The Mystery Of “huu” In Breathing

Now, with the permission of Allah we will explain the mystery in the words “İlah” and “Allah” in order to clarify this subject thoroughly. The main letter in the words “Allah” and “İlah” is “H”. We make, the sounds “Hı-He-Hu” while breathing in and breathing out. This is called “sır-hidden sanctuary, innermost part of the heart or mystery” in Sufism, and they say: “count your breath and be conscious about your breath”. This is the most exalted and natural ziqr-recitation-remembrance. Man recites Allah with the name of “Hu” while sleeping or being awake for 24 hours. This is the constant, continuous Recitation and prayer. Naturally, one should have recited the names of Allah with his heart, with his Spirit, with his mystery and with his subtleties to reach this exalted Recitation of Allah or else he cannot succeed it.

If he is not in conscious of it, he becomes unaware of it, then he is called “the heedless of recitation”. The recitation of the heedless is invalid in the presence of Allah. That is a natural recitation. The wind blows with the sound of “Hu”, water and motors always make the sound “Hu” while working. The whole nature chants “Hu”. They whirl reciting “Hu”. They move by whirling because of their love. This is “He-Hu” in the words of “Allah-İlah”.

“Hu” means “He” which expresses “identity-entity-existence”. The real existence is Allah. The other creations are consisted of His Divine Light through the condensation of energy- Divine Light. The world of plurality, geometric shapes come into being in this way, same as the sea and foam which exists afterwards. Just as the foam has no real existence, they are present with sea. The creation also exists with Allah. They do not have an entity in reality. The real entity is the presence of Allah. The existence of other beings is temporary and nominal in reality. The real entity is the presence of Allah and the existence of other beings is nominal and temporary. And the Divine Existence is Divine Light and it has no sides or edges. For this reason, it is the Unique One, the sole and the Absolute One. The other ones (1’s) are the similar and equivalent of each other and there are also other ones (1’s). For example: There are 10 times 1 in number 10. Each-1- is not absolute 1. The absolute One is the one that exists absolutely because two infinite (edgeless, limitless) beings cannot be possible. The only God is Allah and He is Hu. He is the Absolute Existence and the Absolute One.

As He-Hu in the word “Allah” expresses identity, presence, entity, existence and personality, none of the other beings have a real identity, presence, existence, entity or personality except Allah, the Most High. Therefore, Allah the Most High imparted His attributions to His servants and to His Creation. All the things-the Creation is the manifestation of His beautiful names. Nevertheless, He does not impart His Attribution of Divinity (the quality of deity). This is not possible. In reality, the existence is the God who exists spontaneously. A second being besides Allah is not possible and cannot be taken into consideration. The real Entity is one. He who owns an entity (presence) has the Attribution of Deity. The identity of the existence of other things except Allah is nominal and temporary. Allah exists Himself. His existence is from Himself. The quality of Deity does not exist in whom that does not have an entity, an identity or presence. There is no god except Allah. The god is Allah. Lâ ilâhe illa huu....

The eternal-constant being is Divine Light and infinite. Two infinite-everlasting beings are not possible. Just as the existence of Allah-the real being is compulsory, His absolute Oneness is also compulsory. Adam (Man)-Spirits and Angels, every being is Hu-He in reality. This is only in reality but not in identity. The identity-divinity of Allah is exempted from the Creation because He is the eternal, everlasting, omnipresent Existence. The other beings are nominal, temporary beings that manifest with the Existence of Allah same as the temporary foam on the sea. It must be remembered that the origin of foam is also sea. The foam has no real presence. Allah is the existence of all the existed beings. He is the Being of the beings, the essence of beings and our essence. He-Hu is One. The unity of Allah is compulsory same as His existence. Allah does not impart His person to anybody and it cannot be imparted. His person is one and He cannot be divided and He has no sides. But, He imparts His other attributions of His names to the Creation and Adam. “Ve alleme Âdemel Esmae külleha-I taught Adam all My names.” (Baqarah, 31) Adam is the mirror of Allah’s Person and manifestation of His names-His attributions.

Adam (Insan-ı Kâmil), the Perfect Man is not a god but he bears divine qualities. “Qualify yourself with the qualities of Allah”. (A sacred saying from the Prophet) “Sıbğatellah- God’s own dye”. The most beautiful dye is the dye of Allah. It means the manners, the attributions of Allah. The dye of Allah is the most beautiful. (Al-Baqarah, 138)