Hilafet (caliphate) Kutbiyet (polarity)

The Caliphate is a social duty. Our dear Prophet wanted his close and best friend Abu Bakr to be a caliph after him but he also suggested that his Companions (Ahsab) decide and choose the caliph themselves. In this way, he wanted the leader to be shown respect for his personality by putting an end to royalty and to monarchy, which means to transfer the social duty from his father to his son. He was the first person to establish democracy in the world.

Hazrat Abu Baqr, Hazrat Omar, Hazrat Osman, Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Hasan (Hazrat Ali's son) succeeded Abu Bakr to this duty through elections. The Four Caliphs had worked as a caliph for 29 and half years. Imam Hasan had been in charge of this duty for 6 months so the Caliphate lasted 30 years totally. Our Prophet had already said that the Caliphate was for 30 years.

Although it is a definite statement made by the Prophet, what do some fanatic believers mean saying: "We want the Caliphate"? In addition to this, Muslims cannot be ruled by two caliphs at the same time but today there are more than 30 Islamic nations and individual presidents of them. The caliph must be appointed by elections, so more than 600 million Muslims (considering it 1973) should select him. In today's world and in this situation, it is very difficult, almost impossible to wish an administration like this. We think that the supporters of the Caliphate System want Monarchy or sovereignty, which descends from father to son and they deceive the Muslims by saying "We want the Caliphate".

After the Caliphate which lasted 30 years after our Prophet, the Sufyanies, who were the chiefs of the Umayyad tribes, the rich of Mecca, whose identity was not certain, abolished the Caliphate, which was a democratic system, using various illegal purposes, tricks and with a bloody rebellion. They established the System of Monarchy instead and besmirched the Religion of Muslims.

The system Sufyanies set to attack the Islamic Religion is quite contrary and unlike to the Religion of the Prophet Muhammad and to his state system.


The poles -qutbs-the axial saints, are selected from the Friends of God, who render service to the Family of the Prophet (Ahl-al Bayt) and with the approval of Hazrat Ali, who is the Master of all the Walis. They have some different positions and ranks between each other. They are assigned with the duty of praying for the people in their own regions and in some other regions as well as their own spiritual duties.