Perfect (mature) Man (i̇nsan - I Kâmil)

"İnni cailün fil ardi halifeten - I placed man on the earth one that shall rule as My deputy." (Al-Baqarah, 30)

"Veallemel Ademe esmae külleha - I taught Adam (man) all my names." (Al- Baqarah, 31)

"Lekadhalaknel insane fi ahseni takvim - I created man in the most noble, beautiful image." (Al- Tin, 4)

"Venefehtü fihi min ruhi - I breathed into man from My own Spirit." (Sad, 72)

"Ve izkülna lilmelaiketiscüdü li Adame fesecedu illa iblis - I said to the angels: Prostrate yourselves before man, they all prostrated themselves except Satan." (Al- Baqarah, 34)

"Innellahe halakel Ademe ala suretihi - God created man in His own image."

These verses of the Koran and the sacred saying of God enlighten our subject.

Although human body has been created more perfect than the other living things, the superiority of man is because of the sacred spirit he has.

"Allahü lâ ilâhe illahu lehül esmaül hüsna - There is no other God but Allah and His are the most gracious names (qualities)." (Taha, 8)

This verse explains that the existence is HUU-HE-ALLAH and that all the beautiful attributes belong to Him. That is true that Existence is He and all the beautiful names and attributes belong to Him, who is the sole existence.

Spirit is the decree of God. It has been created from the Divine Light of God's person but angels have been created from the Divine Lights of the attributes of God, who is the Absolute Presence (from the lights of His beautiful names).

God is One and His hands are two. God said in the Koran that He created man with His two hands. Spirit was existed from the Divine Light of God, Himself but millions of angels were existed from each of God's beautiful names. Spirit is, in fact, only one. The other spirits were existed from the first Muhammadan Spirit just like the sun and the stars.

Spirit is the Divine Light of God's person but the angels are the Divine lights of God's beautiful names. God, who is the existence Himself, is only one and unique and His hands are two. It means His attributes assembled in two categories called as "jalal - power, majesty and wrath" and "jamal - beauty, mercy and grace" because God is both strong and angry and very merciful and beautiful. For this reason, some of the angels are Merciful (Jamal) and some are full of wrath (Jalal).

The devil as called the sample of meanness was created from the name of God "Cebbar-All-Dominating" with the name "Kahhar-Wrathful, Crusher" so, it is the sample of badness, wickedness and untruthfulness. The reason why Satan did not prostrate before man was it could not get rid of the tyranny the name "Cebbar-All Dominating" gave him. He always sees himself strong and boastful because he is under the tyranny of the names "Cebbar and Kahhar". Since the Holy Spirit is the Divine Light of God's person, it bears both the attributes of God's person and the attributes of His names. This truth has been confirmed with the following verse:

"I taught Adam all my names." (Al -Baqarah, 31)

It is also understood with the following verse that the attribute of knowledge belongs to God and spirits have the ability to learn and gain knowledge as a result, man is able to communicate with God.

"Allamel insane ma'lem ya'lem - God teaches man what he does not know." (Al-Alaq, 5)

Spirit has all the opposite powers and attributes although it is very powerful because it has all the mighty and merciful attributes and the Divine light of God's person.

God says in another verse: "İnna halaknel insane min nutfetin emşac - I have created man from the union of two waters, I may put him into proof (I may try him)." (Al- İnsan, 2)

He means to say which attributes of Him will be superior in man. His wrathful or merciful attributes? If His merciful attribute is superior to him, then, man is faithful and religious, and he has reached the Divine Knowledge. If His wrathful attribute is superior, he is bad, cruel, obstinate and repudiate. Spirit is stronger, more superior and scholarly than all the angels, which are the low and holy beings.

For this reason, God made all the angels prostrate before man who has this spirit and He made all the creation, all the creatures depend on man or subjected to man. Spirit and the angels mentioned above are in fact, the essential and attributive powers of God. They are His manifestations - appearances. There is nothing and nobody except God. The only presence is He. All the physical and spiritual beings are the signs - manifestations of Him. This reality has definitely been proved in the first chapter of this book. We should not forget that the only existence is God.

The tree of Existence is one. Its root is Divine Unity (oneness), its branches are the manifestations and its fruit is the Perfect Man. All of them are God, who is eternal, unique, endless and infinite sea of Divine Light. It means: God is One, Messenger is Truth (Haq) or in other words; the existence - presence - is one and the Perfect Man is true. We can exemplify the reality "Existence is One and His manifestations are seven" as "one sea and seven connected waves which flow towards the shore". The secrecy of these seven manifestations is due to the Divine light of God that manifested in six different colors. They are: 1-Lilac colored light blue, 2-The green color of grass, 3-Light yellow, 4-Red, 5-White, 6-Black. The rank of Oneness has no color. It is the world of colorlessness and invisibility. Lâ taayyün esrar - The indefinite mystery....

Another mystery of these seven ranks is hidden in the head of man. Man has got two eyes, two ears, two nostrils and a mouth. When you add them, it makes seven. There are also four different senses on the head of man: seeing, hearing, speaking and smelling. When you multiply 7 by 4, it makes 28 and the Koran consists of 28 Arabic letters. This reality shows that the Koran is hidden in the head of man. It is one of the reasons why the Perfect Man is called "Koran" in Sufism. God has explained the superiority of man with the verse:

"Ve nefehtü fihi min ruhi - I breathed My spirit into man." (Sad, 72)

The spirit that is the Divine Light of God's person and qualified by all the good qualities, mainly science, will certainly be superior to all the physical and spiritual beings by means of this right. God also called man "My messenger, My caliph, My apostle, My prophet, My saint, My heir” because the spirit has the attributes of thinking and inventing.

The body of man was created better and more perfectly than the other beings. The right of standing upright is given only to man among the other beings, which enabled man to be the administrator or the master of the entire universe and of all the physical and spiritual beings. The shape of man and the mysteries or the secrets of God on his face show the superiority of him. When man stands up, he has the form of the Arabic letter Elif "A", when he bends, Dal "D", when he prostrates, Mim"M". If you put these letters next to each other in order, you get the word "ADAM". The reason why the first man was given the name - Adam - depends on this mystery. When man prostrates, he gives the form "MUHAMMAD" in Arabic letters.

“Muhammad” means, "highly praised by God". The name given to the Last Prophet shows his exalted rank and prophecy. As every prophet, the name of the last Prophet is also special and nobody was called by the same name before Him.

Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Noah, Adam, David, John the Baptist, Zachariah, Isaac, Jacob, Ishmael, Aaron, Lot, Hud, Enoch, Sheet and the other Prophets (May peace be upon them!) were given their names before the others. The history of humanity is a witness to this reality. This fact shows that these holy men, mentioned above, have been chosen by God. The Prophets and the Walis who are the friends of God are the Words of God. Another name of the spirit is "the literal word of God".

The Prophet Muhammad, who is the biggest manifestation of God, just like the sun, has taken the name "Cevamiül kelim - Total of all the names". For, he is the divine father of all the spirits -Ebi Mukaddes. Among the other Walis -the Friends of God -, the only person who has a special name is Hazrat Ali, who is the son of Muhammad's uncle. Nobody has taken the name "Ali" before. That is why this greatest friend of God is called "Şâhi Velayet -The King of Sainthood", "Veliyullah - the Saint (Friend) of God" and "Keremallahü Vechehu -God treated his face with honor".

A baby is in the form of prostrating in his mother's womb: His hands are on his ears and his knees are stretched towards his abdomen. He draws the word “Muhammad” in Arabic letters when he is upside down and his feet are together. It shows that God has given man the name "Muhammad -praised". Man draws the word "Muhammad" when he prostrates during his ritual prayer. A poet tells us this reality with the following lines:

"I am evident with my absence; I belong to the family of the Prophet,

In the form of my prostrating, my witness is the name of Muhammad."

Prostrating is the most important action in the performance of the ritual prayer. Prayer consists of three main actions which are called as "Kıyam -standing upright", "Rüku -bending" and "sücut -prostrating". While a person is performing salat, he does all the worships of all the plants, of all the animals and of all the people at the same time. "Namaz" is the most important worship for this reason, God has given this great honor only to man. This worship should be performed with a complete belief and as the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him!) had done. Namaz, which means begging and praying to God, removes wickedness and adultery from man. This matter has been clarified by the following verse:

"İnnessalate tenha anil fehşai vel münker - Namaz fends away the indecency, evil and the adultery." (Al - Ankabut, 45)

Ritual prayer cannot be performed without through cleansing. Man receives physical and moral favors of God when he is in the presence of Him with a clean body and a strong belief. The heart and the body of man who performs this prayer become pure. Cleanliness enables the body and spirit to become healthy. Ritual prayer also means action. Life is action too. If a person performs his ritual worship five times a day, he becomes active and healthy. He is never lazy or insensible.

"Fasting", performed with belief, is also another way of worshipping God. Fasting kills one's lower instincts, his sinful carnal desires and it controls his passions. It enables man to be resolute and determined. It also causes the heart and mind to rest by keeping them away from the pressure of the digesting organs because it has positive effects on the circulation of blood and on the digesting system. Fasting helps man to get used to struggling with his evil feelings. It incites the feelings of fairness and compassion hidden in the spirit and heart of man by means of hunger. In addition, it causes man to feel sorry for the poor and to realize the necessity of helping them. To sum up, fasting helps everybody to understand and to be willing to help each other.

These two very important worshipping "prayer and fasting" should be done in order to get God's love and consent with a true belief, just as the other worships. They are the duty of being a man. They are a secret between man and his God. They should be done as secretly as possible in order not to be seen and heard by the other people. God likes secret worship. Therefore, the Prophet Muhammad encouraged people to perform the secret worship very much as well as the obligatory ones.

As explained above, God has given man the possibility of liberty and limitless authority because of the superiority He entrusted him. He gave everything between the Earth and the Heavens, the Angels and the entire Universe, seen and unseen, to man's command. Man obtained a highness that enables him to perform duty in the name of God due to all these attributes. He also became responsible to God for this liberty and highness. The face of man has been embellished by two eyes that look like the letter "Ayn" in Arabic. His nose looks like "Lam" and his mouth with his upper lips diverted into two in the middle looks like "Ya" which make it very beautiful. When these letters are connected, "Aliyyül âlâ-Very Exalted" is written on his face. It is the proof of the superiority of man by the hand of God.

Man has five inner and five outer senses.

The exterior senses are seeing, smelling, speaking, hearing, touching and the inner ones are imagination, surmising, remembering, memory and thinking, which have embellished and ornamented man.