Love And Respect For Our Sole Prophet

The aspirant must learn the Kasides (the poems composed and recited in praise of the Prophet Muhammad) about our Prophet (a.s.v.) and he will sometimes recite them.

The follower of God should memorize some beautiful poems written for Hz. Muhammad (a.s.v.), who is the only beloved of God and he will sometimes recite them because the basis of the Path of God is love. You cannot take even one step without love. This is the love of the beloved of the Prophet (a.s.v.) because God loved him first and He created him from His love.

Our Prophet (a.s.v.) is the first sign, the first Spirit of God. He is like the Sun. he is the origin of the Spirits, the holy father. He was created from the Jamal Divine Light of God and he is the biggest mirror of God. The names of our Prophet (a.s.v.) always express “love”.

Muhammad means the person who is praised and loved.

Muhammad means chosen –selected by God.

God said for him: “Were it not for you, O Muhammad, I would not have brought creatures into being.” (1)

This feature explains the following reality: If the Sun had not existed, the Universe would not have existed. If the real human being, the Spirit or the Supreme Spirit had not existed, mankind and the world of Spirits would not have existed. A great light is always necessary and this is based on the mystery of Oneness.

Same as the Stars were created from the Sun or as their origin is the Sun, the other spirits were also created from the first and the Supreme spirit, from a great light-the Sun of Mustafa (a.s.v.).

Everything likes its origin. Therefore, it is very natural and obligatory for the mankind to love the great, real human being Muhammad (a.s.v.) who is the origin of Spirits.

(1) Ajluni, vol 2, p.163

To love Muhammad, who is the most beautiful human being, means to love God because his origin is the Most High God, who is the infinite Light.

“Ene minallahi ve’l Mu’minune minni- I am from God and the believers are from me.” (2)

Let us remember “the holy hadith” which takes place in “Mevlid” (Nativity Poem) of Süleyman Çelebi.

“I made your Person a mirror of My Person.

I wrote your name with My name.”

Lailahe illallah Muhammedün Resulullah

The traveler of God should know these realities. He is the person who informs us and teaches us our Lord in the perfect way. He is the one who illuminates humanity and solves the difficulties. The aspirant should love our dear Prophet Muhammad (a.s.v.), who communicated us the Holy Book- the Glorious Koran and he should learn the wise sayings and poems that praise him and he will also recite them sometimes. If he has a good voice, he will read them or else he will listen to them.

By this way, his love for the Prophet increases and his spirit becomes exuberant with love and he advances a great deal “towards infinity” in the Sacred path of God.

“You are Ahmed! Mahmud! and Mustafa! My master!

You are the Sultan-ı Müeyyet sent us by God, my master!”


“Muhammad came into existence from love,

Love without Muhammad has no effect.”

May God be pleased with those who wrote them! How beautiful these lines are!

So, the aspirant must learn the distinguished wise sayings and love poems that reflect the reality of the Prophet (a.s.v.), the beauty, the knowledge and the good morality of him and he should read them sometimes because remembering the Prophet Muhammad (a.s.v.) increases love same as the remembrance of God revives the heart. All the Muslims, especially Sufis, agree with it and know it very well.

(2) See Sırru’l Esrar, p.20 and 75

They know that they cannot take even one step towards God in the path of God without great Muhammad (a.s.v.) because he is the Sun of God, the most beautiful, the light of God and the Door of God.

May our great God not depart us from the love of our Master Muhammad Mustafa (a.s.v.), who is the beloved of Him!

“İnnellezine yübayiuneke innema yübayiunellah-Those who swear allegiance unto thee (Muhammad) swear allegiance only unto Allah.” (Al-Fath, 10)

The door of our Prophet (a.s.v.) is our Master Aliyyül Murtaza (k.v.), who is the leader of the believers. He will also be loved, respected and praised very much. Hz. Ali (k.v.) and Hz. Muhammad (a.s.v.) cannot be separated from each other any way. Whoever separates them becomes an infidel.

“Ene medinetü’l ilmi ve Aliyyün babuha-I am the city of knowledge and Ali is the gate to the city.” (3)

“Whoever loves my Ahla-l Bayt (Our Masters Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husayn) loves Me. He who loves Me loves Allah.” (4)

“Aliyyen minni ve ene minhü-Ali is from Me and I am also from Him.” (5)

The above sacred traditions (hadiths) confirm our writings. (6)

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