Hypocrisy (riya)

Hypocrisy means to pretend that you are a Muslim, and to show yourself as a different person and to perform all kinds of worship and religious behaviors as an ostentatious display in order to be seen and praised by others. It is a greater sin than adultery and a kind of polytheism (shirk) because it is to serve people besides God in worship and in actions. God refuses to be given partners. He does not want any partners in worship, in property and in possessions either. He said:

"Lehü mülküssemavati vel ard - To God belongs all that the Heavens and the Earth contain." (Al-Baqarah, 284) and "İnne erdallah -The earth is God's". (Al-A'raf, 73 -74) God does not leave land to man because in Islam, land belongs to the state in the name of God.

Hypocrisy is the greatest sin and the worst thing in the Religion of Muhammad. A hypocrite is a materialist and a cunning person. He becomes a hypocrite for various reasons especially to be known as a good person, to lead his life easily and for other personal advantages. He has no relation with God, faith and religion because hypocrisy is forgery. The worst is to form it as a habit and be addicted to it.

Islam, the Religion of Muslims, is completely based on cordiality. Mawlana said: "Exist as you are or be as you look!" Fuzuli also said: "The reason why they obey the people and look likable is for their personal benefits." Hypocrites are not real believers, they are religious as a formality and a kind of actors who pretend as if they are better than true Muslims. The biggest problem of Islam is the hypocrites because if this is solved, Islam will illuminate the whole world just like the sun. A non-Muslim hates them and he does not accept Islam because of them although he wants it. Those who are not Muslims and who are the enemies of Islam confuse true Muslims with these hypocrites and insult the Prophets and Muslims with demagoguery literature. Unfortunately, materialist artists, authors, movie stars, actors and caricaturists use these dangerous fanatics and unreal Muslims as their subject matter to insult Islam. They try to harden their wicked aims with them and make others hate the believers.

Materialists are very cunning because they never insult a Prophet, Mawlana, Yunus Emre, a Disciple of Jesus or a saint directly, their subject matters are hypocrites, false and immoral priests and fanatics (mullahs) about whom they usually write or talk and this is the apparent evidence of their dishonesty and insincerity. They are a kind of hypocrite, insincere, dangerous fanatics of atheism or irreligion. The biggest stain for religion and for Islam is the hypocrites and fanatics among us. If there were not any fanatics of religion, there would not be any fanatics of atheism. Therefore, if true Muslims and believers are really faithful, they should fight against the hypocrites and fanatics of Islam who harm the religion for their benefits and should overcome the fanatics of atheism in this way.