Holy Traditions (hadith-i Sherifs) Written In Rufai Külli̇yati (the System And The Complete Works Of Rufai Order) And In The Inspirations Of The Existence*

HOLY TRADITIONS (HADITH-I SHERIFS) WRITTEN IN RUFAI KÜLLİYATI (THE SYSTEM AND THE COMPLETE WORKS OF RUFAI ORDER) AND IN THE INSPIRATIONS OF THE EXISTENCE* 1-"O my God! Show me the origin - the essence, the reality - of the Creation." 2-"If you hang down a piece of rope to the Earth, it would touch God." 3- "There was God and there was nothing else with Him." 4-“The love of motherland is based on faith". 5-“When Adam was between mud and water, I was even the Prophet.” 6- "Eshabiken nücum - My faithful friends who have seen me are just like the stars.” 7-"Become a sea but do not get changed!" 8-“Our Prophet (a.s.v.) refused races and nobility, and in his Farewell Speech, he said that human beings were equal to each other like the teeth of a comb. He transmitted that “The origin of mankind is Adam and the body of Adam was made up of soil.” In the same speech, he said that women had rights over men, as they were also human beings and continued saying that people should respect women and the right of women and they should be well treated.” 9- "Do your job yourself!" 10-"La ruhbaniyete fiddin - There is no monastic life in Islam." 11-“Ulemai ummetike Enbiyai beni İsrail -The scholars of my nation are like the Prophets of the Children of Israel." 12-“La feta illa Ali, la seyfe illa Zülfiqar- There is no brave man like Ali, no sword like Zulfiqar!” 13-"Ene medinetül ilmi ve Aliyyün bâbuha - I am the city of knowledge and Ali is the gate to the city." 14-“Take down the knowledge in writing!” 15-“Men arafe nefsehu, kad arefe Rabbehu- He who knows himself knows his Lord”. 16-“I am leaving you two things, if you hold fast them, you will never lose your way after me. One of them is greater than the other one. One of them is the Book of Allah and the other is my Ahl al Bayt.” 17-“Follow Abu Baqir and Omar after my death. Join the right path that Ammar follows.” 18-“The Holy Imams are from Quraysh”. 19-“İnne Ammaren taktüluhu fieti'l bağiye - Ammar will certainly be murdered by the rebels.” 20-“There are 12 Imams for this community after me”. 21--“If Ali had not been born, Fatima would not have married.” 22-“Küntü men mevlahu fealiyyen mevlah - Of whom I am the Master, Ali is also his Master.” 23- “Whoever loves Ahl al Bayt loves the Prophet, whoever hates the Ahl al Bayt hates the Prophet (A.S.).” 24- “Ali does not separate from the Truth and the Truth does not separate from Hz. Ali.” 25-“I bear the Sanctity (Sainthood) of Allah and Ali bears my Sanctity.” The complete hadith is as follows: “I advise those who have faith in me and confirm me Abu Talib’s son Ali’s guardianship. He who accepts him as his guardian has certainly accepted me as his guardian. He who accepts me as his guardian has certainly accepted Allah as his guardian. 26-“Ali is the Friend (Saint) of Believers, the Sayyid (Master) of the Muslims and the Imam of the pious.” 27-“ A servant is deserved my friendship only through loving Ali.” 28- "I have been sent to complete the moral beauties." 29-“By the help of the intercession of some people in my community, more people than in Beni Temim Tribe will enter Paradise.” When the Companions heard this saying of the Prophet, they asked: “Are the upholders of this intercession apart from you? O! the Prophet of Allah!” Our Prophet answered that they were apart from him. Abu Ubeyde b. Cerrah asked: “O the Prophet of Allah! We have become Muslims during your time and struggled for Islam together with you, can anybody that comes afterwards become more auspicious than us? His answer was: “Yes there can be. There will be a community that will come after you and will believe in me, though they had not seen me. They are more auspicious than you.” 30- “When Chapter Yunus, verses 62-64 (Allah has some Friends of God….) were revealed, they again asked the Prophet: “Who are these Friends of God mentioned here, O! The Prophet of Allah?” He said that when they are seen Allah is remembered, the people who see them remember Allah”. 31-“Fatima, will you not be pleased that Allah the Most High looked at the people on the earth and He chose two men and He made one of them your father and the other your husband?” 32-“Ali! My Lord commanded me to instruct you well in the subtleties of religion so that you will comprehend and gain a power that will fill your heart. It was for this that the verse of the Koran “For heeding ears comprehend and protect” (Haqqa, 12) was revealed. And so, it is that you have become the power to heed and comprehend as mentioned in the verse.” 33-“Aliyyen minni ve ene minhü- Ali (k.v.) is from me and I am from him.” 34-“Ali is with the Koran, the Koran is also with Ali. They cannot be separated from each other until they come to me at the pond in paradise.” 35-“While Hz. Prophet (A.S.) was going to Tabuk Battle, he left Ali in Madina in place of him. Hz. Prophet (A.S.V.) told Ali who was sorry that he would not join the battle and told his sorrow to Hz. Prophet (A.S.V.): “Ali, will you not be consented that at my sight, you have the rank of Aaron at the sight of Moses? However, there will not be any Prophets after me. “Ali said that he agreed with him and the title “Murtaza”, which means with whom one is pleased, chosen, agreeable, content, was given to him due to this occasion.” 36- “While our dear Prophet (a.s.v) was returning from the Farewell Pilgrimage, he ascended a pulpit in a place named “Gadir-i Hum” in Cuhfe Valley between Mecca and Madina, and asked: O the Muslims! Am I not better than their souls of all Believers? Everybody answered: “Yes”. He held the hand of Hz. Ali (k.v.) and said: “Küntü men mevlahu fealiyyen mevlah - Of whom I am the Master, Ali is also his Master.” 37-“Selman is from us, in other words, he is from Ahl al Bayt.” 38- Hz. Ali (K.V.), who is the gate of Knowledge, was sitting with the companions in the presence of the Most High Prophet: He requested saying: “O the Prophet of Allah, let my parents be sacrificed to you, please tell us the easiest, the nearest and the virtuous way for the slaves to reach Hz. Allah!” Hz. Prophet (S.A.V.): “Ali, come closer! Place your knees near my knees, close your eyes, imagine my face and repeat what I say to you: “Fa’lem ennehu Lâ ilahe illallah”. They repeated three times. He told Ali to continue this Ziqr. Hz. Prophet (S.A.V.) whispered the formula of unity “Lâ ilâhe illallah” into the ear of Hz. Abubaqr in the cave kneeled down while they were hiding during the Emigration of the Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina. Hz. Abu Baqr had witnessed and been inspired by some revelations with the secret told in the hadith as: “the eyes have not seen, the ears have not heard it yet”. Hz. Prophet Muhammad told Hz. Omar to pronounce “Lâ” first and then “ilâhe” separately and “illallah” together three times while he was telling them to continue this Ziqr. Once, Hz. Prophet visited Hz. Osman to offer consolation for the loss (death) of the wife of Hz. Osman. He told him not to think about the worldly affairs and inspired “Lâ ilâhe illallah”. 39-“Hz. Omar: “O the Prophet of Allah’ I love You more than myself, my children, my parents and than all the people. The great Prophet said: Now that you have true faith and submit truly. You reached the real faith now.” 40-“I seek refuge in Allah from such a heart that does not feel and from the self that is not satisfied.” 41-“We were at the presence of the Prophet of Allah. He said: ‘Is there anybody from the Book among you?’ We answered that there were not anybody. He ordered us to close the door and to raise our hands and pronounce ‘La ilahe illallah’. We raised our hands for about an hour and said “the formula of Unity”. He said: ‘Elhamdülillah-Glory be to Allah! O Lord! You resurrected me with this word and You commanded it and You promised the Paradise with it. You always keep Your promise…’ Then he turned to us and said: “Be happy! Hz. Allah has forgiven you!” 42-“My people are like raining. Whether the earlier ones or those who came afterwards are more beneficial cannot be known.” 43-“İli’l İslamü hüsnü’l hulk- Islam (accepting the truth) is good moral”. 44-“Essabrü minerrahman- Patience is from the Merciful.” 45-“Men sabere zafere- A person who is patient and who endures difficulties is successful and he always wins.” 46-“He who sleeps with a full stomach while his neighbor is hungry is not a Muslim.” 47-“Pay the wages of the workers while they are working.” 48-“A person who lives his two days in the same way is in corruption.” 59-“If a person stores some food for 40 days and then give it as a charity, it will not be the expiation for his sin of black - marketing.” 50-“The real fighter is the one who fights against his carnal desires”. 51- “A hypocrite has three distinguishing signs: First, when he talks, he talks a lie; second, when he makes a promise, he breaks it, and third when something is entrusted to him he misappropriates it.” 52-“A believer is not stung twice the same hole.” 53-“Beware of the malediction of the oppressed because his pray reaches Heaven like a spark.” 54- “Paradise is under the feet of mothers.” 55- “The Great Prophet answered the man who asked him which to serve more; father or mother: “To your mother, your mother, your mother, then to your father.” 56-“A person follows the religion and the manners of his friend, so when you make friends, let him be careful who he is going to be a friend with.” 57-“A saint of God asked: “O Lord! Show me a servant of You who is destined for Heaven and another who is destined for Hell! God said that such and such woman was destined for Hell and that saint went to see her. He was very astonished when he saw that the woman God mentioned was a chaste housewife, who obeyed all the requirements of religion, and he asked the reason of it: “O Lord! Why is this chaste woman who performs her ritual prayer is destined for Hell?” God said: “What you say is true, but one day, that woman was cutting meat into pieces and a cat was trying to take it away. She was getting angry as the cat was walking around. She tied the cat around a post and did not give it any meat. She cooked the meat after she cut it into pieces and ate it in front of the cat. The poor animal died from hunger and this made Me very sorry. I made that woman deserve to Hell. The Saint of God asked Him which servant was destined for the Paradise (Heaven) and God told him who she was, so he went to the place where she lived but he was very surprised when he saw her that she was a prostitute and asked God the reason of it. God said to him: “This servant of mine really obeyed her womanly self and became a prostitute for several reasons, but; on a hot summer day, she saw a very thirsty dog passing by her house staggering as its tongue was out of its mouth. She had pity on this thirsty animal, brought a bucket of water, and had it drunk and revealed its thirstiness. This made Me pleased as a God and I made this servant of Mine deserve for Heaven.” 58-“Whoever plants a tree, then whatever is eaten from it by a living being among the creatures of God is written as a charity on his behalf.” 59-“What God says as alms is what you spare from the property after you need compulsorily.” 60-“Eddünya cifetün vetalibuha külabün- The world is carcass and those who want it are the dogs.” 61-“Allah wiped out all practices of the days of ignorance, those bad habits and the boasting with his ancestors and parents. All mankind is the progeny of Adam and Adam was fashioned out of clay. There is no superiority for an Arab over a non-Arab and for a non-Arab over an Arab, nor for the white over the black nor for the black over the white except in piety. The superiority belongs to the one who is the most God-fearing.” (From the Farewell Khutba) 62-"Ene minallahi ve'l Mü'minune minni - I am (My Spirit) from Allah, the believers (their spirits) are from Me." 63-“A believer gets angry quickly and reconciles quickly.” 64-“Angel Gabriel kept exhorting me about obligations towards neighbor so much so that I imagined that they might be included as one of the heirs.” 65-“God the Most High protects His believer servant from the worldly things same as one of you protects his patient from illness.” 66-“The food of two persons suffices for three and the food of three is enough to feed four persons.” 67-“El veledü sırrı ebihi - The son is from the mystery of father.” 68-“Mutu kable ente mutu-Die before you die!” 69-“There is no comfort in the world.” 70-“The world is the prison of the believer and the paradise of the unbeliever/infidel.” 71- “The biggest jihad (holy war) is the jihad which you make against your self.” 72-“The red rose is from my sweat.” 73-“A person dies in the religion of his friend.” 74-“If you knew what I knew, you would laugh a little and cry much. The world would be worthless for you and you would prefer the next world to this world.” 75-“At the end of time some people will dye their beard black and they cannot smell the scent of Heaven.” 76-“The worst of the old are those who want to look like young people and the best of the young people are those who want to look like the old people.” 77-“The best house is the one in which an orphan lives (the house in which an orphan is looked after).” 78-“The worst food is the food which is stolen from the property of an orphan”. 79-“Have mercy on those who live in the world so that the inhabitants of the Sky will have mercy on you.” 80-“The upper hand is better than the lower hand.” 81- “Whoever loves my Ahla-l Bayt (Our Masters Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husayn) loves Me. He who loves Me loves Allah.” 82-"Learning knowledge (science) is compulsory for everybody, men and women". 83-"You should make the gun of your enemy." 84-“Allah the Most High created Adam in His own image.” 85-“Efdeli zikri “La ilahe illallah”- The most superior dhikr is: There is no God but Allah.” 86-“Seek the goodness near the beautiful faced people.” 87-“The scholar of my people after Me is Ali, the son of Abu Talib.” 88-“The Koran and human being are from the same origin.” 89-“Cleanness is of faith.” 90-“İnnallahe Taala saniü külli saniin - Surely Allah is the artist of each artist and of the works of artists.” 91- “The caliphate after me will last 30 years then, the kingdom will start and a rapacious king will take over.” 92-“Love Allah as He feeds you physically and spiritually. Love me for Allah loves me and love my Ahl al Bayt for I love them.” 93-“Ahl al Bayt are Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husayn. O Lord they are my household!” 94- “One day, while the spirits of two brothers are wandering, they meet; however they have not seen each other until that day.” 95-“In an assembly, if there are a hundred hypocrites and only one believer, the believer who arrives there afterwards sits next to the believer. If there are a hundred believers and only one hypocrite, the hypocrite who arrives there afterwards sits next to the hypocrite.” 96-“Allah the Most High covers up the faults of the person who covers up the faults of his faithful friends.” 97-“Beware the insight of the believer because he sees with the Divine Light of Allah.” 98-“One who covers up the failings of somebody in this world will have his short-comings covered up by Allah on the Day of Judgement.” 99-“I am afraid that my people will go to polytheism. They do not worship idols, the moon and the sun but they will worship to be seen by others.” 100-“Actions are according to intentions.” 101-“The intention of a believer is more favorable than his action.” 102- “The dust that he endures in the Path of God and the flame of the Hell cannot unite in a slave. Faith and envy cannot come together in a slave.” 103-“A Muslim is a person whose tongue and hands everybody is safe.” 104-“Allah is munificent. He likes munificence and good morality. He does not like bad morality.” 105-“Two qualities do not exist in a believer: Meanness and bad character.” 106-“Richness is not the richness of the world but the richness of the heart.” 107-“Ali! Fatima is your female slave. You are also his slave (it means that you are a Master of each other. Both of your ranks, piety and nobility are equal.” 108- “O Ali! You are like the Kaaba. People must come towards you not you to people.” 109-“If you accept Ali as your Guardian, you will find him as a guide to true path and he is in straight path.” 110-“Greetings O Ali! The Master of Muslims and Imam of the pious!” 111-“He who does not have compassion for others is not entitled with compassion.” 112- “Somebody asked the Prophet of Allah (a.s.v.) what religion was and the Prophet of Allah (a.s.v.) said that it was good morality.” 113-“Satan throws his hose pipe to the heart of the believer. If there is a remembrance of Allah in that heart, if he is busy with the remembrance of Allah, he has to pull it back.” 114-“The acceptable worship at Allah’s sight is the one which is continuous even it is little.” 115- “Ali (k.v.) is the saddlebag of my knowledge.” 116-“Ali! You will explain the matters my people will dispute on after me.” 117- “Two brothers are like two hands. One of them washes the other.” 118- You are all shepherds. You are all responsible. The person who is in charge of society is responsible for the people he administrates. A father is responsible for his children and wife at his house. A mother is responsible for her house.” 119- A young man came near the Prophet (a.s.v.) and asked: “O the Prophet of Allah! Will you give me permission for adultery?” The people there shouted, “What rudeness is this?” The Prophet (a.s.v.) said: “Let this young man come near me!” so the young person approached the Prophet and the Prophet asked: “Would you like someone to commit adultery with your mother?” The young man: “May my life be sacrificed to you! O the Prophet! I wouldn’t like it.” The Prophet said: “Nobody likes his mother to commit adultery with someone same as you do not like.” He continued: “Would you like your daughter be committed adultery?” He said: “May my life be sacrificed to you! I wouldn’t like it.” The Prophet (a.s.v.) said: “People do not like their daughters to be committed adultery like you do not.” He continued asking: “Would you like sister to commit adultery?” The young man answered: “I wouldn’t like it, O the Prophet of Allah!” The Prophet counted his maternal and paternal aunts, the young man gave the same response and the Prophet repeated the same answer. The Gracious Prophet put his hand on the breast, chest of the young man and said: “My God! Purify his heart and forgive his sins, protect his chastity and show adultery the ugliest thing of all things and make him hate adultery.” 120-“A believer is the mirror of a believer.” 121-"Allah created My Spirit first. Allah created My Divine Light first." 122-"Ehl-i Beyti minni ve ene minhüm - My family (Ehl-i Beyt-Ahlal Bayt) is from Me and I am from My Family (Ehl-i Beyt)." 123-"My sorrow is for My People who will come at the end of time." 124-"Knowledge is two folds: The first is in the tongue which is a proof of Allah on His servants, and there is another kind of Knowledge hidden in the heart which is the most useful in order to reach the aims." 125-"I have come from married and faithful wombs since Hazrat Adam. There is no shame or disgrace in my past.” 126-"Praise be to Allah who exalted me even with my name and my attribute above all the Prophets!" 127-"I am not a King. I am the son of a woman from the Quraysh Tribe who eats dried meat." 128-"Do you think my Kıble (my direction in worship) is only in front of me? I swear to Allah that I can see your prostration and your bowing during the performance of your ritual prayer behind me wherever I have turned. I am able to see you behind me as well". 129-"I am but a traveler in this world who is shaded under a tree for a while and then leave." 130-"I have not been ordered to lead a monastic life. I may marry women. I can stay awake as I sleep; I may fast or not. Whoever turns away from these behaviors and the life style of mine is not from me." 131-"If you love me, get ready to take up the poverty as a supporter and a protector because it is faster than the flood which takes away everything to reach its aim for those who love me." 132-“He who loves me and protects the orphans will be next to me in the Paradise just like my two fingers." 133-“It is a fact that Allah has forbidden me and my family (Ahl-al Bayt) to be benefited from the alms." 134-"My eyes sleep but My heart does not." 135-"I saw my Lord in the shape of a handsome young man". 136-"I understood my Lord with my Lord." 137-"Allah created My Spirit first. Allah created My Divine Light first." 138-"I certainly make jokes with the others but while doing it. I do not say anything except reality." 139-"He who visited me after my death is accepted to have visited me as if I am alive." 140-“It is a fact that satan has no power of resembling Me. Then, whoever sees Me in his dream is accepted to have seen Me." 141-"A group of people who love me very much among the Muslims will come after me. They are exuberant with the desire to see me in spite of their children, their goods and their property." 142-"If I am invited to have dinner, prepared with the bone of the arm or with trotters (the feet of sheep), I accept it. If I am given them as presents, I accept them." 143-"I have such a special occasion with Allah that neither an exalted Angel nor any Prophets can understand or comprehend me at that moment." 144-"It is more pleasing to perform my ritual prayer at home than in a small mosque except the obligatory ones." 145-"I will come to the "Kawsar Pool" on the Day of Resurrection and Ali! You will be in charge of this pool and Hasan and Husayn will serve this divine beverage." 146-"I have been favored with five things which have not been given to any Prophets before: 1. I have been supported to frighten the heart of the enemies from a month's distance. 2. All the earth has been cleansed and has become a place of worship for me. Therefore, a Muslim can perform his ritual prayer wherever it is time for him. 3. The war spoils have been permitted legitimate to me, whereas nobody before me has had this right. 4. I have been given the permission and right to intercede for the sins of Muslims. 5. I have been sent to all humanity. However, the other Prophets were sent to only their people. “ 147-"I have been sent as a teacher." 148-"I am the Prophet of repentance and mercy." 149-"I am the closest to Jesus-the son of Mary. There is no other Prophet between Jesus and Me. The Prophets are the sons whose mothers are different but whose fathers are One." 150-"I swear to the power which keeps my presence in His hand that if Moses reappeared and you started to obey him leaving me, you would do wrong. You are my share among the other people and I am your share among the other Prophets." 151-"It is a fact that the greatest miracle bestowed on me is the Koran that has been revealed by Allah. I hope that I will be the Prophet whose people are the most crowded on the day of Resurrection." 152-"It is true that I have been sent as the Prophet of the most useful religion, monotheism, tolerance and easiness." 153-"I am the Prophet of mercy and struggle." 154-"I have been sent in an illiterate community." 155-“I am not literate”. 156-"I know nothing except the Knowledge my Lord taught me." 157-"I am a "farat" for you and I am a martyr to you. I swear on Allah that now I am looking at my exalted position (rank) that will be given to me on the Day of Judgment. The keys to the treasures of the earth have also been given to me, but my anxiety (worry) is not that you will worship idols again, but I am worried about your fights with each other because of your greediness after me." 158-"If Moses and Jesus had lived today, it would have been their duty to follow me and to obey me." 159-"I was made to love three things about your world: Women, good scent and the ritual prayer in which the brightness of my eyes has been put." 160-"I swear on Allah that I am Worthy of Trust both in the Heavens and on the Earth." 161-"I swear on Allah that I do not worry about the poverty for you. What I am worried about you is that the world will be spread out in front of you with all its riches and you will start to fight for them, same as the other people have done. These riches will destroy and perish you, same as it happened for the other people." 162-"It is true that I am a human being. Therefore, when I order you something about your religion, do it and obey it; but when I order you something as my own comment do not forget that I am a human being." 163-"It is certain that all the people suffer from a mischief. The mischief of my people is property." 164-"O Mankind! The only thing that makes me worried about you is the comforts and luxuries of this world Allah will spread in front of you. The property which is gained honestly is made sacred for you but he who seizes it illegally looks like a man who eats a lot but never gets satisfied." 165-"I and the woman who embraces his baby and whose cheeks are burnt by the sun and the wind will be next to each other just like my two fingers." 166-"You know your worldly affairs better than I do." 167-"Do you know what kind of people you will be when the treasures of Iran and Byzantium have been seized by you? You will fight with each other; quarrel between you and finally you will start a war and kill each other after attacking the shelters of the refuges with your anger and malice." 168-"I do not have meals leaning on my back." 169-"I swear on Allah who has my presence in His powerful hands that none of you can reach the perfection in faith unless I am more precious and more loved than your parents and your children." 170-"Allah greets and sends His blessings ten more times to those who greet me and send his prayer to me." 171-"Greet and salute me because it is a cause for you to be purified." 172-"I was subjected to some fears that nobody was subjected for Allah. I was tormented by great troubles which nobody suffered for Allah." 173-"My God, who is the first of all the creation! My God, who is the last of all the creation! My God, who is the owner of the infinite Power, My God, who is the shelter and the protector of the poor, the lonely and the helpless, My God, who is the most merciful of all! My God, who is the Living One and the Everlasting One! I ask for help from Your mercy only. My God, do not leave me to the hand of my carnal desires (nafs) and turn each of my deeds into a favorable one." 174-"I never desire anything on your behalf, which I do not like for myself." 175-"My God, I seek refuge in You from the wickedness of the mischief of wealth and the mischief of poverty." 176-"My God, the Lord of us and of all the Creation, who descended the Torah, the Bible and the Koran. You are the One who takes out the young shoot from the breast of a seed and the tree from a stone of a fruit. I seek refuge in You from the wickedness of all things which are in Your hand. You are the First and there is nothing, nobody else before You. You are the Last and there is nothing or nobody else after You. You are the Seen and there is none above You. You are the Unseen and there is none near You. O the Most Merciful of all! Exalt and bless Your Prophet Muhammad and His Family (Ahl-al Bayt)! Release me from the debts and do not put me under the burden of poverty. Make all my works easy!" 177-"Know that I am the beloved of Allah and I do not boast about this. I am the owner of the Banner of the Praise (Livâu'l Hamd) under which all the Prophets from Adam until Me will gather on the Day of Judgment and I do not boast with it either. I am the one who will ask God's forgiveness and whose intercession will be accepted first. I do no boast with it either. I am the first person to open the Door of the Paradise and I do not boast about it either. I am the first to enter the Door of Paradise together with the poor believers, I do not boast about it either. In the presence of God, I am the most high and the most exalted of all the people who have lived and who will live and I do not boast about it either." 178-"If you knew what I knew, you would certainly laugh a little but weep much." 179-"I am verbally and sentimentally in contact with the beings which you are not in touch with." 180-"Should I not be a servant that does not thank Allah?" 181-"My intercession will be used for those people of mine who commit great sins." 182-"You should definitely know that a Prophet who has the following qualities came among you: He is not weak or feeble, he is not lazy either. He certainly opens the closed and covered hearts; he brings light to the blind eyes and can make the deaf ears to hear. He corrects the Sunnat (practices and rules) wrongly performed so that it is accepted that "There is no God but Allah. He is Sole and Peerless." 183-"I have been educated and trained directly by my Lord. He taught me good manners. How well He educated me!" 184-"It is true that I am like a father of a child for you; I teach and train you." 185-"You were in groups. Allah united you with a familiar friendship by means of me." 186-"I am closer to all the believers without exception in their works of both in this world and life after death than themselves. If you want, read this Koran verse as a proof: "The Prophet is closer and more compassionate to believers than they are. The wives of the Prophet are also the mothers of the believers". Therefore, if any believer should die leaving his family in debt and poverty, let them come to me, I am their friend and protector." 187-"Among you, I am the person who knows Allah best and who is afraid of Him most." 188-"I have been sent to complete the moral beauties." 189-"Every Prophet has an exceptional prayer which is absolutely accepted. I keep this exceptional intercession of mine for my people to ask Allah's forgiveness for them, if Allah should will it on the Day of Resurrection." 190-"My life is a mercy and a blessing unto you. You will speak in my presence and an answer will be given to you, when I die, my death will also be a mercy and a blessing for you. After my death, your actions will be presented to me and I will consider (evaluate) them; if you have performed good deeds, I will praise God for this, if you have done evil, I will ask Allah to forgive you." 191-"The sleep of a Scholar is better than the worship of the ignorant." 192-"Contemplation for a moment is better than a year's worship." "Contemplation for a moment is better than 70 years' worship". "Contemplation for a moment is better than worship for a thousand years." 193-"Allah the Most High has ninety-nine names; whoever tells them by heart enters the Paradise". 194-"A lesson consists of one letter but its repetition is a thousand." 195-"There are two kinds of Knowledge; First the Knowledge in the tongue, which is the minutes of Allah for his slaves; and the other is the Knowledge in the hearts which is the most useful." 196-“The real fighter is the one who fights against his carnal desires”. 197-"Allah revealed the Koran in ten mystical meanings. The meaning which comes after each mystical meaning is more useful and beneficial because it is much closer to the Truth." 198-"Whoever passes his 40 days with sincere worship and belief, the sources of Wisdom flow from his heart to his tongue." 199-"We returned back from the small fight and going into the Great War." 200-"Your biggest enemy is the enemy between your two ribs." 201-"I swear on Allah who has my life in His hands that Jesus, the son of Mary will descend among you as a judge very soon. He will break the cross, kill the pig and abolish the capitation tax (cizye). Property, riches will increase so much that nobody will accept them then." 202-"I am the one who is the closest to Jesus both on earth and in the next world. The Prophets are the sons of different mothers but their religion is the same. There is no other Prophet between us.” 203-"You will see your Lord and look at Him as you look at the moonlight." 204-"My God! Show us the truth and enable us to follow it, let us know the false hood and make it easy for us to run away from it." 205-"The Koran has an outer and an inner meaning." 206-"Allah revealed the Koran in ten hidden spiritual stages. The meaning of each stage that comes next is more useful because it is much closer to the Truth." 207-"Whoever passes his 40 days with sincere worship and belief, the sources of Wisdom flow from his heart to his tongue." 208-"Shariat is a tree, Tariqat is its branches, Marifat is its leaves, Hakiqat is the fruit of it. The Koran gathers all of them in it on the respect of explanations and commentaries." 209-"Allah has such slaves that their bodies are on earth but their hearts are under the Throne." 210-"There is such Knowledge that looks like a hidden treasure. It is known by only the Scholars and wise people that attain the Knowledge of God's person. When this secret is spoken, those who are respectful, honorable and excellent do not deny it." 211-"Wisdom is the loss of the believer, he takes it wherever he finds it." 212-"The most valuable remembrance (zikr) is ‘Lâ ilâhe illallah’ which is performed by Me and by all the Prophets before Me." 213-"The world is forbidden for the people of the Next World; the Next World is forbidden for the people of this world, this world and the Next World are prohibited for those who desire Allah's Person." 214-"The believers do not die. They pass from the mortal world to the Immortal world." 215-"Poverty is my pride; I am proud of it." 216-"The owners of Knowledge are the heirs of the Prophet. The People of Heavens love them and the fish in the sea ask forgiveness for them until the Day of Resurrection." 217-" The Prophet and the Friends of God-Walis perform their ritual prayers even in their graves as they are alive at home." 218-"The recitation of verses, love and passion poems sad voice give the spirit Divine and glorious strength." 219-"Whoever lacks the ecstasy has no religious pleasure." 220-“The hearts of the sons of Adam (mankind) are between the two fingers of God. He turns them where He wills.” 221-“In the human body, there is a lump of flesh; when it is healthy the whole body is healthy and when it is unwell, the whole body is unwell and this (lump) is the heart.” 222-“The insolvent is entrusted to God for safekeeping in both worlds.” 223-“There are a lot of fasting people but they only get thirsty and hungry.” 224-“A fasting person has two pleasures, the first is at the moment of breaking the fast; the second is during vision.” 225-“Belief and misbelief each has a rank above the Throne. They are considered as the veils between the Lord and His servant. One of them is white and the other is black.” 226-“Qualify yourself with the qualities of Allah”. 227-“Once I had forbidden to visit graveyards but now I give you permission to visit them.” 228-“Greetings to the people of the land of believers, we hope to join you if God wills.” 229-“Those who do not believe by heart are the ones who have suspicions in their hearts”. 230-“Ahl al Bayt are Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husayn” Oh Lord! They are my Family.” 231- “It is true that the greatest miracle given as a favour to me is the Koran which is revealed to me by Allah”. He does not say that he is not given any other miracles. The Torah, the Psalms of David, the Bible are also the great miracles which were given to Moses, David and Jesus the Christ. Our Prophet was also given many miracles besides the Koran same as they were given to the former Prophets.” 232-“The real fighter is the one who fights against his carnal desires”. 233-“The mother of all the wickedness is the love for the world.” 234-“The slaves of the gold and silver were perished, they did not stumble but they were completely destroyed.” 235-“Let the person who has a piece of land sow and reap it! If you are not able to do it, give it to one of your Muslim brothers! But do not let it out on hire.” 236-“The alms given with unlawful money looks like washing hands with urine.” 237-“Human beings are like the teeth of a comb. They are alike.” 238-“He who tells lies, who breaks his promise and who misappropriates when something is entrusted to him is a hypocrite (or a false Muslim).” 239-"Men reâni kadreal Hak-He who saw Me saw God (Allah)." 240-“My Lord came to me tonight in the most beautiful image.” 241-“My God! You are the forgiving One and you like to forgive very much, so forgive me!” 242-When one of you stands up for ritual prayer and starts to recite, he supplicates only his Lord. He should know that his Lord is between him and kibla at that moment.” 243-“An intelligent person should divide his time into three parts: he should worship his God in one part, he should control his self and call to account and he should spare the other part for his living.” 244-"Surely, the merchants are dissolute and sinning. Then they asked: "O the Prophet, did Allah not accept the trade legitimate?" He answered: "Yes, but they swear, commit sin and tell lies while speaking." 245-“Hanzala (r.a.) from the Companions came to the Prophet of Allah (a.s.v.) and said: “Hanzala has turned a hypocrite because when we are in your company, you remind us the Heaven and the Hell and we feel as if they were before us but when we leave you, we get busy with our wives, our children and our lands and gardens and thereafter we forget most things. The Prophet of Allah (a.s.v.) said: “By Allah Whose hands lies my life, if you continued in the same as you are when with me remembering Allah, the Angels would come down to shake hands with you when you are in your beds and in the streets. But O Hanzala! Such things happen occasionally!” He repeated this sentence thrice”. 246-“Faith has about seventy branches. The noblest of which is the affirmation that there is no god but Allah “La ilahe illallah”, the least of which is to remove from a path that which causes inconvenience. Modesty is also a branch of faith.” 247-“Learn the firm belief (or the sure and certain knowledge -knowledge of certainty-)!” 248-“Knowledge of certainty is completely based on faith.” 249-“I am commanded to fight against people till they affirm “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger”, till they perform their prayers and give the alms. When they performed them, they would protect their souls and property from me except the ones which are taken as a right of Islam.” 250-“I sometimes feel my heart turbid and veiled and I immediately ask for God’s forgiveness and repent seventy times (according to another tradition a hundred times)”. 251-“There are things which eyes cannot see, the ears cannot hear and which do not occur to human mind.” 252-“A person who repents his sins is considered to be a sinless person.” 253-“The scholars who act with their knowledge are the heirs of the Prophets, the (patient) poor are the heirs of saints.” 254-There is a group of Allah’s the Most High who moves about the streets searching for those people who remember Allah. When they find a people remembering Allah, the most Exalted they call (their Companions): ‘Here is the thing you are looking for, come here!’ ” 255-“The Angels surround a people that gather together to make the remembrance of Allah. They are covered by Allah’s mercy. Mental and spiritual peace descends upon them and the Great God speaks of them high to the Angels around Him”. 256-“The Resurrection Day does not come as long as there is a person who says “Allah Allah!” 257- “My words are Shariat (Divine order), My actions are Tariqat (Divine Way) and my state (Condition) is Haqikat (Reality).” 258- “The sheikh among his friends is like the Prophet among his people.” 259- “When you visit the Gardens of the Paradise, get your lot”. The Companions asked: “O the Prophet of Allah! What are the Gardens of paradise?” The Prophet (a.s.v.) said: “They are the gatherings of remembrance because Allah has some Angels who walk around. They seek the assemblies of remembrance. When they see them, they surround them.” 260- “The Angels would certainly surround an assembly that gathered together to make the remembrance of Allah and His mercy covers them. Mental and spiritual peace descends upon them and Allah the Majestic tells them to the Angels at His presence and He praises them.” 261-“The Mufarradun have taken a lead over the rest.” The Companions asked him: “Who are the Mufarradun, o the Messenger of Allah?” The Prophet (a.s.v.) said: “The men and women who make remembrance of Allah much.” 262- Our Prophet (a.s.v.) said as it was reported from Omar Ibn Hattab (r.a.): “Whoever falls a sleep without having performed his remembrance which he formed as a habit and performs it between his morning prayer and noon prayer, he is written favors as if he has performed it at night.” 263- “The case of a person who makes remembrance of his Lord and of one who does not make remembrance of his Lord is like that of the living and dead.” 264- The Prophet (a.s.v.) ordered the women to pronounce the formula “Allahu Ekber - Allah is Most Great”, to pronounce “Allah to be all Holy”, to praise Allah and to pronounce the profession of Allah’s Unity by “La ilahe illallah” and not to neglect them and count them on finger (to complete the number of remembrance in this way) because the fingers and all the organs which work are responsible of what is done and they are made to speak in order to inform about what has been done”. 265- “A man said: ‘O the Messenger of Allah (a.s.v.)! The Islamic edicts appear to me a bit too much, so kindly tell me something (lighter and easier) which I should hold fast!’ The Prophet answered: “Let your tongue remain wet (busy) constantly with the remembrance of Allah!” 266- “It was asked the Prophet (a.s.v.) what the most virtuous worship was at Allah’s sight on the Resurrection Day in respect of ranks and the Prophet answered: ‘Those who make remembrance of Allah most.’ and I said: “O the Prophet of Allah, are they more superior than the one who fights on behalf of Allah (a ghazi)”? The Prophet (a.s.v.) said: “Even if a ghazi fought against disbelievers and polytheists with his sword until his sword was broken and blooded, those who make remembrance of Allah would be more virtuous.” 267- “May I not tell you what is the best of your deeds which is the purest in the estimation of your King, the deeds which are the highest and noblest among your deeds and are better for you than spending gold and silver, and are better for you than that you should encounter your enemies and cut off their necks and they be cutting off yours?” The Companions said: ‘O Messenger of Allah, Do tell us!’ and the Prophet answered: ‘It is the remembrance of Allah, the Most High!’ 268- “The case of a house in which Allah is remembered and of one in which Allah is not remembered is like that of the living and dead.” 269- “Let him who believes me and confirms me accept Ali as his guardian because his sainthood is my sainthood and my sainthood is the sainthood of Allah.” 270-“They swore fealty to the Prophet (a.s.v.) on condition that in poverty and in wealth, in happy and troubled times they will obey him and not argue with the administrators who are in charge and tell the truth wherever they are without hesitating and abstaining from the blames of others.” (It was the allegiance of the 12 Muslims who came from Madina at the first Aqaba) 271-(The Muslims at the second Aqaba): “O the Prophet! We will keep this allegiance in spite of the destruction of our property and the murder of our elders, what shall we get in return of this if we are faithful to this?” He answered: “You will get paradise.” They said: ‘Then, extend your hand to us and we shall swear fealty to you!’ The Prophet (a.s.v.) extended his hand and they swore fealty to him.” 272-“While Muslims were swearing fealty to our Prophet at Rıdvan allegiance, Hz. Omar was supporting them by holding the Prophet’s hand.” 273-“I have sworn fealty the Prophet (a.s.v.) with this hand of mine promising to obey him as much as I can.” 274- “While they were swearing fealty to the Prophet at Hudaybiya, he said: “Osman went to Mecca in charge of some works of Allah and the Prophet and I am also doing allegiance for him.” He held his right hand and shook it with his left hand and said: “This hand is for Osman and this allegiance is for him.” 275-“Our Mother Aysha told: “The Prophet was accepting the allegiance of women on condition that they serve no deity besides Allah, commit neither theft, nor adultery, nor child murder, utter no monstrous falsehoods of their own invention and disobey him in nothing reasonable. (Mumtahinna, 12) The Prophet had not touched any women’s hands except his legal wives.” 276-“ While the Prophet (a.s.v.) was accepting allegiance, he put a piece of cloth on his hand and the women swore fealty to him by putting their hands on it.” 277-“When the Prophet migrated to Madina, some Muslim women came to him and said: “Our men swore fealty to you and we want to swear fealty to you too.” So, the Prophet wanted some water in a cup he put his hands into it and gave it to women. The women also put their hands into it one by one and it was their allegiance…” 278-“ When the Prophet came to Madina, Ansar (Helpers) gathered their women in a house and sent us to Omar b. Hattab as a representative. Hz. Omar greeted us coming to the house where we were in. We also greeted him, then he said: “I am the envoy the Prophet (a.s.v.) sent to you” and we said: “Welcome the envoy of the Prophet!” He said: “Swear allegiance by promising not to attribute any partners to Allah, not to commit theft and adultery!” We answered: “All right, we accept all you say and swear fealty to you!” Then Hz. Omar extended his hand to us from the outside of the door and we extended our hands from the inside of the house. He said: “May Allah be a witness to it!” 279- “While the Prophet (a.s.v.) was accepting the allegiance on the Conquest Day of Mecca, he assigned a woman for women and that woman accepted their allegiance in the name of the Prophet (a.s.v.).” 280-“When Mecca was conquered, the Prophet (a.s.v.) sat on the hill of Safa for allegiance: the Meccans; women-men, young-old came there and swore fealty to him.” 281- “Abdullah b. Abbas, Hz. Hasan, Hz. Husayn and Abdullah b. Zubayr swore fealty to the Prophet (a.s.v.) while they were very small (before they reached the age of puberty). Our Master did not accept any allegiance of other small children.” 282- “When Dimad b. Sa’leme swore fealty to the Prophet (a.s.v.) upon Islam, our Master (a.s.v.) said: “Swear fealty for your people to accept Islam too!” and he said: “I swear fealty for my people too.” 283-“ When the gathering of Sekif came near the Prophet (a.s.v.), there was a leper among them. Our prophet sent him a man and said: “We accepted your allegiance like this so you may go back now!” And he accepted his allegiance without holding his hand.” 284-“ Necashi (He may be the king of Abyssinia) reported his allegiance to the Prophet (a.s.v.) with a letter.” 285- “A person who swears fealty to an Imam extending his hand with his love should obey him as much as he can.” 286- “My Companions are like the stars. You can find the right path by whomever you obey.” 287- “The person who is not faithful to his promise has no religion.” 288- “Our Dear Prophet (a.s.v.) says. “Allah continuously shoots (sprouts) and exists a generation that He uses for His obedience in this religion.” 289-“Seek the goodness near the people whose faces are beautiful.” 290-“Abu Zer (r.a.) tells: “I asked the Prophet: ‘O the Prophet of Allah! What about a person who loves a people but has not yet been admitted to do the same?’ The Prophet said: “O Abu Zer! You are with the people whom you love.” I said: ‘I love Allah and His Apostle.’ The Prophet said: ‘You are surely with those whom you love.’ I repeated it three times and he gave the same answer three times.” 291-“Allah the Most High away sends away calamity from a hundred houses for the sake of a pious Muslim.” 292-“There are such people among the Friends of Allah that they are not Prophets or Martyrs but the Prophets and Martyrs will envy them for the blessings and ranks Allah bestowed upon them. The Companions: “O the Prophet! Will you tell us who they are?” The Prophet (a.s.v.) said: ‘They are the ones who love each other mutually for the sake of Allah although they have no kinship and physical relations between them. Their faces shine like Divine Light and they sit on divine light thrones. They are not afraid when other people are afraid, they are not sad when other people are sad.’ Then he said: “Know that the friends of Allah will have nothing to fear or regret.” (Yunis, 62-63) 293- ‘The most blessed people among the gatherings you will attend are the pious people who remind you Allah, whose speech increases your knowledge, whose behaviors encourage you to work for the next world.’ 294- “Hz. Prophet (a.s.v.) said: “When the Day of Resurrection comes, the family relations, the blood relations are cut off, there is no brotherhood but there is only the brotherhood which is built for the sake of Allah.” 295-“By Allah in whose hands my life, a person who does not love me more than his self, his people, his children and all the people is not considered to have faith in me.” 296- “The Prophet (a.s.v.) said: “Spirits are like the armies lined as groups. Those who have met each other there will meet here (in the world) and like each other. Those who do not get along with each other there are also enemies here.” 297- “There are 70.000 dark and divine light veils between Allah and His servant. If these curtains were opened, the divine Light of Allah’s face would burn everything.” 298- “My God! I pray you to bestow on me the eagerness of meeting You!” 299- “The heart is the house of Allah.” 300- “The stars are the mercy of the people of the Sky, My Ahl al Bayt (My Family) is the mercy for My People.” 301- “The dream of a believer is one of the 46 parts of the Prophethood.” 302-“Our Dear Prophet (a.s.v.) said: “A person who saw me in his dream has really seen me because satan cannot impersonate me.” 303-“Our Prophet (a.s.v.) said: “Whoever knows his self knows his Lord”. 304-“Allah does not go after your bodies and appearances but He scans your hearts.” 305-“While our dear Prophet (a.s.v) was returning to Madina from the Farewell Pilgrimage, he said the following, near a source of water named as “Gadir-i Hum”, by taking Hz. Ali with him: “O believers! I am but a human being. The time that the messenger of Allah will come and I will accept him is approaching. I am leaving you two valuable and heavy things. They cannot be separated from each other. As long as you obey them, you will not go astray. First is the Holy Koran, the Book of Allah, this contains instructions and guidance for you and it has Divine light. It is the rope of Allah from the heavens. One who follows it will be rightly guided and he who discards it will go astray. The second thing is the Members of My family (Ahl al Bayt). I warn you about My Ahl al Bayt. I warn you about my Ahl al Bayt. O the Muslims! Am I not better than their souls of all Muslims? Therefore, whoever I am the Master of Ali is also his Master. O Lord! Become the friend of those who love Ali and become the enemy of those who feel enmity towards Ali.” (Over 100 hadith transmitters, commentator on the Koran and historians narrated this hadith by common report.) 306- “I am leaving you two things, if you hold fast them, you will never lose your way after me. One of them is greater than the other one. One of them is the Book of Allah and the other is my Ahl al Bayt. They do not separate from each other. They come to me together at the pond of Kevser. Pay attention, what will you do to these two trusts after me?” 307-“O Ali! You are like the rank of Aaron to Moses to me so that there is no Prophet after me.” (The Leader of Believers Ali (k.v.), the son of Abu Talib, was born in 600 A.D. 23 years before the Emigration, at the Holy Kaaba from Fatimah, the daughter of Hashimi Asad. From Hakim Abu Abdullah, Müstedrek, vol.3,p. 348; Shah Veliyullah Devlevi written in İzzetü’l Hifa that this news was known by public that there was nobody that was born in the Kaaba before and after Hz. Ali).” 308- “When I ascended to Meraj, I saw the following on the Door of Paradise: “La ilahe ilallah Muhammedün Resulullah ve eyyetühü bi Ali-There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah, I supported and helped Muhammad with Ali.” 309- “On the door of Paradise, two thousand years before the earth and the sky were created, it was written: “La ilahe illallah Muhammedün Resulullah and Ali is the brother of the Prophet of Allah (a.s.v.)” 310-“Ali (k.v.) is my brother both in this world and in the next world.” 311-“I am the house of wisdom and Ali is the door to it.” 312- “Ali! You are my brother both in this world and in the hereafter.” 313- “Hz.Ali (k.v.) says as follows: “I swear by Allah the Almighty who opens the seeds and creates the living beings: My illiterate Prophet (a.s.v.) guaranteed this matter: I will be loved by believers and disliked by hypocrites.” 314- “Ali! The great Allah has forgiven you and your progeny (generation)!” 315-“It was asked Aisha: “Which woman is the dearest to the Prophet (a.s.v.)?” He said: “Fatima”. “Among the men?” He said: Fatima’s husband. For as far as I know Ali would fast and perform the prayer very much.” 316- “Ali! People are from the two genealogy but I and you are from one genealogy.” 317-“ When this verse “O the Family of the Prophet! Allah has willed to purify you by removing your sins” (Ahzab, 33) was descended; for about six months, while the Prophet was going to morning prayer, he called at Fatima’s house and said: “The Family of the Prophet! Wake up for morning prayer, Allah has willed to remove your sins and to purify you!” 318- “The Prophet of Allah left the house in the morning wearing a black, embroidered woolen cloak. Just at that moment, Hasan came and he put him under the mantle. Then, Husayn came and he put him under the mantle as well. Then Fatima came and he spread the mantle over her too, then Ali came and he put Ali under the cloak as well then he said: “O the Household of the Prophet! Allah wants to remove your sins and purify you.” (Ahzab, 33) From Aisha (r.a.)” 319- The Prophet (a.s.v.) said: “Know that I am leaving you two heavy things. One of them is the book of Allah the Most High. It is the rope of Allah (between His Throne and the sky), he who holds it is rightly guided, he who leaves it goes astray. Second thing is my Ahla-l Bayt. Those who were present there asked Zeyd İbnu Erkam: “Are the women included in Ahla-l Bayt?” He said: “No! I swear by Allah that a woman lives with a man for a while, then, her husband divorces her and she turns back to either her father or her people. However, the Family of the Prophet is himself and his companions that have been disallowed to accept alms.” 320- “But after this, I am commanded to close the doors except the gate of Hz. Ali. Your envoy told what he was supposed to tell. I swear by Allah that I did not open or close anything by myself. I only obeyed what I am ordered to do.” 321- “Ali is the most favorable of people. He who suspects him has denied the blessing.” 322- “Ali is the best of human beings. He who turns away from him is considered to have cursed on blessing.” 323- “O Ahl al Bayt! Allah wants to remove your sins and purify you.” (Ahzab, 33) There was the Prophet (a.s.v.), Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husayn. He spread a mantle over them and said: “My God! These are the people of my house. Remove their sins and purify them!” I asked: “O the Prophet of Allah! Am I not of the People of the House?” He said: “You too shall come to a good end as you are the wife of the Prophet.” From our Mother Ummu Salama: 324- “Ali is the leader of the faithful and the murderer of the infidel. He that helps him is helped by Allah. He who injures him cannot get the help of Allah. The help of Allah is cut off from whom that injures him.” 325- “I am the servant of Allah and the brother of Hz. Prophet. I am the greatest faithful. Whoever tells that he is the greatest faithful after me is a liar. I performed my prayer seven years earlier than other human beings.” 326- “Whoever loves Hasan and Husayn has certainly loved me. Whoever hates Hasan and Husayn has surely hated me.” 327-“A group of Companions went to a dinner that the Prophet was invited together with him. They met Husayn on the way and he was playing with children. Ya’la says: “The Prophet (a.s.v.) opened his arms and tied to catch Husayn. Husayn was running. When he caught him, he put one of his hands under his chin, the other on his neck and kissed him. He said: “Husayn is from me and I am from Husayn. Whoever loves Husayn, may Allah love him! Husayn is a grandson of my grandsons.” 328- “The Prophet of Allah (a.s.v.) says:“I and this (Ali k.v.) are proofs (mediator) on my people on the Day of Resurrection.” 329- “The best of my brothers is Hz. Ali and the best of my uncles is Hz. Hamza (r.a.).” 330- “What do you want from Ali? What do you want from Ali? What do you want from Ali? To tell the truth, Ali is from Me and I am from Him. He is the guardian (Saint) of all the believers after me.” 331- “O People! Do not complain about Ali! I swear by Allah, he is very just in the Person of Allah (or he is very stern in the path of Allah).” 332- “Be happy, Ali! Your life and your death are with me!” 333- “Ali (k.v)! A believer does not hate you and a hypocrite does not like you!” 334- “Shall I tell you the most rebellious of all men? The first is Uhaymir (red faced man) that killed the camel from Samud Tribe. The other is the one who will hit you (your head) Ali! This place of yours will be wet from the blood that you will shed.” 335- “The Prophet (a.s.v.) was sitting among the Companions at the mosque. Meanwhile Ali entered. He looked for a seat but he could not find. The Prophet was looking at the faces of the Companions to see who will give him a place to sit. Hz. Abu Baqir who was sitting on the right side of the Prophet called: “Abu Hasan! Come and sit here!” Ali sat between Abu Baqir (r.a.) and Hz. Prophet (a.s.v.). Suddenly the face of our Prophet shone and he said turning to Abu Baqir: “O Abu Baqir! The great knows the value of the great.” 336- “Amir b. Sa’d Ebi Vakkas is transmitting from his father: Muaviyah b. Ebi Sufyan ordered Sa’d to curse Hz. Ali (k.v.). When he did not curse on him, he asked: “What made you not to curse Ali?” Sa’d answered: “The Prophet of Allah said three things about Ali that if I have even one of these qualities, it is better than owning a flock of red-haired camels. As long as I remember them, I cannot curse him. They are: 1. When the Koran was revealed, the Prophet called Ali, his two sons and Fatima and he spread a cloak over them and said: “O Lord! They are my family, the members of my house (Ahla-l Bayt). 2. When he went on a war, Ali said to him: “You left me with children and women!” Thereupon, he said: “Will you not like at my sight the rank of what Aaron obtains the rank at Moses’s sight? However, there will be no Prophet after me.” Therefore, when I remember this I never curse on him. 3. On the eve of the Battle of Khaibar, the Prophet of Allah (a.s.v.) said: I shall offer this standard to a person who loves Allah and His Messenger and by whose hand Allah will grant victory upon us.” All of us waited excitingly. Then he enquired about Ali. He was told that he had sore eyes. Hz. Prophet (a.s.v.) asked people to send for him. When he came, the Prophet (a.s.v.) put his holy saliva in his eyes and prayed for him. He was cured of his eyesore. He handed over the standard to him and Allah bestowed victory through him.” After this, Muaviyah could not say anything about Hz. Ali (k.v.) until he left Madina.” 337- “One day, the Prophet made us a speech at the place called as “Humma” between Mecca and Madina. He praised Allah. He gave us some advice and said the following after reminding us some certain things: “I am a man like you are. The day that I will embrace My Lord has approached. I am leaving you two things: One of them is the Book of Allah that it has guidance and divine light in it. Protect it and hold it fast.” After encouraging the interest and desire towards the Glorious Koran he said: “The second thing is my Ahl al Bayt and continued repeating twice: “Do not forget that Allah will be your witness about how you treat my Ahl al Bayt! Do not forget that Allah will be your witness about how you treat my Ahla-l Bayt!” Husayn asked: “Zayd, who are the members of the House of the Prophet? Are his wives from Ahl al Bayt as well?” Zayd answered: Yes, women are also from his Ahla-l Bayt but Ahlal Bayt are the persons for whom alms and zakat are forbidden.” Husayn asked: “Who are they?” Zayd: “They are the descendants of Hz. Ali, Abbas, Jafar and Akil.” Husayn asked: “Is alms forbidden for all of them?” Zayd said that it was.” 338- “Sit down, O Abu Turab!” (Abu Turab is the nickname of Hz. Ali (k.v.) given to him by the Prophet (a.s.v.) himself.)” 339- “The Holy Prophet (a.s.v.) says: “Remembering Ali is worship.” 340- “The hypocrite does not like Ali. Believers do not feel enmity towards Ali.” 341- “The first person who performed prayer with the Prophet (a.s.v.) is Ali (k.v.). The first person who accepted Islam is Ali bin Ebi Talib (k.v.). 342- “Tomorrow I will offer this standard to a man by whose hand Allah will grant victory. He loves Allah and His Messenger and Allah and His Messenger loves him.” When it was morning, they went to the Prophet early. They all expected to be given the standard. He enquired: “Where is Ali the son of Abu Talib?” They said that he had sore eyes. He told them to send Ali near him so Ali came. The messenger of Allah put his holy saliva on his eyes and prayed for him. He got better soon and felt well as if he had no pain. He gave him the standard and Ali said: “O the Prophet of Allah! Shall we fight against them until they are like us?” The Prophet said: “Do not hurry! First of all, go to their fields, then invite them to Islam and tell them what they should do by Allah. Surely it is better for you that Allah guides a man through your help than having flocks of red-haired camels.” 343- “Hasan, the son of Ali, wearing a black turban on his head assembled people and said: “You killed a person yesterday that the former had never reached and the latter will never reach his rank and about whom the Prophet said: “Tomorrow I will offer the standard to a man who loves Allah and His Prophet and who is loved by Allah and the Prophet. Gabriel will fight on his right and Michael will fight on his left. The standard will not be taken back from him until Allah will grant the conquest of Khaibar through him.” He conquered Khaibar. He did not have any dinars and dirhems, except 900 dinar, with which he could buy a servant for his family. He spent all his money on the path of Allah.” 344-“O the People of Quraysh! By Allah, He will send a man among you whose heart is tested for faith. He will cut off the necks of some of you.” Omar asked if it was himself and the Prophet said that it was not him but he was the person who was mending his shoes. At that moment, he was having Ali mend his shoes.” 345-“The Prophet of Allah ordered to close all the doors of mosque except the door of Hz. Ali (k.v.).” 346- “A group of envoys from Nejran Christians came near our Prophet (a.s.v.). They claimed that Hz. Jesus was God. Our Prophet (a.s.v.) said to them: “Let us gather our members of family and pray. Let us wish the curse of Allah be upon the liars. Hz. Prophet called Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husayn (May peace be upon them!). He wanted them to say amen after the pray he will make. He prayed and said: “My God! My Ahla-l Bayt are these.” The people from Nejran were frightened that it would be a bad end for them so they all left. The following verse was descended due to this: “Those that dispute with you concerning Jesus after the knowledge you have received, say: ‘Come let us gather our sons and your sons, our wives and your wives, our people and your people. We will then pray and call down the curse of God on every liar (The Imrans, 61).” 347- “The Prophet of Allah (a.s.v.) said: “There is no doubt that Ali is from me and I am from Ali. He is the guardian of each believer after me.” 348-“O Ali! You have the rank of Aaron at my sight. I am from you.” He said to Jafer: “You looked like my nature and morality.” 349- “Ali! You are a “Sayyid” both in this world and