Human Being (man) Is Lofty

The Perfect Man (Adam) is the Whole Scholar; it means that he knows everything. “Ve allamel Ademe esmae külleha - I taught Adam all My names.” (Al-Baqarah, 31) Knowing all things means knowing everything that is named. We would like to take your attention here: ALLAH knows all things. He taught Adam the meaning of everything by teaching him the names of all things and by this way, His deputy (caliph) has also known everything because He reports that He taught him everything by saying “külleha-all”. Man (human) is the most beautiful. (Al-Tin, 4) “I breathed into man from My spirit.”(Sad, 72) Hz. Muhammad was equipped by the most beautiful attributions-qualities. (Al-Ahzab, 21) “İnni cailun fil ardi halifeten - I placed on the earth the man who shall rule as My deputy.” (Baqarah, 30)

As it is understood from the above verses, Man is a kind of Prime Minister of Allah. All the Angels including Gabriel and Michael, except the damned Satan, prostrated themselves before Adam (the Perfect Man). For this reason, Adam is the mirror of Allah. If Adam did not exist, Allah would not be known. Allah created man and man knew and reflected the Creator of the Universe perfectly with the permission of Him. If there is no man, Allah is not known. The one who speaks about Allah is the man. This is like this on the Earth. The idea of God started with man. Therefore, we call the Perfect Man -the Prophets, the Friends of Allah and the Wise- as “the HAZRAT (EXALTED) MAN” and we prostrate ourselves before Him same as the Sun, the Moon and eleven Stars -all the Universe- and his father Jacob, his wife and his eleven sons had prostrated themselves before the handsome Prophet Joseph. We exalt the Perfect Man and we love Him. (The Sura of Joseph: 4, 100, 101, 102, 103)

“Joseph said to his father: ‘Father I dreamt of eleven stars and the sun and the moon; I saw them prostrate themselves before me’.” (Joseph, 4)

“He exalted his parents (his mother and his father) to a throne (made them sit), they all fell on their knees and prostrated themselves before him (Joseph). ‘This, said Joseph to his father, is the meaning of my old vision. My Lord has fulfilled it. He has been gracious to me and He has released me from prison and brought you out of the desert after Satan had stirred up strife between my brothers and me. My Lord is gracious to whom He will. He alone is all-knowing and wise.’ ” (Joseph, 100)

“My Lord has given me some authority and taught me to interpret dreams. The Creator of the heavens and the earth! You are my Guardian in this world and in the hereafter! Allow me to die in submission (as a Muslim) and admit me among the righteous.” (Joseph, 101)

“(O Muhammad) that We have now revealed to you is the news of the unknown. You were not present when they conceived their plans and schemed against him.” (Joseph, 102)

“Yet strive as you may, most men will not believe.” (Joseph, 103)

The inspiration from the Existence is that the Perfect Man is not GOD but he bears DIVINE qualities because the knowledge and the beauties are the qualities that belong to ALLAH. Once again we say that for these qualities, we call the real man who knows himself and who reflects God as “THE EXALTED HUMAN (MAN)” and we say HUUUUU for the Exalted Human.

We want to crown this writing of us with the two lines of Sheikh Galip, who is a Mevlevi Dede (Sheikh):

“O Man! Be kind to your own person, you are the essence of the Universe! You are Adam, who is the light of the eyes of the Universe!”


Kazım YARDIMCI (from Adıyaman)

16thOctober 2004