Rabıta (spiritual Connection)

In the Religion of Islam, there is no mediator between man and God and there cannot be any either. Establishing a connection and taking an oath of allegiance (to swear fealty) do not mean to make contact with an ordinary and ignorant man. Connection and swearing fealty is to the Holy Spirit (This spirit is the decree of God and it is qualified with all the qualities of God, firstly the Science attribute) or to the people who have this Holy Spirit such as the Prophets, Walis, Perfect Men and Scholars. Connection and swearing fealty is to the knowledge and wisdom but not to a physical body. Spirit is Divine Light and the commandment attribution of God and it is not a creature so, you swear fealty to Haq (the Truth) but not to ordinary people.

Turning towards the light of the sun means turning towards the sun. When you incline to the Perfect Man who bears Holy Spirit, who is wise and scholar, you incline to God. He cannot be called as a mediator because the spirit is the radiance-the light of God and it is impossible to make contact with the sun without radiance and the sun cannot be known without it either.

Therefore, a person who cannot communicate with the Holy Spirit cannot communicate with God, because God is very big and immense Divine Light. If this Divine Light suddenly becomes visible, the entire Universe burns. God sent us the Prophets and the Walis who bear this Holy spirit so as not to remain deprived of the Divine Light and in order to illuminate our spiritual world just like the stars and to inform us about the immense, infinite Divine Light.

The Perfect Man is Nur (Divine Light) -radiance-, God is very big and infinite Divine Light. It is a fact that "Those who do not like little light and do not accept it, do not like and accept much light at all." They are just like the bats. If they do not like and accept the Perfect Men, the Friends of God and the Prophets whose hearts and spirits shine like an electric bulb and who are Divine Lights, how will they accept and love the Prophet Muhammad Mustafa, the sun of God, and Allah, who is limitless, edgeless Divine Light?

Some people say: "We believe in God, we love God, we do not care about the Prophets and we are also human"; and some say: "We believe in the Prophets of God, Who are the Walis (Saints, the Friends of God)?" All these sayings are nonsense, blasphemy and told in order to cover the reality.

The principle is: "Those who do not like little light can never like much light.”

There are and there will be Perfect Men who have good faith, who own the Holy Spirit and who know God entirely among all these people in the world because life goes on, the sun rises and sets and people are alive. God created the Universe in order to be known and the reality to be understood perfectly. Those who do not have the Knowledge of "Men Araf" and have not acquired the Knowledge of "Ledünnü -The Secrecy of the Divine World (Divinely Bestowed Knowledge)" cannot know the essence of the reality with perfection and cannot reach the universal good morals.

As the life goes on, there will be Perfect Men. If it is said that there are not any left, there will be no need for this world because it is contrary to the mystery of the creation. If there are unripe grapes in a vineyard, there are also the ripe ones. There are absolutely Perfect Men among ignorant and imperfect men, like the ripe grapes in a vineyard among millions of unripe grapes. They are the Friends of God (Walis). If a person cannot make contact with a Perfect Man, he is in deep darkness, in bewilderment and in corruption. It is not possible to know God without a Perfect Man and to be benefited from the light and the true Knowledge of God.

Adam - the Perfect Man - is the mirror who reflects God's person and the spirit and the heart of the Perfect Man is the Divine Light, the attribute of God.