself before him and he was from the rebellious and went astray. Allah says that he is an apparent enemy of man.

This matter was explained in details in Chapter Al- Baqarah, Al-Sad and other verses. God asked Satan why he did not prostrate himself when He commanded him and he answered that he was nobler than man as he was created of fire but man was created from clay. (Al-Araf, 12)

In another verse:

“Shall I prostrate before the one who was created from clay?” He means that he is better than man is. Allah says to him:

“Off with you hence! This is no place for your contemptuous pride. Away with you!” (Al-A’raf, 13)

“Feinneke recim-You are accursed (stoned, dismissed)!” ((Al-Hijr, 34)

Satan says addressing Allah:

“Since you have thus seduced me, I will tempt mankind on earth, I will seduce them all!” (Al-Hijr, 39)

Allah says: “Yes, you speak correctly or you can do it but now I am telling you the truth: “Lemen tebeake minhüm le emle enne cehenneme minküm ecmain - Begone! A despicable out cast you shall henceforth be. As for those that follow you, I shall fill the Hell with you all!” (Al-A’raf, 189)

In another verse, Satan says to Allah the Most High: “I will seduce them all, except those of them who are your faithful servants (It means I cannot seduce them I do not have any power over them).” (Al-Hijr, 39-40)

“İlla ibadeke humul muhlesin - Except those of them who are your faithful servants.” (Al-Hijr, 40)

Then, we see that Satan cannot seduce the faithful servants of Allah. Allah already says: “You shall have no power over my faithful servants.” (Al-Hijr, 42) This verse also confirms it.

We wrote these and stated the loftiness of Adam. The loftiest, the most exalted being after Allah is HUMAN, who bears the Holy Spirit, the Holy Breath, the Holy Word of Allah. Human is more exalted than Angels and all the other beings. This loftiness of ADAM is confirmed with the Koran and Torah. Allah made lofty beings, heavenly bodies prostrate before our ancestor Adam- HUMAN-THE PERFECT MAN. THIS MATTER IS DEFINITELY LIKE THIS AND IT IS INDISPUTABLE.

MAN IS LOFTY AND MAN is the only being who mentions about God and the spiritual beings such as Spirit, Angel, genie, Satan, the paradise, hell, meaningfully.

Allah created human and human reflected Allah. He mentioned about Allah and the Divine World.


Yet, my brothers, Allah the Most high loaded this lofty man one more thing. Nobody can say that Adam-human is evil. IT IS CERTAIN THAT HUMAN IS LOFTY (EXALTED).

What is the second thing loaded to Adam and his children besides Spirit? To know all the names of Allah, all things and the names of all things mean to know what all things are, their meanings and their contents. This is a very important event because only God knows every name, every concept and all things. Adam has learnt all things with the “Spirit” in him that bears the quality of understanding because spirit has the ability of understanding and knowing. If the Angels had this ability, He would also teach them. Therefore, the Angels and other creatures do not have the ability of knowing all things.

Now, what was the second thing, which was loaded to Adam? This is as follows:

“I inspired man with the knowledge of sin and piety; blessed shall be the man who has kept it pure and ruined he that has corrupted it (those who get rid of the wickedness and purify himself are saved but those who cover the wickedness and protect them and do not purify themselves stay in darkness.” (Al-Shams, 8, 9, 10) Darkness here means the hell.

My brothers! According to this verse, “Allah has inspired Adam and his children the wickedness as well as He inspired the piety - the fear of Allah-” although Man-Human is the most exalted being after Allah and he bears the pure Spirit and the Word of Allah.

Therefore, Hz. Adam, our Father Adam, the First Man, and we- his children- are struggling between piety and wickedness-evil.

The helpers of piety -piety: the fear of Allah- are: Allah, His Angels and the Holy Spirit. Allah, His Angels, the Prophets, Saints, the Friends of God are the helpers of believers (our piety side). In Chapter Saffat, the Angels address believers as:

“Nahnu evliyaukum-We-the Angels are your Guardians-Friends- in this world and in the hereafter.” (Al-Fussilet-31)

According to Wahabis, there is no other friend except Allah but there are some other Friends besides Allah depending on this verse.

In another verse: “O Believers! Your only protectors are God, His Apostle Muhammad (a.s.) and the Faithful; those who attend to their prayers, render the alms levy (the inner purity is also included in to this alms) and kneel down in worship before God.” (Al-Maidah, 55)

This kneeling down (prostration) includes Allah, the Prophets, the Friends of God and the ones who bear Holy Spirit same as the prostration before Adam and the Prophet Joseph. (Joseph, 100)

Therefore, the First Man and his children cannot be exempt from committing sins or wickedness.

This is the truth! In this situation, Adam’s forgetting the command “La tekreba! - Do not approach this tree!” for a moment and committing evil or sin do not cause to regard him totally wicked. Adam obeyed the immorality, which was inspired him by Allah, only for once and Adam must not be regarded completely sinful due to this. Considering man, who is equipped with very high and holy qualities, as totally wicked and sinful for his one fault does not agree with fairness-justice-.

If Adam was totally sinful and wicked (every sin is a wickedness), why did great Allah make all the Angels including Gabriel, prostrate before Him?

Firstly, Let us touch on the reality of the Spirit; Allah says for the Spirit: “Ve yes elunuke anir ruhi kulirruhu min emir rabbi ve ma utitum minel ilma illa kalila- Muhammad! They put questions to you about the Spirit. Say: ‘Spirit is at my Lord’s Command.’ Little indeed the knowledge vouchsafed to you.” (Al-Isra, 85)

Who is addressed by this verse? The people addressed by this divine word are the people of the Book because at that time those that mentioned the subject of Spirit or that put forward questions about it and asked our Prophet about it were the Jewish Rabbis and Christian priests among the People of the Book. Allah says that He gave very little knowledge about the Spirit to the People of the Book because there was not any mention of the spirit among the polytheists anyway. This is a truth! Now, depending on this verse, our Madrasa Ulamas, the rationalist scholars of jurisprudence want to generalize it saying: “Spirit cannot be known, Allah gave very little knowledge about Spirit” whereas Allah does not say to the Prophet “The knowledge about Spirit is given to you very little”. Yet, the Prophets and the Holy Friends of God, the real heirs of the Prophet that have the complete knowledge and wisdom of Allah, know physical and spiritual sciences. They especially know the sciences about spirituality and Unity. They have the whole knowledge. This is a reality!

It is definite that Spirit is the command of Allah and it is definite that spirit is the Divine Breath of Allah and His Holy Breath too because Breath and Command (Emr) is also the Word of Allah. Adam is a total, complete scholar and a total scholar cannot be degraded for his one mistake for a moment.

Divine breath, Divine Command and divine Holy Breath are Divine Light. The Person of Allah is also Divine Light. The Command of Allah is also Divine Light. Divine Light is only one in reality. There cannot be two Divine Lights same as the Sun and its ray (light).

The meaning of “Command (emr)” in grammar is as a verb “to command” like “to help” or “Don’t help” This is related to Arabic grammar same as “do or don’t do”. Yet, “emr” has several meanings. The real or original meaning of “emr” is “state-condition-case-mood”. When the real meaning of “EMR” is “STATE-CONDITION”, the owner-possessor of the state is Allah. State (condition) is the attribute of the possessor of the state because quality means attribution. The meaning of attribution in Turkish is quality. Let us have a look at the Sun shown as an example of God:

There is the Sun, itself, the subject of it in the Sky, yet, there are several states or conditions of the sun. The Person and the entity of Allah is One but He has various qualities, attributes. The states, the conditions or the attributes of the sun are its radiance, light, energy, temperature and its colors. It has many other states that have not been proved or confirmed yet. Since Allah says “Spirit is from My Emr (State)” or “it is My divine state-condition”, the state - the condition of Allah are also His qualities-attributes. Therefore, the Spirit that comes to being from “EMR” is Divine and it is an attribute of Allah.

The Person-the Existence of Allah is “DIVINE LIGHT”. The state-condition and His Spirit that come to being from His state, His Pure Breath and His Word is also Divine Light because they are from the Pure Person of Him. Person and Attributes are not two beings. Attributes-states are not an entity or existence but they are the qualities of the entity or existence same as the rose or the flowers and their several beautiful colors and scents or the Sun and its various properties. We say that it is definite that Emr is a state- a condition and state is the quality of the possessor’s quality. There are not two separate beings as person and attribute. There cannot be an entity-Person without attributes and there cannot be any attributes without an entity. Attribute is not the Person -Subject Himself but it is the state-the condition of Person-Subject. BOTH THE PERSON AND ATTRIBUTE IS DIVINE LIGHT, POWER AND STRENGTH. THERE ARE NOT TWO DIVINE LIGHTS OR TWO POWERS. DIVINE LIGHT IS SOLE AND SIDELESS –INFINITE- AND TWO SIDELESS-INFINITE- BEINGS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED.

Now I am requesting from My Christian brothers to think whether it is fair to regard Hz. Adam-the First man-Human- the holiest being after Allah and bearing the Exalted Spirit, the COMMAND, the STATE, the ATTRIBUTE, the HOLY BREATH and the WORD OF ALLAH- totally wicked, evil and sinful, considering also the wickedness loaded to him by Allah.

If only piety had been inspired to Adam and his children and wickedness had not been inspired, would there be any need for an examination of human-Adam and his children?

Adam and his children would have been DIVINE LIGHT like Angels then. They would have never committed sins then. In that case, there would be no need for religion, faith and warning Prophets, the Friends of God and Saints and there would not be any worship and prayers in synagogues, churches and mosques. Everybody would be like an angel then. Whereas, Allah created the hell -a dark world- and low beings; such as the cursed Satan and genies and those who obey them in the dark world. Allah is not one-sided.

The person of Allah is One and His hands are two. In other word: His attributes are regarded in two categories.

Allah has wrath, torture, anger but at the same time, Allah has mercy, compassion, affection, love and help. From one of His hands, wickedness, evil, sins are manifesting; from His other hand, favor, grace, beauties, mercy, great loves, great comprehensions are manifesting.

Allah has opposite attributes. They are called as Jalali (wrathful) Attributions and Jamali (beautiful-merciful) Attributions in Islamic Sufism and the origin of dialectic is Divine but not physical.

The constant wars between the opposites in nature, in man, nearly in everything continue all the time. Goodness try to be dominant over wickedness and wickedness try to be dominant over goodness. The helpers of the good people are Allah, the Prophets, the Friends of God, the Saints who bear the Holy Spirit and the Angels. The helpers of the wicked are cursed Satan, the people who follow and obey him and the genies.

There is also a verse: “Şeyatinel insi vel cin-the devils among men and genies.” (Al-An’am, 112)

They are the Satanists and the good people are the merciful ones.

“Do you not see wherever there is a rose flower, there is always a thorn near it. A rose and a thorn are hidden in a green rose bush.”

This and the similar samples are the symbols. They symbolize the opposites. Whatever exists in this physical world are the symbols of the ones in the inner world. After explaining this, the view of the church is: All the people-from Adam to Jesus are sinful. That means the Prophets before Jesus are also sinful. Abraham, Moses, David, Jacob, Joseph, Enoch, Aaron, Shuaib, John, Zachariah, or all the Prophets and Saints who was born before Jesus are sinful and unclean people because they are the sons of Adam- Human, who was sinful and unclean. According to the church, Allah sent Jesus and He cleaned or purified people from uncleanness and sins and saved them.

First of all, Jesus, like all the Prophets, saved the Disciples who believed in him and some Jews. A Prophet or a Saint does not save the person who does not believe in him. Then, if Hz. Jesus had saved those Adam and his sons, nearly four billon people, excluding Muslims and Christians, Jews are also included into it now, deny Hz. Jesus. Others except Jews do not accept Allah. Moreover, the children whom they say they baptized and purified commit grave sins, shed blood when they grow up. WHAT KIND OF A SALVATION IS THIS?

They say: God and Hz. Jesus are merciful. Then why did Allah create the Hell? What is the meaning of the verse in the Bible: “They will be burnt furiously in the Hell”?

Jesus, all the Prophets, the Friends of God and the saints do not have infinite mercy. The denials, cruel and sinners will certainly be punished. God has wrath and forgiveness. God is forgiving but He is just and fair at the same time. He does not forgive the injustice applied to people. “Allah is mighty and capable of revenge.” (Al-Maidah, 95)

Allah will surely take the revenge from those who treated people unjustly. Allah cursed the satan and the wrongdoers. He does not forgive the Satan and the wrongdoers. Man may commit sins. This exists in his human nature. Allah says:“Believers-those who believe in God- do not reject my order except a strong incentive-cause- motive.” They commit sin unintentionally. We may commit sin due to the temptation of Satan and the motive of our physical side or instincts. Allah says:

“If believers commit evil or wrong their souls, they remember me and seek forgiveness for their sins.” (The Imrans-135)

He already says for Adam (a.s.v.) in the Koran: “I sent My commandments to him and he returned back to Me and repented.” “He is the forgiving One-The merciful.” (Al -Baqarah, 37)

He says in the Koran that He has forgiven his sins and faults at that moment.


“Ve kane bi’l Mu’minine Rahima-He is merciful to true believers.” (Al-Ahzab, 43)


All the Prophets, from Adam to Hz. Muhammad (a.s.v.), Divine Saints and Friends of God are the pious people who approached Allah. They are sacred personalities. They are the words of Allah because they bear the Holy Spirit, Holy Breath or Holy Decree in their hearts. Therefore, they are spirits and the Words of Allah.

May peace be upon the words of Allah! May peace be upon those who have a little bit of faith and love to them! I send them my kind greetings and I send my kind regards to believers who say, “Allah is One”. We hope we will get together in the presence of God, who is very pure and very holy and we will reach the infinite happiness. Amen!

The meaning of “Jesus is the Spirit and the Word of Allah.” (Al-Nisa, 171) does not refer to the physical body that he got from the womb of Hz. Mary but the Spirit and the Word of Allah breathed to that body. In other word, it is the original of Jesus. It is the spiritual side of Jesus but not his physical body because the spirit of Adam is divine but his body is created. Divine Spirit, Holy breath, Holy Word is not creature but it is His Command (Emr).

“Ela lehul halku ve’l emr-Be awake-Know that His is the Creation and His is the Command!” (Al-Araf, 54)

In this verse, the creation and the command are definitely separated from each other. Creature is created, command is divine. Creation and (Emr) command are different from each other. Both of them belong to Allah. Then, Emr (condition -state- mood) is not created. Body is created but Spirit, Word, Divine Breath that is His mood, His state are its owner’s -Allah’s- attributes. Since Allah is Divine Light, His state, mood, condition and attribution is also Divine Light.

For this reason, the Prophets and Saints are called as the Spirit, the Word and the WORDS of Allah. Jesus has already mentioned his body in his saying, as “Bread is my outer skin-my flesh”. Therefore, Hz. Jesus is also a human-being-a man due to his physical body and a Spirit-a Word due to his spiritual side. HIS EXTERIOR (physical body) IS MAN (HUMAN) AND HIS INTERIOR (spirit) IS THE HOLY SPIRIT AND THE HOLY WORD same as the Prophet Adam. His exterior was also a human-man and his interior was Divine Spirit, Divine Breath and Holy Word.

“Meseli İsa, indillahi kemeseli Adam- Jesus is like Adam in the sight of Allah.” (The Imrans, 59)

“Mel mesihübni Meryeme illa Resul-The Messiah, the son of Mary was no more than an Apostle.” (Al-Maidah, 75)

Now we are giving another example:

“The Sun in the sky and the qualities of it: light and shadow.”

The diffused energy-light in nature, the active electricity-light-energy in an electric bulb, an electric bulb made of glass and Allah, Spirit and physical body. When we look at these realities, we see three things as a vision.

1-The Sun

2- The sunlight not separated from the Sun

3- Shadow

They are a reality-truth. Yet, there is also an identity or true nature of a thing.

We see these three realities as an appearance. These three things appear in vision but not in identity. When we look at these three things as an identity, we meet a greater reality:

1- The Sun and its light is only one being.

2- The sun and its light that extends us from it are not separate. The sun and sunlight are not two things but they are only one thing-one entity. The rays of the Sun do not separate. The rays of the Sun do not separate from the Sun. You cannot split-divide- the rays of the sun into two parts with a ruler.

The rays of the Sun come with the Sun at dawn, they extend and spread everywhere and they set with the Sun in the evening again. While the sun is setting, it does not leave a square millimeter light on the walls. It comes completely and leaves completely. Therefore, the sunlight is not a second being apart from the Sun.

By the way, we had better say that nobody is able to step on the lights of the Sun. If you intend to step on the sunlight, you see that the light is on your foot and your foot is under the sun. There is a well-known saying: “HAQ- TRUTH CANNOT BE TRODDEN IN REALITY!” Haq is always above and superior. This is also another great reality. What trodden is the physical body. Spirit cannot be trodden because spirit is the Divine Light of God, His Light, His holy Breath and Word.

3- Shadow is artificial and created. Shadow has no atoms either. If light does not exist, shadow does not exist either. Yet, light exists even without a shadow and it does not need shadow.

The sun and its light do not know what night or dark is. The sun and its light is only one Light. Shadow does not have and cannot have a structural relation with the sun itself and with its light. Shadow is a creature.

Then, what has happened to this trinity? Trinity is in appearance. The origin is unity. The sun and its light is only one being and it is Divine Light same as electricity and the bulb.

Natural electricity in nature and the electricity in an electric bulb are not two things. We see it in that way. The electricity in a bulb is the diffused electricity in nature. There are not two beings. The bulb is matter, glass, a substance and it is created. A glass bulb has no relation with electricity in structure. It is a tool.

Here, the trinity or triplicity we see as an appearance has vanished and only one thing has remained: the diffused electricity in nature and the electricity in the bulb, which is an extension of it or itself.

1- Allah

2- The Holy Spirit- the light of Allah, Himself-

3- The physical body which is matter and which the Holy Spirit is breathed into.

Physical body, which is a creature like a shadow and an electric bulb, has no structural relation with Allah and Spirit, which is His attribution. The physical body is a substance and it is matter.

It is a creature like shadow and bulb. It is created. Now see what happened! We thought that there were three things at our first look.

Then, such a trinity does not exist in reality. There is only ONE DIVINE LIGHT as Allah and His attribution. Physical body is not Divine Light, it is created and it is a creature. Allah is Allah with His person and Attributions. He is Divine Light, Power and Strength. He is knowledge, wisdom, beauty and total perfection. Allah is perfect. His existence, which is Divine Light, is infinite. He is only one Existence as there cannot be two infinite existences. He is only one Existence. He is exempt from polytheism, trinity, ugliness and incapability. As the infinite being does not accept duality, how can He accept trinity, quatrain etc…?

Allah, who consists of infinite Divine Light, power, strength and many other attributions, is Sole and One.

He is unique, peerless and matchless so the self-esteem of Allah is the most sublime and holiest self. The other selves are temporary selves like the bubbles on the sea for a moment. The real self is Allah.

“Külli şey’in Halikun illa vechehu - Everything perishes except the Face- the Person of Allah.” (Al-Kassas, 88)

“Küllü men aleyha, fan ve yebka, vechu rabbike zül celali vel ikram - All that lives on earth is doomed to die. But the face of your Lord will abide for ever in all its majesty and glory.” (Al-Rahman, 27)

“Allah is in a glory, in an activity, every instant.” (Al-Rahman, 29)

Allah is alive-dynamic, He is not static. He is not passive but He is active. Therefore, beings are being refreshed and renewed without being separated from their essence and the life continues. In the Koran there are verses as: The First Creation and the New Creation. It means that creation continues every instant. The evolution theories are taken from these verses. They should not think that Darwin and similar scientists had not read the Koran and the works of Muhyiddin-i Arabi and of Islamic Sufis. However, they misinterpreted them.

Everything is refreshed but origin is not changed. In addition, there is neither a repetition in the creation nor annihilation in origin. The similarities are created but it does not make the original specialty to be lost. It is true that repeating something is inability and not knowing the reality of it. Allah constantly annihilates everything and brings them into being but He creates the similar of them as creating the same thing is an expression of incapability. Allah is not incapable. He is almighty of all things. What difficult for us is easy for Allah.

I give praise and glory to Allah and greet His pure servants He has chosen. I also say: “Sellu ala Nebiyyina Muhammad ve Sellu ala Veliyyina ve Mürşidina Ali.” I greet the families of Hz. Muhammad and Hz. Ali and his real companions (who supported and defended them). May peace be upon those who love the Prophet of Allah, Muhammad, the Friends of Allah, the King of Sanctity Hz. Ali and his children!

I send my greetings to all the families of all the Prophets and to my Brothers who say “Allah is One” and I implore from my Lord the salvation of all the people.

Crime is personal. Nobody can be blamed for the crime of other people. Others cannot be considered sinful because of the sins of other people. Children cannot be blamed for the guilt of their father and a father cannot be blamed for the guilt of his children. Neither intelligence nor conscience (faith) can accept such a thing. There will be injustice then.

“Vaziretun vizra uhra- Nobody shall bear another’s sin (burden).” (Al-An’am 164)

One’s personal guilt cannot be asked from another person. What created afterwards has an end. Allah, who exists spontaneously, eternally, and the Spirit, the attribution of Allah, are infinite. Everything dies but Allah and Spirit does not die.




1st November, 2005

Footnote: “Revelation, inspiration, breathing”, the meaning of these expressions written in the Koran is transmitting or passing on.