Not To Be Ungrateful-to Be Thankful

The aspirant should not be ungrateful.

The aspirant should always be grateful to Allah, to the Prophet (a.s.v.), to Shah-i Walayat (k.v.) and to the Masters of the Path (May peace be upon them!) to be accepted to this exalted Path because it is the first good news for an aspirant to be accepted to the path of Hz. Ali (k.v.).

The aspirant should firstly be very thankful to Allah, who created him, especially for creating him as a human being.

Then, he will be thankful to Him as He made him a Muslim and put him in the Religion of Hz. Muhammad (a.s.v.) andguided him to the right path. He will be grateful forever.

The gratitude and thanks to God means to remember Him always and to love Him very much and to worship.

Shah-i Risalet Muhammad (a.s.v.) and Shah-i Walayat Hz. Ali (k.v.) are the founders and the great people of the Path of righteousness and the morally training of mankind so the aspirant must be grateful to them.

He will especially be thankful to Imam Ali (k.v.), his sons and his spiritual heirs as they accepted him to the path of Shah-i Walayat. He will know that they are very valuable for him and they are the greatest educators and trainers of acquiring divine life.

He will know that he will have an eternal happiness of the Path of infinity firstly with the holy prayers of the Prophet of Allah, Shah-i Walayat and the Sheikhs (Pirs) and with the their help by leave of Allah; he will never forget this.

The Spiritual Masters are the fathers of the aspirant. They are more exalted than their biological fathers are because they are the great, divine people who have the duty of training and educating the Spirit.

It is the first glad tiding to be accepted to the path of Hz. Ali (k.v.). This is the good news of God. The result of it is to feel the endless happiness, beauty, to attain the reality, to see, to love and to acquire divine wisdom and to be eternal with the eternity.

Therefore, it is still not much for an aspirant to love the Masters of the path, to respect them and to serve them in comparison with what they do.

He should be grateful to them and obey them all the time. Gratitude means to obey their commands, orders and their advice, to remember them always, to praise them, to love them and to defend them and to be noticed by them. To do the opposite is ingratitude, which is not a quality of Muslim. It is despicable and treachery.

To be faithful is an attribution of God. “Ya Sadık – the Faithful” is one of the most beautiful names of Allah.

May Allah enable us to be faithful to Himself, to His Prophet (a.s.v.), to Hz. Ali (k.v.), to his sons and Hz.Hasan al Basri, and his spiritual circle, specially to Sırr i Sekati, Junayd al Bagdadi, Sah-i Geylani, Shah-i Rufai, Shah-i Bedevi, Shah-i Dusuki Hazretleri (May peace be upon them)!

May He increase our love, our devotion and attachment, our obedience and servitude to them! And enable us to continue doing them eternally!

May He make all the aspirants to be faithful to their own Sheikhs-Spiritual Masters!

The aspirant should contemplate on the beautiful names of Allah: “Reuf, Rahim, Hekim and Selam” and he will be thankful.

The traveler of God should know that Allah is:

“Reuf-the Clement

Rahman-the All-Compassionate

Rahim-the Merciful

Hekim-the Wise

Selam-the Source of Peace.

He will also contemplate on His other beautiful names and he will love Him very much for these beauties of his Lord. He will be very pleased and thankful due to this.

Man is weak, unable and most times, very sad in this transitory world. But he who knows his God and learns His greatness and His beautiful names is very happy with his Lord because God is the Master of His slave. He is his friend (Allah Dost!) The servant who finds his Lord and who learns that his Lord is Reuf (very clement), Rahman (very merciful), Hekim (very wise) and Selam (the giver of peace) and that He is Baki (the Everlasting One), will get rid of all the grief.

God says in the Koran:

“Reufu’nnas- He is merciful to men.” (Al-Hajj, 65)

“Reufu’n bi’l ibad- He is compassionate towards His servants.” (The Imrans, 30)

“He is Holy and Wise.” (Zumar, 1- Hashr, 1)

“Zu’rrahme- He is very merciful.” (Al - An’am, 133)

“Selam-He gives peace and immunity.” (Ya Sin, 58)

How happy is the person who finds his God and who knows that He is his Creator and Master.

His love and His beauty are invaluable. There can be no measure and no limit to this happiness. How happy is the person who finds his Lord, who trusts Him and who loves Him!

We would like to stress on one point here. In the Koran, Allah says that He is merciful to all the people and He has not discriminated people in protecting them.

This is good news for all mankind. But He says that He is the guardian of the faithful. (The Imrans, 68)

He does not guide and claim ownership those who deny Him. .