Not To Be Proud But To Be Modest And Respectful

Pride means to have high opinions of one’s self and to be arrogant. Arrogance means to boast. Human beings are the descendants of only one father. They have no right to be proud as they are “created”. Why and for whom will people become arrogant? It is ignorance for a man, who is a handful of earth, to be boastful. (1)

To be boastful or arrogant means to see your self however, there is nobody except infinite and most high God in reality. The greatness and majesty belong to Allah. The One who exists and who is eternal has the right to be arrogant. The One who exists and who is everlasting is Allah. Man is a manifestation -a sign- of the manifestations of Allah, who Himself is the existence. Man is transitory and has no difference from other human beings.

A proud person is not liked by God and by the slaves of God. In the Koran, God severely indicts those who walk with pride and arrogance on the earth. (Al-A’raf, 146, Al-Kiyamah, 33)

Pride is the quality of Satan. A proud person, in fact, has no religion no matter what religion he belongs to. He is an atheist because he does not respect others and he sees himself as a god. Only Allah can be proud. An arrogant person insults other people. It is the worst quality as all the people are accepted to be a human. Everybody is the slave of one God. (2)

        Man should be humble -modest- and prostrate himself before God accepting all things superior and he should be in conscious of his inability and his mortality and be respectful to the other slaves of God.

(1) Our Most High Prophet (a.s.v.) says: “Men are the sons of Adam and Adam is from earth”. (Camiussağir, vol.2, p.175)

(2) “Allah does not like arrogant and boastful men” (Al-Nisa, 36)

The verses arrogance is blamed are: Zumar, 72 Al-Nahl, 23 Lokman, 18

A true human is the one who respects human.

Allah, who is the true God, becomes an enemy of the arrogant person as he claims to be a kind of deity. He gets him into trouble and He breaks his neck as a result. He makes him despicable and ashamed while living in this world and He proves His own deity on him.

He understands that he is nothing but it is too late for him to correct himself.


Man should be aware of his slavery and sit down well-behaved and good mannered. He should know that God, who is the greatest, has encompassed everything and so he should be careful and alert.

Islam attaches great importance to the manners of sitting. The follower of God should sit well-behaved -especially when he is alone- as if he is sitting in the presence of Allah, the Prophet of Allah (a.s.v.) and the King of Sanctity (k.v.). He is permitted only to rest. He can rest leaning on his side in a well-behaved way.

Islam severely prohibited sitting cross-legged, walking chin up and joining hands behind the body, and walking arrogantly and lying flat on your back or on your face.

When you sit with you legs crossed in a crowded place, you are accepted as an egotist, arrogant and boastful person.

Egotism or self-esteem belongs to God. God does not like an egotist person and other people hate him, as he does not care for others. Yet, everybody has a personality and they are also a slave of God.

God and His slaves dislike a person who sits boastfully and bad mannerly and that person becomes an unlikable man for this reason.


What God does not like most is mocking and making fun of other people. Mocking and insulting others means to regard yourself superior. (3) Yet, the creator of all things is Sole God. Everybody is created by one master.

Mocking others and insulting a creature means not to like the Creator of them. This is a keen ignorance that causes to attract the wrath of God on you.

“Vetebarekallahu ahsenü’l halikin-God is the noblest of creators.” (Al-Muminun, 14)

(3) “Believers! Let no man mock another man!” (Al-Hujurat, 11)