İmamet (spiritual Leadership)

The Prophet Muhammad appointed Hazrat Ali, who is the teacher of all the Sufi Saints (Serdar-ı Evliya) and Ali's sacred sons, who are first of all the 12 Ehl-i Beyt Imams- the grandsons (descendants) of Hazrat Ali- to perform this duty. They are the spiritual leaders of all the Muslims and of those who seek the reality as long as life goes on.

The leadership in performing the ritual prayer (namaz-salat) also belongs to Hazrat Ali and his sons. The path leading to God passes through the "Mihrab - niche of a mosque indicating the direction of Mecca" of the Prophet and those who deserve it are the sons of Hazrat Ali, who carry the pure blood of the Prophet Muhammad. If there are not any of them in the mosques, where the ritual prayer is performed, in the case of necessity, the pious, religious imams who love them very much and who live at subsistence level and whose wife is beautiful can be the prayer leader. When the imam recites "Allahu Ekber -God is the Most Great", he must forget everything except God, so He must love the Family of the Prophet and also be contented in all respects.