The Path Of Hazrat Ali

The path of Hazrat Ali is open to those that seek the reality by the paths of his sons: Hasan and Hüseyin and Hasan al Basr, Junayd of Baghdad, from him Abd -al Qadir Gilani, Sayyid Ahmed ar Rufai, Sayyid Ahmed al Bedevi, Sayyid İbrahim of Dusuki, Sheikh Hasan-ı Shazili, Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi, Sümbüli Sinan, Hadji Bayram Wali, Shahabettin Suhreverdi, Necmeddin-i Kübreverdi, Muiniddin-i Cheshdi and of the others. Those who look for the reality can find it if they swear fealty (obey and follow) to these great Walis and the friends of God mentioned above and to the Perfect Men who have followed them.

This path of God will continue forever because God's mercy and justice will protect them. He who seeks finds, he who does not look for him is responsible. He will be questioned and become guilty if he does not, because God has given man His sacred spirit that has the qualities of thinking, searching and learning.