Not To Take Offence At Believers

A person may be offended with a believer (a person who believes in God and His Apostle Hz. Muhammad (a.s.v.) for various reasons. They may not be on friendly terms. He should remember that he is also believer and try to make peace with him immediately and not to stay offended with him.

God says: “İnneme’l Mü’minune ihvetün veeslihu beyne aheveyküm-The believers are a band of brothers. Make peace among your brothers.” (Al-Hujurat, 10)

Reconciling these two offended Muslims is also very meritorious in God’s sight.

Our Prophet (a.s.v.) said: “Ene minallahi ve’l Mü’minune minni-I am from God and the Believers are from Me.”(1)

One of the names of God is “Mü’min-Believer”.

Firstly God believed the beautiful, the eternal, the infinite existence and unity of Himself. His belief is consciously based on observation and complete knowledge. God sees and knows Himself.

“Hüve’ssemiül besir-God hears all and observes all.” (Al-Ghafir, 20)

“Alimü’l gaybi ve’şşehadeti-He has knowledge of the unknown and the manifest.” (Al-An’am, 73)

Then, you should know who is affected by the offence with a believer.

A person who is offended with a believer is accepted to have offended with a person from God and His Apostle.

May God protect! You should be aware of this and get reconciled at once.

(1) See Sirrul Esrar, by Hz. Sayyid Abdulkadir Geylani (k.s.) p.20, 75 trans. by A. Akçiçek, 1968-İstanbul

The person who makes peace first gets more rewards. If offence takes more than three days, some mischief-makers interfere and cause rumours. They may exaggerate a small event and cause blood-shed. (2)

They cause separations and try to weaken the Religion by breaking the unity and cooperation of the believers. (3)

He should be very careful and visit the believer, who is also his brother or sister and not to obey his self before it becomes a bigger problem. He should tell him sweet words, apologize to him, hug him and kiss him. Shortly he should make peace with him in every case. He should discomfort his self and his enemies.

We should realize the value of the religious festivals as the religious festivals great opportunities for making peace.

(2) “They are merciful to one another.” (Al-Fath, 29)

Our great Prophet said: “A believer gets angry quickly and reconciles quickly.” (From Thirmizi, a similar tradition from Ebu Said r.a.)

(3) “Let nothing divide you!” (The Imrans, 105)