The King Of The Friends Of God (şahi̇ Velayet)


The Leader of all the Friends of God and the Walis is Hazrat Aliyyül Murtaza, who is the son of Abu Talib, the spiritual brother of the Prophet Muhammad and the Gate of the Knowledge, the Lion of Allah. He is also the son of the Prophet's uncle and his elder son -in -law. Hazrat Ali, who is also called as "Serdar-ı Evliya -the Chief of the Muslim Saints", is the sea of sainthood and the headquarters of the knowledge. Every saint gets the Divine light of Sanctity from him. He has a very important, advanced, spiritual and scientific book called "CELCELUTİYE" which is very secret and kept by his sons. Some Gnostics may use this book with the permission of the Prophet's Family in the inner world.

When Hazrat Ali was seven years old, our Prophet had embraced him and sealed his hands and feet by kissing them. While he was hugging him, God placed the biggest Divine Light of Sanctity into his heart and he was honored with the title "The King of God’s Friendship -Shahi Walayat" due to this event. This exalted rank was given to him as a present directly from God. Hazrat Ali, the holy and sacred Friend of God, is also the leader and the teacher of all the Muslims.

The holy sword - Zülfikar (Dhulfiqar) - belongs to him and the Praised Flag - Livaül Hamd- will be in his hand on the day of Resurrection. He is also the distributor of the Pure Wine of Love (Sharab-ı Tahur).

May God provide our sustenance with his hand and gather and raise us for the judgment under his flag "Livaül Hamd".Our Prophet loved him very much and said: "Aliyyen minni ve Ene Minhü - Ali is from me and I am from Ali."

He also said "Lâ feta illa Ali, lâ seyfe illa Zülfikar -There is no saver like Ali and no sword like Zülfikar."