Heritage (veraset )

Man is the heir to the Divine Light of God's person and the Divine Lights of His beautiful names (His person and names-attributes) also to His Knowledge and Science. The true believers -the followers of the Way of God- are the heirs to the Divine Knowledge and good morals of the Prophets and Saints, Walis because the true inheritors are the Prophets and the Friends of God and they are the holy, spiritual fathers of them. Sons are accepted as the heirs of the property of their fathers in the outer world as well. The reason of heredity concerning goods, property and riches depends on this mystery.

Heritage is a right in Islam but it should be based on labor and correct considerations because spiritual heritage is due to faith, labor and effort and it is given these great people as a result of their effort and as a reward by God so it should not be the sum of money seized by force or exploitation. Inheritance means to transfer a testator's property that is in accordance with labor and right consideration to his heirs. If it does not depend on labor, it is not right and correct then and transferring something that is not right will not be correct either. The Koran commands:

"Ve en leyse lilinsani illa mâsea-Each man will be judged by his own labour." (Al-Najm, 39)

Furthermore, unemployed people also have rights in properties. God said in the Koran:

"O Muhammad! Let this property (capital) not be the property shared between the rich." (Al-Hashr, 7) He clarified this matter in the Sura of Hashr very well.

God has attached great importance to cooperation, social affairs and taking care of the poor, unemployed and disabled people. He said in the Sura of Yasin "Kallezine keferu lillezine âmenu enutimu men lev yaşaullahi etameh - When the believers said to the unbelievers: “Give alms of that which God has given you, help the poor", the unbelievers said to the faithful "Are we to feed those whom God can feed if he chooses? Surely you are in glaring error".(Yasin, 47)

He has assigned the authorities and responsible people to consider the economical life of the society as it is very important for God.

The Koran has attached great importance to the economical life of the society.