Martin Luther (protestantism)

The source of the inspirations of the Existence is the Existence. The main source of the writer is the book called“Existence”. The saying “nobody can be a mediator between Allah and His slaves”, which was made a constant talk by everybody, belongs to Martin Luther, (1) who is the founder of Protestantism. Then, who is the God of Martin Luther? The God of Martin Luther is “Jesus the Messiah”.

The God whom the majority of the Christians that accept the Doctrine of Pavlus call is the Prophet Jesus. When Hz. Jesus is known as a God, the Pope claims that he is the representative of Hz. Jesus in the world. The representative of God is a kind of Prophet. Luther claims this in order to take out this mediator -the representative (the Pope)- and he says there is no representative of the God so he denies the Prophethood.

If we tried to apply this doctrine on the Religion of Muhammad (Islam) and the Religion of Moses (Judaism), we would not accept Hz. Muhammad, Hz. Moses and Hz. David as the “Prophets of Allah” because they are definitely the Prophets of Allah and they are accepted as the representatives of Allah and our God is not “Jesus”. The God of Muslims and Jews is not Jesus. Their God is the Sole God of Hz. Abraham. The God of Hz. Abraham is the Sole God ALLAH, the Creator of the Universe and the Lord of the Worlds. The Allah of the Muslims and the Jews is the sole God. He is the Creator.

Neither Muslims nor the Jews can accept this doctrine of Luther because the Prophets are the mediators between Allah and His slaves and this is definitely true. If this doctrine were accepted by Muslims and Jews, then the absolute intermediary of the Prophets would be denied and they are not a prophet or an apostle anymore.

As a matter of fact, the doctrine of Luther: “Nobody can go between Allah and His slaves” is not accepted by the Catholics, Orthodox, Suryanies and the non-Protestant Armenians who represent 90 percent of the Christians, that is to say, Luther is excluded from the 90 percent of the Christians.

Unfortunately, I think the majority of our theologians, especially who belong to Wahhabi Sect, are always supporting this and if they could, if our government were not laic (secular), they would like to make it a formal doctrine of the government just like the Wahhabis. I emphasize again that the god that is called by Luther and by the most of the Christians is “Hz. Jesus the Messiah”. For this reason, the doctrine of Luther, “nobody can be a mediator between Allah and His slaves” is contrary to Islam, Judaism, Hz. Jesus and the Disciples and to our Christian brothers and sisters who do not know Jesus as Allah or the son of Allah.

What I would like to say to all my Christian brothers and sisters that the Gospel according to St. Mark (Marcus), Chapter 12, verse 28-30 is as follows: “A scholar (he may be a chief Rabbi), who saw Jesus talking to people nicely, asked and said: ‘Jesus, what is the most beautiful command-order?’, Jesus answered: ‘The most beautiful order is not to accept other gods besides the Lord and to love the Lord Allah with all your heart, your mind, your spirit and your presence’ and he reported the word of Allah like this: ‘O, the Israel! There is no God besides the Lord and love the Lord Allah with all your spirit, your mind and your presence’.

This verse is also written in the Tasniya Chapter of the Torah and it is the word which Allah sent through Moses as“Allah is One”. There are also some verses as “Do not attribute partners to Allah, Allah is Sole” in the Psalms of David, (in the Zabur). The Koran contains various verses about the unity of Allah as “Allah is One. He has no partners, no likes”.

La ilahe illallah- There is no God but Allah” is frequently mentioned in the Koran. (2)

In the other Gospels besides St. Mark’s, in the Torah the same contents are mentioned. The oneness of Allah is emphasized in the four Gospels. The first command of the Ten Commandments is, “Moses, You will not worship other gods except the Lord”. These Ten Commandments have been accepted by the three religions. The Muslims and the Christians have already accepted the Torah (Tawrat). (3)

In addition, I request one more thing from our Christian brothers: In these four Gospels, Allah does not say “O, the son” addressing Jesus. The word “son” does not exist in the Bible because the Disciples know Allah “one”. Yet, Jesus says in the Book of Allah, “He is both my father and your father” in the meaning of “He is both my Lord and your Lord”. In Hebrew, “Rab (the Lord), eb” is used as “father”. For the slaves, “abd” is used in the meaning of “son”. Here, the word “eb-baba” is used as “a trainer, educator, master” same as the father’s duty on his children. Fatherhood involves training, educating and being a master and it has lordly manners. The Messiah used the word “father” as “the Lord”. Then, Allah cannot be called as a “father” because if we call Allah a father, He becomes a man and we think of sexuality but Allah is neither a male nor a female. Allah is divine light and the Divine Light cannot be separated, it is infinite and edgeless. Two borderless beings are not possible so the unity of the Existence is compulsory and the origin of the Bible is written in Aramaic. Hz. Jesus used to red and write. In the Koran, it is said that Allah taught Jesus how to read and write. Hz. Jesus and Hz. Mary would read the Torah and they knew it. (4)

Pavlus was not a disciple. He brought the mentioned doctrine of the Son of Allah -Trinity “the Trinity of father-son-the holy spirit” as a philosophy to Christianity and he interpreted it. As for this, I would like my Christian brothers and sisters to read the Torah and the Bible very well. Pavlus made an interpretation by analogy. There is no word as “the son” in the Bible. This opinion of Pavlus is a philosophy. What a pity that most of the Christians accepted this and they went beyond as they liked Jesus very much.

The reality is: Allah has a spirit and the spirit of Allah is His attribution and His quality just like the sun and the sunlight. The spirit is not a second being separated from Allah same as the sunrays are not a second being apart from the sun. Spirit is not an entity. Allah breathed from His spirit, which is an attribution, a quality, a decree, a state of Him, to our bodies. (Sad, 72)

The body is made of earth and it becomes earth again after it is decomposed. This is called death. The physical body has an end.

The Sun and sunlight are prior to shadow. Shadow comes into existence afterwards, it is transitory and it finishes. Allah and Spirit are not separated from each other. Physical body is just like the shadow. Bodies and shadows have no structural relation with spirits and light so there cannot be such a trinity as mentioned.

The Prophet Jesus had taken his body from Mother Mary and for this reason, his blood shed. The God and Spirit do not have blood and the God and Spirit does not have meals, whereas Jesus had a dinner with his Disciples at the Holy Communion Ceremony (the Last Supper).

I send my regards to the Christians who say Allah is One, to the Prophet Jesus and to all the Prophets…

An important note about the creation of Jesus the Messiah:


The body of Adam was created from earth, afterwards the spirit was breathed. The “spirit” was breathed into the bodies of Adam’s children in a certain month after they were created. There is no intellect-no mind in the human in which the spirit is not breathed, same as the animals do not have intellect- mind. Animals do not have a spirit. Animals and plants have only organic liveliness.

Yet, the creation of Hazrat Jesus the Messiah is the third creation. It is like this: Firstly, Allah breathed the Spirit of Jesus into Mary, then, He cocooned a body to him from the blood of Mary. This is the opposite of the creation of all the human beings. Jesus had definitely taken his body, his blood and his shape from Mary, who was a human being.

We can exemplify this as follows:

A silkworm eats the leaves of a mulberry tree and it makes a cocoon for himself. He stays inside this cocoon and then it flies after piercing it.

The creation of Hazrat Jesus is just like this. First of all, the Spirit-the Divine Light is breathed into the womb of Mary because in the Koran, He says “We breathed into Mary”, if you noticed, He does not say: “We breathed Our Spirit” but He says “We breathed from Our Spirit”. In the Sura of Anbiyah, the Most High God says: “Velleti ahsenet ferceha, fe nefehna, min ruhina-And that girl Mary protected her chastity and We breathed into her from Our Spirit” (Al-Anbiyah, 91)

And the verse continues:

“Veceelnaha, vebnaha ayeten lil alemin-We made her ( Mary) and her son Our proof, our miracle for the Universe.” (Al-Anbiyah, 91)

It means that Mary gave birth to Jesus without a husband and Jesus was created without a father.

It is understood with this verse that the spirit which was breathed into Mary was a second spirit (the spirit of Hazrat Jesus) and He says: We breathed from Our spirit” same as He said about Adam. He says for Adam: “Ve nefehtu fihi min ruhi-We breathed into Adam from Our Spirit.” (Sad, 72)

Then, Allah has a First and Great Spirit called as “the Reality of Muhammad” in Sufism. This great, Universal Spirit of Muhammad is the Father of all the Spirits, the Holy Father and this is called as “the Supreme Spirit”. This spirit was breathed to all the human beings. What Allah called as “My spirit” is this Spirit, which is the Supreme Spirit. Hz. Muhammad said: “Allah created My Spirit first. He made my Divine Light first.” (5) This first Spirit is the pure and sacred Spirit of Hz. Muhammad, which is the Supreme Spirit. It is the spiritual father and the source of all the Spirits. It is the origin and essence of the Spirits. Peace be upon Him. May Allah forgive human beings for the sake of this holy and exalted Supreme Spirit. About the Prophet Muhammad:

Ene Evvel-ul Abidin- I am the first of the slaves (men).” (Al-Zukhruf, 81) confirms that He is the first. The pure Spirit of Hz. Muhammad (A.S.) is the first spirit of Allah. It is His first manifestation, His first sign and His first vision just like the breaking of the dawn in nature. Dawn is not the Sun itself, it is the color, the attribute, the quality of the Sun. Then, the Supreme Spirit is not the Person of Allah, but He is the quality-the attribution of the Person of Allah. It is His state, His manner. Decree- Command means state-situation. The state is the attribute of its Owner. Allah says for the Spirit: “Say: The Spirit is from my Lord’s Command.” (Al-Isra, 85) The Command or Decree is a state. The state or condition is an attribute or quality. Therefore, Spirit is a state or a condition of Allah. It is the personal attribute of Allah and the Personal Divine Light of Him. The state of Allah is also Divine Light.

The Last Word:

Firstly, a body was made for Adam (Man) and then a Spirit was breathed into it from a Spirit. In the Creation of Jesus the Messiah, firstly, spirit was breathed into the womb of Mary and then his body was made from the blood of Mary. The body of Mary is also created just like Adam’s body and it is created, earthly, physical and artificial material. “Ya Isa, inni müteveffike ve rafiuke ileyye- Jesus, I certainly killed you and lifted you up to Me (My presence).” (The Imrans, 55) As it is told in this verse, Jesus the Messiah died and his spirit rose to Allah leaving his body. His body did not rise because it died. The dead body, matter, physical material does not rise to Allah.

The Spirit, which is abstract, rose to Him.


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