Our Family Tree





Our first ancestor arrived in Anatolia (to Diyarbakır) from Kufa during the reign of Murat IV. There was a riot going on and he was martyred there. His son was born on the day he died. They gave him the name: “Bulduk Bey”. His name was Sayyid Ahmed (Sayyid Ahmed Bulduk Bey).

They moved to Palu after Diyarbakır. They had lived there for about 200 years. My maternal grandfather said that “Sheikh Ali Efendi from Palu had been one of the uncles of our ancestor “Küçük Muhammed Efendi”. His title was: Sheikh Ali Efendi Palovi.

They moved to Gerger after Palu. However, they did not live for a long time there. They moved to Kahta - Mirdas from that place. The grave of our ancestor Hafız Mustafa Efendi, who came to Mirdas, was in the village of Lidar across Samsat. It has already been remained under the water of Dam. The village called Akçalı of Mirdas was given to them (as they were Sayyids) as a present by the Ottomans during the time of Abdulaziz.

Our ancestor, Hafiz Dede had three sons: Mahmud, Mustafa and Muhammad (Küçük –Little - Muhammad Efendi is our grandfather).

Our Ancestor Küçük Muhammad Efendi was buried in the Hacı Efendi Shrine in Adıyaman. The name of this tomb was decided as The Tomb of Küçük Muhammed by the decision of the Council of Ministers in 1960s and this was reported to the Governor of the Province of Adiyaman.

Our Ancestor Küçük Muhammed Efendi was the Caliph of Hz. Halit Ziyaeddin and Hafiz Muhammad Selim Efendi. The tomb of Hafiz Muhammad Selim Efendi from Urfa is in the Urfa Tannery Mosque.

This person (Hafız Muhammad Selim Efendi from Urfa) was the maternal grandfather of Selim Efendi (Selim Bilgiç,) who was the father of Zeliha Yardımcı.

The sons of Hz. Küçük Muhammed Efendi are as follows:

  1. Sait Hodja (The Caliph of Beyzade Ali Efendi from Elazığ)
  2. Suleyman Hodja (The father of Selim Bilgiç)
  3. Hadji Habib Hodja

The sons of Hz. Said Hodja:

1)Haydar Efendi (Poet)

2)Hidayet Hodja

  1. Hadji Hüseyin Efendi

Hadji Hüseyin Efendi was the maternal grandfather of my mother Zeliha. He was the Caliph of Sait Hoca.

The Children of Süleyman Hodja:

His son Selim Bilgic (The Caliph of Hadji Efendi)

His daughter Sıdıka Bilgic

The Children of Hadji Habib Hodja:

Hacı Efendi (The Caliph of our grandfather Hadjı Hüseyin Efendi)

Bahaddin Hodja Efendi.

The Children of our Grandfather Hadji Hüseyin:

Sait Bilgiç

Ali Bilgiç

Ayşe Bilgiç (The mother of my mother Zeliha)

Ümmühan Bilgiç (The daughter-in-low of Nakips, the mother of my aunt Hatice)

Our grandfather Süleyman Efendi was a great Hodja-Scholar in Madrasa.

Our Grandfather Küçük Muhammed Efendi had studied fiqh lessons at the Madrasas of Malatya and Sivas, then, He went to Damascus. He had served Hz. Halit Ziyaeddin for 8 years then he returned to Adıyaman. Hz. Halit  Ziyaeddin said for him:

Muhammad from Adiyaman, you completed your spiritual journey. Now go back to Adiyaman. You had just a little bit missing knowledge and you can learn (complete) it from Hafiz Muhammed Selim Efendi, who is my Caliph in Urfa. And he also said: You are from Sayyids, one of your descendants will be a helper of Hz. Mahdi A.S. I give you the good news.

Hz. Küçük Muhammed Efendi left Damascus and paid a short visit to Urfa. He served Hz. Hafız Selim Efendi in Urfa for 6 months. Hafız Selim Efendi had given him Caliphate and he returned back to Adıyaman. Hafız Efendi was maternal grandfather of my mother Zeliha Yardımcı’s father Selim Efendi.

Hz. Küçük Muhammed Efendi is the paternal grandfather of Zeliha Yardımcı.

Hz. Halit Ziyaeedin was an advanced Master – Religious Guide of Naqshbandi of 19th century. He was one of the Northern Iraqi Kurds and also a descendant of Hz. Osman.

May Allah be pleased with all of them!

Footnote: Our five great mothers are the descendants of our Masters Hazrat Hassan-Hussein. Our grandfathers had married to five Sayyidas in History. They are the maternal descendants of Hazrat Ali.

The words of the Men of God are the greatest source of liveliness!

They turn the earth to mineral at one glance!

They are the people, who know the secrets of God,

But they hide it in appearance!”

Here! The glory of Allah’s Muslim Saints (Awliya) is very exalted.

This information was given by Kazim Rufai (Yardımcı,) who was the son of Zeliha Yardımcı,-the daughter of Selim Bilgiç- and the son of Hz. Mustafa Rufai who was the son of Mansur, whose title was Hadamat (servant)-of Ahlal Bayt-of Muhammad.

The spiritual divine attachment of Kazim-I Rufai (YARDIMCI) is as follows:


Our God is ALLAH (Allah is one)

Our Prophet is Hz. Muhammad (S.A.V)

Our Spiritual Guide is Hz. Ali (K.V.)

Our Book is the Glorious Koran

Our direction is the Kaaba

Our Religion is Islam

Ahl al Bayt are four:

Mother Fatima, Hz. Ali (k.v.), Hz. Hasan and Hz. Husayn

Al-i Aba are:

Hz. Muhammad (S.A.V.), Hz. Ali (K.V.), Hz. Fatima, Hz. Hasan and Hz. Husayn.

The Four Caliphs are, in order:

Hz. Abubaqir: He was famous for his loyalty to our Prophet (S.A.V.). He was from Hashimid Family on her mother’s side (maternally). He was our Mother Aisha’s father. He is a sacred, holy Muslim Saint.

Hz. Omar: He was stern but very just. He made Islam universal by annexing Iran, Egypt and Jerusalem to Islamic lands (The territories from India to Algeria). He is a holy Muslim Saint.

Hz. Osman: He was famous for his generosity having a gentle and good-tempered character. He was a holy Muslim Saint having a blessed saintly face.

Hz. Ali (k.v.): He was from Ahl al Bayt that is mentioned in the Koran. He is the chief of Ahl al Bayt. He is the Gate to Divine Knowledge, the best learned man, the imam of the pious, the master of believers and the spiritual guide who is a Friend of God. His title is Shah-i Walayat (The King of Sainthood). He is our Prophet’s (S.A.V) eldest son-in-law and our greatest, holy, sacred, saintly spiritual guide. Allah the Most High purified Ahl al Bayt specially Himself. “İnnema yüredullahi liyüzhibe ankümürricse Ehl-el Beyt’i veyütehhireküm tethira-Ahl al Bayt are very clean (pure). Allah willed them to be pure.” (Al-Ahzab, 33) “Ahl al Bayt are our Masters Hz. Fatima, Hz. Ali, Hz. Hasan and Hz. Husayn.” Our Mother Ummu Salama and Mother Aisha said that Ahl al Bayt were these personalities.

“The Prophet of Allah said: ‘Ahl al Bayt are Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husayn, O Lord! They are my Ahl al Bayt (Family members).’ From Mother Aisha; Muslim, Sahih, vol 7, p. 130. From Mother Ummu Salama: Thirmizi, Sunen, vol.5, p. 663”

The Twelve Imams are:

Hz. Aliyyül Mürteza (k.v)

Hz. Hasan

Hz. Hüseyin

Hz. Zeynel Abidin Ali

Hz. Muhammad Bakır

Hz. Cafer-i Sadık

Hz. Musa-i Kâzım

Hz. Ali Rıza

Hz. Muhammad Taki

Hz. Ali Naki

Hz. Hasan al Askari

Hz. Muhammad Mehdi, (Mehdii Al-i Resul)

The four Great Gawsullah are:

Hz. Sayyid Abd-al Qadir Gilani (The greatest Gaws)

Hz. Sayyid Ahmed ar Rufai

Hz. Sayyid Ahmed al Bedevi

Hz. Sayyid İbrahim al Dusuki

These four gaws are also called as “AKTAB-I ERBAA-THE FOUR POLES”.

Our mujtahid in practice is the son of Sabit: Numan Hazretleri, in other words: Abu Hanife Hazretleri, who is the aspirant and student of Imam Jafar al Sadıq, the great expert in the canon law of Islam.

Our sheikh and master is Hz. Sayyid Ahmed er Rufai. We are directly attached to the pure spirit and wise books of Rufai Hazretleri. We do not have a sheikh that we are attached in this world.

The spiritual adherence of Sayyid Ahmed ar Rufai is as follows:

Shah-ı Risalet Our Exalted Master Hz. Prophet (S.A.V)

Shah-ı Walayat Hz. Ali (k.v.)

Hz. Hasan

Hz. Husayn (The Martyr of Karbala)

Hz. Hasan al Basri

Hz. Habibi Acemi

Hz. Davudu Tai

Hz. Marufu Kerhi

Hz. Sırri Saqati

Hz. Cunaydi Bağdadi

Hz. Ebubekiri Şibli

Hz. Ali Acemi

Hz. Abu Ali Rudbari

Hz. Abu Fazıl Bini Kamil

Hz. Aliyyül Karriyül Vasiti

Hz. Pir the Great Gaws, the Sultan of the Wise, the Great Expert, Muslim Saint, the Friend of God, Sayyidina and Murshidina Hz. Sayyid Ahmed ar Rufai, the great Husayni (A.S.) is well known for his good morality.


Thank Allah we are the people of the Koran.

We are Muslims, keeping our first word.

We have not become one of the hypocrite Sufyanis.

We are from Muhammadans.

With Ali, Abu Bakr, Omar and Osman, outwardly and inwardly.

Muawiyah and Marwan are two mischief-makers, canonically,

But we are real immemorial Alawis,

Damn Shimir and Yazid!

We are HUSAYNIS, enduring suffering.

We are the adherents of Ali Muhammad,

We are the Jafaries like Abu Hanifa…

We know that Abu Bakr is the Friend of the Prophet.

But we are the servants of the King of the Sanctity.

We do not have a sheikh in the outer world,

We are connected directly to the Person of RUFAI…

28th July 1978


(Kazim Rufai)