Not To Plot Mischief Not To Cause Disorder (anarchy)

Mischievousness (anarchy) means to start disorder in a society and to make the water turbid. Some people arenaturally anarchists and some people look like them as they spend their time together with them. They get a kind of sexual pleasure from this.

Their bosom is stressed because they have no divine light in their hearts. They are always in straits. They try to get rid of their stress by starting anarchy and disorder and they comfort themselves in this way.

What we call as militant and terrorist among anarchists are this sort of people.

There are also some big mischief-makers. They are the wicked people who want to get the control of the government and be in power to give orders and commands in the society where they live. They start anarchy systematically; although they show themselves as a reformer or renovator, they always defend disorder, action and fighting.

Yet, God said in the Koran about them:

“O Muhammad! Those who say that they do nothing but good are the people who are the real evil-doers (anarchists).”

(Al-Baqarah, 11-12)

A real reformer or renovator never says that he is a reformer. He tries to ameliorate people for the sake of Allah and nobody knows this.

Starting anarchy in the world causes disorder and provokes mischief, quarrels, brawls, fights and bloodshed in that society.

God says in several verses: “Do not corrupt the earth after it has been purged of evil!” (Al-Araf, 56)

However, Islam also commanded to resist legally and not to be humiliated before cruelty. Islam always ordered to defend the truth, the real justice and patience.

In Islam, jihad (strive, defense of the faith, holy war) is permitted against the cruel (dictator) and against those who forbid the declaration of the path of Allah and His Prophet (A.S.V.).

Jihad is also made against the enemies who attack our country by the order of the ruler or leader of the country.

“Kul etiullahe ve etiurresule ve ul’il emir minküm - Say (O Muhammad!): Obey Allah and obey the Apostle and those in authority among you (the Muslim ruler of your country)!” (Al- Nisa, 59)

“He that fights-strives- fights for himself (against his carnal desires).” (Al-Ankabut, 6)

Depending on the above verses, jihad cannot be started by whoever wants. Allah advised to fight against one’s own carnal desires and to correct himself as jihad is decided by the ruler of that country. (1) The benefit of jihad is again for the person who jihads himself.

It is also commanded not to object or not to be against to the government or the rulers of the government as long as they do not ban the proclamation and transmission of the Koran and the sacred sayings of the Prophet and the performance of worship even though the government or the rulers of that country are not Muslims.

If the Book of Allah-the Glorious Koran-, the sacred sayings of the Prophet, the works and doctrines of the great Religious personalities, the interpreters of law and of Sufis are openly spoken, discussed and communicated, resisting or opposing against the leader of the country under the name jihad means only mischief making or causing anarchy because God says:

“O Muhammad! Your duty is only to give plain warning.”

(Al-Maidah-92, Al-Nur-54)

God ordered not to constrain one’s thoughts and beliefs. If the political leaders or public officials of a country forbid the reciting, translating and interpreting of the Koran, then it is the duty and the greatest worship of every Muslim to resist and to oppose against it. If he does not object to it in that case, he will be responsible for it at God’s sight. Whoever dies for the sake of this is accepted as a martyr. (Fortunately, the Koran and the Sacred Sayings of the Prophet are permitted in our country.)

Islam also ordered to resist against the cruel (dictator). Those who desire jihad in any way, apart from these, are the sadist people who have evil thoughts and who like bloodshed. Shortly, they are the mischief-makers, anarchists that support terrorism.

They do not support jihad but they provoke mischief. They cause the division of the country or nation and the invasion of the enemy by making everybody hate each other and starting a war inside the country. They make matters worse. Most of them are wicked, selfish people who worship their own benefits and who want to be in power. They are dangerous, religious fanatics and hypocrites.

As Ziya Pasha says:

“Those are the people who give orders to the world,

There are a thousand kinds of faults in their houses!” (2)

It is advised not to follow such mischief-makers and you should struggle against them violently. They are adventurous, maniac, dishonest people who do not care for the result of an event.

You must think about the mischief which was started even during Hz. Osman’s time by the mad mischief-makers like Muaviye, Marwan and Amr ibn ül As and the result of that mischief in Islam. Nobody can deny how they divided and separated such a great and true religion.

The blood of the wound carved with a dagger into the heart of Islam by these three mischief-makers mentioned above in order to be in power has not stopped yet and it is still dripping.

Muslims should take warning from this historical fact and try to strengthen our established order and country and they should try to make it better through free discussion in a humanly way instead of ruining or destroying it.

If we do not get along well with each other, our historical state weakens and (May Allah protect it!) the enemies invade it. They turn our mosques into a church or a nightclub, change the religion of our people by force and they rape our mothers and sisters in front of our eyes.

All the illegal demonstrations and actions taken against a state, which accepted democracy, are mischief and anarchy even if they are performed under the name either action or jihad. They prepare a way for terrorism.

It is a treachery and high treason towards the religion and state. God Forbid! (3)

(1) Our great Prophet (s.a.v.) said: “The real fighter is the one who fights against his carnal desires”. (From Fudale b. Ibat, Hakim; see also Ibni Habban Taberani, Thirmizi)

(2)Those who have a thousand kinds of immoral qualities in themselves want to arrange the society according to their wishes.

(3) See Ascension in Man