The Mission Of The Prophets (ri̇salet)


“Risalet” is to serve as the messenger of God. It is the duty of conveying the orders and the commands of God to His servants. The Prophets who were sent down books are: The Prophet Muhammad, Jesus, David and Moses. Abraham and Noah are also the Messengers of God.


The apostleship and the sainthood is to inform people about God and about spirituality. It is a Divine Light of God. The person in whom this Divine Light is evident is called as "Nebi (Prophet)"; the person who bears this Divine Light in his heart is called "Veli (Saint, Friend of God)". They are Apostles, Saints, Perfect Men (İnsan-ı Kâmil), spiritual teachers and guides .They are not the envoys of God. They are under the authority of the Prophets and act according to the actions and customs of them (Sunnat -Prophetic tradition) in their judgments, in order and in regularity. Their duty is to inform and to teach people the realities about God and the spiritual and divine way of God. They also encourage to have affection, rightness, justice, goodness, good faith, Divine Unity and cooperation. They help people to behave according to the judgment and order of the Prophets as they do themselves and serve the way of the latest Prophet and the religion of God.

The concepts "Messengerhood, Propethood, Apostleship and Sainthood" mentioned above are all sacred attributes. The Prophets, Messengers, Apostles and the Friends of God had known God by learning their self (nafs). They all acquired the Knowledge and the Mystery of God "Allah -Hu" (Men Araf) but they learnt the "The Knowledge of Ledün (Divinely Bestowed Knowledge)" from our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa because he is the sea of the mysteries of Divine Nature -Ledün, in addition to this he is the first and the last Prophet and the First Manifestation -The Universal Spirit of God. Some of these holy people may not know the Knowledge of Ledün, as it is a completely different subject. It is also called as "İlm-i Marifet (Thesophia) and İlm-i Hikmet -Gnosis and Wisdom".

Although Hazrat Moses was a prophet and a messenger, he learnt the Knowledge of Ledün from Hazrat Khidr (Peace be upon him!) who was not a messenger of God. This is approved by the Koran. Hazrat Khidir-Hızır had acquired the Knowledge of Ledün from the Prophet Muhammad, who is the father of all the spirits and the master of the Knowledge of Ledün. Each prophet and messenger is also a genuine "Wali" (a Friend of God, guardian, saint).

Gnosis is "the Knowledge of the Oneness of God" and "the Knowledge of the Oneness of the Attributions". The Knowledge of Mystery is about the "Oneness of deeds and the Oneness of tasks." Tawhid -i Zat-The Oneness of God's Person" is about the existence, the Divine Unity, the eternity, the infinity and the peerless oneness of God. It means to know God with all His aspects. It is the essence of the Knowledge of Ledün, which is related to "Men-Araf". It is also called the essence of the essence or the Knowledge of Unity. It is hidden in the holy dot under the letter "B" in “Bismillahirrahmanirrahim”.

There is another holy dot in the heart of the Perfect Man, which is called as "Nokta-i Süveyda -The Black Dot". It is said that he who knows this dot has reached the essence of Gnosis and has found the warmth of "Hu-Allah" in his heart. It is not permitted to give more information about it because it is such a seed that gathers all the knowledge in. We wish we were permitted to mention it a little bit.

The Knowledge of the Oneness of Attribution is to know the beautiful names of God. Each name is an attribute of God, which has thousands of mysteries, holy and deep meanings, manifestations and contemplations. Each name has also a different spiritual power and blessing. The blessing which is from the person of God is called as "the most sacred blessing” the blessing which is from the names of God is called "the sacred blessing".

The Knowledge of Mysteries is to know the reasons, the mysteries of all things such as: the creation of the universe, the mysteries and causes of the creation, the interrelations of things, the Laws of God called as the Laws of Physics and so on. This knowledge is based on two aspects: the mysteries of the inner world and the mysteries of the outer world. It is proved with the verse

"Külli şey'in sebaba - Everything has a reason." (Al-Kahf, 84) Today's Physics and Chemistry are particularly concerned with the Knowledge of Reasons. The realities of actions, deeds, works and writings are in the categories of it.