A Very Meaningful Quatrain

“Cuş edip bad-ı muhabbetle o deryayı ezel,

Mevcler (dalgalar) vurdu, o bahr oldu dürenk üzre celi

Dedi serraf-ı hüviyet görüp o rengilerin

Birine Nur-u Muhammed, birine Nur-u Ali.”

The Turkish meaning of the above quatrain is:

When the eternal sea (the Creator) rose with the forceful power (with the divine desire), the waves pounded and two colours manifested from the eternal, infinite sea of Divine Light. Allah, who is the definite recognizer of the identities, saw these colours and He said to these two (Personal) colors that manifested from His Person: One of My colors is the Divine Light of Muhammad (s.a.v.) and the other is the Divine Light of Ali (k.v.). Here, what this wise Poet calls as Muhammad (s.a.v.) and Ali (k.v.) are not their physical side but their spiritual side, their holy Spirits.

Note: In Sufism, Muhammad (s.a.v.) is the green color of grass (Jamal) and the color of Ali (Kerremellahu vechehu) is the pink color of dawn (Love).

The Nightingale is in love with the Rose. The Rose is Jamal, the Beloved. (The Rose is also in love with the Nightingale, He is fond of Him, He is pleased with his love and he also loves him.) In reality, the Rose and the Nightingale are the same, but not in identity. In appearance, the nightingale and the rose are different identities. However, their difference is in the appearance. They are the same in reality. The lover is the beloved, the beloved is the lover.

In reality, the actor, the action, the object (the one who is subjected to action) are the same and the lover, the love and the beloved are the same in reality too.

The witness of it is Hazrat Fuzuli.

“The valley of unity is the State (Maqam) of Love in reality

A Sultan and a poor person are the same,

The palace of unity does not leave the intimate of the secret of unity

You cannot see the lover and the beloved separately.”

31st May 2005

Kazım Yardımcı from Adıyaman