The Path Of God

Becoming mature and perfect by getting rid of the ignorance and immaturity, as a result, having good qualities is possible if we find and swear fealty to the Perfect Man, who is the scholar of God and who has good virtues and if we are trained under His divine and spiritual education.

"Ircii! - Return to your God!" (Al-Fath, 28)

The above order should be kept in mind and the Prophet Muhammad, who is the greatest person in the path of God, should be followed because He was the last and like the Sun. He was born just like the sun and returned to his God like the setting of the sun. After he had died, humanity sank deeply into darkness. This merciful messenger of God did not want humanity to remain in the deep darkness after he died and said:

"Ene medinetül ilmi ve Aliyyün bâbuha - I am the city of knowledge and Ali is the gate to the city." And also:

"Eshabiken nücum - My faithful friends who have seen me are just like the stars.”

He showed Ali, who is his greatest heir and the master of all the Sufi saints, and his best friends to humanity as a guide with the permission and the desire of God. He left the greatest Friend of God Hazrat ALİ, who is the gate of knowledge -divine knowledge- and enlightens the earth like the full moon and also his greatest friend Hazrat Abu Bakr, and his other friends that look like the shining stars in the Sky with us, in order that those that look for the reality would not be deprived of it.

Thus, the sacred and divine path of God has been left open. Those who obey them find the right way. In the course of time, the paths, except the paths of Hazrat Ali and Abu Bakr, have been lost or hidden.