Not To Act Unjustly

The aspirant should not act unjustly. He will not separate from the truth and he should try to warn his friends concerning this matter.

The aspirant should not commit an unfair act. Can a person who says that he is in the Path of God and he is a man of God do a wrong act? How can he depart from the truth and reality? How can he consent to unfair behaviors around him?

“HAQ” (Truth) which Mehmet Akif puts into words as follows, is very great and very beautiful indeed:

“God’s names are infinite, the first being Haq-justice…

What a great thing for believers to be able to uphold Haq-this!”

Law or Justice means rights. The person who does not obey the laws is considered doing wrong acts. A person who has a little humanity in himself cannot accept injustice. If he accepts it or if he ignores it, he cannot be called even as a human not only a Muslim.

Truth is above everything because truth-justice is the quality of the Creator. Man is also created in the qualities of his Creator. If this quality does not exist in a person, he is not accepted as a human.

A person who does not do injustice firstly consents to the truth and his rights. He who consents to his right does not long to possess the rights of others. To be fair and to struggle against injustice starts by consenting to one’s own right. If everybody consents to their rights then there will be no injustice.

All the injustice is caused by one’s not consenting to his rights. If everybody wants an apartment, it means that the individuals of that society want more than their rights. This is an unfair and unusual desire. Yet, everybody has a right to own a house where his family can reside and a suitable work for himself. This is very normal.

If an apprentice wants a master worker’s fee and a laborer wants an engineer’s fee, it is an unfair demand. Obeying rights start by consenting to your right.

The aspirant should especially know the subject concerning “Haq” very well. He should not do an unfair act himself. He must not depart from the truth and warn his friends about it. If everyone acts in this way, there will be no injustice.

Islam attaches great importance to the rights of individuals. Islam applies the rule: “The right of God (Hakkullah) may be forgiven but the right of individuals is not forgiven unless that person forgives. If a person does not forgive someone, God will not forgive either.

Then, Islam is based on completely truth and reality. The truth and the rights are the most important things in Islam as Islam is Truth (Justice) itself.

The relations between people can only be fortified with Truth because the opposite of truth is falsehood and tyranny. Falsehood and tyranny may lead a nation to be perished. None of the nations has maintained their existence under tyranny.

“David! We have made you Master (a Deputy) in the land in the name of God. Rule with justice among men.”(Sad, 26)

The above verse apparently shows what the duty of man and the Master or Deputy (state) is. It also shows that people can live in peace by the help of truth and law order and the relations between people can only be fortified by the protection of the rights of people.

So, Islam reports that people can live peacefully only by the protection of the rights of people and then they can bein accordance with each-other. It says that people can love each other and establish unity and cooperation only by means of it. Obeying the truth is the foremost quality of Islam.

When the meaning of the word “Islam” is searched, it is seen that it means submitting the truth, accepting the truth. Muslim also means the person who submits, who accepts the truth.

How happy are those who accept ISLAM as a religion and who support the Truth.

“Innedine indallahi’l ISLAM- The only true faith in God’s sight is Islam (to accept the Truth).” (The Imrans, 19)

Thus, a Muslim is a realist. He is the one who seeks the Truth, who finds the Truth, who respects the Truth, who loves the Truth very much and protects it.

He does not depart from the Truth, from Justice even if they divide his body into parts.

He is in the path of Hero Husayn “The Martyr of Karbala”, who preferred to die with honor instead of living in degradation. He is like Husayn.

      He has learned from the beloved grandson of the Great Prophet (a.s.v.) to die bravely, if necessary, by resisting against the cruel who are the enemies of the truth and freedom.

“Can a person who touched you with a rose hope to be forgiven?

“O Husayn, you are Mustafa, who is the palace of rose garden.”

A real Muslim is in the path of Husayn, who is the lover of truth and freedom and who proved it perfectly by giving his soul for the sake of them.

“Hakka ki bina-i la ilahe illallah’est Huseyn.”

“The truth is that Husain is the monument of “La ilahe illallah”.

Sayyid Muiniddin-i Chesdi