The Path Of Hazrat Abu Bakr

The Path of Hazrat Abu Bakr comes to Imam-ı Jafar al-Sadıq, Beyazid-i Bistami following the path of Selman-i Farisi. This path is divided into two as Abdulhalik-i Gücdüvani and Ahmed-i Yesevi by the way of Beyazid-i Bistami. The path of Hadji Bektash Wali is opened from Ahmed-i Yesevi. The path meets Muhammad Bahaeddin, Imam-ı Rabbani, Mawlana Halid Ziyaeddin and similar great scholars of God from the path of Gücdüvani by means of Muhammad Baba Sammasi.

The path of Abu Baqr is also open to those who look for the reality. It is true. Those who obey them can find the reality. These two paths are called "Tariq-i Alawiye and Tariq-i Baqriye" by the old Sufis. They are both right and they both lead to Muhammad Mustafa, who is the sun of God, and from Him they reach the Greatest of the Great.

“The spirit of the Perfect Man has unlimited authority in two worlds,

Do not say that he is dead and nobody can get a remedy from him!

Spirit is the sword of God, the skin covers it,

The sword out of its sheath can benefit more.”

And they also said:

"Look for Adam (man), find Adam and be Adam with Adam!"

The path of God starts by finding the Perfect Man and by swearing fealty (allegiance) to him by hand and with heart. Then, the path of becoming perfect goes on by getting Divine energy from the sacred spirit of the Perfect Man, which has become annihilated and re-existed in God and by remembering (Dhikr) the greatest name of God "ALLAH" and His other beautiful names. This means: making connection with the heart and the spirit of the Perfect Man that looks like a shining bulb. It is as if putting a plug into a socket. Divine love and light begins to fill into the heart of the follower of God during this spiritual connection as in the example of plugging into a socket. His heart becomes like a large pool by remembering the names of God in this way.

As the aspirant (the follower of God) continues to keep this spiritual bond and remember God very often and constantly, his heart becomes a sea of Divine Light. When He becomes like sea, he becomes a Perfect Man, a friend of God. Our great Prophet said: "Become a sea but do not get changed!", which means the aim is to become a sea because ponds, rivers, streams may become turbid and different but sea never changes, just on the contrary it changes the objects which fall into it and dyes them into its own color. Then, the Perfect Man is just like the sea. Whoever dives into him is destroyed, lost and has become annihilated in him and become sea-like. He takes on God's own color.

"Sıbğet Allah - Take on God's own color (dye)!” (Al-Baqarah, 138)

"Divest and meet!"

The verse and the sacred saying of God written above confirm the subject mentioned in this chapter.