Muslims Should Help Orphans And Fatherless Children And They Should Love Them

The aspirant should help orphans and fatherless children and he should love them.

The aspirant should help orphans and fatherless children. The hearts of the orphans and the fatherless children are always sorrowful and they are always destitute and sad. They are both in need of protection, attention and care and they lack in their parent’s love and affection.

Our dear Prophet (a.s.v.) loved the orphans very much. He would caress them lovingly and treated them well. God attached importance to the protection of orphans and their property by saying in the Koran:

“Do not tamper with the property of orphans!” (Al-An’am, 152)

To help orphans means to protect their health and property. If they have any property, it should be protected until they reach maturity. All kinds of help should be given to them in order to enable them to be well-educated and accepted in the society. The ones who need to be protected and loved most in a society are orphans and fatherless children.

Those children who have no parents usually do not have any relatives either. Today, in Turkey, it is known that there are about one million orphans. If Muslims do not take care of them, if they do not search for the ways of best education for them, who will look after them?

God entrusted orphans and fatherless children to Muslims. He ordered to bring them up in the best way and not to interfere with the property of orphans if they have any. (1)

While all the other small children are being brought up by their parents in warm houses with thousands of care, should these small children who are facing all kinds of natural dangers and wickedness of bad people in the streets not be loved and helped?

Can we call those who do not think about this and who do not have pity on them as a human being before we call even a Muslim?

Ah! Ah! We suffer for millions of tears of millions of orphans and fatherless children. O Lord! O Almighty! O My Just Allah! I seek refuge in You! Your glory is very exalted! Show us the right way!

“Show me a way, O Lord!

I am but like an empty boat.

Nobody loves me,

Whom will I love?”

Thousands of children keep on saying this in front of our eyes… All together! The lines above were being sung as Turkish Pop Music at 22.25 on Diyarbakır Radio Station while I was writing this article. I realized that it was a divine coincidence and I accepted it as a song of lamentation, wailing and begging of millions of orphans. They were as if complaining all of us to God. We are all guilty to have committed the grave sin in this respect.

He says: “Nobody loves me, who will I love?” Isn’t it true? Will a person love anybody when he is grown up if he is not loved by anybody? Will the society expect him to love others then? Isn’t he right if he does not like people and feel antagonism towards his society and commits crimes? How could we tell him not to do such things if we did not do any good to him?

This is one of the social problems Islam considers most.

We are all responsible for this individually and as governments and state with the Constitution. This problem must particularly be solved and these small orphans and fatherless children should be saved.

Let us finish this matter with a Sacred Saying of our Master Prophet Hz. Muhammad (a.s.v.), and wish that all Muslim brothers will consider this matter fairly and will find a solution to it. To save an orphan is the best pious act.

It is perhaps the best love to look after him lovingly.

“The best house is the one in which an orphan lives (the house in which an orphan is looked after).” (2) (by Hz. Muhammad (a.s.v.) (3)

(1) This is mentioned in our Holy Book-The Koran- in the related verses of the Chapters: Al-An’am, Al-Isra, Al-Fajr, Al-Duha, Al-Ma’un, Al-İnsan, Al-Balad, Al-Kahf, Al-Bakarah, Al-Nisa, Al-Anfal and Al-Hashr.

(2) From Abdul’baki and Abu Nuaym, Omar and Abu Hurayra (r.a.) Suyuti, Camiussagir, vol.2, p.350

Our Holy Prophet says: “The worst food is the food which is stolen from the property of an orphan”. (Eb’idderda, from İbn Mes’ud (r.a); Suyuti, Camiussagir vol.2, p.294)

Again our Holy Prophet says: “I and the one who takes care of an orphan will enter the Paradise together like my two fingers.” (Buhari, from Sehl b. Sa’d; Muslim, from Ebu Hureyre (r.a.)

(3) See Ascension in Man